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Hey girls I'll be sharing my experience here. I'm...

Hey girls I'll be sharing my experience here. I'm super excited to be doing my surgery a month from now. Aug.4,2015.
A little bit about myself I'm 23 I have 3 kids I'm 133lb and I'm about 5'3. I had my last baby a year and 4 months ago.
I'm doing this surgery because obviously after 3 pregnancies my body has changed a lot and I think I deserve to look good for myself and my hubby.
I've been stalking this website for a while but still any bbl sisters that have had this procedure done already please feel free to give me any tips or advice. It is much needed!
I'm hoping to get the biggest butt I can get with my own fat, a flat tummy and small waist.
The doctor I have chosen is dr.salama he seems very professional and has very good reviews and I have 2 friends to bbl procedures with him both came out great.

Bbl with Dr.Zayas from evolution MD

As you can tell I switched from salama to dr.zayas from evolution MD. When I wanted to do the surgery back then it just wasn't the right time and also I couldn't save money I just kept having to spend. Until a friend of mine recommend evolution md in Miramar,Fl. My experience at this point is that they are all very sweet and attentive but extremely busy. I go to school so I need to have my surgery done during the summer break which is why I went with dr.zayas fortunately he had an opening for Aug.4th,2016. If any one has had surgery with him please give me feed back and advice it's greatly appreciated. I will continue to update you guys. Btw I'm having the surgery with local anesthetic it's cheaper first and second I just rather not be put to sleep.

24 years old from Fort Lauderdale,Fl I have 3...

24 years old from Fort Lauderdale,Fl I have 3 kids I'm married I have a square body with stubborn fat in stomach and back. I weigh 137 lbs & I'm 5'3 I tend to gain weight in my upper body I don't have much thighs I have been obsessing over 2 years finally saved up enough money and will be over with this in less than a month if anyone has done their surgery with Dr. Zayas from evolution md advice and feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Forget this page

I'm doing a new one ignore this page

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