#Team Duran!! 22 days po NEW PICS INSIDE!!!!

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I am 28 years old, 5'3 145-150lb, looking to have...

I am 28 years old, 5'3 145-150lb, looking to have the BBL. I'm having lippo to upper/lower back, stomach, and flanks...maybe chin which is $225-250 extra..I haven't decided on chin yet.. I've had this idea about the BBL years and years ago but the idea quickly disappeared due to getting discouraged about not being able to afford the procedure.. I think the idea came back to me when one day I looked in the mirror and I just couldn't stand the fact of how my body looked. The feeling of hating how your body looks almost gives off like you hate yourself in general but that's not the case. Every since high school my body has notbbeen the same. Over time, I've gained weight, lost weight, but just not in the right areas... At one point, I just couldn't take it anymore with my looks so I just started researching the BBL procedure all over again this year...I stumbled across this site in feb.2012 and I've actually been a lurker (lol) up until now..So I know what time it is when it comes down to certain info and a little knowledge on here..I wanted to make an official appointment before coming out of hiding..(lol) plus I noticed Salama prices are getting higher..so ladies lock your appt. in while u can..This site is so wonderful and I was able to learn so much about the procedure and much more...The support sym. on here is BANANAS!!!! LOVE ALL OF THE BBL SISTERS FOR SUPPORTING EACH OTHER!!! After carefully searching, I've decided to go with Dr. S. I think his work is brilliant and I love all of his results...Im gonna do something a little bit different..instead of putting up models as a wish pic..I'm going to hand pic certain ladies that doc S. has worked on as wish pics..I'm gonna do this to try and challenge the doctor at his own work to make me look like his previous patients or better...so I will shout out those ladies when I pic their pics out..I have the blessing of my mother and she will be joining me on this journey.. I'm blessed to have her support because I understand a lot of women don't have that..close friends and my boyfriend is all in with this procedure to..so my support system is OFF GLASS!!! lol!!! Thank You realself and to the sisters that heard my story..love u guys and lets all walk on this journey together positive and all as one..I will be posting my pics and wish pics soon..ttyl:)

Scheduled day 23 May 2013

Scheduled day 23 May 2013

Pre-op photos upload!!! Shouts out to Danielle01...

Pre-op photos upload!!! Shouts out to Danielle01 and Hellllllo Nurse for allowing me to use them as wish pics!! Shouts out to all the BBL sisters for giving me a lot of information on the procedure, im learning more and more everyday...sx is not till next year, but i will be well prepared for it. When I spoke to Nancy on the phone in regards to how many cc I would be able to receive, she sttd 800cc. I'm hoping to shoot for 1200-1300cc what do u gals think?? Also I heard of these MMH vits, someone please help on those.. Hit me up..ttyl:)

I wanted to also shout out to Bigbootybree!!!...

I wanted to also shout out to Bigbootybree!!! Another wish pic!!! I also forgot to mention that I went ahead and add chin lippo:D

To check for plane tickets and garments... FOR...

To check for plane tickets and garments...

bodyshapetech.com **note** The garment Dr S places on ladies on after surgery is found on this site
This is all the info. I have gathered from everyone's site..I have not purchased anything..just wanted to get a good feel of what I am gonna have to look for and pay for down the line..girls feel free to surf the sites to give you some ideas:)

Hello ladies!! Haven't really been posting, just...

Hello ladies!! Haven't really been posting, just trying to learn as much as possible about this procedure. Thank You to all of the ladies that has been giving advice and also preparing EVERYONE for this surgery...Happy healing to all the ladies that have been through this process and for the ones that are about to go through this...This procedure is huge and I know that this sx is no walk in the park...So I wanted to acknowledge the fact that I thank everyone for much support and advice on everything..I personally appreciate everyone...I've been a little torn on how I am going to pay for this sx..my mind was set on this thing about Flexible Spending Account..Does anyone have that on their insurance??? The account is supported by your job if you have insurance. Basically you pay for certain medical expenses using the card..Like paying for a co-payment when you go to the doctor for example...I was told you can max the card out and use the card to pay for a medical expense (for surgery)...But later on, I found out that you can't use the card to pay for a sx like (lipo), the card doesn't support it:/ So back to square one to figure out on how to pay for this procedure..How is everyone paying for their surgery??? Please Help!!

Hi everyone!!!! Haven't posted in awhile on my own...

Hi everyone!!!! Haven't posted in awhile on my own page so just decided to post to give a shout out to ALL THE VETERANS who have had the surgery..I just wanna say I appreciate every last one of your updates and information..forgive me for not posting more then I should to thank you but I just wanna let the vets know you are all appreciated..you guys have been so helpful and don't know what I would do without your info..I also want to thank the girls that are growing with me to learn because you guys have been helpful to trying to locate as much info as u can and post what u can find..THANKS TO EVERYONE!!! I have nif been M.I.A from the site..just learning what I can...SPECIAL THANKS to foreverbooty, girl that list u got, love it!!! I literally don't have to go crazy looking for what I need for sx..thank fabnewme for the in formation about the waist cincher, MINE JUST CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! YAY!!! BIG UPS TO LIL SIS BIG SIS MIAMILIFE305, LOL!!! YOU HAVE BEEN MY ROCK HELPING ME WITH THIS CONFUSION WITH VITAMINS GIRL..I see u baby!!!! I have been going shopping very early for sx stuff..I've bought some maxi dresses in my home town on sale for $7 each..I've also been buying all items here and there so by Jan all I need to worry about is payments on sx and taking time off from work..btw how much time should be taken off from work?? I really haven't seen anyone post on how much time to take off from work..well gals..I'll post again, till then toodles:)

Wanted to add post-op photos, but that aint...

wanted to add post-op photos, but that aint happening, RS won't allow, will try again later...Does anyone know when you should start applying for care credit and how long your app will last??? Sx is in may and would like to start appying

Can someone please explain to me while u are in...

Can someone please explain to me while u are in surgery what happens to your belly button..Does Salama reshape it??? Does he move it??? What's with shaping it after surgery with a marble or a cotton ball?? I know these sound like crazy questions, but I gots to know...

Man I'm so pissed right now cause all this time my...

Man I'm so pissed right now cause all this time my mom agreed to do carecredit with me and now she wants to back out on doing..I swear u see your child want something so bad as a mom, I feel like u would do anything foe them. She saw the look on my face cause she know I was mad at her. Now I'm back to square one on finding out how I'm gonna pay for this surgery and its in may. I have no-one else besides myself to do carecredit. I'm scared of this no patient left behind thing cause I'm starting to hear bad reviews on it. I just don't know what to do at this point:/

I apologize for my last rant ladies:/ I'm working...

I apologize for my last rant ladies:/ I'm working on doing what I have to do to get everything in order for this surgery:) Thank You ladies for all your support and seriously love u guys to death. You guys are so supportive so thanks a million. I feel a little bit better about everything and I'm taking everything one day at a time on planning. I know I said I wouldn't post up wish pics but what the hell, just for fun, why not, lol!! ttyl girls

Thinking about going to Dr. Yily, I'm starting to...

Thinking about going to Dr. Yily, I'm starting to like what I see on her results. Starting to see to many complaints on Salama, it's making to nervous right now.

Welp!! I have still yet to hear from Yily yet,...

Welp!! I have still yet to hear from Yily yet, **sigh** this is so frustrating with waiting on her team to confirm a date. I sent an email twice in Spanish and still no response. I had my BFF Le call for me and they talking bout they never received my email, and they kept her on hold long, and they hung up on her, wtf?!?!?! I'm trying to get a date in may so its not let I'm trying to get march or april which march is booked and half of april is booked I heard. This is getting on my nerves. Sorry ladies, I'm venting. I'm just at least trying to get the ball rolling so I can prepare to get everything done. Is anyone going through the same thing I'm going through???

Hey Ladies!!!! Finally!!! Ya girl is in there with...

Hey Ladies!!!! Finally!!! Ya girl is in there with Yily. My BFF has been calling for me because I cant make calls to DR. I finally got my email on my quote. I'm having fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist, chin is 3,200$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc). I may add my thighs for an extra $250.00. I also sent my deposit out yesterday, it's official, my date is Fri. May 17th. Sweet baby JESUS!!!! I'm so excited!!! I plan on staying from Thurs May 16-Fri May 24. I will be staying at the RH for one day and then stay at the Plaza del Sol $45 per day. Any girls that are coming in between my times are more then happy to come for a group discount:) I'm also bringing two of my friends with me for support. I currently have a date for Salama on Thursday on May 23. My deposit was $600, if anyone wants to buy my date out please feel free to inbox me. Also my total for the sx with Salama is 6799 so IDK if you take my date if you will be able to use my cost verses yours if you are paying more than what I was gonna pay for the sx. If I don't sell my date, I'll just use my deposit for another procedure with Salama. I just wanna thank all of the ladies help with trying to get through to Yily's team, I love you guys as always...###TEAM YILY IN DA BUILDING!!!!!

Hi ladies!!!! I haven't posted in awhile since...

Hi ladies!!!! I haven't posted in awhile since joining the Yily train. Ok, I know I said I was with Yily in my last post but unfortunately with the change of events with my job (just got a new postion) and the training, I have decided to postpone my sx in may, HOWEVER, also after carefully viewing more results from Yily, I think I may have jumped the gun with her. Yily is GOOD at what she does, and that's only sculpting, IMO!! Not bashing her or anything. I admire her work. She gives you hips for days. She sucks all the fat out of you for the life of her. BUT, I feel she won't give me the projection, juicy, big booty I'm looking for. Sooo I forgot which bbl sister said this but, why not have the best of both worlds. Yily and Salama in my case. I'm gonna go ahead and stick with Salama, here's the catch with him, I need to get rid of my may date. My date is May 23, I need a mid Sept. or early Oct date. If any of you ladies wanna change dates, please inbox me ASAP!!! Now with Yily, I'm considering a boob job with her. I will either get a lift or implants, haven't decided. This will be late next year. So if there's any additional lipo around that year comes, I'll just have her lipo me from either left over fat from Salama or any fat that I have gain over the year since she really good at aggressive lipo. Now I had a May 17 date with Yily, so if anyone wants that date please inbox me also. She can just keep my deposit till next year when I go to her so it can go towards my ba procedure. Anyway back home to Salama, go day ladies, and the journey continues...


Hello ladies!!! I haven't been on here in awhile but I've been lurking a lot more then talking unless I had a question about something. Since my last posting, I have stated that I was going to stick with Salama but for the last and final time my mind has been made up. I am going with Dr. Duran. I have decided to go with her because she has the talent of sculpturing and she gives big butts. The three main things that I really wanted was hips, small waist, and a big butt. After seeing her pictures on FB and a few of her patients, I was sold. I also befriended her on FB and she excepted:) I receive a quote for the BBL, BL, arms. I want a date for Monday October 7, 2013. Any ladies going around that time I don't mind linking up. Please feel free to inbox me:D I plan on sending my deposit this Monday coming up to lock my date. Once I send my deposit I was thinking of staying at Angela's recovery House for about 8 days. I swear changing your mind so much has become very costly. This is were the train stops for me ladies. The only thing that I have to verify with Duran is adding the chin and instead of the BL, I did ask for BL with implants so I will clarify that with the office. It didn't take her long to respond and I am so happy that she responded to me so quickly. Here's how my email went...
Greetings, (Sent June 5)
My name is XXX and I was looking to schedule surgery on Monday October 7 2013. I am 29 years of age and 5"3 145 lbs with no kids. I have never had surgery before and I do not have any health issues. I'm looking to have the following done: BBL, Lipo to the chin, Lipo to the arms, and Breast lift with implants. Attached is some photos of my body of how much fat that i have. If possible, please send me some information regarding meds, transportation, recovery house, etc. Thank you, and I hope to hear from someone.
(Note) I also translated my request in Spanish as well. So I sent the email in Spanish and English..
Mi nombre es XXX y yo estaba buscando para programar la cirugía el lunes 7 de octubre 2013. Tengo 29 años de edad y 5 "3 145 libras sin niños que nunca han tenido una cirugía antes y no tengo ningún problema de salud que estoy buscando tener el siguiente hecho:.. BBL, Lipo hasta la barbilla, Lipo para los brazos, y levantamiento de senos con implantes. se adjunta unas fotos de mi cuerpo de la cantidad de grasa que tengo. Si es posible, por favor envíeme un poco de información sobre medicamentos, transporte, casa de recuperación, etc Gracias, y espero escuchar de alguien.

Dra . Hilario Duran

(June 8)
1:44 AM

to me

Hi girl

My Price for You us5,500 liposculpture including arms, BBL and BL

You need call To me office for get available date


Medication before surgery:

i like To know hemoglobin level if It is possible If not You can use a month before: Iron with ácido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)


After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin

-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico

-hierro (Iron)

Vitamina C, B12


Proteína (ensure)

Lioton gel (heparin gel)

Arnica (tab y crema)


toallas sanitarias (pad)

Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)

Toallitas húmedas (wipes)

Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recovery house to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days.

Florida suites

Av. Bolívar No. 203, esq. Armando Rodríguez. La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Tel (809)412-1212, ext. 258

Cel (809) 366-0381

Fax (809) 381-0502



· Angela’s Recovery House

+1 809-595-3109

If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a $500 deposit

Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money better than wester union)

Banco de reservas República Dominicana.

200 02 092 000588 4

Agustina Hilario Duran


ABA 021000089



Just send us500

Not more here

Please note: This deposit is non-refundable unless due to medical or emergency purposes, which then must be accompanied by proper documentation.

Our airport is located in the city of Santo Domingo and is called Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).

These are the airlines that provide commercial flights from there United States:

· American Airlines

· Continental Airlines

· Delta Airlines

· Spirit Airlines (Cheap)

· Jet Blue (Cheap)

Please send me an email once you have sent the deposit so that I can confirm and secure your date. Also provide me with your flight information and recovery house details once you have them so that I am able to ensure you have everything you need for your stay.

Thank you,

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)

137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,


I am so exhausted at looking at ass it isn't even funny, lmao!!!! I've been on this site for over a year trying to get my life and my ass right, lol.

Duran is responding very quickly to me on facebook

Check this out dolls...So ya'll remember me saying that Duran has accepted me as a friend on FB. It's like whatever questions I have she is moving pretty fast on answering them. If I don't get a response from the office she would respond back to me. I'm learning the quickest way to getting some type of response is get to the point at hand what you are asking for. Anything extra, you may not get a response. Tell them point blank what it is that you need. Don't go into a life story about yourself. Hi my name is xxx, My height and weight is xxx. My health is xxx, I had sx in the past on xxx. I'm looking to have xxx done. Also try to ask the best questions that most concerns you and keep it to a minimum. Try to reframe from asking over five questions at a time. Remember, Duran is a busy lady as well as the office. The office has to go through so many emails a day not to stay on one email with a lot of questions to answer. Now you may get lucky and get them answered, who knows.. Straight to the point everyone.. Hope this helps:) This goes for Yily dolls as well..

Photos of Duran Dolls!!!

Courtesy of Instagram, Duran Dolls!!! I'm so freaking excited!!!

Duran Doll

I forgot this picture. Bammmm!!!! October 8th, here I come. Appointment set with Duran, flight booked, travel buddy on deck, Recovery House (Silhouette RH) Love Angie!!! I'm almost done with supplies. I gained weight so now I'm 150, and I'm stopping there. I'm so excited I can scream!!!!! Bammm!!! Lol!!

More Durans Patients

Hey lovely ladies!! Duran posted more of her patients on Instagram..Just wanted to share with you dolls that haven't seen them:)

Item Shopping Today!!

Hi dolls!!! Shouts out to my travel buddy, love u girl.. I went item shopping today. I went to family dollar and dollar tree to get a bunch of stuff. I did pretty good. I gotta grab a few more things tomorrow and also get the vitamins, iron, folic a, etc..mann October can't come fast enough. I think the only thing left would be my boppy pillow, board, foams..when I went shopping I saw prenatal vitamins and it has everything in it. I was like dang. Iron, vitamins, etc. I've heard of girls taking them but this may sound crazy but I don't have kids, could I be able to take those??

Recovery House:)

I forgot to let everyone know that me and my roomie will be staying at Silhouette Recovery-829-794-9082 (silhouetterecovery@hotmail.com)House. Angie is very sweet. She responds very quickly and sounds cool when you talk to her via phone. 100 deposit per person. $65 per person per night(buddy) $40 round trip for airport. Meals, transportation to market etc, Dr appointments, hot water, 24 hour nurse, WiFi. My roomie and I plan on staying in DR for about two weeks to ensure we get the best care and get as many massages as possible. I will update again when I get the rest of my items, chow dolls!! Oh I almost forgot. Idk if anyone has seen more of Duran photo update on dolls, but here are a few pics

More Pre-op Pics and ordered items have arrived!

Hey dolls!! Before i get started, wanna give a shout out to my sx buddy:) We almost here baby! Leggo! BTW, i originally i was suppose to have others go with me at one point, but that was a bust. The only person tgat is going with me is my sx buddy. Im so happy that she hit me up and i wouldnt trade her at all. We have grow very close and have been talking for months about get this sx. Ok let me stop for i get mushy, lol!! OK so I wanted to touch bases on what's been going on with my adventures of getting sx items, lol!! OK so my board, lower back board, and foams have arrived. Yay! So right now I still need bits and pieces of stuff. I just still feel like I don't have enough even tho my luggage is full. Yes, I'm already packed, lol! But I'm going to post pics of everything after writing this view. Just a fresh reminder, Me and my buddy sx was originally suppose to be Mon Oct.7 but we pushed it a day back so we could use that day to have our test done. My weight right now is up and down. I'm 5"3 going between 148-150lbs. My weight is not going past 150, which is great. I'm don't want to gain anymore. I've been taking iron and vitamins to make sure my hemo is up. I'm getting so nerves about this but at the same time I am so ready for a new body. Life is definitely goingto change and be so different. I been on this site so long watching so many results, stories, drama, and everything on this piece. I'm so happy for some of the vets for sticking around for the people like me to continue to learn about this procedure. I'm happy for the people who are in the same postion as me pre-op because we are working together to prepare for this procedure. Love u all. Alright so I'm going to post my items and more dresses that I seem to can't fill out. I'm also going to post a pic of my lace panties. The plan is I'm going to do split pics of before and after with these same pics. Also here are a few more Duran dolls as well. I will also continue to post here and there on my stuff and of course my update. Talk to you later dolls:)

The boards and Foams

Front board-bodyshapetech.com $31.75, Triangle board(for lower back)-$25.14 Episode foam-biodermis.com $43.40

Typos, sorry!!

Lower board-inthepinkroom.com..shouts out to the doll that introduced all of us to this site:) And Epi-foam, biodermis.com

21 days till sx!!!! Oh my!!!

Oh my freaking gosh!!! 21 more days *** passes out*** lol!!! OK OK OK breathe Nukko!! I'm already hyperventilating, and I ain't even there yet, lol!!! Welp!! I'm excited guys! I'm set for a doctors appt next week to check my iron status. I'm feeling myself right now. I'm popping my collar,and i dodon't have one on, lol!! I just got this feeling my iron is up. Just getting extra confident, so don't pay me no mind y'all!! One more celebration.. **happy feet*** left, right, left, right! OK I'm done. But so far what I'm doing right now is just still wrapping up loose end on everything. I'm going to get single braids next week so I'm not doing hair in DR. I'm having lipo to the arms so I am not touching hair after sx. I think I'm going to add chin to. Originally, my quote is for arms and bbl. Sooo chin is going to be added now;) Here's some more pics Duran posted up. I be on here IG faithfully looking at pics. Ttyl Dolls!!! Love ya!

Another Duran Doll

Man ole man..these Duran dolls are coming out of nowhere!!! The count down continues!

8 MORE DAYS!!! WHOO HOO!!!OCTOBER DOLLS!! WHERE YALL AT DARN IT!!! Btw RS, ive been thinking. Has anyone made an emergency list?

Hey dolls!! Wut it do? Wut it be like? Wut the deal yo? OK! OK! Ima stop, lmao!!! OK dolls!! 8 more freaking days!! Wow!! You guys have no idea what I've have been through with this journey. Maybe I'll sit down and pour my guts out to y'all and explain one day;) But!! For now, we are going to keep it positive and happy. I gots soo much to do this week and feel like times closing in on me. I got to get my hair did, last docs appt, etc!! **sigh** OK so I've been thinking RS. OK so I'm pretty sure everyone is in the same boat when it comes down to telling ur family members about the sx. Rather its mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, cousin, whoever!! But what about the one person that does know?? Besides the person going with you like your buddy and maybe a family.What about the person that knows whos back home in the states about sx?? What I mean is, I have a few people that know about my sx and they are asking me A THOUSAND CONCERNED QUESTIONS!!!! Who's your doctor? Whats the address there for sx? Where you recovering? Who's the person going with you? What's your travel buddies number? Etc!! Soo, where I'm getting at is for the people that know in your home town come up with a list of information to answering all these questions and provide this to that person in case of an emergency. Not just emergency numbers, but I mean every lil piece of information you can give. All those questions I got AND THEN SUM!!!! That way if anything pops off or anything happens in DR, they will know. I'm doing MY LIST right now! I was actually telling one of my close friends that I was going to provide her with it before I leave. Lord knows she was still asking me a bunch of questions. I can understand cause she cares. Soo I encourage everyone to provide this to whoever you feel that needs this information before you leave for this trip. Till then dollies!! Be easy!!

Just curious!?!?!

Good morning dolls!!! How are you guys??? Honey chile im doing great! Lol! Ok, so as I told you dolls my last day for work is this Friday before vacation starts. Just curious on how long everyone is taking off from work or school for this sx?? I plan on taking off for three weeks. Let me know y'all. I'm wondering if in just that little bit of time if I would be OK before working. I work in a office, so you know how that goes, THE DREAD OF SITTING DOWN FOR 8 HOURS!! YIKES!!! How in the Sam hill Ima be able to do that! Lol! I know I'll have the boppy pill bit geez. I better start practicing now on standing up some. But hit me up dolls!!! Toodles!!!


Good morning dolls!!! How is everyone? Well today officially the day of my vacation, does a happy dance,**left right left right lol!!! Just up early in the morning to wrap up a few more things before I leave out tomorrow. 4 more days until sx ladies!! So excited and nervous!!! I just got a hold of another Duran doll pic I'll post in a sec. I swear this has been the busiest week ever!! No matter how busy it gets, I'm not gonna forget to take the time out and update. What's weird I think I've been mostly worried about is other things. Like for example. Y'all remember I told y'all I work in an office. NOTHING BUT WOMEN THERE, EXPECIALLY HATING A** WOMEN!!! But anyhoo, I had to put an email out saying I'm leaving for xyz amount of time. See all the girls at work like dang why you leaving so long, where you going?? I'm like dang nosey ass people. So I'm like, I'm going to Atlanta. The questions kept going on and on. Plus when they see me come in with a boppy pill to sit. I wonder what they really go say. So I'm just wondering how its going to be like when I return?? Anybody work with a bunch of females or anywhere where you are around judgemental people and you think about what they go say?? I've been like on this I don't care mode but its getting to me ladies. Please hit me up on this one. Toodles lovelies!!!

Forgot one..

Forgot this one..


Good morning lovelies. Well! On the way to DR. It has been a long time coming. It still has not sunk in yet with me. My buddy keeps asking me you nervous. You scared. I'm like nope! Lol!! She like girl you remember we having sx. I'm like yes I remember;) I think everything will sink in once I start getting marked up and talking to the infamous Duran. Welp ladies! I'm bout to play my music and relax. I'll check in with you dolls later.

Flying out of Mia, headed to DR!!!

Hiya lovelies!!!! How are you guys?? On the plane right now on the way to DR. Holy crap!!!! ***bout to passes out*** lol!!! OK OK OK, I'm good dolls. Just had a moment of weakness, lol!! I'll be landing in DR with my buddy in a few hours and then we will meet up with the good ole Angie. Talk to u ladies soon:) Whoop! Whoop!!


Hiya dolls!!!!!!!! Well! Me and my buddy are here!!!! Wow!!! So unreal right now!!! We just met Angie, love love love her. She is so cool and down to earth. Uh oh, here go my dance, left right left right, stanky leg, Dougie wit it, LMFAO!!! DID I JUST DO LIKE THREE DANCE IN ONE JUST NOW!!! LOL!!! OK OK I'm focused girls!!! OK so right now me and my travel buddy is at the recovery house. It is awesome!! It looks more like home then anything. Very clean and it looks very comfortable. I'm going to try to update as I go. Tomorrow is blood work and we got to be up by 600, yikes!!! So dolls I'm going to go ahead and get some rest. Here are a few pics! Enjoy!

Oops!! forgot a few

Forgot these! Also I do wanna say this. Angie has a phone you can call home as well in the recovery house. Huge A+!!!!

Dang!!!! sorry ladies

Sorry ladies, I can't upload the other pics. I'll try again later


Never mind they loaded lol

Change of plans ladies!!! SX IS TODAY!!!

Hey dolls! I'm gonna soot a quick view. Change of plans. Instead of sx tomorrow, sx is today. My buddy is already in and I'm next. I'm undressed for sx as we speak just waiting. I'll explain later dolls on the change of plans. Wish me luck guys. See y'all on the other side. Btw, all test came back clear and hemo was a little over 12. Talk to you dolls soon!!


Hi dolls!!!!! I'm just letting y'all know I'm on the other side. My butt is so heavy and it hurts right now. My buddy also made it through as well and Angie is by our side. My buddy has been a little sick and I'm just sore. Angie checked me and she was like, whoa girl, you got some hips!!!! She said she couldn't tell on my butt cause I'm bandage up. They got me on my back so they won't roll me or my buddy. I begged the nurse to roll me over cause I'm laying on my but and she kept telling me no no. I couldn't eat guys. My roomie ate and she is not holding her food down. My emotional are running wild like what the hell did I just do. The reason why we had to go today was because Duran was booked for tomorrow and they scheduled our date for the wrong day, which was today. We were nervous ass hell. My buddy went first since she was the smallest. I took the blue pill and next thing I know I was knocked out. I woke in the middle of sx tho. I felt Duran on my arms but I was to busy telling something else I don't even remember, lol!! So now I'm laying here chilling and I'm just ready to start moving. Welp! Talk all my sisters soon. Bye guys

A few pics!!!

Here are more pics I took gals!! Love you guys lots!! Xoxoxo


More pics!!

Oh my gosh!! 1500cc

My roomie just told me that Duran came too see her and me earlier. Which I don't remember..My roomie sttd that she got 1300cc and me 1500cc!!! I remember seeing Durans face but don't remember what she said to me

Thank you all!!!

Hey sisters!!!! I want to thank u all for the love and support. Every last one of mean so much to me. I'm not doing so well today:/ I'm in a lot of pain. My period just came on as well so I'm bleeding everywhere. My Buddy has pics so when I'm well enough I'll post. Ttyl dolls


Hiya dolls. I just got my garment washed and Angie helped.me put it back on. I did not want to show you guys a bloody mess so that's y I waited for pics. My butt is huge!! I can not wait till I heal. My arms are bruised tho. I'm all padded up and I'm starting to feel a little better. Angie is awesome at helping. So is so wonderful. I just took my meds and now I'm about to eat that good ole Dominican soup. Ttyl later. I will give a better update on my experience once I'm better. Xoxoxox


That good ole food Angie's assistance has made for us to eat. Dominican Soup, yumm!!! **slurp slurp**

DayTwo post op-taking a bird bath, yikes!!!

Hey dolls!! How is everyone. Me, I'm doing OK, trying to keep positive. I just wanted to touch bases with everyone regarding day 2 pre-op. So me and my rookie got up this morning for our first bath, oh Lord!! My roomie went first, but boy oh boy, when they got to me, it was crazy. My roomie had no issues taking her bath. It was almost like she was a pro. When it was my turn, I was already scared because of the fainting part. So Angie's helpers removed my garment, paddings, and tape, I was good. I got in the tub and that's when shit got real. While Angie's assistant was bathing me all my blood was rushing to my brain and I was about to pass out. I shouted I'm bout to pass out and I couldn't even cry, that's how weak I felt. My roomie was like hood dear hold on don't pass out. I told Angie's assistant to please get me out the tub and she did. I was feeling very faint so I layed down and they got me an ensure to drink and my roomie and Angie's assistance started fanning me. My roomie blast the ac because that's how hot and faint I was. I will post pics to show u guys in a sec. So eventually after a little bit of rest and food I got back up and bath without an issue. They had to keep my garment off a little to wash it. I had blood all over it. So after eating and the bath, we hadtook some meds. Me and my roomie had walked around a little to get our blood flowing and then we went to sleep. While we were sleep Angie had came to check in us and I was so happy to see her. Angie is like a second mom. Me and my roomie asked her to adopt us, lol!!! She said she was at Cipla helping out and she told the people there I got to go check on my babies (me, my roomue, and third girl). So we all talked to Angie for a bit and she bought a few things from the store. She stated that she had to go back but wanted to know if we needed anything. We requested juice and water. So Angie's assistant came in and fed us fruit and it tasted soo good. Angie stated with us for a little bit till we dosed off again. Alright dolls I will talk to you guys again for another update soon. Love y'all lots:)

Here are some pics!!!

More pics

Feeling stronger!!! My first bowel moment today!! Yay!!!

Hey dollies!!!! How is everyone doing on their journey so far?? Well my journey is getting better everyday. I've had some tough times but the Recovery house has been so good to me thus far. OK so my buddy woke up like 4 in the morning and it seems like every time she gets up I get up. Lol I don't know why. I was feeling quite stiff so I wanted to get up anyways to get my blood flowing and so did she. I was feeling a burning sensation on my sides so that does not feel good at all. Me and my buddy was just walking around in the room in the dark talking and releasing the blood flow. We stayed up for about an hour and we got tired so we ended up going back to bed. It seems like time flew by because we woke up to a nice breakfast that Angie's assistant cooked. I was in a little bit of pain because when I got up once again this burning sensation occurred. Ladies it is very important to eat, take your meds, and push lots of fluids. Angie as well as her assistance stay on us about eating to. It makes you heal fast and you become more stronger. But after breakfast we walked around a bit and then all of a sudden I had to go to the restroom. Before i used the restroom i had to get past that faint stage. So i prepared myself this time. I sat and wait. I had orange juice with me and Angies assistance blasted a fan in the room and my buddy turned up the ac. So finally the dizziness came and i was sitting to eait till it went away and it did.My buddy asked me was I OK and I told her no so she had to help me get out of my clothes and garment go to the toilet, lol!!! It felt good releasing cause my stomach was bubbie and it was growling cause I haven't went until today. What makes it so funny is that all of us in the recovery house did the number two, lol I actually ended up doing the number two a second time around after time flew by. Well ladies I just took some meds and I'm bout to go to sleep. I will chat with you guys later. Tomorrow we go see Dr Duran for a follow up and we get our first massage tomorrow and I'm definitely not ready for that. Talk to you guys later

DRAIN IS OUT!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!Just got out of my apoointment with duran

My doll sisters!!! How are you guys?? I'm doing better! Me and my buddy just came from our appointment and saw Dra Duran. Dra Duran is such a sweet heart and she was pleased to see how me and my buddy were coming alone. Duran told me that I need to make sure I drink plenty of water to stay strong. Duran was telling my buddy the same thing but little do she know, my buddy drinks more water then I do, lol! So Duran first took my buddy to the back to remove her garment and drain. My buddy is still swollen and in a lot of pain. Duran took pics of her body and then it was my turn to see her. I got undressed removed my garment (pain in the butt) and she touched my body and stated to me beautiful. I turned around and she told me that she was going to remove my drain. Duran placed gloves on and got an alcohol pad and count to me one, two, three, and she removed the drain. It didn't hurt but I can feel the drain moving through as she pulled. Dra Duran then took pics of me and she told me to goahead and get dressed. I was so happy that iI was drain free. Duran stated that I am healing nicely and she wants me to continue pushing fluids, water, and eating. After Duran released me and my buddy, we took a few pics with Elizabeth. Boy I tell you Elizabeth is so funny and so crazy. She always say wait I gotta make sure I look good for the picture, lol, smh!! Well now I'm back at the recovery house waiting on the massage lady to get here. Lord give me strength!!!! I will check back in with you dolls in a little bit. Toodles!!!


Here are a few pics with my garment

Day 4 post op-Just got finish having my massage!!

My dolletts!!! How are you guys. I'm feeling fluid free right now. So the massage lady came and boy was I terrified to get it. I wanted to tell her no, I don't want it but I knew this would be for my own good. So she placed a small sheet over the bed and told me to lay on my back. When I layed down she put some oil in her hand and begin massaging my stomach. Sweet baby Jesus it was hurting so bad. I took the massage like a "G" at first but then when she started applying more pressure, that's when it got ugly for me. I'll say I held on without crying for about 10 mins and the I couldn't take it no more. I begin to start crying when applied more and more pressure on my stomach. My buddy had to get me some juice cause I started feeling light headed. My buddy helped me to drank the juice and the massage lady continued on my stomach. While she was doing my stomach for a little while she then pulled out this device that had like a roller on it. She turned it on and proceeded to roll the device on my stomach. It was smoothing the wrinkles on my stomach from the tshirt and garment. The little device was no better because imagine a vibrator being rolled on a really sore stomach. So sore that it hurts to the slightest touch. That's what it was feeling like. Once she was finished with my stomach, she then sat me up and begin massaging my side. My side was killing me because it was were some of my bruises were. My bruises are very raw. Once she was fininshed with my side she then got to my back. She removed the gauze Duran had put over me earlier where the drain was. As she started working on my back, I could feel her pushing the fluid down to where that hole was. I felt fluid leaking through my butt. #Gross. My buddy was still by my side and she was telling me you got a lot of fluid being pushed out. Fluid just kept coming out cause I can feel it running. After she was finished with my back she cleaned me up and put another gauze over my hole on my lower back. I was so relieved that it was over and I felt better afterwards. It was no joke having the massage but it was very much needed. Now I know what to expect with round 2 tomorrow. I did not take any meds before the massage either. Ladies thank you all for your support. It really means a lot to me. I will update tomorrow dolls. The massage got me weak and tired so we will chat again soon. Toodles!!!

Day 5 post op massage

Hello dolls!!! How are you lovely ladies. I'm feeling stronger and stronger as time goes by. So I had my second massage today. I was actually ready because I knew what to expect this time around. I also took a muscle relaxer and pain medicine 30 mins prior to her arrive. So she starts off with my stomach and boy I started feeling the pain. I got to find out this massage ladies name because she is very aggressive and pushes down hard to get that fluid out of you. I finally figure out as you get a massage she pushes all that fluid to that hole where your drain was to get it out of you, no matter where the fluid is on your body. My stomach was painfully but I was able to calm down and stay focused. When she got to my back, I most def had a lot of fluid. I felt the fluid. When she went to my back she was pushing on me hard as much as she can and felt that fluid coming out that hole again. I had so much fluid that it started getting all over the floor becauseiI was standing up while she was doing my back. I felt so damn gross and it also looked gross. The massage lady had got so much fluid out of me she had to call Angie to let her know that I had so much. She gave me the phone and Angie translated what she said regarding me developing so much of it. I told Angie that I was OK and I wanted the lady to push as much as she could out or I would have hard spots. When I got off the phone with Angie she continued on my back and it hurt so good, lol! After about 20 min on my back ole boy, here comes the dizziness and faint part. I guess I got so used to the pain my body was getting tired of the pressure and I started having that pass out feeling. I told the massage lady to go get Angie's assistant so I could drink some juice. I grabbed some paper and I started fanning myself. The room was spinning and I knew I was going to drop to the ground. I kept fanning myself more and Angie's assistant gave me the juice and I dranked it the fainting stage went away. At that point the massage lady was finished and I was so proud of myself for getting through the massage WITHOUT CRYING GUYS. NOT ONE TEAR CAME OUT MY EYES!!! I paid the massage lady for an additional four more massages when she comes back. I'm starting to get the hang of the massages y'all.

Check out Durans IG post of me!!

I still had fluid on my back at the time of the pic

Day 6 Alisa Mae!!! (massage lady)

Hi my dollie sisters!! How are you guys? Welp another massage today. I found out the lady name is Alisa Mae. She is very aggressive and pushes fluid out to the core. Everyday she has been using the same technique on me. I thought getting the massage gets easier but it doesn't. Boy was I all wrong. Alisa came in starts with your stomach, back, and sides. THE STOMACH IS WORST!!!! My stomach is filled up with so much fluid and she tries to push out as much as she can. My arms are the same way also, lots of fluid. Alisa will massage you for about an hour or so and she will not time you at all. Alisa had to take a needle to my lower back to reopen up the hole so she could push the fluid there. I cried all over again cause the needle started hurting and the pain with the massages were getting tense. After the massage, Alisa started rubbing some creamery on me for my bruises. No faint feeling today cause my buddy qas holding my hand and fanning me the whole time. My body is getting better the more massages i have. I will post a one week picture of my body tomorrow. If you have a week stomach do not look at the picture. Till tomorrow ladies, love y'all lots!! Here's a picture of the fluid that she pushed out of me

PICS!!!!!!Week 1 Post op day 7 massage My apologizes!! Massage lady name is Elizabeth not Alisa, i misunderstood her

Wut up dolls!!! What's going on today!! Welp me still the same with bruises and swelling. I'm trying not to let my emotions get the best of me right now. Trying to stay positive but I sometimes question myself on why the hell I did this. All for the name of ass. You know how they say beauty is pain. Well beauty is pain in the ass for me right now, lol! This recovery is no joke at all. You dealing with swelling, bruising, pain, inflammation, and fluid. I really do hate this and I'm trying my best to hang in there. Also its hard when you pee on your garment by mistake, you have to get it washed and that means staying out of temporary and that mess kills you. You start to swell up if you stay out of it to long. The va jay va jay is swollen. My body is red and bruised. No matter how much you prepare for this surgery, it will never be enough. Pretty much my routine is the same. Wake up, breakfast, meds, bath, wash face, brush teeth, sleep, wake up eat, massage, sleep, wake up eat, meds, sleep.I wanted to also clear something up also. The massage lady name is Elizabeth not Elisa Mae. Angie had to tell me because she does not speak English. Angie also stated that if anyone is coming to Silhouette Recovery House and you want Elizabeth to massage you, please contact her to schedule Elizabeth. Again, my apology ladies. Massage was pretty much the same today. No change on how it feels. I will add some one week post op photos. Till then ladies, I chat it up tomorrow more. Just feeling painful right now:/

13 days po!! Feeling better!

Dolls!!! How is everyone?? I'm doing a lot better. I tried to write this review yesterday but RS I guess was down, so here goes. I just want to start off by saying thank you all for your support and following my journey. It means a lot to me. I do apologize for not updating sooner but in my experience, the recovery is no joke. Some people may find the recovery is not being that bad, but again, in my experience, it was difficult. I think for the most part for me the first week was critical. My emotional ran wild. The pain and being swollen was crazy. If I didn't stress it earlier in my review, MASSAGES ARE CERY IMPORTANT!! IF YOU DONT GET THEM YOUR BODY WILL HAVE HARD LUMPS DUE TO THE FLUID BEING TRAPPED INSIDE!!! I can admit, I believe I'm on massage number 10 by tomorrow and massages seem like its still not easy for me. They still hurt. The good news is Elizabeth told me that I have no more fluid but I still have a few spots I want her to get before I leave DR. As far as my bruises go, I have just a few on my arms and on the side of my breasts. During every massages, Elizabeth rubs "Thrombocid" on you. It actually works like a charm. This you can get if prescribed by Duran. As far as my burning sensations go, I don't feel them anymore. I still am stiff whenever I far asleep and get up. My arms are still hurting but its expected because i was told our arms take about a month or more to heal. My va jay jay is slightly swollen still but not as bad as the first day after sx. My feet are still swollen as well. My but looks the same. It still is sitting high and I'm just waiting on it to drop. It still looks good as well as my hips. I love my hips!!!! Hips create that hourglass shape. Overall I'm pretty pleased with my results. I think Duran did a wonderful job on me for the most part. I'm kinda thinking if I would get the booty greed and want a round two, lol!! Looking at my body now, I be feeling like I wanna hit on my damn self, lol. Real self humor ladies! I ment to say the only thing I noticed on my lower back is it looks like back fat but I still maybe slightly swollen back there. I've been getting Elizabeth to smooth it out so only time will tell how it turns out. I miss posting guys, I feel like I haven't posted in months:/ I miss you all. Oh, I almost forgot that I'm in the stage two garment. It looks so much better then the first one but sweet baby Jesus it was hard to get in it at first. The faja lady will come by and provide you with the stage two garment, at a cost of course. Here ate some pics ladies. I have an appointment with Duran on Monday, so I will check back in when I leave her appointment dolls. Ttyl love y'all!!


A little more pics!!

Forgot these

This is for you BB aka bklynbeauty

Garment price

The garment price is $158.00 usd

The last appointment today with Duran before leaving DR!

Hey dolls! How are all my sisters doing. Welp, i had my last appointment today with Duran and she stated that everything looked great with me. I asked her about my lower back and she stated that I was still a little swollen and it will go away when time passes. She stated that my arms looked great as well. She wanted me to continue to wear the arm compressions. I still got bruises but they are slowly disappearing. When I undressed so Duran can check me out, certain spots she touched on me was still sensitive. I like jumped every time she touched an area, lol! Boy I remembered the last appointment she squeezed my arms and I wanted to scream. She just wanted to show me of the built up fluid. But now she squeeze my arms and its not so bad. Man ole man. Once Duran checked me and my buddy it was time to leave her. We told her we were going to miss her. She told us to come back and visit her and take care of our bodies, bitter sweet moment. We gave her big hugs and we left viola. Me and my buddy have been in DR for two weeks and now its time for us to ride out back to Florida. We miss home but this has been a journey girls. Angie has been wonderful. Her assistance have been great. I will miss them all. I will let a little bit of time pass by and I will post more pics again ladies. Till then I will talk to you all later. Love ya!

22 days po!

Hello dollies!!! How is everyone! Well I'm doing OK. I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to update but I wanted to let you guys know where I stand. Ive tried to update twice but RS for some reason wouls not let. So i been back home since last tuesday and pretty much I am still in the stage two garment and I am using clasp three on the garment. The garment is actually loose around my waist so now its time to start using my squeem. Boy is that thing super tight. I remember trying the squeem for the first time in DR and I wore it for like 20 mins and I was bout to pass out in it. That's how tight it was. But at some point, I'm going to have to get used to it. My stomach is nice and flat but not flat enough for me so I'm going to train my waist to get it small as possible. My arms are still hurting and my lower back still looks like back fat on it. Remember when I told you guys Duran stated its still swollen but I just feel it may be back fat. Even tho it does hurt. My butt is slowly dropping and it jiggles a little bit. I have not started massages yet here at home because I'm still shopping around.My side also hurts a little so I know I need to get massages ASAP. My mom has been a huge help. She has been massaging my arms but I can't keep bothering her. I'm wondering if my lower back does not go down if I need to have a round two to get that out and put it in my butt. I plan on getting my boobs done next year so why not kill two birds in one stone. But I will see once a year passes how my back will turn out but regardless boobs are getting done. I have some new pics for you ladies. Unfortunately when I tried to update on RS they were from 20 days po so I'm sorry I'm late on them. Enjoy ladies!

More pics!!! Side by sides included!!

Darn it wit the uploading! Lol!

Side by sides!!


You may can't see the last three. Trying again

One mo again on these pics lol

Could not get thw aide by side. Pics to big! Here goes!!

I'M BACK!!! TWO 1/2 YEARS LATER!!!Duran Doll!!

Well! Well! Well! It's been three years since being on here and post op sx. Wow! I don't even know where to start. Even though I have post in a long time, I've been still trying to answer some of your questions via private message. I had my sx 10/7/13 and boy was that a ride back then. Today I am doing very well and life has changed since having surgery. Shopping has been fun, the attention has been awesome, and most important, my confidence is high as ever. I am 5"3 145lb. I've have been maintaining my weight and body by going to the gym throughout the week. I maintain eating as healthy as possible. It took about three weeks for my body to heal and go into shape and a month for my arms to stop hurting. I stayed in DR for a total of two weeks with about 8-10 massages while I was down there. I did not have any professional massages when I came back home. All the fluid was massaged out by the time I left DR. My body was just still hurting, expecially my arms. My mother helped with my arms by massages everyday to help them heal as well. For the most part, I feel pretty good today now. I don't wear my garments anymore but I wear my waist clincher to keep my waist small. So I still do my after care even after sx. Yall might think I'm crazy but I'm thinking about round two for some of the back fat tgat Duran missed. I would say over I am about 90% happy with my result but tgat 10% is for the back fat that I want to go away. I haven't spoke to my buddy that I tagged alone with for this sx for awhile and I'm going to hit her up to see what she thinks about round two in 2018, lol! I say that long because I plan on getting my breast done next year. But I will post pics up ladies and feel fee to hit me up.


Thinking of Salama for boobs and then back to DR Duran for lipo!!!!

Greetings ladies! I've been the silent killer LOL! Kidding. I've been lurking a bit on the sight studying and thinking about getting my boobs done by Salama. I was able to stumble across one person that had her boobs done by Salama (I forgot her name) but they look great! I'm saving now so I can work on getting them done by next year. Either next year as well or the following year i'll be returning back to DR for lipo with Duran. I've though loooooonnnngggg and hard about getting a bigger butt. I think that it would not be a good idea because it's already hard shopping for clothes and I want to look as natural as possible. BUT, by shrinking my waist with getting the missed areas by more lipo, my goal is achieved. Once I do these boobs, chin, and lipo, I'm retiring the surgery until stuff start to sag or anything lol. So the plan is, since Duran refused to do my chin because she felt nothing was wrong. I'm going to just get Salama to do it alone with my breast aug. I remember putting down a deposit with him awhile back, hmmm I wonder if they will still let me use it. I'll be doing my research. Toodles!!
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