Getting a BBL with Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

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Hi all, so I've always wanted a nicer, rounded...

Hi all, so I've always wanted a nicer, rounded booty but I was born with a wide flat butt, more hips than butt. I have always wanted to do this surgery but didn't want to spend all that money. I came on here and have heard so many great things about Dr. Salama.

A friend of mine said that he use to work at Vandidades Cosmetic Surgery and did her BBL and she was super satisfied. But when I called them they said he no longer worked there :(. So they tried to put me on this other doctor Raul Rodriguez but I couldn't find anything on him on real self and a couple of the reviews I read had me thinking that I should just stick with Salama.

Vandidades was only charging $3,800 but the special I got with Salama is 5,800 and includes anesthesia and garments so I think I will roll with them. Besides I had already deposited my 500.00 to lock the deal in so I feel more comfortable with someone that is known and has great reviews. Besides Vandidades Dr. Raul Rodriguez only did local anesthesia. Have any of you guys ever heard of them or tried them?

Hi, so excited because I am so close to my...

Hi, so excited because I am so close to my procedure. So far I have paid 3,000 dollars I have 2,800 to go before I am ready to get my BBL. I heard that Dr. Salama is amazing! I am also going to pay the extra 500 (for each area) to get the fat sucked under my armpit, I hate that little meat that stays there. I have wanted this for soooo long and now it is possible. I am so excited and I can't wait to walk around with my new round beautiful bottom.

Date set with Dr. Salama

So, I am finally getting my BBL done with Dr. Salama June 26! I was suppose to get it last year but got pregnant with my son. I am excited for my new body, however, I am nervous because this is still surgery. I am nervous about the pain and not being able to sit for thirty days. Also, I heard about burning and someone who had their BBL done by Dr. Salama said he made her stomach lumpy. I don't want to get burned or a lumpy tummy. I am also going to pay an additional one thousand to get both my arms lipoed. So any advice is appreciated.

BBL New Date 6/26

Hi all, so I got a new date for my BBL with Dr. Salama because last year I got pregnant with my son so that was a no go. So I received my package, payment complete, and taking my iron and Vitamin C pills. I went to my PCP to get my surgery clearance and he wanted a specific note detailing the surgery, anesthesia that will be used etc. from Dr. Salama. So I called his office and have been getting the run around. The girl that answers the phone is a joke, she keeps telling me she will give the girl Zumi the message and still no call. I've called them five times. They are getting on my last damn nerves. I have three weeks left to get the clearance and these jokers are playing around. Makes me think I should have chosen elsewhere!


Can anyone who has done the BBL procedure tell me how long you have to go without seating? I've heard thirty days is a good amount of days. Also, how long before you are able to move around without horrible pain?

Moises Salama BBL Update

Hey dolls, so I was suppose to get my BBL with Dr. Salama last year in Aventura, FL. The procedure went up and my new price was 7,800. I had put down 2,00 up front and got financed by this company no credit left behind (NEVER and I mean NEVER use them. if you can get care credit go with them). Anyways, they agreed that I was qualified for 8,000 but get this, they only payed 4,000 of the 8,00 and I would have to pay them back 11,000 FOH! furthermore, they wanted me to start making payments long before I even had the surgery. After having doubts about how stupid the deal was I decided I didn't want it and would find a way to pay with my own money instead. I was scheduled for the surgery in July and called and changed it to November. In August I decided to just cancel the whole surgery since I decided to go with Morgan Davoudi here in Atlanta where I live. I knew I would lose my 500 deposit and I was cool with that. (Keep in mind that all I did was send him pictures of my body, Dr. Salama's office never saw me in person). So, since the surgery wasn't until November I called to cancel and get my money back minus the deposit. His office tried to tell me that since I was cancelling I get nothing back which IS NOT what the contract says. I had to threaten litigation on them via email and then REUBEN (his brother) called me right away and emailed me back. Long story short he had a nasty stank attitude and gave me some bs about the time Salama's clinic invested (dude you never saw me) the most they did was get one email with a picture of my body. After going back and forth and reading the contract with a fine tooth comb he agreed to give me 1,200 of my money. NEVER pay anything up front but the deposit. SHADY!!!! I had a consultation with Morgan Davoudi at Atlanta Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery for a BBL. The price $9,000. And I will be setting it up in May. He is so amazing and honest. He actually SAW me FACE to FACE spent a good ten minutes explaining everything about the procedure, and unlike Salama's office he's not money hungry!!!

Any dolls do a BBL with Morgan Davoudi?

Any of you dolls have gotten the surgery with Morgan Davoudi??

Surgery Date set with Dr. Davoudi

So I put my $500 deposit down with Dr. Davoudi. Surgery date set for May Friday the 13th!! I'm so ready to FINALLY do this!
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