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Hello Beautiful ladies!! I am four weeks away from...

Hello Beautiful ladies!! I am four weeks away from my BBL with Dr. Salama. I am 5"1 and 155lb. My BMI is 28. Iv wanted a booty my entire adult life. I've always been blessed with beautiful breast and a beautiful face but have always felt like my lower body just does not match that. I love my legs as well. When I was younger before my children, I wanted a larger booty butt loved the rest of my body. It's just that middle area that could use some help. Lmbo. I'm going to be having lipo on my upper and lower back, arms, flanks and abdomen. So far everyone I have dealt with at Salama's office has been awesome (Nancy and Zuny). I only live about an hour and 45 minutes away but my husband and I will be staying at our timeshare close to dr. Salama's office. My husband is a paramedic and has taken off a month from work to take care of me while I heal. I feel so blessed to have somebody who is in the medical field and my husband to take care of me. I am not in the least bit service. just full of excitement! I have been researching doctors for years. After much deliberation I decided on Dr. Salama. I have confidence that he will deliver the look I am after. Please send lots of prayers my way and I will continue to update throughout my journey.

Wanted to add some wish pics

I have a lot of stretch marks on my abdomen. I'm not sure if once that area is lipoid I will be left with sagging skin. I'm wondering if Dr. Salama is going to suggest a different kind of Lipo be done on my abdomen to keep the skin from sagging. The stretch marks do not bother me but sagging skin definitely will. I don't feel like I have enough on my abdomen to need a tummy tuck so I'm really hoping that won't be suggested. If anyone has any insight on the subject please let me know. The second two photos were me playing around with an app.

26 days to go!

Right now the widest part of my hips and bum are measuring at 38". Belly at 35" and arms at 12". My pictures are not posting in the order I want them to so here again is the pictures I played around with in an app. I would love to have these results. I feel like they are realistic when considering Salama's work.

Me three years ago

This is my husband and I three years ago before my last two children were born. I can live with the body but where the hell is the booty? My bathing suit really could've used some filling on the bottom.

My supplies

OK, I wanted to include a picture of my supplies along with a list of everything I have. I have researched and spoke to many women who have had a BBL and that's how I accumulated my list of things I would need. Most of these things will be after wounds are healed. Some I will use right away.

Supply list

The one that says still softener is supposed to be stool softener. Sorry about that. In the picture there are saline bags. As I said earlier my husband is a paramedic and will be taking care of me. The Saline is in case I become dehydrated. If there's any questions about anything else on my list please do ask.

Supply list

A good friend of mine has already gone through this. She could not stress enough that the only things she actually used immediately post opt was pads, washable chucks, wipes. She went through A lot of those three items. Also, things you will need right away our brief style panties, T-shirts to go under your garment, robe and slippers. Medical tape you will use to tape your drains to keep them from hanging.

22 more days to go!!

Here are some more pics of my body now about there are two of me before my last two pregnancies.

10 days to go!! Just got Full torso Epifoam!

I am 10 days away from a new sexy me! I've seen some pretty interesting configurations of Epifoam use after surgery. After doing some research I found that a company called in the pink room have a full torso Epifoam covering. You can get it in short torso or long. Just go to www.inthepinkroom.com and search post surgical foam. It'll come up at the end of the page and you're just going to choose a long or short torso. This website has all the post surgery garments and things you will need. Items are a bit pricey but the quality is amazing. The foam cost me $50. Not having to mess with a bunch of individual pieces of foam I think this is going to be worth the cost. I know a lot of women were having trouble finding things that covered not only the torso but their love handles as well. This wraps around the entire midsection and Velcro's in the back. Hope this was helpful!
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