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So the consultation took a total of about 30...

So the consultation took a total of about 30 minutes. The doctor came in told me what he needed to tell me and left. It was my fault i wasnt prepared with questions. I didnt take advantage of the fact that i had him there in my face. But it was my first time and i didnt know what to expect. But from all these reviews of him online, i felt confident enough to book a date with him. Hopefully when i see him before the surgery i will have my shit together and explain to him thoroughly EXACTLY what i want =]

So my date is about 5-6 months away, and ive never...

So my date is about 5-6 months away, and ive never weighed so heavy in my life. I used to be a 105 or 110 at the most. Havent been that skinny for a while but NEVER thisss heavy. I guess because the procedure I havent really been watching what i eat at all. Cos in my head why should i? For my health? PSHHHH =P I feel it is stupid to work hard to berid of all this fat just to gain it all back within the last month or two. Not to mention how bi-polar that would be for my body to go through. So i gotta walk around for the next half a year looking and feeling like BLAH......i guess its worth it......i am paying an arm and a leg for the procedure right? lol BEFORE pictures soon!
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still buttless so ill finish the ratings later.

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