Will do a round 2 just not sure which Doctor to go to? - Aventura, FL

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Hi I had my bbl and chin lipo done on jan.10.13 by...

Hi I had my bbl and chin lipo done on jan.10.13 by Dr.Salama. I decided to join since I have been a reader for almost a year to let ppl know that Dr.Salama is an amazing doctor! I will post a longer review when I return home.

So far I'm doing good, I have met some sweet chicks that have gotten Bbls, I'm the chick with the big black hat,helps hide this swollen face due to my chin lipo.

Today I got my 2nd massage with Cecila( she's so sweet and knows a lot so I asked her a million questions)

Than I got put into a medium garment. It feels fine at the waist and stomach but not the ass part, she cut into the part that's already cut and I just took out my back foam, this thing is so uncomfortable, if you have this problem please share some advice. Thanks

I came home today! The flight was long, it was...

I came home today! The flight was long, it was just two hours but it felt like it was forever! I tried my hardest to put my eight on my arms when I had to sit. There was only the back row empty so my husband went up to the flight attendant n told her I was pregnant and feeling very ill, they quickly moved me to the back and I slept for the flight until it was time for landing.

My front drain was not ready to come out so the nurse "showed " me how to remove it but I don't remember how, plus she showed me how long it really is-gross!

When I have time I will write a full review about the surgery,staff and more!

One thing ladies: this surgery is no joke! Don't think you will wake up and feel like yourself, you will be in pain, discomfort and lack energy, its only been 9 days and I'm already asking myself "was it worth it?" Yes I'm happy with my results but the road to recovery is long!

My review (don't mind the typos I am to lazy to...

My review (don't mind the typos I am to lazy to spell check )

We arrived in aventura Tuesday. Wednesday we went to the office, met Nancy & Cynthia, they were both very nice and both beautiful ladies. We filled out paperwork and Than i met with Dr.Salama, he tells me the risks the procedure etc..he was very kind & professional.

Than my hubby and i went to south beach for a nice dinner, I was so nervous about being put to sleep I would make comments like "our last supper". When my son called me that evening I was like no matter what mama loves you and he was like your acting like a creeper mom lol. Anyways my husband and I had a great evening.

The next morning (thurs) Monica calls and says instead of 11 your appt will be 9:30. So than Larry came and got me, I went to the O.R, Monica came and she brought my surgery clothes, I went into dr.Salamas office and he took pictures, told me not to worry about being put to sleep. Asked me what I wanted, I said I seen your work so i will just let you decide, so he said I needed hips and a bit of shelf. He was again very nice.

Than I went into the operation room met the Alex and he told me the procedure and reassured me I would be fine, then his like ok lay down- my clumsy ass almost falls off the table ( so embarrassing) he laughed and said its ok. Still telling me what he was going to do next. Than he was like your going to fall asleep soon, before I knew it I woke up in another room, cold, nauseous, feeling like I just got hit by a Mack truck! I felt terrible, the nurse was a sweetheart, I can't remember her name but she was rubbing my shoulders, bring me a cup cuz I had to puke, and telling me I was going to be ok, she said the anesthesia was very strong for my body, I told her i was scared and felt so terrible so she stayed with me the entire time! This lady was so sweet, all of Dr.Salamas staff are very good at their job but this nurse was just my rock at that moment.
She called Larry, he came to get me, my husband was outside the hotel waiting for me, my face was so swollen from the chin lipo, I couldn't look up I just saw his shoes and put my hand out, he guided me to our room, I laid down and thought " what have you done to yourself now"? My face was swollen, lips dry, eyes puffy, ass felt like it had bullets in it and so heavy, all other areas were numb and above all was nauseous like a mutha! My husband woke me up, he had made me some miso soup with rice noodles, I ate half and started crying, cuz I needed to puke but I was so out of it I felt lost, no tears were coming out lol just weeping, so I went bk to bed, woke up and had to pee, I tired using a female pee travelers thingy - ya right I peed everywhere and to make it worst most of it went on my garment! The second time I used a cup, missed again, the third time I used a cup but squeezed me legs and positioned it better! Ding ding finally made it! By now it was like 3 am, I stank! Like hospital and pee, so gross. I went to bed, but woke up every hour in pain and feeling like I was going to vomit.

The next morning Larry came and drove me and the hubby to o.r, I saw another nurse and she took off my garment to make sure everything was fine, I looked at my stomach and I was amazed! My waist was so tiny and sexy! Ahh finally something to cheer me up, not for long cuz I almost fainted, she brought me alcohol to smell and gave me a prescription for stronger nausea pills. Dr. Salama came to check on me but I was so out of it idk what he said lol.

Friday night:
My husband was like u have to eat something today, he went grocery shopping and brought me some Cuban food from a place called barrio Latino,
He was like I asked them to make the healthiest chicken they had lol, I ate grilled chicken, steamed rice, plantains,and steam broccoli - it was filling and so good , I took my pills and 1 perk and slept for a few hours.

Monday was my first massage with Eileen(?) that shit hurt so bad! Oh and the sounds the fluids make are effing gross!

Tuesday: no appts, I started looking in the mirror more and started to really like my body.

Wednesday I had my 2nd massage with Cecila(?) and can I say she is the best! She gave me so much advice and tips, she took her time, changed my garment and overall I just loved her vibe lol
Than I saw the Dr. he told me everything look good, I told him I was pleased with my results.

Thursday: no appts

Friday: another massage and back drained was taken out. Waited at the office for 60 minutes! That was annoying. It's really annoying when u have to wait and can't sit down! The doctor (went to the o.r) said I was still draining fluids so I had to travel home with my front drain! How will I take it out?? I'm grossed out thinking about it!

Today I came home and I feel so much better just being here, using my shower etc.. Tried on my tight dresses and I'm loving my body!

My mearsuremnts: waist:30
: hips : 44

One more thing I would like to add, when I went...

One more thing I would like to add, when I went through airport security, they asked me to go through that machine that you stand in and put your arms up, when I got out there was There was three guys waiting for me they told me please wait there something on you needs to be checked, along came 2 girls, they took me to a room and swapped my hand and asked me what I had on me I kept on trying to tell them that I just had surgery and I had a letter to prove it. i lifted up my skirt to show him that it was just a medical drain, they all yelled dont move it was so embarrassing! finally the test results from the swap came bk and they released me. Also When they took me they took all my belongings and went through them I also want to say that they were very rude and the letter from the dr. Did nothing they didn't even look at it.

I'm on day ten now, still a bit nauseous, this front drain feels gross, and not sitting or being able to do anything normal is getting so annoying! This recovery is no joke

Ok what I'm going to say is just my view and I do...

Ok what I'm going to say is just my view and I do not intent to offend anyone.

I went through my paperwork and all I got was 950 cc per side. Which is not as much as I wanted. I wanted a lot of projection. I know some say its not about the amout of CC's because everyone is built different which I agree, because I'm short and my butt WASNT long to start with but I feel like I would of been happier if it had more projection.

When I started this process, last February I knew I had tight skin, I was at 115lbs, mind u my stomach was small but I still had a tiny roll when I sat down.

My point is I knew my skin was tight, and I asked nancy did she think I could get 1200ccs, she said yes, for me to weigh 145 and that the skin would stretch. Well here I stand and all I got was 950cc, which would be ok but what about when I start losing volume? I will cry. Before my surgery my butt was 39inches, as of now I'm at 44inches, which is good but I'm so scared I'm going to lose volume.

I wish I had listened to myself and not believed the sales pitch. And this is nothing again nancy because she's very nice and I like her and she was just doing her job. but my suggestion is if you can - go for a consultation with the doctor of your choice first that way they can see your body in person and tell your their opinion, that way you have a realistic expectation. And so far I'm happy with my results, Dr.Salama really shaped my waist very nice, and he told me I put all I could- so what else could I ask for? Nothing his not God and I keep telling myself how good I look when I take off the garment and foams but I just wish it was a bit bigger.

Hi ladies, I measured today and my butt is 43...

Hi ladies,

I measured today and my butt is 43 inches, I didn't measure my waist. I ordered a thong garment, I hate the garment I'm wearing, it's so uncomfortable, the shoulder straps aren't adjustable so it literally cutting my circulation and my pinky and palm go numb over night.

I still have my front drain in. It looks infected but its not cuz I been cleaning it and taking my antibiotics still. I was also worried about having them in so long so I called the office, spoke with Nomie and she spoke with the Dr, he said they can stay in for up to 3 weeks and not to worry. But honestly this drain is annoying, I keep reminding myself its better than having a seroma or what that thing is called lol.

I don't take my pain pills no more, I take aleve if I'm feeling sore. I'm still walking like a duck and can't bend over, which sucks cuz I'm a stay at home mom and I can't clean or do chores without bending. I have been cooking easy meals for my kids and husband. I haven't seen any friends or family since my surgery so I'm don't know how they will react. I also haven't told anyone except my husband and parents about my bbl.

Again if you are reading this and haven't had your surgery yet please remember its a long recovery! Geez I feel trapped in my house but at the same time I feel blessed that I don't have to leave or drive anywhere. Currently I'm looking for a massage place that will do it with my drain in. Some places/ppl won't.

I feel like I'm in a funk, I'm happy with results but my recovery is draining my energy, honestly I look forward to summer time that way I can be healed, wear sexy dresses and still do my mommy/ wife duties.

Speaking of wife duties, the bedroom has been on lock down lol only cuz I have my drain in and I sleep with my chin strap, nothing sexy over here lol but my husband loves my new body. I keep telling him- you get to be with a new hotter chick without cheating lol.

Also thanks for your lovely comments. This blog has been positive and I'm glad to answer any questions as well

I'm feeling down this week. First I can't anyone...

I'm feeling down this week. First I can't anyone that does lympathic massages in boring- ass Maryland. I found a girl but she's in DC, who wants to drive an hour for a massage.

Second, when I weighted myself the day after suregery I was 144.5 lbs this week I'm 138.5 which is fine. My pre op butt was 39 inches and right below my breast it was 33

Well now I'm still 33 upper waist and my butt is 42 inches! I wanted a bigger butt. I feel it just looks more filled in. I also have a small debt on one cheek. I cannot say I'm not happy with my choice in doctor cuz I do have a much better shape and I keep telling myself its not his fault my skin was tight. I wish I would of listened to myself and not gained so much weight for the bbl, since I didn't need so much fat. Now I feel like if I lose more weight my ass is going to shrink more. If it gets any smaller ill be freaking out! I've read some reviews about fluffing but who knows if that's true. I feel so alone too, my husband worked hard to pay for the procedure so I don't want to complain to him, but his the only one that knows lol.

I will wait a few more days before I call the office and tell them about my dent, I'm such a quiet shy person I hate complaining & I don't want to insult his work but the dent is noticeable.

However I have to say I love my lipo, he really shaped e nicely & I was told by the dr. That there would be a lot of shrinkage. I hate u shrinkage!

I added more before and after pictures please tell me the truth, does it even look bigger?

I went out today to the mall, and I had so many...

I went out today to the mall, and I had so many ppl some up to me and tell they loved my figure & what was my secret lol....they asked what do you eat? And what exercises do you do lmao. One girl came up to me and wouldn't go away she was fascinated by my butt ( a bit awkward) I gave her Dr.salamas number.

Than I went for a pedicure ( i stood up) and all the ladies were taking turns to come look at my body it was the weirdest thing ever,

Even tho I wish my butt was a few inches bigger, it felt good to get compliments & Dr. salama is a great doctor! I love my shape, I finally feel like I have a women's shape and not a preteen lol.

I could tell my husband loved the attention I was getting- I'm so blessed I have him!

Ok, I'm doing this blog to keep a journal of my...


I'm doing this blog to keep a journal of my results.
I butt has shrank to 41.5 inches which is 2.5 more than before, no one in my life has even asked if I had it done:...(

I have been wearing my garment or squeem, and doing massages and my stomach is getting softer but now I have freaking rolls!

I gained all this extra weight for an ass that I don't have, and my stomach won't go down past 30 inches, I have been eating healthy & lost 10 lbs since surgery, with portion control & healthier food choices.

I spoke with someone at the office & I was told to wait at least 6- 8 months to see my full results, well that's not much comfort.

I still think dr.salama is a good doctor but I'm mad and here's why:
I never got that email that everyone else gets when he says your a good canadiate & makes other suggestions if u need them, which leads me to believe he never even saw my pictures via email, I was just a number.

I gained extra weight for nothing! It didn't go to my ass & stomach is not flat.

I don't feel like I even have a donk, oh and I have a dent on one of my cheeks.

I'm so sad right now, I just had a good cry, all the money & time my husband and I spent! Yes it's an improvement but I feel like it could of been better. I would at least be happy if either my ass was big or stomach was flat!

Please give me advice! I'm so upset

I just want to say that if I was to suggest a bbl...

I just want to say that if I was to suggest a bbl surgeon I would still recommend Dr.Salama.

Here's why:

-His very aggressive with his lipo( but make sure you try to not be so fat pre-op, since there's a legal limit of fat he can take out )
-My hips look amazing- I actually get compliments from strangers about them
-Yes he tries to give you a big butt, but I feel like he works on the whole package & what I mean by that is that he tries to give you a hourglass figure- which makes a woman look very sexy
He plays it safe (thank God), he puts the fat over the muscle, cuz if its under it can travel to other parts of you body & you could die:(
-currently his prices are very good, especially if you don't want to travel outside the US.
- another thing I like about him is that his not trying to be a celebrity, it feels like his just trying to put in work and let his results speak for themselves
- he does revisions, seems he wants his patients happy
- his credentials are top notch
- plenty of experince
- but don't forget his not God, and he can only change so much ( I have to remind myself this lately to calm myself Down over results)

Lets hope he doesn't change & that his prices don't go much higher

8 months POST- OP Ass is disappearing. Chin still doubled

well its been 8 months and i am not sure how i feel about my results. I added new pictures of how i look now, I will find a before picture later.

before my surgery, before wanting this I was 115lbs, I gained weight and decided i wanted a bbl since my butt has always been flat. But i am just over 5 feet so being petite never bothered me that much. I spoke with nancy who advised I gain weight until I reach 140-145, my face of course got fat.
I sent in the "wish photos" I didnt expect to come out looking like kim k or anyone else but the common theme in the photos was - small waist and big ass.

I didnt even get 1000ccs per cheek. I came out weighting 140ish. I still wear my squeam, I recently got back into exercising BUT I HAVE EATEN HEALTHY SINCE POST OP. I NEVER GAINED OR LOSS WEIGHT AND maintained my weight of 140. now that i lost 10s my effing butt shrank! right after surgery it was 44 inches,then it went down to 42, now its 41 inches. before my surgery it was 39 inches. so is 2 inches worth it? I dont know.

after the bbl i had a huge fat lump, he told me to massage it and i did and it went away. Now i just have a few dents which look like cellulite. the bottom of my stomach never looked better, but i have rolls at the top. I dont know what to do, should i ask him for a revision? should i leave it alone, lose weight cuz i'm tired of the fat rolls and fat face- its freaking ugly. oh thats the other thing i had chin lipo but honestly i should of skipped it. my face is still fat, in order to make your face skinner you need to lose weight or have a full neck, chin lipo procedure done.

i will cry if i get down to 125, which is a normal healthy weight for a person my size and my ass disappears more.

some ppl get a revision no problem, but i feel like that hasnt been offered to me, which i think i need a bit more lipo and more fat added to my ass, and this time i will not gain more weight.

my husband is over this whole bbl faze. He is not really supportive, he paid for it and feels i should lose weight since my face, arms and upper stomach is still chubby. He has been amazing during all this but I dont want to start bugging him so i came here to vent. PLEASE LEAVE ME FEEDBACK, what would you do?

by the way sorry for my terrible grammar, i sit here sipping a cup of pity/disappointment tea

WHAT would you do?? round 2 or implants????

I am so confused right now. I told Dr.S office that i have tons of bra roll fat left and want to add it to my butt. they quoted me over $2800 for fix that! Now u guys might not think its not a big deal but to me it is. I don't understand why some many other girls only had to cover the anesthesia fees but I have to pay all that???? I don't want to go into a rant but dammmmmmmn.

heres the thing I am 5' tall. I weigh 125 but i plan to go down to 120-115lbs, which will mean I will lose weight more of my butt.

SO here is the question- should I get a round 2 or get butt implants? I know they have more risks, which is why I would get them done closer to my house.

i honestly feel like I wasted $7000, not to mention traveling fees. I should have just got my ass skinny and got implants, i am so confused and since none of my friends in real life know i have no one to ask lol

I should have done more research.

Round 2 for sure

I have decided I am going to do a round 2, I am not sure if I will stick with Doctor Salama, his office has some inconsistencies but he is a good surgeon, That being said I have been looking up Dr.Cortes in Texas and his results look amazing. so I am still considering and doing lots of research. In the mean time I am being extra nice to my husband since i have to convince him to pay for a round 2 lol

Round 2 happening just not sure with which doctor

So i have decided that I want a round 2. Dr.Salama's price is the same at the first time or basically full price. I have come to the realization that they give everyone different prices. The people that are always on websites and updating their progress get a better price. I have spoken to a few girls that got their bbls around the time that i did or before and their price was way cheaper then mine. I know its cuz they updated their process more and never complained. In a sense it makes sense because a good review=more business for the Doctor. However I think that the best reviews are the honest ones, the ones that record the ups and downs of this roller coaster ride.I am proof that you shouldnt expect to be 100 percent happy because everyones body is different. With that being said I still think Dr.Salama is a great doctor and he is still in my top 3 for my round 2. I have sent 3 doctors an email and I will figure out what to do from there. What I like about Dr.Salama is that i already know he is amazing, I know the place, and I will feel comfortable. But then are they going to be mad since I complained and spoke my mind?? I dont know what to do what to do. I wish I had a flatter stomach and a bit more projection. IF anyone wants to see pictures please inbox and I can send them. I have a blog and show OOTD's and SOTD's so I always get scared someone is going to recognize me lol.thanks for reading this.
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