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Hello Beautiful Ladies, I’m a beautiful 44 y/o...

Hello Beautiful Ladies, I’m a beautiful 44 y/o wife and mother of 5. Body still looks good after 5 kids. HOWEVER, my booty has dropped AND I HATE IT! I look great in jeans, but in a dress OH NO!!!! I want my round perky booty back… not this droopy at the bottom I have now. ? My husband said I don’t need it, but it’s not about him it’s about me and he being the provider that spoils and gives me WHATEVER I want is paying the cost to make me Happy! I’m so spoiled.. I love YOU BABY! A woman would kill to have my man…. My hubby loves his wife and mother of his kids… enough. Anyway, my procedure is scheduled for Friday, August 7th. I at first was going w/Dr. Fisher “Vanity”, but I decided to go w/Dr. Salama “Elite” I will not ramble on why I switched, but he’s my chose and I’m happy with my decision. I’m excited and nervous all in one. Dr. Salama said I need to gain 10lbs, I will keep you posted on my weight gain. Today, I’m 145, 5’6. See my pictures of fat I pulled as I thought I had plenty of fat. I began taking iron pills 65 mg and Vitamin C 500 mg twice a day w/my iron. I always drink 10 oz of beet juice every day great to get rid of toxins not to mention your heart. This is totally a must as I’m afraid to go under general anesthesia… Really afraid. If you would like to make it you need a good juicer: 1 beet, 2 apples, ½ lemon and 1 carrot. Doing all I can to keep my heart strong minus exercise since I’m trying to gain fat. I’m drinking fruit juices (OJ, cran apple, etc,) high in sugar as I don’t want to consume too much unhealthiness…. I see this being better than fast foods. My booty buddy ($69) arrived today a must have if you’re flying back or sitting at work… I will take pictures of me sitting on it closer to my procedure date. I see this being better than the poppy pillow.. much better! It’s thick, firm/sturdy would hold a lot of weight w/out getting flat. Well ladies until next time. Follow me on my journe

One day before a new ME!

Met w/Homie from Dr. Salama's office this morning; really nice lady and direct. She made me nervous, yet reassured me as I am so afraid. My initial weight was 145 lbs, now I'm at 156 and I feel so bloated. I gained the weight as requested and I'm So happy they say I have a enough fat to get the results I want. Plus+++++. My surgery is at 7 a.m.;(scared scared) and after consulting w/Homie I will be staying at their recovery house following my surgery a few days per my husband as she made him nervous about the aftercare. He's afraid of the unknown and by my surgery being on a Friday this made me feel more at eased. She said I will be there w/six other BBL's and one tummy tuck... I really don't feel excited about going, but I feel this is best for my overall recovery. We rented a condo facing the ocean in Hollywood, FL. it looks so beautiful and sounds so relaxing... Next week I plan on walking up and down near the shoreline; but first I have to get past tomorrow.... I miss my kids so much :-( and it's only been a few hours). It bring tears to my eyes thinking of my beautiful babies... I love you pookies SO SO VERY MUCH! Please God let me make it through this, PLEASE! for my babies more than anything. Until tomorrow.

1400 cc

Posted late because it's hard for me to turn my photos on my phone. Recovery for me is very very easy. Day of surgery was a breeze for me.

Feeling good since day 1.

My comfort level was no more than 4 and that's trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. My pain! 2. Day one stinging and stiffness, next day just felt like I've been working out hard.

Loving it! 9 days later

The shape is what I wanted. I'm happy with it this size or smaller just as long I get the roundness. Nothing is perfect but today my butt is the bomb diggy! Husband and I went to king of diamonds. And there were no intimidation whatsoever.

Full garment and pads

My butt today. I like this size. I hope it doesn't shrink too much. If it does, I pray the roundness remain.

In shorts

My back still tight and flanks still tender to touch, but overall I'm doing well. I honestly feel great! However, I'm back to work tomorrow :-(

19 days post

Sometimes it's difficult to upload pictures. I forgot to show my back profile.

22 days post. Just out of shower oiled down

On my way for my 6th massage. My lil dent from childhood has returned but it's okay. There is no way in hell would I go for a round two for that! Now that's so vain. It still looks okay to me. I wish you all great results! Ttyl

4 weeks two days ago 30 days post

My husband loves my butt and I love it too! I got what I wanted "roundness" and that was my purpose. It's still the same size since 3 weeks post. I'm still taking my iron and vitamin c and maintaining my weight. Driving on the booty buddy, I will begin working out at 10 weeks post. SEX when my hubby return from travel. Lol

5 weeks post wearing hubby's boxers

No volume list since 3 weeks. I think its because I'm maintaining my weight. I do drive and sit most of the day on my booty buddy. Thighs not butt. My butt jiggles when I walk. My husband is loving it. Me too! Happy healing and best results to you all. Just follow doctors orders and don't be too quick about losing weight soon after. Wait at least 3 months and don't do too much cardio. I was told to do inclined if done and only 90 minutes a week. The rest strictly waist and butt exercise. I will do weights as well to build my arms back up.

So natural!!! 6 weeks

I love love. Salama asked me what I wanted. Unlike most I didn't come with wish pictures because I didn't want to look like anyone else. I wanted him to enhance what I had and to make it natural to fit me and not big. And that's what he did. I pleaded please please no shelf, phone on the butt (lol) big booty Nicky!!!! I wanted round and natural. I didn't want people to look at me and Know I had something done. No one knows. They think Ive been working out. My mother said girl you got hips. I laughed. Thank you God! Thank you Salama for my enhancement. I'm so in love with my butt and I hope you all will love yours as much as I do. Always Love yourself! Happy healing and good luck!

8 weeks - 4 more to go to know this azz is here to stay!!

My husband say I'm dressing like a teenager because I'm wearing stretch pants a lot. I'm just wearing what looks good on me and confortable. Stretch pants are for any age if worn appropriate and jeans with pockets make my butt look ex large. It's hard finding jeans with out pockets. I'm not wearing stretch pants unprofessionally like at work. For example the pants you see in the photo they look tight but they are actually not that snugged and I wear these out grocery shopping or taking my girls to there lessons etc. Anyways, Enough of that. I still do not sit on anything hard. I guess I will forever do that as it makes me feel more comfortable. And yes, I still drive on my bbl pillow, but that's because I've gotten use to it. I will move to the poppy pillow at 12 weeks permenately because it's more level and not so high. I've been sleeping on it since 6 weeks it feels comfortable. My butt feels like it will burst if I lie on my back without it.

12 weeks Finally

As promised. I'm measuring 43.75 almost 44. My button is beautiful and wanted by many. I'm happy I made this decision.

Hips 43.75 waist 27

Wanted to give my measurements. No change since 3 weeks post!! Oh, I still have stinging where lipo was done in the flank area.

Long time coming

Hey beautiful ladies. These are for those to confirm wonderful results remain months after and hopefully years after your procedure I will come you updated. Take care!

7 months

As promised

11 months

It will be 1year Aug 7.. I'm still happy with my results
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE Dr Salama. He is so sweet, honest, and professional. I also would like to give my thanks to Sergio! So cute! Anesthesiologist!!!! Cynthia sweetie, I love you! Naomi! Sexy, beautiful, lovely! See picture. Caretaker Grace, Nelly, and Martha. Love love! Thank you!!!! Totally worth it!

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