18 days post op BBL, FTT & LIPO Scheduled JUNE 5TH - DR. SALAMA!:)- Aventura, FL

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Heyyy bbl sisters! Im new to the crew I decided to...

Heyyy bbl sisters! Im new to the crew I decided to have a bbl, tt, & lipo done because of my botched up body:( I can't stand my body shape (biggie smalls) lol Im top heavy big breast & stomach no waist line or butt elk... Im 5'8 & 205lbs my surgery is scheduled for June 5th with Dr. Salama so my countdown begins now im sooo excited!!! actually my cousin & I are both scheduled on the same day to have surgery she is also getting a bbl, tt & lipo with Dr. Salama! Wish us luck girls #TEAMSALAMA#.

Im sooo excited a few more days to my...

Im sooo excited a few more days to my NewSexyCurvy!!!:) Sooo I spoke with Larry yesterday to confirm my travel schedule & now it really feels like shit is getting real! Im all packed & rets to go lol. I will post some b4 pics soon (ewww) so u can see the old & get ready & prepared to see the NEWSEXYCURVY;) ttyl sisters.

Heyyy my bbl sissy's!!! Well im 3 days post op &...

Heyyy my bbl sissy's!!! Well im 3 days post op & im feeling a lil better today these last few days has been VERY painful. I had my surgery on the 5th I had a bbl, ftt & lipo to the upper/lower back flanks & inner thighs. The most pain came from my lipo areas. Im not sure of my cc's yet I will ask Dr. Salama when I see him in a few days. I am so NOT satisfied with my results & I was very open minded of the procedure I wasn't expecting to look like Nicki Manaj right after but I was expecting some reasonable results my ass looks horrible:( I have a nasty shelf look & now my ass still looks flat just wider & lumpy looks like a damn walrus ass im so disappointed:( Im actually pleased with my tt & my lipo areas because it looks wayyy better then before it's mainly the bbl I don't like. I've been trying to upload some before & after pics but I can't seem to do it from my phone I will keep trying & I will keep you girls posted.

Heyyy to all my bbl fam my apologies for not...

Heyyy to all my bbl fam my apologies for not responding to your questions but I wasn't feeling good at all, since I been home I've been in & out of the hospital twice because of these pounding headaches & severe nausea I kept having (ahh man) it was bad I was all messed up I couldn't function right the doctor said it was my body reacting from all the trauma & anesthesia & not to mention my added on stress from my results & a ton of other reasons. Anyway im now 18 days post op & im still not satisfied my tt & lipo areas are coming along good (Thank God) but this ass is still a working progress my butt rounded out a lil since the garment but I still have that shelf look but.... im trying to keep hope alive that it forms & shapes nicely!!! I'm doing everything im suppose to so hopefully by the time my 6-8 week comes up I look great!!! (I PRAY)... And im also gonna apologize again because I truly been meaning to post before & after pics but my latest post has been from my phone & I can't upload pics from my phone but hopefully by the time I get home I'll remember to post pics from my computer until next time sissy's ttyl
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