PICS ADDED BBL with Dr. Salama in 2014, Currently Pregnant! - Aventura, FL

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Well, Hello everyone. I am new here with posting....

Well, Hello everyone. I am new here with posting. I am looking to get a BBL next year sometime in the late spring/early summer. Sad part is, I wont have my deposit to hold a date until sometime in January. I am currently 7 months pregnant, so all of our money at the moment has been and will be going toward our new baby and home. I have a hard time gaining weight, so I am planning on using the weight I have gained from this pregnancy toward my BBL surgery. But by the time I have the money for the deposit, he probably wont have any openings until December! This is definitely out of the question for me to wait that long for my surgery. So my question is, how often are there cancellations for patients to move their date up at least 5 months sooner than the date they originally set their deposit for? What are your experiences with that with him?
And I am also hoping to find a way to finance at least half of my surgery... Medicalfinancing pre approved me for their no patient left behind deal, but I still need to really do some research on them and read their fine print before i go thru with signing their contracts. Any advice or experiences with financing with bad credit?
Thank you everyone!!

PICS added of pre pregnancy body

But this is how I will most likely look when i give birth again anyway, since

PICS of my body before this pregnancy

But this is most likely how I will look again since I already have one child and my body doesn't really seem to change shape or weight much in life.

Simulation of what I want

So I did the plastic surgery simulation.. and this is basically what i am looking for.. :D

Another view

Another view of what I want

Having second thoughts on Salama

So, I have been going thru before and after photos of Salama's patients and I am beginning to have second thoughts on him. All of the post op butts look the same, and i dont really like that. the butts look kind of squished from the back, like short round butts. No offense to anyone who has had plastic surgery with him, but this type of butt would just not look good with my type of body frame. I like where my waist is situated on my body but he seems to bring the waist much lower, like right above the butt crack almost. :/ I already have a long abdomen, and I dont want it any longer looking than it is... and i have short legs, so maybe lifting my butt a little would be nice. Anyhow, about the salama butt girls (lol, sorry, I dont know what else to call them) I must admit, once they fluff they look way better. I just wish he didnt put the same shape on every girl. I dont want to be just another number. I like Duran's post op pictures that girls have posted, because they all have a more natural born with it look to them. I dont know... so confused. Anyhow, here are a few examples of some butts I really love and wish I could have my surgery turn out to look like.

Ok never mind

I just saw bootylisious pictures and I am going with salama for sure lol


Can I see some of your scars for those of you who have already had a bbl done?

My husband says he only loves my shape of butt...

Sooo my question is, I wonder if Salama can keep my butt, but just make it bigger and fill in my hips where it indents? I do not want a shelf, and my husband REALLY does not want me to have a shelf. So a nice naturally looking slope, keeping the same type of slope I already have but of course it would be bigger because my butt would be bigger, and I want the tear drop heart shape bottom. My husband said he is not a fan at all of the "bubble butt" basketball round look, and I mean, neither am I... but almost everyone I see on here ends up with that look after surgery, so I don't know what to do! I am so afraid now that I will end up with a completely different shaped butt than I have now in the end and my husband will not love my butt anymore. :,( I wish Salama would talk personally and directly to his patients so I can have more confidence that he understands and can accomplish what I really want, I am so afraid he will just do whatever he feels is best for me, when thats not what i want. Honestly, I love the shape of my butt already.. I just want it bigger and I want my hips to be even and filled out to have more of an hourglass shape... But also, i dont want to waste my money and come out looking the same just because i told them I want a natural looking butt! Ugh what do I do?? This is all for my husband... but now I feel like I might ruin something he maybe is already happy with.
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