Anxiously Waiting for my Consult W/Dr. S - Aventura, FL

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Hello Beauties!.. I'm a soon 2 b 30 yr old mother...

Hello Beauties!.. I'm a soon 2 b 30 yr old mother of a 12, 5, and 3yr old. I have wanted a tummy tuck for over ten yrs. I've always put the idea on the back burner using work and kids as a good reason 2 wait. Now that I'm approaching 30 yrs old, I desperately want a change. I'm just not happy with myself and all the excuses in the world can't change how down I feel on the inside. After coming across this website I began to feel encouraged and excited. Seeing so many women of different ethnicities and social backgrounds living their dreams and regaining their confidence in their physical appearance has really motivated me to "JUST DO IT!". Not only have I been motivated to get a tummy tuck but I'm also getting my butt done as well!... Yay me!.. I live in nmb Florida and after seeing so many women happy with their results with Doctor S. in Aventra I'm set on him doing my surgery. My first consultation is scheduled for the end of me I'm counting down the days and hope to be able to set a date for early September 2012. I figure if I'm gonna enhance my front, I may as well do the backside as well lol. Beauties, I can't wait!...I'm trying to fiGure out how to post some b4 pictures but I'm having trouble using my iPad. As soon as I figure it out I will put them up and trust me after seeing them anyone would agree the surgery is much needed. Until my next post, please stay encouraged to get your booty...I meant Beautiful body back:) smooches!

Hi Beauties!....I had my 1st consult on 5/30/12. I...

Hi Beauties!....I had my 1st consult on 5/30/12. I was nervous but excited and Dr. S. made me feel comfortable. Long story short, I ended scheduling myself for surgery the same day. I'm scheduled for TT, lipo, and BBL all on Nov. 30th. I was a little nervous about the thought of having everything done in 1 shot but I'm getting over that fear as the days go by. I was advised that I'd need to loose some weight before surgery. I'm currently 5'1 and weigh 207 lbs. I have a very nice butt and have been accused of it being fake, I'm just not happy with my stomach after having 3 c-section births. I don't want any more kids lol. I'm ready to be happy w/myself again. Yesterday, I went to a spa to get some medical assistance loosing the weight before my surgery date gets here and OMG! The place was packed!... I had a lil doubt when this very professional, tall, thick build, Latin man complemented my derrière lol he was like I hope you not trying 2 loose such a good thing... Was I blushing.? He'll yeah! I wondered if I needed a BBL at all?.....I wanna post sum pics and get some opinions. I will as soon as I get to a desk top computer. I can't upload from my iPad. I will be starting the pills today and o yeah! I got a B12 shot yesterday too. I'm sooooo excited to get my body looking better!...I will let you all know how the pills work. All my co-workers have done the pills/b12 shots and have had amazing results. I'm 207lbs now let's see how much I drop!.....ttyl!

Ok so I recently went back to consult w/Doc....

Ok so I recently went back to consult w/Doc. Salama. Im excited to say it was well worth the wait the waiting room that is LOL. I couldn't be more happy w/the professionalism that I encountered from everyone on the staff, and I mean everyone! During my visit, Doc. Salama expressed his professional recommendations regarding my surgery(s). I felt total comfort after the consult and was even more excited to move forward w/my plans. I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck in Nov. Ladies, I have waited over TEN years to get this procedure done. Aw, Alas, my time has finally come!....& yes ladies I will b gettn my booty worked on as well. That gonna up my Cost but sooooo what! I've got the best doing my work & I'm confident he will exceed my total expectations. The thing is this ladies, I'm looking @ my body now and not comparing it to those vixens in tv land expecting to see their bodies when I get my work done. No no no....I'm dealing w/reality & I know that I'm me & my results will me mine alone & phenomenal for me as an individual. I will be posting pics of me now real soon. Til then ladies stay sweet!

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I haven't had the surgery yet so I will change my ratings when the surgery is complete.

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