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Hello ladies. So I found this website about 2 yrs...

Hello ladies.
So I found this website about 2 yrs ago now and it really helped me to decide who I wanted to go with for my BBL. I had done so much research and read so many reviews til I finally decided to go with Dr Salama at Elite Plastic Surgery in Florida. The pictures I saw of his work was exactly what I was looking for. I already have a shape with hips but with his defining skills it will definitely be waaaaay better. Lol. Although my surgery is 7 months away I'm so excited. The staff has been so nice and patient about answering any questions I have had thus far. I chose to stay at the recovery house after my surgery. Surgery prep suggestions and after surgery supplies suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

A little info on my me....

Hi Ladies. So as of now I have gotten a few minor items like gauze pads, neosporin, scar cream etc. I realized on my previous post I didn't tell you all my measurements so here the are...
Bust 36 D
Waist 37 inches
Hips 44.5 inches
Height 5'3
Weight 167 (last time I checked)
What I'm looking for most at this point is a slimmer waistline and a more fuller and rounder booty. And I feel given the photos I have seen of bbl's done by Dr Salama I will get exactly what I'm looking for. My family feels I don't need it but it's something I just want for me. So I'm going for it... pre op pics to come.


Hello Big Booty Club!! ; )... So I been working on my supplies to keep me busy. Been nervous and excited all in one lately... here's what I have so far...

I finally got my phone to act right!!!

I Finally got my phone to act right so here are a few pics of my current situation ladies!!! I will warn you now...they are a bit embarrassing!

Exactly 15 Days Til Show Time!!!

Hello all of ma Bootifull ladies!!!

Haven't been on here much because i haven't had much time. But i wanted to update you ladies. So far i have all but a few supplies i need to get for post surgery....I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I got my instructions in the mail about a week ago now and got all my prescription meds except one... ma family still isn't thrilled about me getting the procedure but they are supporting me which is appreciated. Any of you other ladies getting your procedures done in February? If so I wish you a safe and fast recovery. God Bless!!!

2 More Days til I'm Salamafied!!

Hey bootyiful ladies,
I can't believe it's almost here....my new me is coming soon!!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Lol. Hopefully I remembered everything. One thing for sure is I got all my prescriptions filled. Only thing left is setting up my massages for when I return. I'm not sure how many a week we're supposed to have tho...hopefully they will let me know . Anyways that's so much for being here for me as I make this journey!!! Best wishes to all who are getting surgery soon. I'm praying for a safe surgery and travels and a speedy recovery for us all. God Bless!!!

4 Months Post Op

Hello ladies!!! It's been a long time. My journey has been one to write about but I will spare you the details. Lol. I will tell a little and if you have any specific questions just ask and I will answer them... so I met Dr Salama the morning of my surgery. He was a gentleman. Ask me what I wanted and told me the reality of what he could do. I met with the anesthesia guy (forgot his name) who also was a gentleman then I was set for surgery. I laid down on the table and was talking. Before I knew it i was waking up. Man Oh man. The pain is like no other. And the massages....I will be honest. I cried like a baby. It hurt so badly. But I beared it because I knew it was necessary for recovery...fast forward to home...Driving was a task... just daily living became difficult. It definitely takes a strong will to get thru this recovery. At 4 months I still have some scars I'm working on and a lil scared tissue under my skin. But I love my results. I will post pics soon...

4 Months measurements

36" bust
29.5" waist
47" hips
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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