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Ok so I'm officially booked for a bbl with dr...

Ok so I'm officially booked for a bbl with dr salama on march 4th 2014 n I'm so excited the only concern is my weight I'm 5'5 140 pounds , even tho dr salama said I'm a good candidate for a bbl I still feel like I'm a small girl I do have a lil love handles but nothing crazy so I was wondering if any of u ladies have same measurements as me n if so please post picture so I can have an idea how big my butt will be thanks :)

Wish pic

Nice and polite not fake looking

Hey ladies

Is anyone getting surgery done with dr salama around march 1-16th of 2014 and would like to have a roommate and share comidations please inbox me must be responsible and serious thanks !


So even tho my surgery is 10 months away I believe in my heart im going to have great results god willing idk I just woke up believing that ... By the way all I do is think of ass and small waist all day oh gawddd

6 more months to go

N I have already lost few inches on my belly grrrrr not good! I will continue eating I Guess

Pics as of 9/10/13

Do I have enough fat or what ladies lmao (by the way belly is full just had dinner)

Checking in

4 more months to go ladies ! I'm still here constantly eating thinking n dreaming about this procedure .. God willing my dreams will come true soon! Amennnnn :)

Checking in 2 more months to go

Can't believe is almost here I'm exactly two months away n few issues have come my way I hope and pray it don't affect my dreams of becoming true ..I put god first n I let everything fall in place , I'm a believer n I have faith :) so ladies time will tell by nx month I will find out if my surgery is a Go!

Hey Ladies !!!

For some reason I can't log in to my private inbox I requested a new password n I still haven't receive the link to my email so plz don't think I'm ignoring ur message ...any who I need help with a list of things I will need for sure ! If anyone can help plz share ;)

So I got a picture txt

From my boyfriend saying this is what he thinking what my body should look like after my surgery , at first I got jealous but then I took a deep breath n calm down before I replied ..he's helping with the surgery god willing so I'm a lil worried , what if I don't come out looking like that lol

Wow this thing really pissing me off

Still can't get to my inbox but I can update wth ..

Front view wish pic

Isn't that view lovely :)

Hi my beautiful ladies

Can someone plz help with a good n safe website where I can book a condo

It seems like

Every salama patient end up going for a second round or a revision , why is that ? Does ur body or butt develop dents after few months ?

33 days away

And I'm currently 145 pounds n I have no plans on gaining any more I'm starting to feel so heavy on my upper body .. Pic update bellow

Hi dolls

Can someone take the time to help me with post surgery supplies I will need in hand I'm lost Ty!



New surgery day 3/21/14

Was having problems taking time off from my job so I called the office spoke to Jules to reschedule my surgery n this chick was being difficult she wasn't TRYNA hear my issue n straight up told me the nx availed day would in OCTOBER .ummm no thanks so I called this morning asked to speak to NANCY I explained what was going on n guess what I got a new date :) 4/21/14 thank u nancyyyy like u already lol

Stressed !!

So now that the time is almost here my daughter's father is becoming somebody I don't know all he talks about is the surgery this the surgery that n for who n why I'm doing it for I have become so stressed for the passed month , I love him so muchhhh and for him not to be supportive it breaks me! I once said I wanted to get this done for him but guess what I have changed my mind I'm doing it for ME! Only ME! N if god wants me to do it is going to get done! .... By the way my daughter father said to me today ""Yea rite bitch sad part is you gonna do that and still look the same """" .... Sad right smh I know good night ladies don't forget to pray for motherfuckers like him!

Short update

Got my prescriptions by mail yesterday n went n picked them up today thank god my health plan covered it I only had to pay a co pay of 20$$ in total , one prescription was over the counter $7 (for constipation )which wasnt bAd n I also purchased iron pills for $10 ..... I will start buying post item by nx wk

Lab results All cleared !!

Getting exited :)


Do I really need the epifoams? What about the boards?

17 days more to go !!!

READING ALL THIS REVIEWS IS FREAKING MY OUT!! Ladies is the post pain worse than giving birth???? Lol , I'm starting to get nervous y decinquita,, but I have faith god is ALWAYS with me , I'm praying for the best!!!amen ! :)

Decinquieta* (can't stay still)


Hey beautiful ladies !!!!!

My time has come I'm exactly 3 days away !!!!!! Yessss 3 ! lol I'm excited nervous u name it !!! Please ladies don't forget to pray for ur sister I will keep ya updated!!!! =D

4 hours after surgery!!

First I wana say girls don't go by what females post in this website so far so good just poped a Percocet b I'm NOT IN PAIN!! I'm walking around n eating just fine but let's see how my first night gon turn out to b !!!


Looks smaller in pics

Post visit

1050cc loving my shape :)

Day after surgery

N I'm feeling no pain just discomfort due to my drains n I slept like a baby last night just kept waking up to pee every hour on the hour

3rd day

No garment had my friend washing my garment

Got my new garment yesterday

After my first massage n I love it I'm down to a size L


Finally home 3 hour flight wasn't so bad

My ass was feeling heavy , itchy and some areas have a sharp painful sensation when i touch hope ain't nothing serious idk if is all in my head after reading not so good reviews or is just my body being tired from the flight to coming home n running after my one year old all day anyways baby daddy keep playing with my booty lol he calls me nikki I ask him from a scale 1 to 10 what does he rates my body now he gave me a 10! Oh Ty daddy lol gn ladies by the way my ass looks smaller in pics I hope it goes down before Monday, back to work

Exactly 14 days post

And my butt is already shrinking noooooooooooooooo :0( from 43 inches to 41 1/2

Hey ladies

When does the fluffing starts??? Woke up feeling like my butt is so small again :/

Pics 17 days post

Booty loosing volume , at 41 1/2

So how long I'm supposed to wait to have s**

Idk soonest I got back baby daddy couldn't keep his hands off of me I was 8 days post surgery n since then we been going at it , dr salama told me to start my birth control after 5 weeks post but I'm afraid of getting pregnant so I started my pills two days ago today I'm 3 weeks post I hope me taking my birth control ahead of time won't give me any complications , have any of u ladies started birth control ahead if time if so did ya had any complains plz share ladies Ty :)

6 weeks!!!

I have lost So muchhhhh volume is not even fair I have learn to love my lil booty I do look good in leggings n clothes but I do feel is not as big as before but like I said I have learned to love what I got I don't like to look at my self in the mirror cus when I do I get real upset about all that money n energy I put it just to b left with few inches more but anyways let's not think lot that do have a diff shape so I can't b don't upset yesterday it got a lil hot n I had leggins on n I was turning few heads my mom said it got smaller but is perfect not to big not to small n they r poking , I took all my pics down n I won't b posting any in the future for my privacy, i was thinking in the future when I have my second baby I will deff will go for a round 2 , nx year I plan to do my boobs I want to complete my look , u know petite but still pooking lol like draya hehe but anyways I will update if my butt get any bigger ladies later :)

Going on 9 weeks!

Booty getting smaller by the day shit is fucking depressing , waist is on point is still itchy n if I don't wear my garment for more than 3 hours I get so swollen n I have to run n wear my garment again


So it's been almost 3-4months after my bbl at first it was all good n after surgery the doctor or office don't care much after ur after care, I emailed them a month ago regarding about my left butt cheek being bigger than the left , my left butt is deflated n I have a hard lump just sitting at the button of my butt I get pain from time to time where the ball of fat is the fat is visible when I wear light clothes like maxi dresses leggings ect n I also explain I still feel like my upper body wasn't lipo well guess what a month after n I still didn't get a reply or call n when I called the office they had me on hold or had a stupid excuse so they wouldn't even transfer to who ever I called to talk to anyways nancy the sweetheart was able to get salama to email after a month n he basically dismissed with a wear ur garment n massage ur ball of fat n we will in the future if u need a revision ARE U FUVKING SERIOUSSSSSS AFTER I PAID all that money that's the after care I get so what that means ??? If he don't feel like doing a revision I gotta go get another surgeon n fix his problem??? Smfh I'm done

Hey ladies

As u can see I was very upset on my last post so the dr reach back to me n he said We will wait 2more months to see how I heel n then we will see if I need a revision or not , Well ok I will wait I still have hope my butt will fluff n get better for the mean time I scheduled my breast augmentation for 2015 I'm super excited for that, since I can't have a big butt let me go get me some breast right , call me crazy but I was thinking of butt implants but idk .... As far as my bbl I still feel my butt is loosing volume n the itching on my back n waist has stop 85%

7months to go !

For my breast augmentation, here's a pic of my wish size not sure if is a full B or a C cup

Bbl update about 5 months or so

I'm starting to love my shape even if is petite my booty lost alotttt of volume n when I lost weight my booty does too :( , my right side is better then the left since the fat on my left side didn't survive I'm hoping to get approved for my revision I'm ok with having a small booty but I at least want it to b even n with projection , I feel like my butt looks bigger in pics but idk maybe is just me

Almost forget

I do have a hernia on my belly button if u look closely u can tell it pocks out I have to take care of that I got it after having my baby from pushing

Hey ladies

Almost 6 months bbl post n my ass is feeling normal n natural but some days my ass feels sore specially where I had a lump

Revision date lucked in !!

July24 2015 getting my bbl revised I'm super excited but first let me think of my breast augmentation April 3 2015 , U ladies prob thinking damn she must b addicted to surgery but guess what yes I am after having my bbl done all I think about is correcting my imperfections IS SO ADDICTIVE! But after my BA N BBL revision I will b done so basically I will b spending $6500 on my self NX year GOD WILLING N IM DONE ! I can't keep being selfish lol but God knows I deserve it

I will b one year post bbl this wk

Just like they say things get better with time or U just learn to love what u got , I feel good I don't regret having this procedure butt do get bigger after gaining few pounds but at the same time my waist shape did fade away is not as curvy like before my hips are at 41.5 inches before I was at 39 inches so them few inches did make a difference not as much I wanted to but it did Nx year 2016 I will b going for a round 2 to my mother land Dominican republic heyyyyyyy lol can't wait with dr Molina ......... I'm also want to do my breast but I'm not a fan of dr Molina breast so I'm doing my implants here in usa with dr salama in 3 weeks yeyyy can't wait 3/17/2015 :D for 4300$$ ,,,

Bbl a year n 5 months

I feel like I have lost a lot of volume but my boyfriend tells my ass still fat which I don't think so is like I look in the mirror n each day I feel different, so angles makes me look like I have a fatty n some angles don't lol but I updated u guys with a pic feel free to tell me what u think

Breast implants with dr salama nx week!!!

I had changed my surgery date due to personal reasons .. But my time has arrived im one week away 8/24/15 Im worried in picking the wrong size , if anyone can share any tips or suggestion plz share ladies thanks in advance

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