38yrs BBL w/ Amazing Dr Salama Aventura, FL

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I was happy with how my body was shaped before two...

I was happy with how my body was shaped before two continuous years of major life changing events that just would not stop! From being a single mom working 60hrs/wk going through a divorce, loss of two immediate family members, another family member murdered, mother diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer, loss of job, new job, bankruptcy, moving, child custody battle etc. I NEVER had time for me! Now that I'm finally on the other end of the spectrum with sole custody of my daughter and a perfect new husband, it's time to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see again!

New wish photo

Roller coaster begins!

I've read about people going through all the emotions and didn't understand until my own started! I haven't even had surgery yet!! I just keep second guessing if I've chosen the right surgeon, if I really want a BBL vs just lipo, if some of the unfortunate stories I read will become my experience, will I regret this blah blah blah :/
What started my doubts was the contract...one item states I meet with the coordinator for preop! What!!?? I want to meet the doctor who will slice me open! I want him to hear first hand what I want!!! Not someone else telling him what I want so there's bigger chance of miscommunication! :(
The other part that upset me since I'm an out of town patient is that the doctor reserves the right to change surgery date and isn't responsible for costs incurred to patient i.e. Flight, lodging etc. :/
Then there's the fact that in body of the email for the contract I get certain info that is contradicted on the actual contract....just really starts to make me question all of this :/

Concerns eliminated! Thank you Cynthia!!!

So after writing the above I talked with Cynthia on the phone....emails can't eliminate concerns like a simple phone call! I was reassured they work with everyone, it's just the people who reschedule 4-5 times, cancel day before surgery with no explanation etc. Also some of the info on contract is new in comparison to what I was told a week prior - that alone made me feel better! They aren't trying to screw me over lol in my paranoid mind...nope, just my brain being paranoid after working with lawyers for four years lol! Rest assured they are sweet, helpful, and genuine people! Back at the top of the roller coaster ;)

Scheduled BL/BA TOO!

I already had Feb 11th set for BBL but today I confirmed BL/BA for April 11th! Yay! I have to wait two months before next surgery and will work out perfect...while I'm staying at recovery house I'll have my in person BL/BA consult with Dr Salama himself not a coordinator!!! So thankful!! I don't trust these puppies to just anyone!! Then when I go back in April for my second surgery he can see my BBL 8wk progress too! Awesome!

My current measurements

Arms - 12.25"
Waist - 33.5"
Hips - 39.5"
Thighs - 25.5"
Chest (bra strap area) - 32"
Weight - 175lbs
Height - 5' 2.5"

Picture fun...loving the possibility of different curves :)

Worried about burn reviews

Another future BBL sister asked about who's the best doctor in business.... I said of course Dr Salama. She said she's concerned about the burn reviews. I remember seeing a burn review but thought it was early in his career and happened once. Sooooo I googled him (instead of just looking on realself) and found there was a patient just last year! I found three ladies...one of the ladies stated she knew of six cases :( I know he has great results but it scares me to read this stuff and can't help but fear what if it happens to me next :( Second thoughts :( I did notice the ladies were thin....but burning from lipo using only power assisted lipo is considered rare AND supposedly could only occur if the surgeon didn't know what they were doing :( Just don't know what to think..... Has anyone specifically asked his staff or him about this?

Trying to find dream boob pics...

A part of me wants a slight reduction and another part of me says nah...lol

Concerns eliminated...

Dr Salama's office staff was open and honest. Because I feel they are upfront and don't make empty promises, I'm sticking with Dr Salama! He doesn't make his clients sign a contract that we can't say anything negative online thus I trust them even more.

This is reply I received to my concerns:
"As far as the burns, there is a minute percentage that this can happen as surgery is not an exact science. Dr. Salama takes every measure to prevent and treat in the event that it may happen. If it happens and it is addressed early enough, a simple cream can correct the issue. Sometimes, patients do not follow the doctor’s protocol and things may not heal because of this. It is very important to follow any and all post op instructions to insure proper healing. Patient’s must also do their part as well. Dr. Salama has performed thousandths of these procedures and is the best at what he does. Unfortunately, patients have the ability to say whatever they want, whether it’s true or not and Dr. Salama cannot go on there to defend himself. That is unfair. Dr. Salama has built his reputation on his great work and has done more Brazilian Butt Lifts than any other doctor internationally. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns."

Recovery House Reserved!

So thankful I'll be staying at recovery house Dr Salama has approved....now that my 10days are reserved I can stop stressing about "what if it fills up and I can't get in". I've read so many reviews about the RH and all were great! Only complication at times are the many different personalities of women under same roof in pain lol...I'll be staying out of all drama remain positive and just smile in pain with new curves ;)

Ladies...what to expect for PreOp

I was told today the only reason I will meet Dr Salama in PreOp apt is because Wednesdays are the only day he sees patients...I'm fortunate that my PreOp is on a Wednesday and surgery Thursday! So if you're like me and expect to meet your doctor in person before surgery, know that unless your PreOp is on a Wednesday you will NOT meet him! Hopefully he would at least do a video surgery consult with you if you request, idk? The main purpose of PreOp is reviewing your health and you signing papers...so he's not needed really but personally I would like to speak with him to hear first hand what results I can expect with my body. Either way we are in good hands for sure, just heads up!

Check out this review for great info on BBL

I found a blog here on real self I consider a gold mine! She has tons of info....I found the info on massages and what to pack/purchase etc. most helpful!!! She has over 200 photos to help too! I hope you find it as helpful as I have =)

Finally on the other side

It's official! I'm a Salama Doll! Still not real to me! First couple days really hard...dizzy, nauseous terrible migraines. Thank goodness ladies at recovery home really helped! Lourdes has been an angel helping me walk, go to restroom and even eating! Felt like a big baby but had lots of lipo done so to be expected I guess. Every day gets better hope continues that way!

Six weeks post! I can sit!!

Sorry I haven't been on for while! I'm healing well and have been doing post op massages etc. I've been wanting to post my before photos so here they are finally! I need help with post op photos lol! I will see Dr Salama again in June and planning to get post op photos to compare more accurately with before photos side to side.

4 week post op photo

It's so nice fitting in small waisted clothes again!!! He took out 4 liters (2.2lbs~for each litter) and put in 1200cc in each cheek...my skin was too tight for him to fit more so if I want more I'll have to do round 2! Hoping not the case!! Lol

I had surgery Feb 11, 2016. I initially met Dr Salama in person on Feb 10th and he comforted my nerves and was to the point answering all questions. What I really liked about him was even though Wednesdays are crazy busy days for him he does NOT rush you! I met with him again the day after surgery to do preop photos and surgery markings...when he first walked into the office I said to him, "I'm so nervous!"... His response, "I am too!"....it was hilarious!!! I met with him again today almost a week post op to get clearance to leave. He really is just a down to earth guy with exceptional talent!! Rest assured you are in good hands and will love your results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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