BBL Aventura OCT 6! =-) - Aventura, FL

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Well so far ive just been preparing paid surgry...

well so far ive just been preparing paid surgry off the staff have been good with info now just waiting and trying to lose weight before bbl im 5,9 very busty and 204 pounds....trying to get to about 195 before bbl will be getting bbl done by dr salama i have been wanting surgery with him since the past two years now i have the money finally ive done research on him hes the best! will traveling all the way from iowa

pre op photos salama off 6th !!

heres some photos

Medical clearance

Just got my medical clearance done weeks ago im cleared for surgery ladies don't forget!! They can reschedule or cancel surgery salama is very booked until March last i heard

pre op items 2 weeks untill i see salama Excited!!! will be getting chin lipo aswell

got my pre op items most I purchased at a dollar tree for very cheap and the rest I got a target

Wish Pics!

More Pre op wish pics

Pre op pictures schedules for October 6th salama

Some more pictures

Pre op photos

1 week before I leave for miami for salama surgery here are some more pre op I'm 5,9

1 week pre op Untill bbl with dr salama ????

1 week pre op leave for miami in like 2 days my pre op appointment is on the 5th will keep you ladies updated please feel free to ask me questions I don't bite.????

Pre op for dr salama today surgery tommarow!!

Here's some surgery pics before surgery Tommarow so excited!! Really hope he can work some magic on me!5,9 200lbs very busty

I made it

I made it he hooked me up he's really nice and down to earth!!!pain ain't bad just sore

more pics day 3 post op dr salama is the best!

so far very happy with my results it wasnt really painful i just am sore coudnt barely walk but now im feeling way better but i also have a high pain tolerence each person is diffrent i shower tonight and get a massage tommarow dreading that lol if any ladies have any questions plz feel free to msg me excuse my handwriteing hard to type right now

post op salama

post op review dr salama

So I'm still healing I go in for my massage today will post more photos as I heal I'm still very sore will post w before s and after pics sorry my phone corrects my spelling and does a scrappy job so finally shower d last night I felt really good after the shower I put arnicaa on and I'm really itchy but so far I'm very pleased with Dr salama work I had a horrible body before but had a square butt and big love handles he gave me a huge butt and got rid of a lot of back fat I hold my weight well I'm 5,9 and was 203 I'm very busty 36ddd so a lot of my weight went to my back love handles and breast and some on my tummy I hope my review can help along of ladies in there selection with dr salama he will hook you up regardless of your body type shot tall skinny chunky he does it all!

My first Massage!

just got done with celia she was awesome and nice my husband did the worst thing possible and forgot to give me my pain meds before surgery so i went into the massage un medicated it was painful taking deep breathes helped. My back hurt the most but after that it was easier when she did the front area but she said i was strong and had a high pain tolerence but it wasnt as bad but ladies if you do have a lower pain tolerence BRACE YOURSELFS it is no walk in the park i had a kid so i can take it more but make sure you are good at deep breatheing and take your meds right before

update 5 days post op dr salama

ok ladies heres my update Im feeling way better i have more energy i feel great i would say my results are going good so far way bigger diffrence than before!!!! i like my results idk how much more longer im going to keep my review up it just depends on how much of a help i am to people and how busy im getting i go to my 2nd massage tommarow They are painful but i will get threw it thanks for all the positive comments ladies!!!

8 days post op!

8 days post

11 days post op review

Ok so far I'm 11 days post op im still not feeling the greatest when I don't have my pain pills they are done today so I'm going to be really sore I still have my drain in getting it removed soon I'm still having a good amount of fluid come out my butt hasn't lost volume it's starting to feel more soft not as hard getting more massages soon idk hopeing I can start feeling better soon ladies that want to travel to get work done and to get a bbl brace yourself this surgery is expensive and has a lot of hidden expenses hotel,rental,massages,flights,rent paid while you are gone I like my results so far I have to wear my Garmet for 2 months so looking forward to that two months so I don't have to wear it anymore

Sitting! Update

So after your surgery I know you are not soposed to be sitting so after I left miami had to take a plane I sat 5 hours going through the airport was hell very painful and I also had to sit for a 30 minute car ride it didn't effect my results excuse my spelling yes it sucks

11 days post op

Post op pics

So I found a small tiny burn type scar not a big deal but I noticed it was wondering if any other ladies noticed the same?

Pre op pics

Last drain out finally

So husband took my last drain out it needed to come out thank god didn't really hurt drain free????


Ok ladies depending on where you live they don't have lymphatic drainage massages I called everywhere couldn't find one I even called the desmoines plastic surgery place they said since I didn't get my lipo done with them I can't get the massage jerks so anyways I called massage envy as recommended by elite in Miami they do deep tissue massages so I get my first one done today wonder how different I will be compared to the two I received at elite hopefully I can find cheaper these are 70$ per hour????

Pain associated with a bbl

I get a lot of questions asking about the pain from the surgery I have a higher pain tollerance had a child and it is no where as painful as labor it's a different kind of pain when getting a bbl you just feel very sore I woke up extremely cold and sore and felt very uncomfortable I wasn't in any serious pain I went to my hotel room I was covered in blood you really can't do anything about it after surgery you just want to lay down It was really hard to get out of bed but due to blood clots you have to try your hardest and get out of bed atleast once every 2 hours you really need someone by your side to take care of you expecially the first three days is the hardest the massages hurt but you can get through them by deep breathing just make sure you are in a peaceful place to recover it's really important this surgery isn't easy but after the first week it gets better

Staff at ELITE

My review on the staff at elite plastic surgery they are very nice and always by the phone to help with any questions I never had any probems getting ahold of the office and they ladies are very beautiful and helpful organized he has the right staff

13 days post op started boards

Okay ladies Im officially 13 days post op so far o feel still not the greatest I feel tired all the time I lost a lot of feeling in my back ever since the lipo was wondering of any ladies had that happen??? Hopefully it goes away soon and I feel aches and pain still ever since I ran out of pain meds but I've been taking my iron and vitamins and every day I get better I stared with my board today put it on my stomach then foams on top hopefully I'm useing it right and it works my stomach is really flat will post pics soon thanks everyone for the support!

Post op pics

Post op pics

Burn mark

Slight mark im thinking its a burn mark not a big deal I just put scar cream on it it's kind of tiny

Post op

Hey ladies im now about three weeks post op uploaded some pics things are getting better can move around faster less pain now that my surgery is over it's harder to want my account up but will try and update as much as possible I weigh 198 5,9 I don't look it I feel. Way more skinnier wear my foam and boards still all day sleeping still sucks I still sleep on my back

Almost three weeks since bbl

So after a bbl I bought a deep tissue massager maybe that will help started to to my own massages at home my butt started to feel more soft happy with my results I had no butt before and now I have one clothes fit me better jeans don't fall off anymore glad I picked the doctor I did the experience wasn't bad

Deep tissue massage

Almost a month since surgery bbl with dr salama

So here's some pictures 5,9 198 lbs after surgery im feeling okay but still sore tired because I'm anemic after loseing all this blood but taking iron and eating and drinking I have drank alcohol yet because I still feel I need to recover more I've been taking multivatmins I was I lost weight before my surgery with Salama but overall I'm happy with my results here's some pics feel free to comment

New pics almost a month post op dr salama!!

So here's some more photos of my butt I plan on loseing ten pounds here in the next couple of weeks my clothes fit me way better some not at all since my ass is so huge need to go shopping for new outfits thanks for the support ladies I wish you well in your upcoming surgerys

Dr Salama post op pics bbl

Here's some more post op pics booty is getting more soft

Don't judge possible round 2 in the future!

Ok ladies im a month and a half post op and I know I need to give time to see full results yes I am happy with what my dr gave me I had no butt he gave me a big butt I get lots of compliments on but I want to be completely snatched! I want no fat on my tummy and a super small waist! And a hudge butt so I'm thinking who am I going to do a round 2 with a was thinking the dr but to many horror stories plus don't like that ladies have woken up from surgery I really like dr miami! But dr Miami waiting list is crazy!!! Or hopeing I can just go back to Salama maybe I will get some kind of discount since I'm a returning customer lol well ladies feel free to comment and let me know what you think love the advice

Former salama patients got a question!!

Does anyone know if returning salama patients get any type of discount ??? For a round 2?

Pic almost two months post op

Stomach pictures

Here's some recent stomach photos almost two months post op not sucking in stomach

How long do I wear my Garmet after surgery ladies help!!

I lost my surgery packet and I need to know how long do I wear my Garmet after a bbl I'm almost two months post op ladies help! Plz

Yoga pants

Almost two months po in yoga pants kinda looks like a got a shelf booty

Possible new faja

Thinking about getting the some Garmet that I got from Salama but smaller size im a 2xl and its loose needing a Xl maybe it will help any ladies also needing a new faja the website is lipoexpress

Haven't posted in awhile new pics feel free to inbox me

I'm going on three months post op with salama possible round two or revision in the future good luck ladies make sure you do lots of research ????

Pics didn't load

Here are some pics trying to lose weight may consider possible round two don't want much bigger maybe a little bit more lipo and a little rounder pics don't do my butt justice lol

Third time

Another pic

So I never did ask how much ccs I got kinda thought they would tell you so for future bbl ladies make sure you ask have a small dent and got stretch marks on my butt but I'm still happy with my results it's normal and will go for a revision in the future 3 months almost post op with before and after

3 months since salama

It's almost been three months since surgery everything's been good possible round two in the future I use to obsess over this website but after surgery I barely get on still posting pics for you ladies that are interested go with your gut feeling all doctors are going to have some bad reviews you can't please everyone me personally I looked for consistency in the Doctor that I wanted so just go with what's best for you good luck ladies feel free to comment or message me

4 months po

5 months po! With pics

Hey ladies I'm 5 month post op will be going back for a revision here's pics

been mia for awhile 1 yr post op!!!

hey ladies been mia for a while im basically 1 year post op with dr salama i did gain maybe 5-7 lbs after surgery but for the most part havent gained alot of weight my butt did drop and ladies make sure u work out after lipo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

staff were great when I met him he was cool and very realistic about the surgery i didnt feel rushed at all and i think i was the last surgery of the day and he has really consistant good results that i liked hard to find that in a bbl surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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