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So I just got off the phone with Ms. Nancy at...

So I just got off the phone with Ms. Nancy at Elite Plastic Surgery and might I say from the brief conversation we had, I know that this is where I need to have my surgery. I've been on and off the fence about actually doing this period. Im scared, however I know that the end result will be worth it all. I was suppose to have surgery in the DR back in February however the closer it got to the date the more uncomfortable I would get with the idea. Im active duty and even though it is cheaper, I know I have a obligation and responsibility to 1. take my health into consideration and 2. make this best educated and informed decision I could. And going to a foreign country where the facilities are not what I am use to just wouldn't due plus I heard I would have to bring my own supply of high powered drugs. However, to each its own. As much as I wanted to go to Spectrum or Vanity for a $4000 ass something in my spirit and reading reviews just didn't settle right with me either. I spoke to the folks at Vanity and I thought that I would go with them until the email I received said I would have to put down a $2000 (half of my procedure) deposit to secure a date. and that's all fine and dandy but not for Dr. O I don't. Not when Im reading reviews of ppl getting sick.. (Once again I cant be on that list either because I have an obligation to be fit for full duty in 30 days.) So it came down to Dr. Miami and Dr. Salama. Well I don't have till July 2016 to wait for Dr. Salz especially when I should have been snatched like yesterday! lol. So Dr. Salama it is and I am beyond excited especially since Im getting a MILITARY DISCOUNT!!! Who would of thought! lol Never-the-less I still would have paid the $8299. Im scheduled for August 25, (wow that's really my date.) Well Ima keep yal posted on everything I can. Im about to head of to bed, Im overseas currently and its 2 am Tuesday.

oh by the way, while roaming Instagram I came across a Recovery House called Elite Nursing Concierge or @305_postop_nurse. Her rate is $200 a night all inclusive, shes also offers a discount to double occupancy. (I know this is a fucked up thing to say however, Ima go with her because 1. she's beautiful. 2. she's black. 3. shes an actual nurse. and 4. from what I've seen her set up looks really nice. PLUS I am all about supporting black owned businesses.)
well GN darlings

64 days till BBL and my Wish photos

Hi to whoever reads this.
So a few folks ask me what is my desired look?? That's a hard consideration I have yet to look at one "wishful" photo. Not knocking anyone who does however all my life I've kind of liked things I created or dreamed for myself. I've always had this luck that anytime I wanted something like someone else's it never worked out in my benefit lol. It's really true. However there is an idea that I have about my desired look. I would really love a smaller waist and for my hips to be more defined or full. I really don't want that much projection just because I kind of like my little butt. It's built my character in a way. I kind of like that shape of a tear drop.. Nothing high that sits on my back. More of a nice sloping curve.. Where the cheeks peak out the bottom of my shorts. Well I'm posting 2 "wishful" photos both of MYSELF. I used a plastic surgery app to alter.

Elite Nursing Concierge Recovery House

So I found my recovery house on Instagram. (I couldn't think of any other way to find one so I #miamirecoveryhouse) I know that sounds crazy to do however I like pictures, I like to see who my caregiver will be, get a feel for there personality, and make sure they actually have clients and not just made some page up on here and start writing reviews for them selves. Well I've shopped around and I came to the conclusion that @305_postop_nurse aka Ms. Mary is the RH for me. She charges $200 a night or $150 if you find a roommate. Now to some that might seem pricey however I think of it like this. 1. She's black so no language barriers. 2. She's has made her self open to public ridicule by making an Instagram 3. She has actual pictures of her establishment. 4. She's a REGISTERED NURSE in the United States. 5. She offers massages. 6. And I just know in my spirit that this is the right move to make.
Now I'll be staying in Miami at her recovery house for 10 nights. Which is about 2k if I don't find a roommate. That is a lot of money I won't lie however my ass is costing me $7799 so this is not the time to be cheap with my health and recovery. I need to be comfortable and feel safe and secure. Ima keep yal posted about every thing especially the recovery house. This is a journey and I don't want to leave out a thing. Well yal have a good night, and I'm only 60 days till surgery!!!!!!!

Faja business..

So I have searched hi, I have searched low.. I have looked on sites in Spanish, I have looked on stores on EBay. Amazon I just don't trust and everyone seems to be a "faja" distrubitor. Is anyone else feeling over whelmed?? I WAS. So after typing in Fajas, fajas in Columbia, faja stage 2, faja with butt out, and a few more I finally ran into luck on EBAY (well sored of) I found the faja I wanted however they were sold out of a medium and small. So I copied and pasted the title "liposculpture Girdle High Back and gluteus" into my google search. I ran across across Classicshapewear.com well they were having a 4TH OF JULY SALE OF 25% OFF!!! I was able to buy two black fajas with the butt out and pee wholes for $150. So $75 each but hey they're black so I won't complain! Lol well I just wanted to share this for anybody who was having trouble.


So I think I've fucked up, I decided to be open and honest with everyone who knows me about getting a BBL in August. People are soooooo stupid. So so so so so so so soooo STUPID! If I say, yeah I'm having COSMETIC SURGERY, where in there do you hear I'm getting butt shots? If I tell you I'm getting aggressive lipo and having them reinject the fat into my butt. Where in that statement do you hear BUTT SHOTS. If I tell you I've spent close to 10k for everything, once again WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU HEAR BUTT SHOTS? I know people are going to assume that's expected but before you give me the stank eye, ask in detail what the hell it is that I am doing. I don't want to throw shade however women are so full of shit. Don't get upset with me because instead of settling with my current situation and acting like I am happy with my outer appearance I've decided to take matters into my own hands.. I'm soo tired with "what's wrong with being natural?" "This is just a phase, not every man wants a big booty woman." "You're going to look like Nicki Minaj and K. Michelle." "Your butt is going to be lumpy." "Can't you die from ass shots?" If this is what ppl are saying to my face, I can't wait to hear the rumors and assumptions after I debut the mini midget on my back. It's sad how much ppl wanna bring us few brave ones down because we choose to take our lives and asses back!! Lol. Well I just wanted to vent. Pray for the old and pray for the youth.


On JULY 16 7PM-9PM Victoria Secrets will have their PINK PANTIES on SALE 8 for $27. THE CODE IS 3558


Excuse me for this next rant. DO NOT FUCKING ORDER FROM CLASSICSHAPEWEAR.COM!!!!! These sons of bitches are thieves!!! THIEVES THIEVES THIEVES THIEVES THIEVES. Thinking I was getting a DISCOUNT literally ended up with me being without $150 of my own money. USPS LOST MY PACKAGE, I understand shit happens however here is where the problem comes in, I have called these bastards every other day since JULY 8 asking about my package. And every other day I get the SAME response, that they have to speak with "Their Manager" to see what they can do for me. Remind you sending my another package seems not to be an option not give me my money back. These simple minded bitches who answer these phones are as useful at a limp dick. It not that they have STOLE MY MONEY that bothers me its that the bitches who answer the phones have YET TO FOLLOW UP OR CALL ME BACK. So in return I'm convinced that they are SHADY AS FUCK AND JUST WANT TO GET YOUR MONEY REGARDLESS IF YOUR SATISFACTION HAS BEEN MET. I beg you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!! I just read some online reviews for this company and a lot of women have said the exact same thing I am tell you. Unfortunately for them, I will down load every calling app, can call these people every hour on the hour till I'm tired or something is done. I have nothing better to do these harass these ppl. I take pleasure in fucking ppl days up. I'm about to post this on every photo these fuckers have on IG AND FB. Wanna fuck with my money, I'll do the same.

Had my surgery yesterday


I'm sooo damn itchy!

Day 2.

7 day post op

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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