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So, recently in March I had a tummy tuck and BBL,...

So, recently in March I had a tummy tuck and BBL, however the tummy tuck results are pretty good but the BBL didn't really do much. I believe my doctor was afraid to be aggressive with the fat transfer because he said the tummy tuck was a pretty big procedure. However, he still took my money for both operations! Anyhow, after researching further I've decided to go see the famous Dr. Salama! I'm pretty confident I will walk out with much BIGGER results, lol....however my only fear is that it doesn't look the way I would like or that it may look to big and too fake.....

Hello BBL sisters....I'm trying to find a...

Hello BBL sisters....I'm trying to find a hotel/condo to stay at after surgery.....any suggestions?? Please let me know, thanks.

So I'm now considering to also get lipo in my...

So I'm now considering to also get lipo in my arms, since my tummy tuck I'm ashamed to say I haven't been eating too well and I've been slacking on the gym bc of work (I use to work out 6 days a week, and I'm still not really in shape....smh). So I've gained some weight but bc of the lipo I had with the procedure it seems I'm gaining a lot in my upper body, especially my arms :(. Which I already needed to work on. So has anyone had their arms done? Is it worth it? I'm just nervous because I'll already be in pain from the bbl, so do I really want to add onto it by getting work on my arms as well. Also i dont want any cuts or major scars, what to do!?!

Hey Ladies, so i def need help on finding a place...

Hey Ladies, so i def need help on finding a place to stay, anyone have any suggestions? I only need it for 3-4 days because the first week i'm staying at my aunt's condo after the surgery but after that I need a place to stay a few extra days before I head back to NYC. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

OMG, i'm starting to get so nervous, I've been...

OMG, i'm starting to get so nervous, I've been seeing so many horror stories with the BBL, but I really want to get it done. I think my fear is for it to come out looking too fake. I do not want anything to crazy, but def an enhancement so it can look better. I feel like April is so far away, but really it will be here before I know it.

I'm having a hard time finding a place to stay. I...

I'm having a hard time finding a place to stay. I think I'll have to stay in a hotel. And how do ppl get others to respond on this site? Seems like I never get any responses lol.....

Ok, so I only have about 6 and 1/2 weeks left till...

Ok, so I only have about 6 and 1/2 weeks left till my surgery date. I haven't really been on here because I'm not really familiar with using this site, and I don't know how to get people to comment and talk to me on this site, LOL. Anyways, I've booked my flights and accomodations and I'm pretty much ready to go. I am getting nervous because I do not want my butt to look "fake" or too big. However, I don't want to lose alot of the fat and show no difference at all. I feel confident in Dr. Salama, so hopefully things will go well but I'm def ready to get this over with, because I'm not looking forward to the recovery process, especially the massages. I plan on returning back to work after 2 weeks, does anyone feel I may not be able to make it back that quick? Any feedback comments or questions are greatly appreciated.... :)

So, I'm 10 days post op today! I came home early...

So, I'm 10 days post op today! I came home early from Miami today because I was dying out there, and getting homesick. I haven't updated since my surgery because it's been rough. Honestly, the pain isn't so bad, except for the massages!!!!, but it's extremely annoying and irritating to be in this condition. I'm trying my best to stay positive but it get irritating OFTEN. The garment I currently have on with the foam pads, drive me nuts! It's constantly running up my ass, literally.....and it feels like it cuts circulation off my arms when I try to lay down.

My only fear is that I may have sat on my butt too soon and too long. A few times in the car I rode in the front on my butt, using the bobby. Bc it was so uncomfortable to lay in the back of my friends car. Then I flew 2 1/2 hrs back home today, and I got up every 30 mins but only for 5-10 mins at a time. Now I'm home back on my stomach, and now I can lay on my side as well, which I wasn't able to do at first.

Anyways, I'm still undecided if I feel it's worth it, being that I still have several weeks if not months to really see my results. So far I do love it, I just can't wait till my butt is soft and drops a little, because it is a bit too big compared to how I wanted it. I know most girls want their ass HUGE, but I just wanted more volume, not outrageous. And currently it's pretty big, but at the same time I hope I don't lose too much and you can't even notice it anymore lol. So we'll see, only time can tell.

9 weeks post op

So it's been 9weeks post op now, and I must say I am a bit disappointed with my results now. I think I look better than before for sure, however I didnt think I would lose so much volume. I guess I was use to how big it was before, and I did want it to go down a bit because it looked huge and fake, but as it went really went down. I am def considering round 2, but I won't be able to go next year, it will have to be 2014. But again I face my original fear of it looking too big and too fake, especially if I'm going back to tell Dr. Salama I want it bigger! I really just want a little more but not too much, but enough that I think I need to go back. It's just so annoying and frustrating to go through all the pain and recovery process to not have it perfect or at least closer to what I wanted.... I am actually pissed too, smh. But I do think I got what I asked for, a bigger butt that's not too crazy. However, a little more would've been better, and is still what I want :(

Massage therapist NYC

I forgot to mention if you're in need of a massage therapist in nyc, i recommend the lady I've been going to. she's located in bayside queens and her info is listed below. Keep in mind it's a lymphatic drainage massage without deep tissue! So not like how Celia was killing me in FL!!! I've gotten 8 massages now, and still plan on seeing her every 2 weeks now and then every month. She def helps with the fluid and avoid scar tissue which is important to avoid keloids as well!

Nelly Cabrera

I actually found her from someone else who posted about her on realself.

The size I miss

This is how I was after 5 weeks, and I would've preferred to stay this size :(
Keep in mind ladies I had the garment on in a few pics and of course it makes it look better bc it pushes everything up and out lol. But this size I would've been 100% happy with, do u think it looks fake though? Would it have been too much? Ahhhh I miss it ....
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama and everyone that works with him are great! They're ALL friendly and very comforting which is essential during this time of need! Loved them!

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