And So It Begins - The Journey to A More Desirable Dairy Aire -BBL - Dr. Salama (?) Aventura, FL

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I figured I should post an intro about myself...

I figured I should post an intro about myself being I frequently comment and engage with people here on this forum. I just found this forum lets say 7 days ago and I have spent countless hours reading and gaining some insight on this procedure.

I have been interested in the BBL every since I heard about it 3 years ago and I did the normal thing a googled doctors all over the country. I considered Jimmerson, Mendieta and a few others. The cost of the surgery along with the before and after photos didn’t really move me for those guys.

Most people think I have a fabulous body and I’m flattered, but you just know what you want and how you want it. I have no kids and I’m in fairly great shape. I just have areas that I want improved on. After the last 7 days of research here I found that Dr. Salama might be the doctor I go with. I’m from California and the whole travel and stay away for 2 weeks sounds like a headache and not to mention I learned SO MUCH MORE about this procedure (all the pain, blood, drains, months of actual healing no sitting, etc…) and it has almost stopped me cold in my tracks. Then I will see a great review and change my mind.

I’m taking it slow not just jumping in head first gong ho, but I have received my email from Nancy with Dr. Salama’s office and I am planning on submitting my photos graphs on Friday. I have a feeling he might say oh just get lipo or GAIN MORE WEIGHT, huh? Lol. I’m going to just submit it and see what he suggests and take it from there.

Thank you ladies for sharing in detail about your experiences. This has been the best resource material I have found to date. I’ll post pictures of myself and “wish” pic soon, but as I see it I have plenty of time to figure all of that out….

Blessing toyou girls that go for what you want and are happy with the results!!

Info About Me:
35 y.o.
African American

Samsung Droid is not the easiest instrument to...

Samsung Droid is not the easiest instrument to test or type on, please excuse the typos in my initial post.

I've up loaded 3 wish pictures. I hear that Dr....

I've up loaded 3 wish pictures. I hear that Dr. Salama doesn't care for a wish picture which is truly understandle, because he can't make us into another person. As a doctor I suppose he has the insight to see what we dont see and work with that and I CAN and WELL respect that. Nevertheless I can look at my wish pictures and work on what I can to get there before and after the surgery.
My 2 wish bodies are Serena Williams and Rosee Divine. I just like th tighness and flatness of both of their abs. Serena's shelf and Rosee's obliques and hips... the abs and obliques I can work on AFTER he sucks my fat.. I wouldn't dare get skinny before this type of surgery.. Ahhhh the pleasures of feeding my face in preparation.. heee hee....

So I'm thinking and hoping January 2013.. that would be great.. Plenty of time to heal and work it out prior to the Spring....

I just want to pay my deposit and book my tickets ( so I know its real lol)

" I responded to an inbox with this message and...

" I responded to an inbox with this message and thought it would be fitting here in the general forum"

Well I just got the response email from Nancy with Salama's consult. he wants to do it, but I'm like how many does he really turn down.. not It read the same way as I have seen other girls post..(cut and paste) but at the end it has something specific to my body so I was like WOW he did actually look at my photos and he saw my body and consulted with what I had in my mind. I didnt send a wish pic or give any details of what I wanted and he responded as if we did talk or if I shared..

But I have a whole pregnancy (9 months) from the tentative time they qouted May 2013.. which is OK but I'm gonna find a way to get it in Jan/Feb 2013.. if I have to find a birthday is in May so it would be awesome to be recovered by then eh?

I will share what I know, but right now I'm at ground zero.. so I dont have much ... but just support... and jokes..

I plan to pay my deposit, before his rates jump.. I noticed in Nov 2011 up until April 2012 he was doing it for like $5500 to $6000 now it $7799 or somthing like that so here.. take this $780.. right now ..( more than likely Sept 1st)..and lock me in at that rate..

My fear is that I'm really curvy and muscluar and there wont be enuff fat to lipo and give me the projection/shelf at the top and moreso the hip contouring...unless I let him hit these thighs.. an UGGGHH I dont want that pain.. that seems to be the girls down fall.... the arms and the thighs.. but we'll see. I'm not gonna spazz out.. no possible to prremature for that anyway..

BLESS your journey too wherever it may lead you.. this shit sounds like a nightmare to go thru.. but shit so is life.. its all about perception... if you can have a baby you can have surgery RIGGHT?? lol.. I dont have any kids.. so HAAAAAAa this is gonna be LIVE... #CrashTestDummy!!!!!

Im going to go to bed because if I look at one more ass or drain my GF is gonna divorce me and we AINT EVEN MARRIED YET..


I'm really trying to get why some doctors use...

I'm really trying to get why some doctors use drains and other don't. I;ve been trying to stay clear of photos and continue to take notes on the actual healing process the othr women share, but the sight of those drains and in my mind trying to figutre out how to manage them the first 7 days is perplexing. Oddly enought patients that see other docotrs don't have very many day 1, 2 3 pictures. I wonder why?
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I wish I didn't have to put this rating thing up yet before having the surgery. I haven't had it yet...

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