19 Years Old, Getting Bbl. Aventura, FL

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I'm getting bbl done one the first of June with Dr...

I'm getting bbl done one the first of June with Dr. Salama. I am 19 years old and currently weight 135lb. I want to have a nice butt with a small waist. Already payed in full. In the process of buying things I will need for after the surgery. I'm a little bit nervous, I just hope i am happy with the results.

Day of the surgery

I woke up face down shaking. A lady put me on my robe and helped me get on a wheelchair. When the car arrived, I without help got into the back sit of the car and laid down on the back seat. I was on the road for about 35 minutes. I had to hold on to something in the car since it was hitting alot of bumps. It wasn't a pleasant experience but it wasn't that bad. When I got to the hotel I was super hungry. The person who took care of me made me a very good soup with all kinds of things in it. I felt better after eating it.

Day 2

I don't remember when I first used the restroom, it was either day one or two. I do remember that I had a bit of hard time since I chose ti squat down (I was scared the fat would die). When I peed, some of the liquid kind of fell outside the toilet since I had two drains one on the back and one on the front. But I soon got the hanged of it. I am constantly drinking water which is great. I use the restroom about every hour due to all the liquid consumption.

On this day I felt really exhausted. I felt weak and was sweating. I went to an appointment I had and there a women took off my garment and let me see how I looked then she put it back on. She also added some sponges. I asked about how I was feeling and she said it was normal. She told me it was the effect of the pain killer.

I was told I could shower. That day I felt like doing #2 but I thought it would be impossible with the garment on. I don't know if you are suppose to do that while on the garment. But anyways, I thought the opening in it, I felt, wasn't high enough. So I got the lady helping me to help me pull it down. The first time taking it down it hurt since it was tight. I almost let down a tear. After doing what I had to I showered and washed the garment. After it dried I put it back on. It felt uncomfortable. Every 2 hours I would get up and walk for 10 minutes to help with the blood circulation.

Day 3-5

Taking the garment on and off has been a pain. At times my body feels great but other times it feels terrible.

Day 5
Went to get my first massage done and felt great afterwards. The massage therapist switched my XL garment for a tighter XL, I felt like I couldn't fit enough food in it. After coming to the hotel I had to use the restroom and taking the garment off was a nightmare. I decided to switch to the original garment because the massage therapist had told me I could in order to sleep more comfortably.

Day 6-7

Have been feeling terrible, there is only a few times in the day that I feel good. I began having regrets but then thought it over and thought I made a good decision. My butt has been going down at a fast rate, I even thought about getting another bbl next year. My butt looked terrible before. It literally looked like a grandmas butt. I am thankful for what the dr. has done for me. I have always struggled when choosing what to wear. Unlike my peers, I haven't been able to work because I was so ashamed of my body. Every picture I took was only of my chest and up. I really hope things change and I look and feel good.

Day 8

I feel great. The garment is coming up a lot easier. I went o bet my second massage today and met a different massage therapist. The massage today hurt a lot but I endued it. I felt so much better after the massage. I also got the board today since I will be leaving Wednesday. I finally got a drain removed it was the back drain. I felt wonderful because that thing was uncomfortable. I wonder if it will leave a scar. Does anyone know of any good product that erases scars and stretch marks?

Day 9

Feeling better. My stomach is itching which is good because it means its healing. My butt is bothering me a bit. The place were the drain was taken out left a hole and I have to wear a gauze with tape. The tape leaves some of its glue in it. The massage therapist said alcohol should get rid of it.

On day 9 I will see the doctor and get my 3rd massage. I have to ask him about a tube looking bump under my skin.


It will be a year next month of having the bbl done. Not really happy with the results. It completely shrunk back to its original size. I spent more than $10,000 for this so I don't think it was worth it. I initially decided to go with the plastic surgeon because he had a lot of reviews. The first appointment I had everything felt rushed. The surgeon was trying to get as many people as he could I believed. When I arrived for the first appointment for that reason I had to wait a long time. I kind of had a bad feeling about it but I brushed it off. After having the surgery done, I realized he got so many reviews because of the free garnet if a review was written. So yea I was not happy with the end results.

Info I forgot to mention

I also want to add that while being in the operation location the staff were not aware that I had an appointment. The women whose name I do not know asked me why I was there. After having the bbl done I went to my first appointment. I had to wait a long time in pain because I could not sit. The doctor also didn't see me. The staff member told me he was operating on another patient. I had so many questions to ask him. It was my understanding that he was going to see me the day after surgery. Also when I received my first or second massage, staff were coming in and out of the small room which I was not comfortable with. Also when I got my last massage I was feeling bad and my face showed it. I should point out that I was eating healthy foods. My appetite was never gone. So when I got my last massage the doctor saw me. Just before the doctor came in the massagist was telling me to smile kind of being a little pushy. Which I do not like because if I don't feel good I don't feel good and i am not going to act as if everything was fine. After the doctor came in he said everything was fine. He asked me if I ate because I didn't look good. And I said yes. So after he left the staff that gave the massage whose name I do not remember seemed mad. She pulled my garment up roughly without caring about anything. Then she pulled the garment section in between my gluts and let go of it. It kind of hurt and I was wondering what was wrong with her. Maybe she was mad because I looked like I was sick and maybe she was going to be in trouble with the surgeon I don't know. So that was not a good experience. There was another woman whom I got massages from about two times before and she was nice. I don't remember her name either but she was kind of a humble or welcoming look in her face. She is also a little taller that the other woman whom I had a bad experience with.
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BBL didn't last it went back to the original size after about 6 months post op.

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