BBL with vaser lipo added to abdomen -- 3400 CC in total added to butt :)

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So far his staff is amazing! I have asked so many...

So far his staff is amazing! I have asked so many questions and Nancy is so persistent and responds so quickly. She makes me even more excited to get this done. I can't stop thinking about it. Does anyone know of things I can buy before procedure? When will I be able to dress up in normal clothes? I'm staying in Florida for 11 days so I want to know what exactly I should pack?

Trying to get everything situated for surgery.. So far away!!

I have been making lists and lists of things I will need so when the time comes everything will be stress free and great. Will my surgical packet come with what I will need? Will it tell me the exact vitamins I will need? I know they say to take certain vitamins 2 months prior. Does anyone recommend good pillow for driving? My commute is long on way to work and want the best pillow I can find so I feel safe when driving. Attached is me now. Hopefully he can give me some hips and booty. I'm too heavy ????

How come all these bad reviews are popping up with Salama all of the sudden?

I've researched this for years and salama seemed to be the best choice. I paid my deposit. How come all these bad reviews are popping up with burns and necrosis? Should I be worried? I was so confident with my choice

Is Vaser Lipo worth it?

I was just told it would be additional money to add Vaser lipo to my procedure. Is it worth the additional money? I lost a lot of weight and have some loose skin around my stomach which I don't want to be TOO noticeable after lipo.

45 more days!!!

I can't believe it's only 45 more days until surgery. This is the first real surgery I've ever had. I'm nervous but mostly excited. I'm ready to get rid of my fat area on abdomen and insert that to my booty - woo hoo. I think I have so much stuff packed. I haven't received my packet from Salamas office yet. Do I need to know anything besides 325mg of iron a day and 1,000 vitamin C? Should I still take a multi vitamin? Any tips would be great.

Wish pics from salama patients

Does he ask for wish pics or what you'd like your Butt to look like? I definitely do not want a self. I think all the pics I want are round butts but I really wouldn't know how to explain it, lol.

How in the world do you drive in a car after BBL?

I have been trying to practice driving with cushions, etc and nothing seems to work well unless I hold myself up with my left leg which seems really ridiculous and dangerous, lol. Any suggestions on how to drive after? My commute to work is over an hour and I will be back to work 10 days after surgery.. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!

I have been packed for over a

I pretty much have everything packed. I sent my boyfriend some cheap robe to his house & he said it is great. It lost $20.00. I couldn't find any decent robes for cheap but that is definitely worth it. I got my scripts filled besides the narcotic, Percocet's. Massachusetts (where I currently am residing) passed a law three years ago and wont fill scripts from out of state. I wasn't even that made because I had it in my head there would be a problem. I emailed Jesenia and she said I can fill them in FL - there shouldn't be a problem. Thank god I still have my FL license for that! My friend who is a pharmacist said that some CVS stores will not allow you to fill a script unless the city matches your license residential city. Anyway. I bought slippers, t-shirts, all loose comfy clothes for this procedure. I was thinking about buying loose pants for work but I will worry about that when the time comes. My boss is encouraging me to fill out FMLA/Short term disability because everyone is saying I will NOT be back to work in 9 days. Haha. I have no idea because I have never had any major surgeries before.

Dr Miami bbl pillow, booty buddy, or bbl pillow.. That is the question

Which one works the best? Some of them don't look that high.

11 days until surgery

I am getting so nervous!!! I feel like I can't really talk about it either since this is elective and people will be like "okay so why are you doing it?!" It's my first real surgery and it's just scary. I have been thinking about everything.. EVERYTHING!! Especially when they put anesthesia in.. When I had it before they missed my veins and I had a huge bubble which scares me. Any positive thoughts?!!!

My body has been through a lot


I cant believe that in TWO days I will finally have a booty. I can't believe it. It almost feels surreal. I know that the recovery will be tough, especially having my arms done but I am so ready to remove this fat abdomen and transfer it to my butt. Woohoo!

I made it

I can't really update much now I'm super sore comfortable and sleepy BUT salama and his staff are amazing. Very kind I can't speak enough about how grateful I am that they were all super sweet. This is the only pic my bf could really take because I've been super sore..I'm watching really funny lol

This pee funnel is heavy Sent and 100% needed

After surgery I couldn't pee for hours.. When I first used this my aim was horrible and my be had to hold it (he has been so helpful and patient) now my aim is perfect.also disposable wipes because you're going to drip a little. I asked salama about the pills for clarification and all is needed is ONE 325 ferrous sulfate.also the longer I stay in bed the harder it is to get up.this stiffness is NO JOKE. I'll update tomorrow after my doctor at9am :)


Here are some pics-3 days post op. Really swollen still but I think my results will be amazing

The first massage

Eilyn gave me my first massage today and that was not fun at all. It was painful. When I was having my back massaged I could hear all the fluid which is kind of gross lol. I almost cried when she started doing my stomach. It definitely was not pleasant but she is a sweetheart! I asked her if the second would hurt as much and she said people either feel it's better or worse it just depends.. GREAT. I feel a lot less stiff now and feel like I have a bit more pep in my step. She said I look good and should have no problems going home Sunday but I think if possible I will stay longer. I am really not looking forward to driving or sitting.

New garment, follow up, red spots..

So this new garment is fine with all this foam but around my waist it's digging in I think.. My back is killing me. Not too sure if it's me trying to take pain killers a lot less now. They're the only things that can get me to sleep because of my back. Still no bowel movement which is scary, I'll ask Salama about it today. I have some weird red marks on butt I hope it's nothing serious. Hopefully he will be willing to write me a letter for medical leave or whatever they need to stay in Florida an extra week. I'll be going back up to MA alone and idk how putting on tho garment will work alone. Err

2nd Massage and back drain out!

Ahhh it feels so good to have the back drain out. I didn't even feel it come out. Nomie is really gentle. When she put my garment on after my follow up I couldn't believe how smooth it went on. My boyfriend is so rough compared to how well she did it. Today I was able to actually put my garment on by myself which makes me feel less of a prisoner in this thing, lol. I feel like the swelling is going down because the garment isn't as tight. I am in the process of changing my flight to next weekend because I was approved with medical leave. I don't want to take too much time off work because then I will be stressed out going back. Cecil (sp?) did my massage today and she is absolutely wonderful. It felt good! I never thought I would actually like having a massage but she really works magic. I am going to post pictures later. I am cleaning around the house and trying to keep moving. :)

One butt cheek is bigger

I said I wasn't going to stress about this..Buttttttttttt I am. I don't want one bigger than the other. I mean a little is okay but this is pretty noticeable.

Pics and video

Plane ride

Currently on the plane now and the boppy pillow Isn't really working. I still feel pressure on my butt. It's pretty frustrating but I'm able to stand a lot. It's tiring traveling after surgery I just want to lay down. I'm 15 days post op but this not sitting down ordeal really sucks! The boppy pillow is huge too. Hopefully this yoga mat I have at home works for my commute to work and sitting at work. I have some bumps on my butt that I'm massaging out. I don't really know how long I need to massage them? Every time I stand I try to massage them. My butt has gone down a lot but in pants it looks GIGANTIC!! I'll post pics shortly. Still have bruising on my butt.

16 days post op

Trying on clothes
My booty is slowly going on. It was HUGE at first. Like too big I was a little scared. I am happy it is taking a better shape every day there seems to be improvement. My stomach is flat some days and other days not so much. It is still much flatter than my pre op pic. I

More pics

My butt was so sad before, lol

3400 CC in total injected in my booty

I did NOT expect it to be that much. OMG, lol. My butt is still HUGE. You can't tell from the pictures but it is LARGE. I am hoping it goes down. 3400 is a lot. That is 1700 each cheek...WHAT!!

3 weeks

I still have a shelf. I am ordering a butt in garment next week mine is too loose.

Pics with clothes

Right butt cheek is still quite larger than left

I am getting a little sad about my right butt cheek being noticeably bigger than my left. From just a few days post op I noticed it. I figured it was just a swelling issue but I am now almost 5 weeks post op and its still a big difference. I knew that there would MAYBE some asymmetry but this is a little too much for me. I do not blame Dr. Salama at all because who the hell could actually know how my body would absorb fat, etc. I just wish this didn't happen because I cant imagine going through a revision. For the ladies who have gone through revisions is it the same recovery process? Obviously not as hard but if its only one cheek can he just add more fat into the smaller one? :( It is more noticeable in clothes than out. One of my coworkers pointed it out to me just a few minutes ago and my heart SANK!! I didn't think it was THAT noticeable.

Laying on sides?

I'll be 6 weeks post op tomorrow. When can I lay on my sides? My back is killing me and I toss and turn all night. Sometimes I wake up kinda on my side and I make sure I go right back on my stomach but this is VERY uncomfortable. I have to use a heating pad during day at work for my back :(

My butt cheek is still uneven. Some days I think it's not that bad then others I go crazy over it. I'm trying not to concentrate on it right now. I ordered a butt in garment but it was way too big even though I dozed down! I ended up returning and ordering a new size. I have to pick it up at post office today. You have to sign for the package they won't leave it at your house. I have been dying for this butt in to hopefully even out my cheeks.

One of my coworkers had a breast aug two weeks after my surgery and she barely saw her doctorate she can't communicate with him. It is through his coordinators so I greatly appreciate dr salama for that. I
Think so highly of him because of that. Sometimes I feel okay to ask one of his girls at the office (Jessenia is the absolute best) but at times I think Dr. salama is the best person to go to. I really haven't texted him but it makes me feel good I can go to him if I want. I plan on getting a breast lift done without implants with him. I messaged them about it but no one responded yet it's been 3-4 days

Doctor Salama and his staff are the BEST! From speaking with the coordinators to discuss the details to coming into the office. His staff greets each patient so wonderfully. Dr salama took the time to answer all of my questions and made me feel at ease. I have never felt comfortable with a male doctor until I met him. This has been the best decision I ever made!

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