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Hi ladies. This is so real now that I have sat...

Hi ladies. This is so real now that I have sat down to put this profile up. So first I'll start with my stats. I'm 5'6" and between 135 and 140 (don't have a scale). My measurements as of this morning are 36B, natural waist is 34", high waist (around love handles) is 38", and hips around fullest part of butt is 41". I don't have any kids but I have always stored my weight around my stomach and flanks no matter how small I was. I first wanted Lipo but then I saw how dramatic results were with the bbl. I already have a little booty, but why not put the lipo'd fat to use? I don't need a ghetto booty. I don't think it would look right on my frame. I'm really more hung up on an hourglass shape more than a ridiculous *ss. Plus, I really don't want any one to automatically assume I had any surgery.

So, when I first called Dr. Salama was booked until October. Somehow the original lady that picked up and I got disconnected so I took this opportunity to call my boyfriend and cry. I felt so disappointed because it was a last minute decision for me and school would be letting out for the summer pretty soon. Basically, this is the last summer I will ever have and from here on out it will be studying and hospital rotations until I'm done. Soooo, that would mean no downtime to heal. I called back after I collected myself and spoke to another lady (who's name I think I'll keep confidential). I explained my situation and she told me again that they were booked but she liked something in my voice. She said she would put my name on a sticky pad and keep it on her computer screen in case there were any cancellations (although there was already a long waiting list). I thanked her and tried to forget about it. What were the chances she was sincere since they were already so busy? Well, a few days later I was taking an exam and the office called. Gloves and all, I ran outside to answer it. The lady on the phone was telling me that there was a cancellation and her colleague had gave her my name and number. I couldn't believe it. So in the middle of my amazon shopping for items I'll need, I have bought a little gift for these two ladies.

Correction. I went to a party last night and they...

Correction. I went to a party last night and they had a scale. That thing said I weight 154 lbs. There's a first time for everything lol

Okay so I did my clearance work yesterday and...

Okay so I did my clearance work yesterday and signed all the preop paperwork. I just want to let you ladies know that yes Dr. Salama's prices did go up since last year but I'm not sure that the lower prices included anything before. First thing, 6400.00 includes a driver to drive you back and forth from the office, a boppy pillow, 2 compression garments, and 2 post op massages. Since my fiance is with me and I have no need for a driver, almost $200 was deducted from my total cost of 6400.00. Another thing I like about this quote is it does include the anesthesia and facility fee. Too many times have I gone to other Drs and they would quote me a beautiful price without the anesthesia and facility fee. I still have not met Dr. Salama yet. I had the option to meet him for the consultation the day before the surgery or the morning of. Since my procedure will be in the early afternoon, I opted to have my consultation just before my surgery. I think this makes sense as he will have it fresh in his mind everything we have discussed and what it is that I want. I am happy that there is only one other lady before me for the day. Apparently he likes to have the patients who are also having TT out of the way earlier as they will spend a little more time in recovery before they are released. I was told after the surgery I will be in recovery for about an hour.

I'm trying to gain a few more pounds before the surgery. While we were on the road trip heading to FL, I know I had eaten at about 4 different fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, by the end of the night I was sick and I have no idea which place I ate at that caused it. My stomach is still recovering and now I'm afraid to eat out just anywhere. When I went to have my clearance work yesterday I was 145 lbs and very dehydrated. They couldn't even find a vein on me but of course I didn't want to tell them I wasn't feeling well. Eventually one of the experienced gentlemen was able to find a hiding one about 30 minutes later. :)
So today I bought ensure Plus which has 350 calories in each and 6 comes in a pack. I think one pack cost like $9 at Walgreens. I plan to eat as much as my tummy can handle and drink 3 ensure Plus a day until surgery. I guess it would be a good idea to continue to ensure even after surgery as most people do not have much of a appetite after. Five more days until my big day. If you ladies have any questions let me know :)

Hi everyone. So tomorrow is the big day. Since...

Hi everyone. So tomorrow is the big day. Since my surgery is not until early afternoon, I'm not sure when the surgery will be over. With that being said, I will try to post pics as soon as I can but if I get out too late in the evening I may be too out of it. Wish me luck and I'll keep all of you in my prayers as well :)

Good morning dolls. So yesterday was my surgery...

Good morning dolls. So yesterday was my surgery and I would just like to that everyone for their support. Your prayers have definitely been working. Waking up for the surgery was painful but once I got home I felt more achy than anything. I actually haven't even taken a percocet yet because I don't feel the pain is worth it. Plus, I'm afraid of taking one and suddenly becoming nauseated after I've been doing so well. I have an appetite but the food doesn't seem to be going down my esophagus fast enough so I'm just drinking gatorade and Ensure Plus. I actually have been sleeping thank God with the help of some pillows. Make you place the pillows under you so that your lower back does NOT dip inward because that will cause your back to hurt. Try to have your back straight or slight curved like a C over your bed. It's been working for me but my neck is starting to feel aggravated. I'm not sure what else I can tell you at this point but I will post 3 pictures. I personally don't feel they are good quality because I still haven't gone to post op and there is alot of padding under here. Oh, and if I didn't know what I should expect after the surgery I would have been freaked out by my lady parts. Down there is super swollen and painful to the touch. I have no idea how much fat was taken from me or how much he injected but I will be sure to ask when I see Naomi at 12 pm today.

Okay my bbl fam. I went to see Naomi today at 12...

Okay my bbl fam. I went to see Naomi today at 12 pm. She removed my the garment I had on and took off the bandages I had under it. It felt weird when she did but I was in pain when she had to tear the tape away from my skin. When she removed the compression garment, I got dizzy, nauseated, and things started to turn black. Apparently your blood pressure drops when you remove it sometimes. When she pulled the garment down over my butt that hurt too. They advised me to bring a fitted t shirt (which I did) to place under the clean compression garment. Apparently the t-shirt should minimize wrinkling of the skin. I found that without the paddings my lipo'd skin feels very raw and painful. It feels like its on fire in some places or like the skin is ripping from my body. Believe it or not, I find this raw-feeling skin to be the worst part of recovery so far and so I finally took 1 percocet tablet. This bright side is when I saw myself naked I was actually very pleased with Dr. Salama's work. I never thought my body could look like this. At first I worried that I wouldn't like the results because in consultation he didn't seem to ask too much about what I wanted. I figured maybe I was wrong because he has done so many bbl. During the time he was marking me he didn't ask my anything about what I wanted lipo'd. He just went to drawing on me and it seemed as if he could read my mind because he marked all areas I was concerned about. Even my bra rolls are gone even though that area is now sore. I wanted to take pictures when I was naked in the office but I was feeling so sick. I promise that as soon as I am able to take off this garment by myself I will put up better pictures so that you can see clearly. Also, I will find out how many cc I had removed and injected when I see Dr. Salama tomorrow. Oh, and on a side note. Be careful with the drains. Somehow the tube got caught behind my knee when I was getting out of the bed, it got pulled out, and blood went dripping onto the mattress and the floor. It was a little challenging to get the tube to snap back onto the fluid container. Until later my sisters.

Good evening ladies. So the lesson of today will...

Good evening ladies. So the lesson of today will be to listen to your body. Initially I was doing great with the liquid foods and gatorade. Per advise from the office, I forced myself to eat rice and chicken although I felt irritation in my throat already. Well after eating this stuff, the irritation in my throat became a lot worse and it felt as though food was getting caught in my throat. Now since we have to lay on our stomachs, I can only tell you these feelings were multiplied times 10 and I often felt like I was choking. When I swallowed even just my saliva it hurt. I went to see Dr. Salama today and he gave me an rx for a steroid so I hope that will help. He said the irritation probably came from the breathing tube they used in surgery. So sometimes it is best to listen to what your body is telling you. For the other bbl ladies who were at consultation today I apologize for not being very friendly. Talking seemed to make my symptoms worse and I hope to get back to my personable self soon. My drains are not draining very much these days and I guess that is a good thing. My butt feels so big that I worry what people that know me will think lol. I can't think of a lie big enough to cover a big booty like this. Dr. Salama told me the cc's were on my discharge papers but when I came home today I didn't not see it written. He said I could call him this weekend to ask if I didn't see it written and to also tell him how I am feeling. So let me put up the pictures I managed to take.

Today is Day 3 Post Op. Tell me why my ass looks...

Today is Day 3 Post Op. Tell me why my ass looks like Shanaynay's from Martin? OMG. I put on some big (or used to be big) grey sweat shorts to talk a short walk outside. When I pulled them up and turned around in the mirror, my jaw dropped. The back of these shorts now dips down, my ass is HUGE, and I feel embarrassed. I showed my fiance and he laughed at me lol. He's said it's not quite that bad and Dr. Salama told him when I was waking up from surgery that I got 800 cc per cheek. That explains it all. All I know is I hope this **it goes down, I do like the shelf though. So this morning I was determined to shower myself since I have not since the surgery. I took my time and even massaged the lipo'd areas while I was in the shower and for a bit more after I got out. I did light pressing and circular motions as if I was trying to iron out the wrinkles in my skin. I tried to touch all tender spots in the hopes that I can get me skin to recover quicker. I went ahead I put the garment back on by myself and then got dressed to take a short walk. I can stand completely straight now but I don't walk as quickly as I usually do. My throat is slowly improving but I want to eat real food so bad. I tried again yesterday and that was a disaster after I took a couple spoon fulls. *Sigh* I miss food lol
Oh, and back to the lipo'd skin topic. Dr. Salama told me to try and keep wrinkles out of the skin because the inflammation stuck under the wrinkles will cause the skin to heal that way and you will have lumpy skin. This is why he says to bring a fitted shirt to wear under your garment. I think I should buy a shirt a little smaller because what used to be small on that belly I had is now larger. If you can, try to start massaging yourself now. It will help you drain more too. Thank you all for your inputs and prayers.

Hi to all. Today is Day 6 Post Op. Yesterday was...

Hi to all. Today is Day 6 Post Op. Yesterday was my first massage which was very painful. I advise 2 percocets before you go. However, when she was done with me my drains were nearly full and all the wrinkles in my skin were massaged away. These massages really do work. My massage lady is Eilyn and she is so sweet. I went to see Dr. Salama today and although I hate these drains, I prefer to keep them in a little longer to prevent having more fluid build up then I have to. So, when I go tomorrow to get another massage we will see how full my drains are. I asked Dr. Salama about my stats today and he said they removed 3500 cc of fat and injected 1000 cc per cheek. Wow. I went to the flea market and to Wal-mart today and definately got a lot of stares. Like I said, I won't mind a little shrinkage.

Today is Day 8 Post Op. I had my drains removed...

Today is Day 8 Post Op. I had my drains removed yesterday and had my second massage. The massage was better was still painful. The two percocets I took before hand didn't seem to help much but made me really nauseated and dizzy. No more percocets for me. My lipo'd skin and the skin on my butt itch a lot these days. What sucks is that the lipo'd areas are still tender AND itchy. It seems most of my swelling such as in my legs is gone. I feel that I still have swelling in my lower back. My booty has definitely shrunk. Either that or I got used to it. But it seems to me it has shrunk due to the swelling going down. It is starting to get soft at the bottom. I wish I would have remembered to bring my tape measurer so that I could have recorded my measurements since the surgery. I still do not sit but I haven't been wearing the cardboard lately and sometimes I leave the garment off for hours. This stuff is just really uncomfortable. I walk normally now but this sleeping on the stomach is a killer for the back. I'm going to upload 3 pictures wearing the same thing I had on in my post Op pictures. I probably won't upload pictures after today for a while as I don't think too much will change (or at least I hope not) besides an improvement in swelling. Oh, my aunt came by yesterday. I had on a maxi dress with my garment and the boards. She immediately noticed something was different and asked, "What happened to your bottom?". I just laughed and decided to tell the truth. I mean, come on. She just saw me like a week ago and apparently it didn't look like that. She says I am no longer shaped like an indian (as my Dad is indian). I told her good lol.

Hey there bbl ladies. First I'd like to say Happy...

Hey there bbl ladies. First I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my boo thang as he is now 28 :) Okay so down to business. I am now 2 weeks post-op. Since about day 9 or 10 my lipo'd skin is no longer painful. These areas now feel kind of numb, very itchy, and in a weird way kind of tender still. Can I just say that scratching does not actually help the itching go away. Seems to be another form of torture lol. Once the drains were removed I developed a more swollen pubic area and the area just above it collected fluids. I had 50 cc aspirated with a syringe at the office yesterday. As soon as I got home I started wearing the cardboard again, even at night. But regardless I woke up this morning with more fluid in the same area. I will go to the office again on Sunday. Also, 2 days ago I got tired of wearing the garment because it is just difficult to wear anything normal with it. So I ditched to garment for a waist cincher made by Squeem in the size small. Luckily I can still squeeze the cardboard in there but I don't see the point if I am collecting fluids anyway. Ladies do not follow my example. I have not been wearing the cardboard and foams failthfully under my garment since I got them. I am sure I have contributed to the build up of fluid by not doing so. My butt is still firm and doesn't not jiggle but it is looking more natural. It also itches a lot. In any event, I still love my results and I hope they continue to get better over the next few weeks. Everyone that knows me has been able to notice a dramatic difference and I have decided to give up the futile charades. My lies were not working lol. On the other hand, I find people that do not know me to be very amusing--especially people in the neighborhoods that aren't very classy. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them or the neighborhoods as I am from there and therefore i feel very comfortable there. The other night I was walking (and mind you it was very dark) and a black truck passes by with 4 male passengers. All I heard was, " thicker then a bi*ch!". I never heard that one before, no matter how much weight I gained lol. The rest of the walk home my two sisters snickered at the honks and comments that continued thereafter. Needless to say, I have decided to stop walking the streets by myself. I will update again in a week with measurements as well.

Hi bbl sisters! So tomorrow will make exactly 3...

Hi bbl sisters! So tomorrow will make exactly 3 weeks post op. So my pre-op measurements were 36B-34-41 and now after the surgery they are 36B-29-43. That's 5 inches gone off this ol' waist and that additional 2 inches added to the bottom actually looks larger in person due to the fabulous Salama lipo. I can't wait to be able to work out and add some muscle to the legs and waist. Okay, so I had the fluid in my lower abdomen drained for the second time this past Sunday. This time Dr. Salama drained 100 cc. I went home, put back on the cardboard in the garment and even slept in it. And you know what? The fluid came right back the next day anyway. So now that I'm back home I'm going to have to get a referral from my school to get it drained again. In Florida I had 4 massages and since I have been home I haven't had anymore. I honestly have over extended myself financially and that's it in terms of the spending for me. The up side is that my lipo'd areas no longer hurt so I massage my whole waist and back (with fiance's help) at least once daily with as much pressure as I'd like. I massage until whatever wrinkles and marks left by the garment are gone. I try to mimic what the massage lady did in terms of technique and direction. Any questions ladies let me know :)

Happy Weekend Ladies. I'm still 3 weeks Post Op...

Happy Weekend Ladies. I'm still 3 weeks Post Op and I wasn't going to do another review for another 2 weeks. girl Supreme 6 was asking about how the bbl has affected by professional and personal life. Perhaps you all are wondering the same so here goes. It has been very interesting, to say the least. I would say that 4 days post-op my fiance wouldn't hold out anymore and so I had to be creative with the nookie to help him out lol. Since I've been improving with the healing process, he is non-stop. Like I was telling one of the bbl sisters in the comments section, he had me role play as a stripper last night and I had to go the whole 9 as far as dressing up and dancing lol. Ladies, the dancing will remind you of how tight your skin is and will let you know not to over do it. He seems to be more excited than me about the bbl and wants to take me to the next car club meeting lol. As far as women, when I had my seroma drained the other day, the secretary at the Dr.s office read my paperwork about the lipo, ran from behind the counter to get up in my face, and was like "Who was your DR??". She was so excited that I was really trying not to laugh aloud in these people's office. Of course, I had to give out Salama's info. When I was walking up to the desk, I could feel people's eyes on me. When I got to the secretary desk, I saw this old man out the corner of my eye do a serious double take. Now, I'm not working and I haven't seen any classmates since school is out for the summer so I can't speak on that. But, when I'm out in public now I can't walk more than a few feet without some man saying something to me, attempting to walk with me, or asking me for my number. It has gotten to the point when people are getting a little scary. When the Dr came in to drain my seroma, he told me that I had no fat left lol. Leaving from getting the seroma drained, I had an orthopaedic surgeon invite me to a party which is going down today, when I made it downstairs this young rasta guy was so happy to know that my family is from Jamaica that he literally grabbed me and hugged me. Creepy. He walked with me the entire way to the bus stop although I made it clear I had a man. He still stayed and asked for my number as I proceeded to board the bus and I had to reiterate that I already said no. When I got off the bus and waited for my second bus, I could see this guy from the corner of my eye just staring at me. He eventually approached and spoke to me about a business he started and how he thought I was hot and wanted to start photography lol. I told him I couldn't do that but good luck and got on my bus, grateful that he was getting on another one lol Last night, walking to the 7 eleven around the corner to pick up some eggs to make my boo fried chicken, this Mexican man that could hardly speak English followed behind me all the way until I reached the store and says, "Okay...bye beautiful, sexy lady." I have never had so much attention but it's quickly becoming a little aggravating. I am considering buying a taser or a little hand gun actually. My fiance is convinced that someone is going to try to kidnap me lol.

Hi everybody. I hope your 4th of July was...

Hi everybody. I hope your 4th of July was wonderful. So this coming Thursday will make 7 weeks post op. I have not noticed the volume in my booty changing, its still 43 inches. My waist is not getting any smaller (which I predicted) but it is still flat and much improved from before the surgery. I hope to begin working out in another week and we'll see if that could define my waist a little more. I still have my seroma and hope to get it drained tomorrow. School will be starting in literally 2 and 1/2 weeks and I need this thing to be healed. I can sit now but honestly I feel more comfortable treating my tush with care. I still sleep on my stomach and sides and hardly on my back, I don't sit for long periods of time, and if I'm going to be sitting in a car for more than 20 minutes I bring the boppy pillow. I'm sure that the fat grafts are safe but I have read that results are permanent after 3 months so I am trying to limit any possible reabsorption. Have you ladies heard of any other time marks where you no longer have to worry about reabsorption? I will post 3 pictures now.

Hi ladies. I am now 2 and 1/2 weeks post op. I'm...

Hi ladies. I am now 2 and 1/2 weeks post op. I'm definitely sitting normally now but honestly I'm paranoid and so I still distribute my weight to my thighs more than my butt when I do sit. I have gotten used to sleeping on my side and stomach so I rarely sleep on my back at this point. Everything is soft now and I don't notice any lumps and bumps in my tummy but I feel that it doesn't look quite natural in my opinion. The Dr did a wonderful job, I think it's possible that I am just paranoid. Speaking of paranoid, I started to feel as though my butt was not big enough. I am constantly reminded that this is just in my head. Everywhere I go I get noticed. I went back to school and all of my classmates noticed. Upon further conversation with them, I was asked if I had plastic surgery and how dramatically my booty has changed. Apparently, no one noticed that I had a tummy and love handles before because everyone is noticing the booty. I do not admit surgery and will not lol. Everyone mentions the same thing about exercise on realself, and so do I. My butt has gotten so much attention at school that I don't even get called by my name anymore. People have given me booty-related nicknames lol. So, I will stop worrying about my butt not being big enough. I have not noticed any changed in shape or size since my last review. I have resumed exercise and I have been okay with it. Once again, I am extremely happy I did this and I feel my money was a great investment. I do not have time at the moment to post and pictures, I will try to do so in September. I will apologize in advance for my tardy responses as I no longer have leisure time. Good luck ladies and take care :)

Okay ladies so its been about 5 months now. I'm...

Okay ladies so its been about 5 months now. I'm not as happy about my results as I was at 7 weeks. Something have healed a little funny in my opinion. The seromas that I had didn't heal until early September and mind you I had my surgery in May. You are supposed to drain the seroma weekly to have a faster resolutions and minimal complications. Unfortunately, the surgeon I found back home didn't think this was necessary and so it healed with some scar tissue. So my stomach was perfectly flat before and now you can see on the lower left and lower right belly some lumpy kind of appearance. Check out the close up pic of of my tummy. I do not think this is Salama's fault. Once again, it is how my body has healed and unfortunately the surgeon back home did not help the seroma process as he did not drain it as often as I requested. Also, I have noticed that since my butt has completely dropped it looks more square now from the back. I didn't notice this until I took close up pics of my butt today. My butt still has a little shelf and projection from the side, though. I am a little saddened by these two things but all in all I must say that I am still WAY happier with my body now then I was before the surgery. Oh, I do sit now but by habit I put more pressure on my thighs. My butt still feels a little sore at times. The kind of sore you feel when you go to the gym. I suppose this is normal. That's all I have to say for now ladies. I'll put up the pics now.

Retouch June 22, 2013

Hi guys!! Long time no write :) Signing in to do a quick update. So June 22, 2013 I was able to undergo a retouch with Dr. Salama. It has been two months now. Originally I just wanted to have additional lipo on my sides and back as the right side of my waist seemed more indented than the left side of my waist. I also had some fat on my lower back and flanks that I wanted to get removed. I gained about 10-12 lbs after my BBL in May 2012 so I feel that maybe this is why I noticed this additional fat. Apparently your body will try to put fat back where it wants to, so be careful to maintain your post op weight or you are wasting money. I will make sure I do not go past 150 lbs. I was informed by the lovely ladies at the office that retouch costs HAVE gone up, however since my initial BBL surgery was in 2012 before cost went up I was able to pay $800.00 which I could afford. After the surgery, I noticed my butt was sore and larger. The next day Dr. Salama admitted that he did not want to waste the fat he had lipo'd out, so he gave me 300 cc on each in each butt cheek. At first I wasn't exactly thrilled because some friends had stated that my butt was already not looking authentic. Now that the swelling has gone down I am very happy with the little umph that I have. I get compliments and dance partners every time I am having a night out on the town. The recovery was much faster than the initial BBL in May 2012, but the first 2 days were hell. The first 2 days were pretty similar to the BBL experience that I posted above. I went back to work on the third day. Yes, I did sit because I was not concerned about keeping the fat cells alive as I wasn't thrilled about the extra booty at that time. However, I would leave forward on my thighs for most of the day to decrease pressure on my newly shaped booty. See below for the photos I took just today while I was out shopping and remembered you guys :) I hope this is helpful. I apologize in advance for my absence and late responses due to my hectic schedule. All the best ladies!

Still happy almost 3 years later

My results will never be perfect. My tummy isn't perfectly smooth from the lipo. The sides of my waist are not even when you compare them. My butt is so heavy my undercrease is flat. Sometimes I think about a lipo revisions for a smaller waist, but I look 100 times better and I am very happy with myself and my results almost 3 years later.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

His pictures can speak for themselves and his staff is very friendly. His prices are still awesome although it is a $1000.00 increase.

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