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I really am interested and I AM getting a BBL by...

I really am interested and I AM getting a BBL by the end of next year! I am waiting so long bc I want to save up the cash first that way I wouldn't have to finance it. I'm in college sooo... I can save about $500/monthly for this (plus pay my household bills) ... Im trying to save at least $8,500. How does financing work with this procedure? I don't really have an established credit line but student loans... Is it based on credit or income? Please answer my questions! I'm so thrilled about this! Please help!

Now Weighing My Options...!

Soooo....I called Dr. Salama office today and spoke with Cynthia who quoted me $9,199 over the phone...I love his work and think he works wonders but I did not have plans on financing my BBL. Though he is still an option, I'm looking into other doctors. I actually never weighed any options bc once I joined I was drawn in by Dr. S work! I have been doing a little more research today and I looked into Dr. Perry. Don't get me wrong, his work look good, but I don't think he can give me what I'm wanting. This one Doctor...DR CAMPOS...I'M IN LOVE! He really sculpts your body into that hourglass figure along with giving you a nice BOOTY! I've always had ass but I've always wanted a flatter stomach and hips and I WILL get them along with more BOOTY! Based on my height, weight and measurements I was told by a Dr. Kenneth B. Hughes that I could likely get 5 liters and transfer about 1500 cc per buttock!! WHOOP WHOOP!
My info is:
Height: 5'
Weight: 160
Measurements: 36-30-42

In advance...

In advance...could you guys help me or rather let me know how to go about booking a flight to Tijuana MX if I was to go with Dr. Campos? It will only be my boyfriend and I traveling....I'm just trying to get some insight on this some...thanks in advance.


So I received my quote from Angie today and remarks from Dr. Campos... He said he'd recommend 700-800cc....I don't like that one bit.... It's so crazy bc I got an answer from Dr. Kenneth Hughes saying I could get 1500cc from my Q&A. Now I'm searching again...ugh... What to do ladies!? Please help!


I'm just soooo upset right now bc I don't know what to do...Can't believe one of my main choice of doctors recommended only 700-800cc....ugh! This is getting to be too much for me or am I being dramatic? I really want Dr. Campos but idk now...I mean maybe I need to go to do a consultation in person instead of virtual...idk...


Soooo... I still haven't heard back from Dra Duran... Kinda upset about it but I've read other BBL'ers profile who said you have to patiently wait which is understandable. I seriously sooo want this even though I have a nice shape but what's wrong with a nicer shape? Ugh! I'm just frustrated and sad at the same time. If anyone has knowledge on how to get a response from her quicker please let me know! Thanks in advance! :-)

Finally heard back from...

Finally heard back from Dra. Duran! I got my quote which is awesome! I want to pay all cash bc I've never financed anything and I'll like to keep it that way lol. I'm wanting to get the procedure done in February. One question ladies: is that possible? I hope so! Just a little update! TTYL beautiful ladies!!

2014 Duran Doll Right Here!

2014 Duran Doll Right Here! I sat my date date today for May 2014. I know it's far off but I will have $6500 saved up my then which will include my flight, my supplies, additional garments (if I need them) and Sx. Sooooo excited! The way that time flies May will be here before I know it! YAY FOR ME! So ladies...what all type of supplies do I need? bc actually I could be buying g those things little by little.

hey ladies...!

Hey Ladies...! I'm too excited about becoming a Duran Doll in 2014! OMG!!!!!! I mean my body is banging a little lol but once this tummy is flat from my tt and I'm getting a booty on my booty! WATCH OUT! I've always wanted a very flat stomach bc I do have a nice butt and my tummy now doesn't take away from it but man I know just if I got a tummy tuck my booty would be dangerous and it's all natural. Starch and squats does the trick! ;-) and I exercise on the daily too. I'm sooooo ready!

Tummy Tuck or Lipo??!!

Tummy Tuck or Lipo??!! What do yaw think? I think that lipo will do me just fine...but then again I want that tight hourglass figure! Ugh

Almost exactly what I'm wanting to achieve!

Almost exactly what I'm wanting to achieve! I downloaded this plastic surgery app called iLipo and it gave me some great results or I gave me some great results lmao! So my mind is made up! I'm getting the Lipo not TT. Sorry I failed to mention earlier tht I don't have any children, I'm 22, and in a relationship with an awesome guy! ;) I just don't want the scar from the TT nor do I think I need It. What yaw think of my results I gave myself?!

Still excited!!

Still excited!! I'm back in the gym getting it in. I lost over 70 pounds last year by changing my eating habits, drinking TONS of water, and working out 6 days a week! I'm proud of myself. I have gained back like 15 with 10 being muscle... I've never wanted to be thin or shall I say skinny, but I've always wanted to be toned yet curvaceous! I'm more than happy with myself but I do want to get my flat flat belly ;-). I know I can achieve it in my own but it's hard getting over the *hump* to actually get there if you never been. I've never really had a big belly, my thighs got bigger and my arms and my waist did go outward. But through working out I tightened all that up! ;-) I'm ready for MARCH 2014!! TTYL Ladies!

Everything is going good.

Everything is going good. I've been able to save my money out of every paycheck like I planned...which is GREAT!!!!! YAY ME! So excited....! Still a Duran Doll of 2014 to be! Talk to you ladies later! Peace...

Sooo... Change of plans

Sooo... Change of plans... Due to not being able to consistently stay in constant with Duran I'm changing to Yily. I love her work as well as Duran but what strayed me away in the beginning is the comments of her staff not speaking English or rather broken English... I didn't want to be out in that situation dealing with that. But I do have a dear friend who speaks Spanish fluently. So I will not mind communicating through him with the long as I can communicate with Dr Yily as I need to I am straight. My surgery date will change too... Probably June but I just got a promotion at work soooo MORE $$$$$$$$$......but I'm paying off a while lot of stuff and I'm proud of myself.... But I'll kept you ladies updated for sure. And my boyfriend is coming with me and check this out..!!! WE GOT 6 DAY ROUNDTRIP TO SANTO DOMINGO FOR $534! For BOTH of us!!! That's TWO tickets!!!! An we will be staying in an condo which is beautiful and it's $330 for those 6 nights!

I really would love to

I really would love to stick it out with Dr Duran bc of this thing with Yily not actually operating on her patients...If I'm paying my money to a PS I expect that PS to handle my operation... Maybe it's bc she is pregnant and can't really do it but if that is the case then she needs to take can I get a response from Duran? Someone please tell me. I've heard of Fb.... Ill try that. If not then Im gone roll with Yily but I mean I got time so she'll have probably been had that baby by my estimated time I want which is march... Ugh ill be posting some pics today too!

Photos today

Got my Yily quote!

Got my Yily quote today! I sent the quote request yesterday and received a response early this morning. YAY!!! For BBL & Lipo it's $3250 an with implants it's $4950. I'm happy with my boobs lol! I'm so excited. Ill be sending my deposit soon and setting a date for February 2014. Oh my it's about to go down! Thanks to nprjbeauty (I think that's it) ill correct it if its not. I contacted Yily through her email at EXCITEMENT

Sorry it's

Sorry it's Njprbeauty. She is very sweet and her results are BANGING...! She's positive and that's a plus check out her page!



So I started back looking for a plane ticket to take from Memphis to the DR. My bf told me to look on so I could NAME MY PRICE....OMG! When we did it for the both of us with trip protection it was $522 for a roundtrip for BOTH of us for 7 days. WHOOOP! #WINNING *Ladies please check out Name your price* Thought that I would share. TTYL

Soooo I'm praying

Soooo I'm praying I can get my surgery date for the beginning of February... :-) ... I'm sooo freaking excited! I'm ready to be Yilyfyed lol WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Rapid responses from Yily

I've been receiving emails everyday from Yily which is good. Right now we are discussing a surgery date. I'm leaning more toward the end of February. Lets see how it goes. Also ladies please download Viber which is a free app on IPhones a d Androids that allows you to make free calls. Yily and Duran have a profile on there!

Compression Garment??

What type of compression garments do you ladies suggest??? Responses are highly appreciated. :-)

Pre op pictures

Tell me what you think? ! I want more of a cuff at the bottom and I deeper curve in my back...


I was looking at apartments to reside in after surgery and I had messaged one if the host and this was her response....

Rude or Misunderstanding

Rude or misunderstanding on my end? I asked bc I was just curious. Those aren't procedures that I need or desire I just wanted to know and she responds like this.... What yaw think?


Sooo...I really did not like Yily getting rude with me whether it was her or her assistant. I do not want to be treated as another check, I want to be treated as a patient. I strongly believe in professionalism and that was not portraying professionalism at all. Then I know she has some massive skills but I do disagree with her doing so many patients in one day. I want someone to take their time on my body and not do a rush job like I'm just another paycheck and on to the next one....I'm not going only on what that host told me about CIPLA but from other reviews that I've recently seen. And the lady from the apartment (look at the picture of my conversation and the host) did not say any specific doctor she said CIPLA. I'm at a standstill but I'm still stacking my money. I will think this through and come to a conclusion.

I'm back with good news!

I know I been missing in action but I have been contemplating and contemplating A LOT!!!! I didn't make a big deal with the whole Yily situation but I decided to send Dr. Baez a request for a quote and within 24 hours she responded. She is seriously beyond sweet... She didn't have any appointments available before the end of March at all!!! She said she only performs 2 surgeries daily and on certain days which is great. I explained to her that my vacation on my job expired at the end of match so to please inform me if anything between January-March came up and her response was "Do not worry we will solve this." I was like oh my that gave me so much hope... She emailed me back like three weeks later informing me that she had a cancellation for January 7th 2014. I jumped on it soooo fast. I do have a place that I will be staying at there and has been in contact with the host. She is really really sweet and will help me out. I will be applying for my passport tomorrow...(YAYY) now I got to begin buying supplies!!! And the mane thing is my plane ticket!!! The crap is high!!! But I'll work it out. Any suggestions on low air fare? I will be flying out from Memphis. Thanks.




I did get my passport sent off Friday so that's out the way. As of now I'm still going to reside at a resort there. The resort has masseuses which is great. I'll post some pics of the resort as well. Dr. Baez told me that she is NO LONGER RECOMMENDING BRUNHILDA bc of the bad things she's been hearing about her however when she finds another nurse she will let me know. This woman really looks out for her patients and I soooo appreciate that!! I'm ready for this transformation. I'm so happy I found this site bc you ladies have definitely inspired me to go after what I want. Well talk to you ladies later! #Peace

I'm a sucker!!

So much emotion is pouring through me right now!! I'm excited bc my sx date is approaching quickly...then I'm stressing bc I want to be positive that I will have everything that I need by my sx date and that I will have that vacation week from work....happy bc I THINK I have found a sx buddy which is awesome!...just going crazy over here!!! My boyfriend is buying my plane ticket for me...I just have to worry about the $3,000 for sx with Baez, possibly half for rooming (if me and the buddy meet up), and spending money! I feel like I'm missing something...At my job with get paid 5 times this month which is great and two of those are my commission checks....I swear things come up from nowhere when you have a little extra coming your way! Ugh...but it's ok bc in the process of me calculating my savings I never included one of my checks which is that's kinda "extra" not the hold thing though! I'm trying to bust my butt at work so that I can have a fat commission check next month! I been doing the thang though so let's all pray! UGH! Still havent told my mom about the sx yet but I will be telling her just in case something happens to me over there (lord forbids) and she not know what went on or why I was there...I'll tell her today probably...she just gone keep saying that I dont need it but she knows that I am a go getta! lol...But I have to get ready for work I will be back later!

Living arrangements coming together

Living arrangements coming together for my stay in the DR. I will be staying with a wonderful family there and I emailed her and asked her if she knew any nurses that I could hire and she told me that she did and that she would only charge me for the massages so she will let me know tomorrow when she find about bc it was kinda late when I texted her. I really wanted to stay at the resort BUT I'm scared to be alone... The whole thing with the ax buddy ended quickly bc her doctor changed dates on her so I was back to going alone which I didn't mind from the beginning but I watch too much tv and I wouldn't be in the condition to save myself from anybody if something did occur. I will be staying from January 6th through January 13th in which my surgery is on the 7th.

I'm going to the bank in the AM to draw out for surgery so I will not spend it.., I swipe my card for everything and sometimes I get happy go lucky and let it rip lol...I Also will be getting some of my supplies (which I haven't started) from dollar tree all that I can lol. I did find a female urine funnel on aliexpress for $3 free shipping...they also have some shape wear and compression garments for cheap but I've never ordered those items from there but I have ordered my Brazilian and Peruvian hair from there and has has great experiences with the vendors that I went through lmao....

I've been looking at some of the ladies comments/reviews about Dr Baez and I think that we all should keep in mind that results vary from person to person. I know she had issues with the nurse she was recommending Brunhilda however when she got complaints on Brunhilda she emailed me and told me that she is no longer recommending Brunhilda's service to anyone else bc she has had some bad reports on her. She can't control or predict what Brunhilda does she only expects her to do her job and do it well. However she made the right move by getting rid of her.

Another thing... I believe that you should be at your goal weight before you opt to have this surgery. You cannot expect any doctor to remove 30 pounds from you all at once and so on. I believe that if we get down to our goal weights then it'll make us closer to being the girls in the wish pics. Do not leave it to the doctor to help you lose all the weight. Get your weight down first then do the surgery so you don't have to plan a round 2. And I'm not talking about anyone in particular I'm just saying in general. I look at this surgery as defining what I already have.m, making me more curvaceous.. voluptuous... Just think about it. I'm all about being positive so no negativity here.

I'm going to bed now...night ;-)

I know I know...

I know I know...Gone talk about me....I am looking into Dr. Contreras now....It's a girl on here who is one or two months post op from him and she looks amazing...! She also posted pics of the names of some girls who has went to him and I will list them as follows (these are their Instagram names):


I know he has a past however that works both ways....not gone lie and say that I wouldn't be nervous as hell if I did choose to go with this doctor. Please I do not want any negativity on my page at all so excuse yourself if you coming with the bullshit...seriously...

I like Dr. Baez however I've just been wondering if she can make my money worth the procedure...what I'm saying is: My ass is already big and I know she can lipo me and make me flat however will my butt change enough to be noticeable? I've been looking at a couple of ladies who just came from Baez and they look great from what they came from however they are losing volume and all the inches they gained...Yes I know you lose inches after surgery bc of the swelling however *alwayswantedabooty* was 39 inches preop and was 44 inches after surgery however now (correct me if I am wrong) she is 40 inches...Her lipo look awesome and she looks phenomenal if you look at the before and after but I know that I can gain 3 inches in 3 weeks by squatting my ass off (That's how I'm like I am now *HARD WORK*)... IDK though...I sent him a quote request with my pictures (Contreras that is) requesting a quote for BBL & LIPO,
BBL, LIPO, & BA, BBL, LIPO, BA, &RHINO.... He quoted me as follows:

LIPO plus BBL USD 2500
LIPO plus BBL plus BA USD 3500
LIPO plus BBL plus BA plus RHINO USD 4500

In addition:


He does have a recovery clinic which is USD 60/N TO SHARE & 80/N INDIVIDUAL

Housing includes 3 MEALS plus 24 HOUR NURSING.



So I could do all that I wanted to do which is lipo, bbl, ba & rhino....really got to think about the rhino bc that is my face ya know....but for sure the LIPO, BBL & BA. If I come up with $1,000 more then hey but i just don't know.

I have not canceled my date with Baez which is January 7th (surgery date) however I know there have been ladies wanting a date early January with Baez since she is booked....If I do decide to switch doctors then I will let you ladies know and it will be first come and serious ppl only. I will post my email showing my confirmation with her just to let you ladies know. I didn't have to pay a deposit down or anything so you wouldn't have to give me anything but you name and email so we can inform Dr. Baez.

Just to give myself time to get more money I will probably set my date for the end of February with Contreras. I did ask him for a date mid February and he sent me February 12 which is awesome...Contreras is real prompt with his email responses I mean almost quicker than Baez if not the same. I like that...answers EVERYTHING! His email is PLASTICACONTRERAS@YAHOO.COM for those who wants to know!

I'm still doing some thinking about and I will continue to keep you ladies updated...I've stop working out as much but still been hitting my squats lol....(got to) is my off day so I'm fina chill...Have any questions please PM me (about the date for Baez) TTYL!!

Contreras Doll!

Hey ladies I do have the profile name of the lovely lady who went to Contreras.. Her RS name is Shillary. Look her up!



Talking with Contreras

I've been talking to Dr. C through email and on Whatsapp. Very swift communication. So at work I got approved for vacation in March. March 6th to be exact and I'll have 20 days to miss. Didn't expect it to be pushed that far back but since it has been that'll just allow me to save more money. I'm officially going to Contreras for LIPO BBL BA and more than likely rhino. My quote is $4,500 for all those plus $500 for tests faja and prescriptions. So $5000. Im posting pics of my ideal boobies.

Faja with butt out

Where can I get a faja with the butt out? Thanks dolls... ;-)

Confirming my quote with Contreras

I confirmed my quote with contreras bc I seen where a doll was quoted $1,000 more than their original quote a few days before surgery & I ain't having that one but so I emailed him to confirmed what we agreed and I was quoted.

Confirming my quote (pics)

What size boobs to get?

I'm currently in a 34B... I want a 34DD .., about how many cc's would I need lol

I like...

Pre op Pics!

Pre op Pics

Wish Nose pics

More wish boob pics

Wish hips and butt pics


Will begin my hardcore squat routine in the am and throughout from now on can't let these thighs and legs lose all my muscle tone! Lol!

Oh yea my Boppy pillow has been in for a while now? Just forgot to post. Communicating with Dr C is still great always answering no matter what time of day. Will be buying some liquid iron pretty soon!


Make your own decisions!

Quick update! Ladies please be mindful to not fall victim to the hype or majority rule while you're picking YOUR doctor. I honestly fell victim when I first joined the site and I was sooo indecisive bc I was kind of following who I saw a lot of women going to and then it would shift bc the hype would be on another doctor. Also, one negative review on the doctor you think you're choosing should not cause you to change your mind. We are all here giving opinions if you haven't actually has surgery with that doctor. I don't agree in bashing other doctors either. If you were lines up for this doctor bit went to another last minute then sure let us know why then move on to sharing your experience with the doctor you actually went with. There has been a hype over Dr Contreras yet we still complain that there aren't any reviews it pics of his work. Then you should question yourself; what were your deciding factors in choosing him. Choose a doctor for you! Just bc you look at someone pics and you decide you don't like the results don't be so quick to change your mind. Actually read the reviews to see what the ladies are wanting from their doctors( what type of butt, how many cc's they want. Don't go solely off of pics. We can say what we want all say but once that day comes we don't know what the RS member and their doctor have discussed and I'm sure the RS member don't have time then and there to let us right off. But one thing we are here for is to ASK QUESTIONS! If you're unsure why the persons post OP look way different from what they wanted or what they said they wanted pre OP the ASK. I'm just saying DONT ASSUME and change your mind off of assumption and hype. Also, we all have issues when out fellow ladies do not update after surgery. I just assume that they've informed us of the journey and have shared to much leading up to surgery and once they're post OP their journey is complete. I agree that we should at least get pics but we never know what someone else have going on and everyone's recovery is different. Again, I will repeat this and I've said it before: PLEASE GET TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT BEFORE SURGERY! This is a reason too I believe some women are unhappy with their results. I suggest working out and the best thing is walking if you can't do nothing else just walk. A doctor can only take so much out to put back into you. Just consider the walking bc it helps and the very FIRST step is changing your eating habits. I'm done ranting I guess. TTYL

OH yeah Dr Contreras actually confirmed my date with him. This man responds so swiftly I love It! I am getting my boobs under the muscle. I did ask what's the max cc he could go and he replied 3500cc just depending in your body's elasticity and what you're wanting. I want like 1700cc and DD boobs which he said is achieve based on my pre op pics but I need to really be in condition as far as my labs go so he can be as aggressive as he wants and deliver. We got this ladies now TTYL

Wish pics _Candyflow


I haven't forgot you ladies!

I still will be posting pics of my squat routine... Just need someone to take the pic and I've been kinda busy. These squats works wonders! Muah ladies! Also check out my girl Gottahaveit and look at her results from Dr Contreras! Looks amazing! Ttyl


So I just measured myself for my pre op measurements for January. Mearsurements:
Bust: 38 (I'm a C cup)
Waist: 30
Hips: 44 1/2

What I want my post op measurements to be:
Bust: 36D
Waist: 25-26
Hips: 48

As far as my waist go for now I will be working on that to bring that 30 to a 28 before surgery and I know I can achieve this by continuing my workout. Also for my butt, I plan to increase at least an inch on my own from squatting and lifting. Trying to set realistic goals ya know! :)

Contreras agreed on two dates for surgery!

I asked contreras if we could split my bbl and lipo apart from my BA and rhino simply bc I need all his focus on separate procedures. I don't want him rushed ya know. So that's great news!

Workout and pics

All pics are one day po

Giving you ladies pics of the work ttyl
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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