Going for round 2 in 2018.

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Im 43 yrs old and im just so unhappy with my body....

Im 43 yrs old and im just so unhappy with my body. I had a breast implants and a tummy tuck done back in 2006 but since then my body is just not where I want it to be. So i just need a little help( well alot of help) from Dr Salama. Im scared but excited at the same time. I have bee talking to Cynthia and she has been great!. I called several places and did alot of research but after talking to her and reading all the reviews on RS, I knew Salama was the one.


Today is my birthday and I really dont want to do anything but keep reading more reviews on RS. Im obsessed. Reading everyone's comments and reviews are a big help, it helps me be prepared for whats to come.

Who all is scheduled with Dr Salama for October 2016???

Me and my friend are schedule for Oct 7th. We are staying at the Serenity House. Anyone else staying there in October?

Looking for more information about the Serenity Recovery House

I was wondering what items should I bring and what they provide there. Also what kind of food do they cook for you? ( im such a picky eater). Can I get my own food? Are there any shops near by?

Sit and Sleep

So im thinking about getting a anti- gravity chair to sit and sleep in. I would just cut a hole out for my new big ole booty and I should be all good. What do you ladies thinks?

Military and military spouses

So I am a military spouse and I was wondering if any other military spouses have had the BBL procedure done and what you did about the labs and EKG? Did you go to your Primary Care Doctor at the military hospital or did you go to an independent lab? I also found a place that does the lymphatic massages that accepts Tricare now I just have to get my doctor to write up a referral after the surgery.

I wish

This is me now

I so didn't want to take these pictures. I hate looking at myself. After I take showers I try to leave the bathroom before the steam clears on the mirrors.


So I decided to add the Cellsaver to help with recovery. Has anyone else had this done and did it help with your recovery? I asked Cynthia about it, here is a screenshot of her email response.


So I started buying some of the supplies I need based off what I've read from all the wonderful BBL sisters. How much luggage did you take and how big was it? I wanna buy luggage for the trip but I'm very unsure what size to get. I know we don't need alot of clothes but I'm sure I will over pack anyway. Any suggestions?

Recovery House

So I received a call this morning from Nancy and she told me about the plumbing problem at the recovery house and it will not be available in October . She recommended the Residence Inn since its very close to the office. There are 3 of us coming from Alaska and all scheduled for the same day. The hotel will be over $3000, Grace the caregiver quoted me $300 a day and we have to go buy groceries and Justin the driver quoted me $450. This is getting frustrating now. We all paid the surgery and recovery cost in full up front, now we have to figure things out and pay more. They have already refunded the recovery house fee but this is still an inconvenience.

Any recommendations on lodging

Hey ladies do any of you have any recommendations on good places to stay near Dr. Salama's office/ I would like to be near shops and food places if possible.

Anyone have any recommendations or a caregiver/ private duty nurse?

I need someone for me and my 2 friends for Oct 7th - 15th

Got my labs done

I got my labs and EKG done on Wednesday just waiting for the results now. So I had my doctor put a referral in for my Lymphatic Drainage Massages and it got approved. I wanna know if any of you dolls got the massages before your BBL?

Menstrual Cycle during surgery

Has anyone been on there period during surgery? Will they still do it?

Iron pills

So I got the call from Zuny today and she said to start my 1000mg of Vitamin C and 325mg of Iron. Am i supposed to take 5 pills if they are only 65mg? Im so confused. I need help I really dont want to have to take that many pills.

Got my packet today!

Woohoo, I'm finally starting to feel like it's really going to happen. I'm so ready!

Bromelain and Arnica

Has anyone taken Bromelain or Arnica pills before surgery? If so, when did you take them? I think I read somewhere it helps if you take them a couple of days before surgery. Im trying to do whatever I can to make the recovery process a little easier.

Arm Lipo

So I wanna add lipo to my arms, is it worth it?

Pics got deleted

Here are pics of me now. Im 5'4 and 180lbs. I have dog ears from a previous tummy tuck that I cant wait to get rid of, i hate them cause you can see them through my clothes if i wear something fitted.

25 days til surgery

Im so ready surgery date is Sept. 29th, we fly in on the 27th. My suitcase is packed, actually its overpacked. I getting 2 Lymphatic Drainage massages here a week before my surgery, they say it helps. I already have my post op massages scheduled for when I get back. Im kinda tired of looking at other beautiful asses now and just wanna see mine after its done.

Some more wish pics

I know im not gonna look like any of these women but it doesnt hurt to wish.

Booty Buddy

This is exactly like the Booty Buddy I bought but cheaper.

Second Thoughts

I am scheduled for Sept 29th and now im having second thoughts about did I pick the right doctor.I have been noticing lately, that most of Dr Salama's bbl patients come out with not so great results and need a round 2. I dont read much about dents and unevenness from the other doctors. Then my mind starts wandering and thinking the worst thinking maybe he does this on purpose so he can get paid again for the round 2's and 3's. I really dont wanna think like that but I dont see this with all the other doctors and their results are so much better than Dr. Salama's right now. Just worried im not gonna get my money's worth which is also more than the other doctors.

Its Almost Time

So me and my friend leave Alaska for Florida on Monday night, surgery date is the 29th. I keep packing and unpacking stuff.

Dolls Recovery Getaway

I just arrived here today and let me tell you, its really really nice. Very clean and spacious. Merilene and Sandy are super laidback and sweet. This my first night and I dont want to leave. I would definitely recommend Dolls Recovery Getaway to anyone coming to Florida for surgery.

Pre op

Finally met everyone at Elite but Cynthia, they are so freaking nice. I LOVE NOMIE. Dr. Salama with his fine ass was so cool and thorough. He didn't give me any false hope and was very informative. My surgery is at 1130 tomorrow.

Dolls recovery

Surgery Today

I'm scheduled for surgery today at 11:30. My friend went this morning at 7am for her MMO. I'm nervous now. I was talking all that mess yesterday, now it's time and I'm a little baby. I'm not scared of having surgery I'm just dreading the recovery process. The only thing that kinda puts me at ease it that I'm at Dolls Recovery Getaway and they are very caring and knowledgeable of what my needs will be. Also, I will be around other ladies going through the same thing.

I'm here

Omg. Becky look at her butt.

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Poopy time

I just pooped and it was oh so good.


I'm so sore and stiff. My back is killing me not from the lipo it's probably from laying on the operating bed. Pre-existing back problems less. The swelling is ridiculous, my face looks like I've been in a car accident. I hope the swelling goes down a little soon.


I took my first shower today and boy do I feel much better. It was a little hard cause I kept getting light headed but all I did was kneel down in the shower for a bit till I was ready to get back up. The shower I'm using is a step in shower and huge so that helps a lot. I'm just waiting for my garment to be cleaned.

Genuine care

At Dolls Recovery Getaway getting my butt wiped by the caring staff. You have no idea how much I appreciate all that tthey have done for me and my friend.

I love my recovery house

So I mention craving peanut butter and look what surprised me with. They really do listen here at Dolls Recovery Getaway.

1st Massage

I had my first massage with Celia and it was amazing. It wasn't as bad some people mentioned, but we all have different pain tolerance. Afterwards I felt wonderful , I was so much more flexible and it gave me energy somehow. I can't wait for my next one on Wednesday. Thank you so much Celia !


Dr Salama put 1600 on each side. I'm just waiting for it to go down some, it's way too heavy right now for me. 2nd massage tomorrow.


Feeling better

I feel so much better today. I'll be moving into the Residence Inn on Monday. Need someone to come and give me massages the whole week.

Dr Salama made me love me again

I look and feel like a whole new me. My experience with Elite Plastic Surgery has been nothing short of amazing. My journey started with Cynthia my coordinator she is the one that sealed the deal for me. she made me feel so special and not like I was just a transaction. I read so many wonderful reviews and a few not so wonderful reviews but the good outweighed the bad.  Anytime i had questions or concerns  they were addressed promptly either by Cynthia, Nancy, Nomie or Jesenia .  When I got to the office for my pre-op I finally got to meet all these these amazing people that I grew to love and it just felt like Ive known them forever. They were so welcoming. My pre-op appointment was with Dr Salama, that man made me feel so comfortable. He answered all my questions and was very thorough when explaining my procedure. I asked if I could add breast implants and he told me "no" because that would be too much on my body. I really appreciated that fact that he cared more about my well being than getting more money from me. Fast forward, had the surgery and I was instantly happy. I noticed right away that he gave me what I asked for.  He gave me a new me, a new me that im now so in-love with. I will never forget what Elite has done for me. I love you guys!!!!This man is an artist and knows how to sculpt a body. He is laid back and kinda funny but also very informative. Oh I forgot to mention he is sexy too.  Dr Salama, my husband is very greatful for my new booty too.

Going home

Waiting at the airport, laying on my stomach. Flying from Ft Lauderdale to Seattle then to Fairbanks Alaska. They are saying there are several delays and cancellations leaving Seattle and no lodging available. How long were some of your flights?

Getting comfortable

I'm not laying in my stomach anymore.

Playing dress up

Everything looks good on me!

Pain in my ass

Hey my BBL dolls, do any of you ever get random sharp shooting pain in your butt cheeks? Ive been getting them recently and just wanna see if it common. I emailed Nomie and just waiting for her to reply.

Arms hurt

Any dolls that had arm liposuction can you tell me how long they hurt, mine are killing me and they are super hard and stiff. I wish I didn't have my arms done. Oh and I had the back of my thighs Vaser lipoed and omg they hurt really bad when I get up from sitting on them since I can't sit on my booty. I get up every 10-15mins.


So guess who pooped on the bathroom floor at work??? Yep, me and my new booty. So I go a private bathroom at work to and let my business. I have a little bag with all my essentials such as lysol wipes, urinal, spray and flush able wipes. When I go in put my phone number the side pockets of the bag and set it down in the sink so as I'm getting undress just stop to open my bag but the strap grabs the faucet and turns the water on and it goes into the idea pocket where my phone is. So I had to make the decision save my phone or keep taking my clothes and garment off because at this point it was about to come out. Of course I decided to save my phone, then I tried to get my clothes and garment off and get over to the toilet well I didn't make it in time. The garment life is no joke. I had to clean that sh** up and get back to work. I'm so glad it's Friday.

6weeks po

I still have some lumpy areas. My butt has gotten a lot smaller. I've bought and returned so many different garments trying the find the right one for me. Alot one them are so uncomfortable. Still getting my massages twice a week.

8 weeks post op

So I'm 8 weeks now and I love the way I look in clothes but naked is a different story. I have several dents that I'm getting massages on. I hate and love the garment at the same time. If I keep it off for more than 30-45 mins then I swell up and get fluid knots. I will take some pictures of the dents and post them soon. Here are some pictures of me today at work.

Should've trusted my gut.

So before surgery I kept having doubts about going to DR Salama because I kept seeing most of his patients having to get revisions and round 2s. I wanted to change to DR Blinski but I was already all paid up and booked and had 2 of my friends coming also to get procedures done. I didn't go with my gut feeling and now I have the same issues I was scared about. My butt only looks good if I'm wearing a garment and clothes. It has so many dents and lumps. My thighs still look bad. I contacted them and they keep telling me the give it some more time. 2 of the bigger dents were there right after surgery and they treated me with antibiotics cause they thought they were infections. So it's nothing just did wrong post op since those were there from surgery. Im so disappointed and depressed.


Im sorry if my last post discouraged anyone from getting the surgery or going to DR Salama. I was just expressing my feelings towards my results. I didn't want to just post only the good pictures of me but be honest and show the bad ones also. I know I still have some time to go with my recovery. I am still wearing my garment, still getting massages and sitting on my booty buddy and boppy. I know I'm going to do a round 2 but not until 2018 when I leave Alaska. Dr Salama and his team are amazing but my results are my results and I have to live with them.

In jeans

I love the way I look in my clothes. The problem I have with my pants now is the gap in the back. Any solutions???

Fashion Nova

I love my Fashion Nova jeans.


So I'm 3 months post op and have lost most of my booty and hips. I need 2017 to come and go so I can get my round 2. Thousands and thousands of dollars wasted.

Weight gain

So I ended up gaining some weight and my booty got bigger but I also now have back fat and my thighs got bigger again and some other areas also. Now I need to figure out how the keep booty but lose the other extra fat. Some days I love it and some days I hate it.

Still have dents and lumps

Im 7months post op and very disappointed. I still have the lumps and dents that I had right after surgery. I cant wear any thin clothing cause you see them clearly. The shape of my butt only looks nice when I wear clothes and they cannot be thin material. I definitely need a round 2.
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