33Y, 2 Girls (8,2), BBL with Dr.Salama - Aventura, FL

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OMG, I just can't believe this is happening in...

OMG, I just can't believe this is happening in few days...
I'm 62Kg (136 IBs) 161 CM ( 5 feet 3.3 inches ) ..
I decides last August after my summer vacation in Miami beach to do liposuction full back and full abdomen. I went to one of top consultant in my country, he told me I needed TT he shocked me ... i really don't think I need that, when I insisted to do only liposuction he told me my tummy wont be totally flat as before being pregnant and eventually I will come back to do but would be harder and the scar would be higher ..... I insisted with my plan .... he told me the liposuction would cost 15,000$ and he would do BBL in the same price and I was told only 30% of the fat will survive and he would do more after 6 month free of charge. .... I needed the surgery so badly. I paid the deposit and I scheduled my SX in Oct,1st 2016 !

I start searching and reading about the BBL, I found this web site and I was surprised about the pictured and the prices and I start going deeper ... I was confused between Dominic Republican and the US, then I decided to be in the safe side and do it in the US, after all it will cost me half the price from doing it in my own country.
I choses Miami coz my husband has relative there. and it is closer than Beverly Hills.
I don't know why I choses Dr. Salama ... maybe coz his name looked like Arabic ! I looked to his reviews and I just liked it. so I contacted them sent them pictures. he told me I'm a good candidate for BBL. I was happy BUT the bad thing was he dose not offer skype interview. which is for me was tough coz I had to schedule surgery with someone I never met, I never actually talked to, He never saw me except in Pictures. I was wondering what if he decided I need TT. I don't wanna do it! what if I just didn't feel comfortable with him. But somthing was pushing me to choose him and I did. this was last August !

Cynthia told me vaser is better to give smoother abd, I paied extra for it but I still need to discuss it with the side effect and the complication with the doctor.

first of September I missed my period .... my pregnancy test came back Positive... I got panicked. I'm living in a country that abortion wasn't an option. I wan't planing to get pregnant. I acted fast since I'm pharmacist. I took Cytotic right away hoping this will end the issue and I was mistaken. My BHCG kept rising while the baby sac wasn't showing on the Ultra Sound, and I was advised to wait and wait and I was running out of time... my diagnosis was vary between ectopic pregnancy, early pregnancy and Blighted Ovum.
I got 2 methotrexate injection last one was sep 25. week later my BHCG dropped but the empty sac was hanging there... I lost un-refundable trip to Italy which was cancelled due to this pregnancy .... I contacted the center about the situation and I have been told by Naomi I need 6 weeks min. from my last taken meds. and 8 weeks if i did D&C. after 1 week i told my doctor I need D&C stat I knew this would postpon my surgery 2 week or so, but I was in roller coaster I wanted this to be done. he booked me but night before surgery Yayyy it is on time 6 weeks from my last injection. she asked me to change my booking to arrive 2 days before the surgery which I did. and also she asked me to send ultrasounds reports and extra tests.

All this made me think what if I shouldn't do it. what if I should postponed my date, I was freaking out with time, I was getting nervous breakdown, crying for no reason, until the last week I asked my husband to call it off or change the date to March. he called them they were very understanding they gave me more time to think about it ... after few hours after I cried it off I decided to go with it. I lost a lot of money in business class tickets which is not refundable .... beside the $$$ of the surgery. beside the money from my cancelled trip to Italy!!!

I'm still nervous. I decided to stay either at Marriott or beach walk, still not sure and yes I still didn't booked the hotel yet .... my flight will be in 2 days !

I'm attatching my pictures, but I'm not sure what I want as a wish picture :( I feel it is wrong to show your doctor what u want coz it might not fit your body, I think I will show him what I don't want .... What do u think ?

I'm not sure if I could wright this reviwe in Arabic so people from my country could use it as reference.

at the end excuse my english ... it is not my first language :)... see u all soon with new update

Jet lag

I arrived this afternoon to Aventura, staying at Marriott residence Inn
Wasn't feeling good today, sore throat and headache, I through up once
Still I couldn't sleep !


My surgery Tomorrow 11:30 am, I asked to be the first patient but it was for people with medical concerns.
Went through the pre op with Naomi, it was fine she explained every thing for me. Was little confused about the Cell Saver after I read the complications, but I decided to go with it.
I thought I would meet doctor Salama but he wasn't there. I still find this a concern, I will be doing a surgery which I paid for fully before speaking to or meeting with the doctor himself.... I know the staff explained everything and they are informative and supportive But ... it is different when u see your doctor and consult him in live dialogue and he sees ur body and listen to you and suggests or guide you to what will fit you more or less

I'm trying to stay calm and positive as much as I can. I'm telling myself all the time "it will be better even if it is not perfect "
Pray for me ?? thank you all

I did it ...

I did it!
Over all every thing went well
Doctor was excellent, felt connected with him, he is so funny and informative i felt relax handing him my body to fix

I advise every one to go with cell safer I feel good right now not dizzy or week

I felt the nurse was little rude, though they where doing there job and pampering people not part of there job ... but you know you are in very week status you don't want to hear something like I have other patients waiting there surgery coz u don't know which door u should go through ...

Hopefully I will be better to wright details
Thank you all


Pain is getting worse specially in my lower abdomen... not sure if this normal????????


Round and big !


Shower eases the pain
Walking eases the pain
Buy this type of female urinal I find it better

Finally Home

Finally, I'm Home ????
It have been long time since my last update but I was in very bad mode... my emotions wasn't stable

I will update u all soon
Miami Plastic Surgeon

until now every thing is good, I just faced one Issue I was contacting Cynthia, she is absolutely amazing then I start receiving Emails and forms from other workers which is fine with me they are all good but there emails goes to the junk I'm not sure why! so every 2 weeks I just get surprised by emails and forms to sign or review. Hopefully I add them all to my VIP list so I wont lose emails anymore. some time I get missed up between them I'm not sure which one I should asked or waiting to replay. this little annoying I wish the doctor offers skype or facetime primery not conclusive interview specially for people who travels 20 hors :( It would be very costy and disappointed if I didn't get satisfied with the pre op consultation.

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