36 Yr Old Mother of 1..5'5 220lbs.bbl and Possible Tummy Tuck.6 Months Pre-op.cant Wait to Be a Gorgeous McAdoll! - Aventura, FL

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Hello McAdolls!! I'm so excited about my future...

Hello McAdolls!! I'm so excited about my future bbl...I can't wait to brag post op! But for now just a Lil about myself...Ive been heavy set all my life... being half Asian and half black, I got the bottom half of the Asian side and the top half of the black side..lol????????.. I've always dreamed of having the perfect body.. Slim waist bubble butt thick thighs and sleek back... Right now I'm at the largest I've ever been (220lbs) and was told I need to lose at least 20lbs for the procedure...but I plan on losing just a Lil more so I can get the best results ..around 180lbs...ive always balanced between 150-180 lbs.. Over the last 3 years I've gained about 50lbs. My father who is a diabetic got real sick , had heart surgery, craniotomy, his lungs filled with fluid and collapsed, kidneys failed and was on dialysis , among other issues , all in a matter of a year... n needed someone to live with him.. Sooo I moved back home to take care of him full time.. And which by the way he's doing great now.. No longer on dialysis due to a strict diet I had him on n nursed him back to good health...but in doing so I began to completely neglect my own issues...now that he's in much better health its time to focus on me...and my daughter just turned 17 so I figured that I'm ready to start with my journey.. Plus I've been reunited with my lifelong crush n Ex n he's totally supportive of my decision to have the procedure done..he's already making future vacation plans just so I can show off my body once its done.????...makes my decision so much more exciting..
As of now I have 6 months , but I'm also debating on the tummy tuck too... (which will probably push my date back) but has anyone had this procedure done? And how were your results? I also seen that I would need a few things to get me through the post op...my procedure is all inclusive but I'm sure there are a lot of other things that I'll need...I'm already so nervous but I'm ready to start buying everything now so I can be prepared for anything..can you ladies give me some ideas of what vitamins to take? Or what post op items I would need for recovery and optimal results? Any other advice or tips is welcomed and appreciated! I know my msg is pretty long but I'm just so excited.. blessings to you all and I can't wait to be a gorgeous McAdoll!!!
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