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Throughout answering questions and figuring out...

Throughout answering questions and figuring out what I had to do I talked to Cynthia and Nomie. They were both cool. Sometimes hard to get a hold of cause I'm guessing the office was busy but all in all it was a smooth process. They were great when I did talk to them and answers any questions I had.

I went in for my preop on a Sunday to meet Ruben whose the office manager. He's Dr.salama's brother. He was nice and friendly. Filled out a couple of paper work and he asked if I had questions but I really didn't know what to ask so the visit was short. It only took like 30 minutes or so. It was a brief visit to me, not super informative yet not overwhelming either.

My procedure was schedule to be at 730am but everyone in the office was running late and didn't get there til after 8am. I thought I was at the wrong place and I tried calling the main office but they didn't open til 9am so I felt lost until I saw a man show up in his uniform but he didn't have the keys to get in either. I just thought it was weird I wasn't informed by anyone that everyone was going to be late so I got a little worried. The man told me he had texted Ruben and said everyone was running late and then I was just pacing around until everyone got there. Monica showed up and open the door and apologized for being late and I was okay with that. I changed into the clothes she gave me and peed in a cup to check it I was pregnant. Then I went into the office and met with Alex who was the anesthesiologist I believe. He was nice and informative about what he was going to do and also went over past medical history with me. Then I sat there a waited for another 5 minutes and Dr Salama came in. He already seemed like a various serious guy. I don't think I even saw him smile. I wanted to laugh cause all his reviews said he's a serious guy and I saw it face to face. He detailed out what he was going to do and took pictures. Asked me if I had questions, but he didn't ask what I wanted so I asked smaller questions but his feed back was more it would depend on what my body would allow him to do. I was fine with that cause I know he does Good work and everyone body is different. I understood that before the procedure. I just felt everyone felt behind and late that everyone was a little rushed and just wasn't as detailed in anything as they would be. Reading so many good reviews I thought I would be more informative and he would let me know a little more about my shape and what I could expect versus what I wanted. I went in to the surgery area and they asked me questions they needed to and then I was asleep and then I woke up. I was shaking like crazy when I woke up and kept going in and out of sleep. I asked for water I was super dehydrated. I felt like I needed to pee and they told me I had a catheter. I think I fell back asleep and woke up and my husband was there. Yenisy was there to help me and gave me something to drink. I thought I was going to see dr Salama to ask how I was feeling and all but I think he was in surgery. Yenisy helped me on the wheel chair and into the car. I didn't feel any pain. I'm guessing the pain killers were still in my system. I came back to the hotel and I paced around standing up for 3 hours. Honestly this pain is tolerable. I didn't feel sick and as long as you eat you'll be good. I ate solid food as soon as I got back. Cereal, rotisserie chicken, fruits, and whatever I had in my hotel room. I was so hungry! I took one hour naps and kept waking up cause we had to and trust me you are your own alarm clock. I honestly don't know how people can lay down all day. It gives me headaches. All I wanna do is eat or walk around. The first day was good. I wasn't in pain or sore. I also took my antibiotics when I came back to the room. I didn't take another pain killer until 6-8 hours after I came back. I wand tin pain but I felt the "stings" from the drains. I mainly took it for my head aches. That's the only bad thing I've had because of they way I have to sleep.

My follow up appointment was at 1030am. I went there and I thought I was going to see dr Salama, but I didn't see him again. I just wanted to see him so he gave me details of what he did and asked a few questions I had. Yenisy actually gave my foams to put on and showed me how I looked and that was it. The follow up was short. The follow up was disappointing to me because surgery day I was a little disappointed how everything was going prior. Reading reviews I thought he was more involved with his patients. My friend who I referred and did it before me said he was good and loved him. She got to see him and all after surgery. Which I was like he is a good doctor then since I've been looking into him for years. But what I went through felt like the complete opposite so I'm a little confused. Don't get me wrong everyone is nice and if you have questions they'll be informative, but I just felt like everything was "short". I also referred my sister in law who was suppose to have surgery with me but couldn't because of her blood count but when she does I hope they give her better care and be a bit more attentive. I dont want to keep referring people if the care isn't the same for every patient.

Second day my pain level is still a 2-3. Not bad at all.

Pain level still isn't bad. Everything is tolerable and good.

My first massage day! I was kind of scared cause I read reviews on how painful it was. Eilyn was great! I loved her. Nice and friendly and it didn't hurt at all. I was sore yes and where the drains were sting a little but it wasn't bad at all. I felt relieved after the massage. I actually wanted another one. She helped me into my new garmet which is tighter and Ashe was great about it. Thank goodness she has soft hang cause my husbands hard are hard and rough and he doesn't know his own strength on me. She actually made the first 2 disappointing days better. I give her 10 stars!

7/29/16 which is today, pain still good. Not in pain at all. I think I handle pain very well wven my friends tell me that. I try to take pain killers 6-8 hours but honestly I don't take it for pain on my body where I had surgery but for my headaches which I keep having after the way I sleep. Eating down help too!

Ill keep posted on my ongoing care. I actually leave Tuesday and my next massage is Monday.

Day 6 of post of

Everything still feels fine. Let me tell you, the garment does seem to feel like it gets tighter. Thursday night I did sleep in it and it wasn't bad. Friday night I actually slept in my first garment but only because I had a hard time putting it on and my husband was out that night. I put the tighter garment back on today though. It seriously feels like garment boot camp! It's not even a week and I'm ready for week 8! Lol. I emailed and called the office Friday a couple of times but I didn't get a response about me seeing dr Salama before I leave. I just wanna see him because I feel this is a big surgery and I'm an out of town patient. I would like to know how my procedure went with him and if there were any thing he found out during my surgery. I want more details from my surgery. I chose dr Salama because I felt like he is a good doctor and he's been doing this for years. I don't want to leave Miami thinking I'm just another patient. Anyways, pain is still tolerable and no bad at all. You really can't base your pain tolerance with others. Everyone's body is different and handles it differently. Make sure you eat every hour or two to keep your body nourished. I'm not sure if this happened but everything I eat like rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken, or anything with sauce or so taste very salty to me. I had webmd myself since the office didn't pick up their phone, and it could be due to medication and dehydration. Stay hydrated ladies! You'll need it. Oh and yes you will be going to the bathroom a lot! All in all today is good. Ill give another feedback after my massage on Monday!

Pictures before surgery

Adding pictures

My Body

Also I haven't talked much about my body yet because I am not healed. I do love my figure 8 shape. He did give me hips! I was boxy as he told me but I already knew that. Lol. I love how my shape is now. I'm not sure if I mention but I got 1100cc in each cheek. I'm not sure how much he lipo out of me and if that was the max he could lipo to my butt. Didn't get a chance to ask all that since I haven't seen him. I do feel more womanly, body wise. I do love it, but I know it's still healing and in its changing form. I'm so ready for my 6 month real results! I do wish it was bigger but as I know it's what my body allowed him to do.

One week postop

The pain level is still fine and good. My butt does feel smaller as dr Salama said it would. The swellings seem to have gone down. I wore the tighter garment to sleep last night and I woke up his morning in aches feeling like it got tighter and that it felt like it was "cutting me" but it wasn't so I took it off to breath. last night, I accidentally stepped on my back drain and partial looked like it was coming out so I actually took it out myself. It was so long, but I felt relieved! The drains really do get in the way! Today they might be taking out my front one and I have my massage today! I'm excited can't wait!


I had massage and it was great! Both massage therapist were wonderful. If I were you I would schedule a massage every other day. Wish I did! I also finally got to see dr Salama. He told me everything looks great and when I feel up to drive I can as long as I'm not in medication. I already started sitting on the boppy pillow because I have to be on the go but I constantly walk. I don't know how those Girls who lay in bed all day.

I'm home today and I'm still running errands. Life of a mom. I feel better that I'm home and my body feels great.

2 weeks post op!

Going through recovery is a prison for me! I'm the worst at recovery! I seriously don't feel pain at all ever since day one. I'm ready to work out and be active and just do stuff! It's so hard for me to stay still, plus I have 3 kids who are 1, 5, and 6. I'm always on the go. I already started sitting on a boppy pillow since I came home. Putting pressure on my hamstrings of course. Being in this garment is a prison for me. I can't fit any of my clothes with it on. I have not been wearing it religiously, more like 12 hours day. I'm horrible, I know. It's just hard cause some of my family doesn't know I did this procedure and I'd like to keep it that way. Is there another garment I can wear that the compression part in the leg isn't that long or that isn't fully body but still has compression on my full stomach?


A little sad...

I know they said it takes 6 months to see the real results but I swear fat doesn't love my lower body. I do have a better figure and shape, but I want a stripper booty like lira galore. It looks good in clothes but when I'm naked it feels so small. Everyone keeps saying how natural it looks. I'm from Texas, I like everything bigger. Lol. In my opinion if our going to invest, might as well do it big right? Lol. I only got 1100cc each cheek. I was hoping to get 1500cc each but I didn't have enough skin. I have really tight and thick skin. I don't have stretch marks and I have 3 kids. Well I have minor stretch marks like on my butt area and inner thigh from trying to work out and grow my legs. I'm hoping to get a round 2 in the near future before I'm 30. 3 more years to save for a bigger booty.
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