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Ive been going back and forth between who i wanted...

Ive been going back and forth between who i wanted to pick and went with Doctor Salama
My surgery would have been 5500 but i was a procrastinator and now its set at 7700 which is fine with me .
my measurements are
Wish measurements
Im also doing a corset trainer to make my waist smaller it wont effect my weight so just something to help pre op.

Okay so i've been searching the internet on ways...

Okay so i've been searching the internet on ways to reduce my waist without losing weight need all the fat i can get .. but N E WHO i came across waist training corsets i found one for 100.00 and im really considering doing this. my theory is if i get my waist down from 29 to 26 before surgery then when he does the lipo and enhance the hips and butt i will have the wish body that im dying for ...

“SALAMAFIED 3 MONTHS AGO. Gained 5lbs :( ”

Nini Fernandez

has the gotten results that im wish/hoping for

Excitement got my corset today ...... So I'll post...

Excitement got my corset today ...... So I'll post a pic in a few so you guys can see the transformation before and after surgery the theory that I have should be one that might help other women with the shape there trying to achieve


Went to pre op Monday and now I'm headed to boca for surgery do excited but scarred at the same time

have been neglecting the site

im 3 months post op with my breast augmentation by dr ziechner at new look boca surgery cost me 3500 i went from a 34b to a 38 D/36DD

had a scare with my left brest incision wasnt healing after 2-3 weeks post op then was given a magic serum lol and it closed that baby shut

Cabral Barbie

okay so its almost midnight and i cant sleep

earlier today i called doctor hector Cabral for a quote and he was nice seeing that i did call his cel phone at around 430pm today LOL

BUT ANY WHO i spoke with his assistant who spoke english as most people have been saying , she emailed me so i could send pictures and receive my quote . i feel like an IMpatient child on christmas waiting to see whats in my gifts/quote LOL. Im figuring it will be about the same under 4000 Fingers Crx

Real self

Now I see why Flo closed her account But as of today I'm Done with my updates i will keep my cabral or Duran updates to myself this community needs to come together and not tear down .. We're all here to update our expiernce my SX gas been postponed pushed back canceled the whole 9 yards for personal reasons then I got my breast aug instead now that I'm really ready and financially stable I can take two weeks to a month off work and not suffer.... I'm not in bad shape my body is decent but I dance and its a cut throat world it makes you second guess your appearance and trust no one but in order to succeed happiness and beauty are key lol welp my last update its been real

No more pics

Pics have been taken down and will not post anymore

Back in time

On October 15th 2010 I decided to embark on a journey into the big butt life not knowing anything about anything I wanted butt inhections but I'm afraid I should say terrified of needles so that wasnt going to work and the complications that can come with it.

My first consultation was with doctor ness at straxx rejuvenation in boca raton now called new look boca this was a consult that made me realize this SX is what I want and not what I need. He advised me that my body was fine and I looked at him with a mug so nasty he could tell that I was a person that was stubborn and wants what she wants

So after. That ordeal I searched for another doctor and came across Dr Sal in Bal Harbour he is a beast and I love it but I chicken out when I kept focusing on the needles it was like a game of ping pong the price quoted was around 5500 mind you this was 2010 after I procrastinated and woman up the price went up to 8900 ha ha ha who the hell was paying that at the time I was in college so a refund check of 7000 was what I was working with.

Now I put off the SX for a minute to focus on school but then I heard about KING OF DIAMONDS I started dancing in dec 2011 I started dancing at Kod Feb 2012 I was a needle in a hay stack all those big fake asses and titties there were natural girls but I want the silicon Barbie look. Welp fast foward to aug 2012 I had a consult with salama and was ready to commit it was 7700 and my budget had no limit but the Sx date was 03/21/2013 what a ways to go lmao

Come January I need to switch my date so I could get a refund because once again I chickened out needles needles needles can't do it I'm a big baby when it comes to that.

April 2013 I decided to go with azurin since I lost my date but he wouldn't do stomach aggressively so that was out the question I decided to get my boobs done instead Two weeks before my Sx I had my consult and said give me the earliest date paid my 3500 for my implants and was ready to go I knew if I paid in advanced and had a close date I didn't have time to process the chicken shit syndrome I have of chickening out LOL two weeks comes by fast next thing I knew it was May 23rd I was being a big girl getting my iv put in and being wheeled off I had General Anesthesia so it was definitely the best sleep ever no lie .

After 3 months post op I'm at this point again wanting my AZZ ASS BUTT CAKES BOOTY Glutes You name it i wanted them done and since going through the last SX I'm ready and willing what triggered me to want it again was a Venezuelan lady I saw at legoland who's body was amazing and she said Caracas is where she went I was like cool cool but the language barrier shielded me from understanding the place where she went for SX.

Ive been looking at the three Amigos in Dominican Republic Duran holy cabral

Yilys mean and no bottom fluff
Durand a sweetie and great work
But cabral births barbies point blank period

I'm convinced that I want cabral in my life so yesterday I emailed pics and I'm waiting on a price but Sunday I did speak to him and he said I could do Sx in October once I got my quote so I'm ready ready ready

My pre op measurements are


Cabral Death

Lets start by clearing the air

What we know

When did she die ? She died two weeks post op not on the table

How did she die ? Cardiac arrest

Why? She had the flu and was told not to do surgery but went ahead anyways. To each is own I know I'm stubborn so I can't judge anyone

What we want to know

Why did she still have Sx? I don't know

Are you still having Sx with Cabral? Yes because her in the state I've heard stories of people dying on the table not just from plastic surgery but and surgery has that percentage of deaths that can occur. Am I scarred hell yea was I afraid with my breast hell yea the place I went to had deaths but i did my research on whether it was due to negligence or patient health. There's a difference from a negligent doctor and a doctor who will tell you the risk with continuing plus you sign even more papers if you refuse to listen to the doctors when your health is some what a risk. Example people who have low iron , sickle cell, low immune etc etc

My Sx is October 1st and I'm happy with my choice

At work plotting

At work a little board I saw something about a consultant and a new recovery house and it got me to thinking ..............

Now im a Duran Doll

After finding out that cabral doesnt use drains that was a deal breaker . I've decided to go with my gut and my dreams ...yes my dreams.. Ever since i decided to go with cabral i would have dreams of Doctor Duran doing my Surgery. So if that wasnt a sign i dont know what is ..

im at the airport so i will up date you guys when i land


Had SX on Monday it wasn't bad at all no pain just a little uncomfortable when I was laying down.

The nursing staff was good the only time I had to scream was because I was hungry. I'm like the Incredible Hulk when I'm hungry

My body is the shizzznit

Dra duran is a goddess petite pretty and nice I love her

She checks up on us all the time and the bedside manner was great.

3 amigas

I also traveled with my Sx buddies @geemmy and @nickibutt yay we are official team duran folks lovvvvvvving it

My review on cipla

When me and my Sx buddy left the hotel Monday morning at 630am we ended up at the hospital due to the taxi driver not knowing where he was going . After a good 15 minutes we finally left and was around the corner from cipla. I must say the outside is not breathe taking but then again we have to remember that this is not a country where everything is picture perfect . Hell the USA isn't picture perfect. Once we entered the building there was the main lobby with two fish tanks and the emergency room , lab room , and information desk. There's not just a few doctors at cipla there's more than 20-30. When we got to Durand office it was small but very clean and tidey I'd give her hygiene a 9/10 . Once we did our lab work we seen the cardiologist and waited for the time to come where we got the ok from Dr Duran to say our Labs were good to go for Surgery.

I was first so I was sent upstairs but left my laptop and cell phone in Dr Durans office so it could be safe and secure . Elizabeth guided me to my room which was on the fourth floor , I was instructed to put on my Sx gear and take my blue pill and rest . Not even 10 min after taking the blue pill I was transferred to the gurney and headed to the Sx floor to get prepped . I meet the anesthesiologist who started my IV and after that that's all I remember before I knocked out the Sx room was clean and up to Par nothing that made me afraid of getting Sx. My recovery room was clean and they came to clean it twice while I was there so I give them 10/10 for hygiene . As far as using the bathroom I had a catheter in so they came to check on me every 15/30 minutes whether it was a nurse dr duran Elizabeth the food nurse the cleaning staff someone always came and checked on me. I got in trouble after Sx because I got out of bed and started to walk which I only did because I was getting my water lol . I had the whole staff in my room wondering how I was able to do anything after Sx. I would say so far I have had a awesome expiernce at cipla didn't feel anything during Sx nor After except on my sides when I try to move in bed it burned but that's normal for some after lipo.

My night at cipla was fairly uncomfortable because I slept on my butt ( they thought I had a tummy tuck) but after they allowed me to get up and walk I was up and down the halls checking on my Sx buddies . My room had no wifi so I couldn't update anything :-(







Our Stay in Dominican Republic

whatsapp is the best way to contact them
Bambino was our cab driver
Zara was our Nurse and Massage therapist which she has a cook with her ...the besttttttttttttttttttt i promise

look under @geemmy page she has pics of the suite were staying in.

also if your looking for a recovery house

juana recovery house is a very luxurious house that i visited and i loved it .
We stayed at the Florida Suites which is a hop skip away from the clinic and its very clean breakfast is good love that they have fresh fruits every day

Took a walk with geemmy

Me and geemmy took a 5-10 minute walk to get ice cream at a gelato spot called gelatopazzo I think it was so good and so worth the walk only 100 pesos

just a little humor from


realself members we are 4days post op and gemmy is 3 days


waking up to retards on Realself is like motivation

waking up to retards on Realself is like motivation to my Recovery its already been speedy but i feel like im Superman on steriods. Little do they know KOD is calling my Name

in my MIley Cyrus voice

in my MIley Cyrus voice "We cant stop and We wont stop" with our post im going to stick to my word and update every step of the way.

also today i woke up so sore like when you over sleep and your body aches which is a normal thing for me so no naps for me today i got to much sleep last night.

update on things i actually used

i wore a house Robe since monday but yesterday on our walk to the ice cream shop i threw on my sweatpants and a tshirt that i wore to Sx . honestly you need a pre Sx outfit which i recommend a Dress so after you leave its easy on easy off. Then a sweat pants and tshirt combo if you want to walk and you dont want to wear your robe lol. ive been weraing my robe everywear no shame in my robe game lol
also 3-4 tshirt will be enough for under your garment because the first day it gets bloody and you need a new one when they clean your faja. same thing when they wash it again but if its clean they will reuse it for you.. get the thick mxi pads i mad the mistake of getting thin ones and had to borrow the thick ones but the thin ones are good to so maybe getting two small packs of both so in certain areas it will be better for thin ones..
ummmm i dont wear panties dont need them if you want them then thats up to you i bought three dresses but i dont think ill be needing all three but then again im not staying for two weeks im staying for 9 days total ...so for those here 2 weeks the extra clothing maybe needed. with these drains the house dresses are very comfortable .




8093315050 EXT 212

If you are interested in our location we are at the International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) | 137 Avenida Pedro Henríquez Ureña, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
with the phone (s): (809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212, you can also send me an email: hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com


i didnt use it for her i hit her directly at her office but she wasnt that busy then she is being flooded with inquires so please be patient

ask for Elizebeth

Facebook Secret Society

just removed myself from every Group on facebook Cant Deal....i Guess the Next step if it Continues will be Realself...

Awwwwwe Man

I got burned by my faja nothing big and noticiable unless I tell show you

Photo porn

Posting some more pics hogh word of advice bring more cash then needed because the ATMs only let you take out so much and certain banks don't take Amex I had to wire myself some money just to get the amount I needed went through hell or just make sure your bank will allow international transactions

But here are photos of me before I got my massages today


If you call or text Zara use a translator app her English is minimal text her in Spanish

update on my burn

yes the pads or lipo foam but i believe the burn came from the crease i have in the faja and the movement that i was doing to make myself comfortable i dont blame the size i just think all and all it has a lot to do with how my body was positioned after being put into it ... i was in the most akward position to make my self comfortable my legs on the sitting chair while my upper body head near the wall was on the bed very very comfortable.but im going to address this with duran and see if she can let the ladies know that squeezing us into a smaller size is not beneficial at times

my hair

got that treatment

Facebook Question and Answer Forum

hope this helps even more


1 day ago
I can't find the facebook site so I can post my questions - I have a few but I will keep it limited. First, thank you soooooooo much for doing this - you guys really are helping so many of us! 1. Burns - do you think that happened because you guys didn't use the foam right away? 2. will these burns leave crazy scars? 3. What can I do to get Duran to answer me {:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(}

My answers

1. No burns can happen for different reasons when they lipo in one area to get that stubborn fat or the garment burn it depends every case is different lipo is a technique that uses a heated tool so if it gets really hot it can cause I burn its so many explanations

2. No my burn feels and looks just like a dark spot after I burned my forehead with a flat iron as long as you use neosporin or a burn aide you'll be fine I don't think my burn was serious and if I do have a mark it really wouldn't matter I have bacne for days lol

3. More than likely you'll speak with Elizabeth because Durans English is minimal the mornings 8-9 are the best times ever be cause she is in her office seeing patients getting ready for Sx

sleeped naked

Took my Faja off last night just to be able to sleep comfortably , Not to mention last night my pelvic/cooch/va jay jay area was swollen but this morning without the Faja it was back to normal...HMMMMMM what are the odds of that..

Also id like people to read this story i know it doesnt pertain to Sx but it really sucks how the laws here in Florida can let someone go for murder knowing that they knew he was guilty but this is crazy


i love opinions im a person who should have went to law school lol

Florida is actually losing business from black americans who refuse to travel to florida if they dint have to...i coach cheerleading and alot of black gym owners out of florida have cancelled any competitions in the state of florida due to this case. if i didnt live here i wouldnt visit until they solved this stand your ground problem its out rageous to say the least...and i loved that you guys even took the time out to read that link it makes me feel good because im a born and raised in the county of dade and honestly our justice system is set up for failure to say the least.. There are judges who are fair but every state has there crooked judge who wants to run for office so they dont care who they put under jail....

but in hapy news tummy is flat and tight yea yeaaaaaaaa


pre op
154lbs weight

post op
didnt weigh in

week 1

week 2

week 3

been eating fatty foods which is a nono but i cant help it

cant find my stage to garment i think one of my family members are wearing it

i havent worn a garment sine 3 weeks post op currently searching for an xs small garment to squeeze me tight

my butt is back to normal in my eyes its just shaped if that makes any since

i have a photoshoot on nov 1st so i hope you guys can bare with me until i post any updated pics

Taking care of granny

Hi guys Ive been off the reader taking care of my grandma who had open heart Sx then had to have a pace maker inserted 3 weeks later

So far so good I need to work out but I'm looking for a butt out faja so I can get this bubble a blowing


I'm back


Question and answer time inbox me if you have anything you want to know


tummy looking good




here grammatical errors so bare with me yall

So long story short my pre op weight was 154, i didn't even have enough fat but Dr Duran Surely did a good job with what she had. Well 3 months post op i gained almost 10 lbs when i say almost 10 pounds i mean every bit of it...i liked the look because it made it look like my butt was the same as i started because of how the weight was distributed back into my body. at 3 months i weighed 165 on a bad day ;-(....... So i started being active in the gym i coach at which helped me get to 165 but that didn't really change much.

Well now on to the next part of this story.....My aunt told me about phentermine i was skeptical of taking it because i was like "i just paid for this ass and these pills better not take it away from me lol.....I started the pill and at 159.9lbs then day one i dropped to 156 then day 2 155.4 then day 3 154 day 4 153 now its day 5 and im at 152... so now on to the part about my butt....well lets just say im glad i didnt listen to the voice in my head .just like they say you dont gain the fat back from where they take it ...thats a lie first it goes to the places that were untouched then it goes to those other places lol......So ive noticed my butt getting bigger but its just an illusion my legs are getting smaller i measured my butt and its untouched not inches lost not even .000002 millimeters. So working out and dieting will not affect the butt region as long as its not a dramatic weight lost losing 10-15 lbs will help get rid of excess fat that has been accumulated post op so please ladies dont just sit at home and be content. put the radio on dane for 15 mins straight #bam thats your cardio ...Hell do 10 squats, push ups, and crunches a day adding 2-5 each day for 4 days take a rest day challenge yourselfs... my only reason for thinking about doing a round 2 was because i was getting bigger and my ass looked smaller now im getting smaller and toned and my ass looks even bigger .......


Cabral June 6th 2014

Its official round 2 with cabral. i need what i want and i want what i need

i like my results with duran but i dont love them i should have went with my right mind and seen the man with the hands

pre op 36dd-29-40
my waist is the only thing that has changed now to gain this good ole wait

now 152#

No round 2

I'm not having a round two done so far but if am looking for a doctor to fix my boobs . Doctor in the us was horrible and I want to find someone who is really good at revisions

Oh and I was chosen for xxl web candy if the week

Butt questions

I did not have enough fat to graft to my butt that was the reason for wanting a round 2 butt after taking the phentermine my waist line decreases and makes my butt look awesome lol but I refuse to gain more weight to try again
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was Augustine's hilario duran

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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