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Hello Beautiful ladies!! I am four weeks away from...

Hello Beautiful ladies!! I am four weeks away from my BBL with Dr. Salama. I am 5"1 and 155lb. My BMI is 28. Iv wanted a booty my entire adult life. I've always been blessed with beautiful breast and a beautiful face but have always felt like my lower body just does not match that. I love my legs as well. When I was younger before my children, I wanted a larger booty butt loved the rest of my body. It's just that middle area that could use some help. Lmbo. I'm going to be having lipo on my upper and lower back, arms, flanks and abdomen. So far everyone I have dealt with at Salama's office has been awesome (Nancy and Zuny). I only live about an hour and 45 minutes away but my husband and I will be staying at our timeshare close to dr. Salama's office. My husband is a paramedic and has taken off a month from work to take care of me while I heal. I feel so blessed to have somebody who is in the medical field and my husband to take care of me. I am not in the least bit service. just full of excitement! I have been researching doctors for years. After much deliberation I decided on Dr. Salama. I have confidence that he will deliver the look I am after. Please send lots of prayers my way and I will continue to update throughout my journey.

Wanted to add some wish pics

I have a lot of stretch marks on my abdomen. I'm not sure if once that area is lipoid I will be left with sagging skin. I'm wondering if Dr. Salama is going to suggest a different kind of Lipo be done on my abdomen to keep the skin from sagging. The stretch marks do not bother me but sagging skin definitely will. I don't feel like I have enough on my abdomen to need a tummy tuck so I'm really hoping that won't be suggested. If anyone has any insight on the subject please let me know. The second two photos were me playing around with an app.

26 days to go!

Right now the widest part of my hips and bum are measuring at 38". Belly at 35" and arms at 12". My pictures are not posting in the order I want them to so here again is the pictures I played around with in an app. I would love to have these results. I feel like they are realistic when considering Salama's work.

Me three years ago

This is my husband and I three years ago before my last two children were born. I can live with the body but where the hell is the booty? My bathing suit really could've used some filling on the bottom.

My supplies

OK, I wanted to include a picture of my supplies along with a list of everything I have. I have researched and spoke to many women who have had a BBL and that's how I accumulated my list of things I would need. Most of these things will be after wounds are healed. Some I will use right away.

Supply list

The one that says still softener is supposed to be stool softener. Sorry about that. In the picture there are saline bags. As I said earlier my husband is a paramedic and will be taking care of me. The Saline is in case I become dehydrated. If there's any questions about anything else on my list please do ask.

Supply list

A good friend of mine has already gone through this. She could not stress enough that the only things she actually used immediately post opt was pads, washable chucks, wipes. She went through A lot of those three items. Also, things you will need right away our brief style panties, T-shirts to go under your garment, robe and slippers. Medical tape you will use to tape your drains to keep them from hanging.

22 more days to go!!

Here are some more pics of my body now about there are two of me before my last two pregnancies.

10 days to go!! Just got Full torso Epifoam!

I am 10 days away from a new sexy me! I've seen some pretty interesting configurations of Epifoam use after surgery. After doing some research I found that a company called in the pink room have a full torso Epifoam covering. You can get it in short torso or long. Just go to www.inthepinkroom.com and search post surgical foam. It'll come up at the end of the page and you're just going to choose a long or short torso. This website has all the post surgery garments and things you will need. Items are a bit pricey but the quality is amazing. The foam cost me $50. Not having to mess with a bunch of individual pieces of foam I think this is going to be worth the cost. I know a lot of women were having trouble finding things that covered not only the torso but their love handles as well. This wraps around the entire midsection and Velcro's in the back. Hope this was helpful!

My last Preop pics

This will be the last set of preoperative pictures I take. Ugh, I hate these photos. These are my favorite pair of American Eagle jeans ( size 5) I have one hell of a muffin top. These jeans have absolutely no give so I'm guessing I will probably never get them on again after this new booty. However, I'm hoping to find the same pair in a bigger size to accommodate the new booty. Hoping the problem in the next pair is not the muffin top but enough junk in the trunk. ????????

I did it!!!

Feeling rough right now but better than I thought I would thanks to the cell saver. Blood everywhere so make sure you girls got lots of chucks.

I'm so swollen

I am very swollen and trying to figure out what's comfortable and what's not. My arms are causing me the most discomfort and pain. I wish I hadn't done them. I don't think I'll feel that that way about it later but for now they're driving me nuts. My body looks amazing out of the garment. He gave me a great shape and nice juicy booty. Getting the garment off for the first time was a living hell. Getting it back on after my shower was even more excruciating. I probably won't shower for another two days or so to avoid taking it off. My hands look like the Michelin man. Lol

Day three with my new beautiful figure

It has been three days and I am feeling pretty good today. I am doing everything on my own now. The only thing I need help with is getting in and out of the garment. Pulling it over my new big ass is very painful. I also started to become quite itchy all over today. I'm pretty sure it's my body starting to heal. It feels like something crawling under my skin. I've seen so many women on RealSelf talk about how uncomfortable they are in the garment. I would much rather have it on then off. It brings me much more comfort to have the support of the garment. This especially goes for the garment that goes over my arms. My arms are still quite sore and my knees are starting to hurt from using my hands and knees to support myself while getting up. I've been putting arnica on them to help. Every time I take off the garment I am just shocked to see myself in the mirror. So grateful to Dr.Salama.! Love my new body! I still have a significant amount of swelling so I think my waist is going to look even smaller once the swelling has gone down. So excited!

10 days post op

Hey there dolls! It's been 10 days. It went really fast. I had my second massage today and both drains removed. Massage was great, way better than the first time. Burned a little when the drains were removed but no big deal. Still incredibly pleased with my results and all the staff at Dr.Salama's office. My butt looks totally proportionate with my body and as if it's always been there. I haven't taken any pain meds for the past two days and have gotten pretty used to sleeping on my stomach. My one irritation (drains) have been removed so I think it's smooth sailing from here on out. What do you guys think of my results so far?

3 week update

Halfway through my recovery and feeling great. My skin is still sensitive and feels as if I am wearing a girdle that you can't take off. There is still a significant amount of swelling in my back so my back feels very soft and squishy to the touch. I stretch and massage myself several times a day hoping to speed the recovery along. I am still very happy with my results. Thus far I have continued to lose inches in the waist and nothing on the new booty. My waist is measuring 32 inches and my booty 41. There is a very small half dollar size indention on my right butt cheek but it is very unnoticeable. I have my BBL pillow and zero gravity chair to keep me comfortable when I need to sit. Can't wait to be able to sit normal again and start exercising.

Six weeks post op

Hope everyone is still healing well. I've been very fortunate to have everything go as planned so far. My right arm is completely back to normal but my left arm still has some hard bands from the armpit to the elbow. My therapist works very hard on these bands and so do I during every shower but they are still painful. I have a massage every other day sense my procedure. My abdomen looks great and is lump free. My flanks from the ribs to hip still have some lumps and bands but I see improvement weekly. I have a few spots on my left butt cheek that look like cellulite. I had zero cellulite before the procedure so it's kind of bothersome. My right butt cheek is slightly smaller and so is the right hip. I don't think anybody but me and my husband can notice. However, with that said after a year if it is still there I may consider A revision. All of these things are normal. It's rare anybody has absolutely none of this and are completely happy after their first BBL. I am still only six weeks and a lot can change within the year so I'm not quick to jump to conclusions just yet. There has been very little change in my size for the past three weeks. My waist is measuring 31 inches and the largest part of my hips and butt are 41. I keep thinking my butt looks smaller and smaller but I think you just get used to it after awhile because the measurements are the same. All of my scars are healing beautifully and I'm guessing by the summer will be close to invisible.

Forgot to add

Forgot to add in my last post that my back swelling is taking the longest to go down. Towards the lower part of my back I get swelling about 30 minutes after taking off the garment. This is normal and could last up to a year I'm told by my doctor. I also get very itchy in that area. It's a strange itch. It's not on the skin but underneath of it. Just scratching does not help. I have to pat it rather aggressively to get it to stop.

It's already been 2 months

So now I know what all you ladies were talking about when you said this procedure was a roller coaster ride. Some days I am absolutely in love with my new shape and the next day I feel like it's just not enough. Sometimes I feel different within just a few hours. I know I am still a long way off from being completely healed but there are a lot of imperfections that I'm really hoping will go away with time. I still have some love handles but I am told by the doctor this is swelling and they will go away. They do still feel swollen so I am sure he's probably right about this. The shape of my butt is very nice but I appear to have what looks like cellulite on the left cheek. My stomach and sides are very lumpy still and in natural light just look awful. I know a lot of these things will clean up with exercise and diet. Or so I hope ????. The only thing that has changed about my measurements is I lost about a half inch in the butt. Other than that I remain 31 around the waist and now 40 around the hips and butt. I definitely have more projection then I started with. If you saw me I feel like you would think " ok, she has a butt". Not, "damn! She has a ass"! Lol from some angles I feel like it looks amazing. From others I'm not so impressed. Please let me know what you ladies think. I'm seriously contemplating a round two in about a year.

It's been awhile

It drives me crazy when someone starts a post and doesn't finish it. I'm always curious to know how things are going long term. With that being said I decided to give an update. Overall I am feeling great. The only time I know I've had something done is when I stretch or sit down. My butt is still tender after all this time. That doesn't bother me so much as the Burning feeling I get throughout my back and flanks when I sit or stretch. It's hard to describe but it's like the tissue underneath the skin is tight. To someone feeling it for the first time I could imagine it may be painful but I have grown used to it. The Lipo suction on my stomach is very uneven. One flank clearly sticks out further than the other. I'm guessing it's missed fat. Whereas it all bothered me tremendously in the beginning I could care less at this point. Dr.Salama and his team were great. With the amount of fat having to be removed and fat grafting to the butt there is a lot involved. You have no idea how each individual's body will respond to the surgery or how that person's fat will react. I think it is wise to accept and understand if you choose to go forth with any cosmetic procedure you should be prepared to need to maintain or have that procedure adjusted to your standards. I find in rare cases that an individual is 100% satisfied with their procedure and need no further action. I was aware of this going into the surgery but suppose I was wishful I could be one of those who needed nothing more. I clearly need more Lipo suction to further enhance the new figure Dr.Salama gave me. I am going to have a round two. I would just like to clean up a few areas of uneven Lipo suction and add a bit more volume. I am fine with the projection I just want it to be more round. As you can see from my photos I still have a very boxy butt. I did come to this conclusion after visiting with another surgeon. He thought Dr.Salama's work was good but explained how difficult it is to get even Lipo suction when you're removing fat in the volumes that he does. You can only take out so much at one time and put so much back in. I really think I will get the desired look with my round two. Even if I don't it will be the last time I do this. My only regret is not losing more weight prior to surgery. I feel that if I had been a bit smaller I would have my desired look. It is really hard to say how heavy or how small you need to be before hand. I was worried if I lost too much weight there wouldn't be enough fat to transfer. I now feel that even on the smallest patients he finds the fat somewhere.
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