BBL, Vaser Lipo, and cell saver. 27 Years Young. No Kids. 5'7" 190lbs Salama Mama

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I'm so tired of this flat butt and these back...

I'm so tired of this flat butt and these back rolls! :-( I have been on realself researching for years behind the scenes but I finally decided to make an account and tell you guys my story! I am 27 y.o. no kids 5' 7" and 190lbs. I used to weight 260-280lbs. I lost the weight and I have tried so hard in the gym to grow a but to compliment my new and improved smaller frame. I have been doing squats, lunges, supermans, donkey kickbacks, whatever you name it I've tried it. I've tried protein shakes and adding weights and everything else imaginable with no results. I am a nurse and I make great money and I never spend on myself so for once I am doing something for me to make me happy. My procedure is paid in full and I have a pre-op visit with Dr. Salama on 9/28/16 Thank you guys for following me on my journey!!

Time is winding down!!!!

Only 5 days before I am standing in front of Dr.Salama saying "please help me!" Lol and 6 days before he works his magic!!! I was lucky enough to have only booked with him maybe 2 months ago. I had to pay 10% of the cost to hold my spot which was rounded to about $800 which I did immediately paid after talking on the phone to Nancy the first time. Let me tell you I definitely dont just have this kind of money just sitting around so I literally am on a travel nurse assignment in San Francisco CA just to pay for this procedure out of pocket. This $800 comes out of your overall balance they say you have to pay it completely off 3weeks before you procedure date. You also have to have lab work done 3weeks before your procedure if you are an out of town guest. They test urine to make sure your not pregnant. They test lab work to make sure you don't have HIV diabetes or low blood counts. You also have to do a preop EKG and to make sure you have normal cardiac funtion and are overall a healthy individual. They dont want any surprises when you get on the table and are sedated. They also tell you to take vitamins for 2 months pre-op it includes iron 325 daily and vitamin C 500 two times per day. It is a lot involved but they want to make sure that you heal up properly after your surgery. Dr salamas office also sent me a package telling me everything that I need to do. It included my prescriptions that I need to go to the pharmacy to fill prior to my arrival in Fl (if you're not in your home state a lot of states will not feel the narcotic prescription). There is definitely a lot more money involved in this surgery than just the surgery so be sure you are ready before you make your deposit as it is non-refundable. At least an additional $5000 for massages, hotel or recovery stay, labs, how you gonna get there how you gonna get back when you cant sit (plane, train, drive, superman, whatever lol), prescriptions, additional garmets, epifoam, dresses if you dont already have some to show off that new kadonka donk.

5 days and counting!!!!

In 4 days I will be in Miami Fl!!! and in 5 days I will be as the vets say "Salamafied". They should add that word to the dictionary! Because its a pretty important word to me lol. But anyways, here is a list of additional things I had to acquire to take with me to Florida.

Dial soap, Feminine pads, bed pads, female urinal/ P-EZ, Arnica tablets & Arnica cream. Loose fitting dresses, bedroom slippers, bath robe with a zipper, pineapple juice, Gatorade, someone to help you if you are not staying in recovery. shirts to go under your garmet. Booty buddy/DrMIamiBootyBuddy pillow, Neosporin, peroxide and cotton balls, compression stockings, wipes, gauze, paper tape, and granny panties :-)

And some more wish pics. This is another one of Salamas patients and a Realself sister *bootilicious (yes two I's) :-)

12hrs Pre op!!! in 12hrs I will be Salamafied!!

I've been dancing around all day like I already had the booty lol! like..... "Throw dat ass in a circle Throw dat ass in a circle" lol. Went to the Aventura office today and met some of the staff there for my preop visit. Nomie and Jasenia are freakin' awesome (very funny and personable). I did not meet with or talk to Dr. Salama yet, that will be tomorrow (so nervous about him seeing me naked as I have hid myself for so long because I wasn't happy with my butt and my body). Im just going to close my eyes and act like he isn't there lol. I talked with Nomie in a private room in the back after signing a shit load of highly needed and important paperwork (like three stacks) lol. I did not feel rushed in any way while talking to her and she answered all of my questions genuinely. Before I left I did add vaser lipo for an additional $1500. (making my total $9,799) I have seen some results of girls who had Vaser and their stomachs look like they had a tummy tuck with no scar! SUPER FLAT!! I don't want to risk the whole wrinkly belly situation aka lipo belly :-O Some of the girls at the office, I wont tell anyone's secret ;-) have also had this procedure done by Dr. Salama and for a minute there I questioned my own sexuality hahahahahahha I was like "damn". The surgery is not performed at this location it is performed on Hallendale Beach Blvd in Hallendale Fl which is really not that much further. If you mention Realself you get a third free massage!! :-D

My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 12pm so I have to be NPO (nothing by mouth) from now until then. I have to bring a gown or dress that buttons down the front (so they can dress me while I am sedated I am guessing), some saltine crackers, slippers, and cotton socks. Took some pre op pictures and videos in some dresses today but I will post that stuff on 10/1/16 after I feel better and can play dress up for some good before and afters. Well wish me luck. Pray for me! I will be praying for you all as well! Good night dollies! xoxoxoxoxo! :-*

Im here!!!

Hi dolls. Im here at Dr.Salama's waiting to get my bootay!!! My surgery was scheduled for 12pm. I didnt wait too long in the waiting room. Only about 45mins. I see where some girls waited at some places up to two hours! So anyway. Once you get here your family or friends cannot go to the back with you. When you get to the back they have you put on compression socks, a paper gown, a bonnet, paper panties and nonskid socks. Then you wait in dr salamas office for Dr.Salama and anesthesia to see you. So far thats where im at!!! Wish me luck! Im goin in!!!

I made it!

Adele's voice (hello from the other side!) Right now I am hella especially in the abdomen. So I don't have too much to show you, but when i get my message on Oct 4th I will show a little more. The pictures do this booty no justice. So let me tell you what happened. So after I sat in the room and waited for Dr Salama and anesthesia to come in. The anesthesiologist was like okay let's go. I walked into the operating room and I got onto a warm table it felt so good. It ended up being a little bit after 2 before they actually took me into the operating room when they had me there at 12 p.m. but that was okay the anticipation make time go by fast. The anesthesiologist then started an IV and they put compression sleeves on my legs to help prevent blood clots period the anesthesiologist was like "okay you're going to go to sleep now" and then I went to sleep. it seemed like I was sleep for only two seconds literally. The next thing I heard was the nurse telling me it's time to wake up now. I was laying on my stomach on the stretcher under a heated blanket I had the worst chills and my teeth were chattering. I really didn't have any pain just nausea. The nurse gave me a shot for nausea then I slowly started to wake up I stood up off of the stretcher and they put me in a wheelchair they had already called my mom to come and get me and she had the car out front. I got in the backseat and laid on my stomach. the doctor told me to not lay directly on my stomach for 2 days to prevent tissue necrosis. So I have to lay in a weird half turn propped up on a pillow because I also had my hips done. The chattering of my teeth went on for hours and the shivers. As soon as I got to the house I took my nausea medicine ate some crackers and took my pain medicine my mom made sure that I drank Gatorade, water, and pineapple juice she also made me eat a piece of chicken and some green vegetables even though I had no appetite whatsoever. oh yeah I forgot to mention that I added cell saver when I met with dr. Salama yesterday before my procedure it was an extra $500. What that means is they pretty much give you your blood back that was lost during surgery which means your blood count, nutients, & vitamins will be higher your energy level will be higher and you will heal quicker it is definitely worth it. I also took Arnica 200k 5 tablets 3 times a day for 5 days prior to my surgery and I'm continuing to take the tabkets 3 times a day after my surgery. These are supposed to help with swelling and bruising. He also told me to get up every 2 hours and walked for 10 minutes for the next 2 days into switch Laying from side to side every two hours. Two drains one in the right front corner of my abdomen and one right down the crack of my butt the one down the crack of my butt is really annoying I have just been dumping them every time I get up to go to the bathroom and everytime I get up to walk.
I had to go see him at 9 o'clock this morning in the aventura office.

Don't be afraid!

I just wanted to tell you girls don't be afraid. Dr Salama is an excellent doctor! Yeah they sat me on my butt in a wheelchair and rolled me out to the car but that did not hurt my butt. I was sitting on the biggest warmest boppy pillow known to man kind lol. I have been taking my pain meds every 4-5hrs and my Arnica tables and to be honest with you the pain is very bearable. I have yet to cry or feel like im going to cry from pain. The worst part for me was waking up from the anesthesia and I was freezing (shivering horribly and my teeth would not stop chattering) and very nauseous but that is literally all the discomfort I have had. The very next morning after surgery and seeing Dr. Salama me and my mom went and walked around the flea market and bought some pretty cute dresses. If you stay in the area and aren't "too good" for the flea market they have some really good deals at The Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale. I got 3 NEW cute dresses for $25 :-) that show off my hump but not too much. It was 20mins from my place in Hollywood Fl.

Post Op Day #2 Feeling Great!

Swelling has went down significantly ins just two days. I love my new shape! I know its not set in stone yet but i know it will still be fabulous after i am completely healed.
Just some updated pics and how im keeping all my many meds on track.

*btw sleeping on my stomach is not so bad :-) Thank you lord :-)

Percocet has been holdin' me down!!! LOL

Hello bbl sisters! I have been trying to write this post for days!!! I kid you not!!! everytime I get on here to write it that dang percocet kicks in and I fall asleep. I just cant seem to fight it. then I wake up and its either time to go to an appointment or something else. So here I am on my belly writing this post at 0530 in the morning to try to update you ladies before I pass out again. So anyways.......

I am officially 6 days post op. The pics below are a comparison of 1 day pre op versus 5 days post op. I wish I would have taken pics in my dress yesterday cuz I WAS BANGIN" YALL!!! :-D It seems like every single day my body gets significantly smaller and more defined and I LOVE IT!!!

MASSAGE: So I had my first massage two days ago on post op day 4 (Tuesday 9/4/16) in Dr. Salama's office with Celia she was so sweet and my massage was actually not that bad. When she did my back it actually felt pretty good to me but then again I took two instead of one percocet and a 200mg ibuprofen precisely 1hr before my massage. I was told that when you get vaser lipo vs traditional lipo the massages don't hurt as bad (another reason to get vaser). She used an ultrasound machine first that felt like it made the fluid and tissue under my skin vibrate. I really enjoyed this part because it made that horrible itching on my back ( like ants under the skin) go away for a few hours. Then she just applied pressure as she ran her hands down my back and my sides and my abdomen and pushed the fluid towards my drains. The output of the drains had slowed down until after my massage then they picked right back up. The output was like post op day one all... over........ again..........................................zzzZZzzz............................................................. yeah so i fell asleep woke up and after taking a shower, putting my garment back on, eating, taking meds, and washing the dishes it is now 1:29pm but im gonna finish this post today one way or another lol

P-EZ: So before surgery I ordered the P-EZ (one for at home and one to put in my purse). Long story short if you don't put the big part towards the back of your vagina and actually open your vagina and place this thing over the opening, you will pee on your garment. Once I figured that out I have been alright with going standing up.

CONSTIPATION: So I was lucky enough to not really experience any severe constipation. Even though my prescription for colace (docusate sodium/ stool softener) is ordered twice a day as needed I have just been taking it twice a day scheduled with my other meds since I know iron and pain medications cause constipation. I have also been taking a cap full of miralax daily with my breakfast. I have been doing this since post op day #1 and still didn't have a bowel movement until post op day #3 (some girls are going 7-9 days with no stool :-O). I have been drinking lots of fluids, walking/ moving around frequently, and eating high fiber and healthy foods (steamed spinach, kale, collard greens, Brussel sprouts green beans, salads, apples, nuts, fish,chicken, no junk food and I still only go once a day with all the stool softeners and laxatives I am taking. I'm just saying...You will feel so much better if you are clean inside :-) I plan to start decreasing my pain medication and just alternate ibuprofen so I don't have this constipation issue anymore.

Sorry it took so long to update! Thanks for following my journey will post pics separately because they wont upload from my laptop again for some reason.

Pre op day 1 & post op day 5&6 pics

Post Op Day #10

Hi dolls! just giving you guys an update. Today well, yesterday made post op day 10 so since it is 1:43AM I am officially post op day 11. I had my second massage in the office yesterday and it felt great, especially the ultrasound part. I don't know why it feels so good to me, maybe I am lucky :-) My skin feels so much tighter now and I feel like I am getting smaller after every massage.

I didn't have any new drainage in my drains in 2 days so they were removed today. YAAAAY ME! They would have been removed on Friday but the office was closed due to Hurricane Matthew so I had to wait until Monday to have them removed :( but now I feel free! Everything is so much easier without those things hanging around everywhere!

Just to answer a few questions that me and some other dolls had. I got these answers in the office today.

* you have to wear foam for as long as you wear your garment ( 8 Weeks). At the end of week 2 the front piece of foam is replaced with the abdominal board. The abdominal board is to be worn until the end of your 8 Week prison sentence lol. The board is to be worn directly against the abdomen right after your T-Shirt. If you feel your garment is too loose you may place the foam over the abdominal board.

* You can begin sitting using your Dr Miami booty buddy or BBL pillow whenever you are comfortable as long as there is no pressure directly on your buttocks. However, you may not sit using your boppy pillow until after 6 weeks. (I sat on the chair arm on my thighs and that was fine)

How I am measuring up!

Dr Salama gave me 1300CCs!!!!!!!! But I really don't think that matters because 1300 CCs on a 120 lb person will look different from 1300 CCs on a 190 lb person.

Current Weight: 205 lbs :-O Pre-op Weight: 190lbs
Current Waist: 35.5" (and shrinking) Pre-op Waist: 37.5"
Curent Hips and Butt: 46.5" :-O Pre-op Hips and Butt: 38" :-(

WARNING: Arnica gel was not my friend. It made my skin very dry (like someone had rubbed school glue on my back flaky) and itchy and red and it burned a little. I immediately took a shower to get it off of me but it still felt like it was still there!!! I went to whole foods and got Arnica Montana oil and Vit E oil and rubbed that on my skin mixed in a little water. That felt much better!

***Will post pics in following post :-)

Post Op Day 10 pics (yesterday)

Post op day 10 pics

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the Beautiful!

So I realized as I look through my posts I am only telling the good parts. I guess maybe because I am not big on complaining. However, I forgot how important it is for my Realself sisters to know everything so they can be mentally and physically prepared for this procedure. So here it is..... The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Beautiful!

The Good: I have had very minimal pain, It has been at least 10 days since I last took the Percocet. Which I never really had bad make you wanna cry pain. I just took it because I was afraid of the pain. Tylenol and Ibuprofen have keep me very very comfortable and is sufficient for me. I was up and shopping the very next day but I did get tired rather easily. I love my results. I can finally go in a store, look at an outfit and know in my head that that is going to look perfect on me! :-) I cried the other day at the mall because I was so happy with my results.

The Bad: My massages were not as painful as I expected them to be from other realself sisters reviews, however they were a tad bit uncomfortable. Then when I went to get my 3rd massage she switched machines on me. This new machine got hot (felt like it was almost burning me hot) and it also felt like electricity going over my skin (like a tattoo) VERY UNCOMFORTABLE :-(

Self massaging is not as easy as it sounds. Got a workout in rolling around on that foam roller and it was very painful over my love handle area and my lower abdomen which i am sure is because of the heavy lipo in those areas. Since I am now back home in VA finding a masseuse to do my massages has been quite the task and has really built up some anxiety especially since my mom is back home 3.5hrs away from me and cant rub me anymore. I am meeting a lady named Alise tomorrow. Hopefully she knows what she is doing

This damn garment is HOT!!! and sweating makes my skin itch but you cant even scratch it because of all this damn foam in the way!! you have a t-shirt, foam, an abdominal board, your garment, a bra if you decide you need one, compression socks, and then the dress or outfit that you chose to wear for the day and if you're in Florida its like 80-90 DEGREE WEATHER so you're drenched in sweat which you cant even air out because of the garment >:( . Oh yeah and when I walk my legs rub together and the garment makes a sandpaper kind of sound HAHAHAHA!

Having to go #2 when you're not at home. You have to take the entire garment off!! So I am with my mom at the mall enjoying trying new clothes on over my new curves and of course the stool softeners decided to kick in. I have to take my entire outfit and garment and foam and board off just to drop the kids off at the pool in this tiny little bathroom with nowhere clean to lay my garment! THEN PUT IT ALL BACK ON AGAIN!!!!!

Sleeping has been a real pain in the ass well not the ass but the back. I had slight back pain prior to having this procedure but having to lay flat on my stomach had really aggravated that pain. Having the board in place definitely didnt make it better. I used to wake up every 3-4 hours due to back pain and would stay up for 1-1.5hrs after. However, I found a way to sleep using the sofa cushion. Last night was the first night I slept all the way through without back pain. I laid the sofa cushion up on the bed and placed my upper body on it (from my pelvis up on my abdomen). I then placed a thin pillow under my knees and turned slightly. I slept like a baby pretty much on my knees.

The UGLY: Right now I have a total of 13 incisional scars plus one in the belly button that you cant see. They really arent that bad and nothing a little Mederma cant fix but since I am light skinned the one under my breasts, where my drains were, and the one down the center of my back really stand out because they are dark.

The Beautiful: I really love my results overall and there is nothing that I would change. I am already turning heads even with all this foam on lol. A guy told me " I think I saw you in my dreams" LOL!!!!! My ASS LOOKS GREAT!!!!!

Shrinking proportionately :-)

So I measured myself today and I am 34" in the waist and 45.5" in the hips and bootay! Very happy with these numbers as long as my butt doesn't shrink more than my waist I am happy. I forgot to add to my last post that my skin also feels weird. It feels really dry and stiff underneath my skin. I had been taking a hot shower oiling (Vit E) myself, self massaging, & stretching daily. This seems help a little. I am on garment #3. The first two i got for free with the special Dr. Salama is having. The third one cost me $140 and I think it is too big already. I bought it 4days ago :-/ I think I will just have it taken in or throw my cincher on top to tighten things up a bit

20 Days post op!!!

Hey! Just got off from work! Yes work!!! I worked 3-1130pm on post op day 19! :-) I was so nervous. As nurses we usually work 12hr shifts but luckily enough for me I am able to have the ability to schedule myself however to suit my needs. I usually work 7a-7p but it takes me soooooooooooo long to get ready after I shower and massage and put on my foam and faja its been 2-3hrs smh. I did not sit down at work. However when I took my lunch break I went to my car and laid on my stomach. I wore super big scrubs but this one guy who has always tried to get my number noticed "a lil something something" but he couldn't put his finger on it lol. I just told him I got fat LOL. YEAH FAT IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES :-D ;-) As far as going to the bathroom I just took myself every 2hours whether I had to go or not to prevent me from having to rush and risk peeing myself at work, since it takes forever to take one shoe off and one leg out to use my P-Ez through the hole in my faja lol. I had no pain. I did have a half of a cup of coffee since I got a lil tired yesterday around 5pm and had to take a nap i didnt want to be sleepy at work. Going to work actually made me feel less stiff amd for once I didnt feel handicapped. Here are some new photos! Size 17 jeans never looked so good!!! & im getting softer and softer everyday!!!

3 weeks post op pics!!!! and one post op day 11 pic I forgot :)

A guy is talking amongst his friends. When I approach the talking stops. You could hear crickets lol. A guy says to his friends as I walk by.......... "GOOD GOD!"..... the talking commences again :-)

I'm like yeah God is good isn't he :-)

6 weeks post op!

I can't wait to take this damn Faja off! but I got a feeling that it won't be that easy. Whenever I take it off I feel like my skin is not a part of me still, but the doctor says I'm still swollen and numb so this should go away soon. My waist is 32.5" and my hips/bootay are holdin in at 45.5" :-) I've been back to work since day 19 and this week I went into overtime. Four 12hr shifts :-) I'm ready to start working out but I'm kinda afraid. I'm now in a size Large Faja. My first one was like 4XL then 2XL then XL now L. Word from the wise don't get the shorts faja it will ride you something terrible gets caught under my butt when I'm sleep and wakes me up because it's so tight. Then when I'm walking it rolls up in the front and it's so annoying. I will continue to wear my Faja for the next two weeks. Then I'll only wear it during the daytime and sleep without it. I will practice this when I don't have to work the next day until I know how it's going to affect me. My booty is softer but still kind of firm I want it to get more soft and jiggly. I hope it really does. The only bad news I have is I feel like my right cheek is a tad bit bigger than the left one and he took more out of my flanks on the left than on the right making my hip apear to be higher on yhe right side. It could just be swelling but I will wait it out and see. I also have one little hard spot in the center of my left butt cheek which has been there since post op week 2. Overall I am still happy and I really don't think anyone can tell except for me lol. So here are pics!! Good luck dolls!!!

My bootyful juicy Lil booty

10 week update!!

13 weeks post op no garment

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Having my BBL done with Dr. Salama and his team ( Jasenia, Nancy, Nomie, Celia, the anesthesia dept, recovery and everyone else) at Elite Plastic Surgery Center was the best decision I ever made. There are even a few Salama dolls working in there and they look great and their secret is safe with me ;-) They are very caring, personable, trustworthy, and professional. From the first time I called to set up my consult to the time I came in for my follow up appointment I felt like my well being and happiness was their first priority not money. My body looks amazing! I showed him what I wanted and he delivered excellent results! After following Dr. Salama's orders and suggestions I was able to go out and shop the very next day! Dr. Salama is not only a wonderful plastic surgeon but a gifted artist and highly recommended! Sending my own mom back here soon! :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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