Arm Lift, Bra Line Back Lift after Weight Loss

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When I was 16 I lost 100 lbs. I gained back about...

When I was 16 I lost 100 lbs. I gained back about 50 when I was 23. Within the past 2 years, I've slowly lost the 50 again and feel in the best shape of my life! I've been wanting an arm lift for about 10 years now but never managed to save up until now.
My surgery is scheduled for May 19th and I couldn't be more terrified and excited!

Less than a month to go

I've been counting the days. I've also been waking up in the night with terror at the thought this surgery. I know everything will be just fine and I will be happier than ever afterwards, but I can't help but be scared.

I'm very much looking forward to feeling good about the way my arms look. I've sacrificed so much in order to make this surgery happen, and to get to this point. Saving pennies and pennies and dimes all to put toward feeling better about how I look. I wish my family and friends were more supportive. I know everyone is tired of hearing me talk about it..

What are some of the things you ladies have had to sacrifice to have your surgeries?

I'm Ready To Run!

Well not really. Actually not for a few more weeks. Bummer...since this is the longest I've gone without working out since I started losing weight. Each day that passes by, the more I realize that I was so unprepared for recovery. I'm so anxious to be healed up and wearing cute shirts already! Yeeesh!! A lifetime of sleevelessness awaits me. =]

Arms are looking superb, but I've been feeling down during this recovery.

Steri strips have come off and my incisions look great. I've started applying some silicone strips nightly and just ordered some scar cream as well. Little by little my range of motion is also improving.

However, my right arm is still super tight. This may sound nutty, but I keep having these strange nightmares that my arms burst. I've been so sad with worry about the tightness in my right arm not going away. What if the skin doesn't stretch? This surgery and recovery is by no means glamorous, and I didn't expect it to be, I just wasn't expecting to worry so much. I had a different vision for this summer and I'm slightly ashamed about it. I imagined wearing sleek sleeveless outfits and enjoying myself, not being sad over slightly swollen forearms in the mornings. I'm trying to look on the bright side and consider that it is still very early out of surgery and I still have loads of healing to do, but it is still hard... =(

One Month Photos

Right Arm has me worried

Right Arm Before and After

6 Week Update and Photos

Scar seems to be healing well. Still using silicone strips and cocoa butter. As per the doctor's office's instruction, I clipped and pulled out some disolvable sutures that were poking out. When I run my finger along the scar, I still feel some. Not sure what to do about those...

The scars are so so sensitive. I cannot even think of being sleeveless right now. Plus, I've gained about 10 lbs in the 6 weeks since surgery. Still trying to keep my chin up though.

Finally Seeing the Light!

I've had quite high hopes for week 6, as I've heard that this time is a pivotal point in the healing process. As it turns out, week 6 did not disappoint! Although my scars look better with each day that elapses, it seems as though they are healing and settling down. The tightness I felt in my right arm is slowly starting to alleviate.

There are still numb parts along my incision. The "zips" and "zaps" of nerves repairing are subsiding as I am regaining normal feeling in most places on my arm.

I must say, I am quite satisfied with the inconspicuous placement of the incision. Honestly, to have that hanging skin be gone is well worth the trade off, although the scars were actually never a huge concern of mine. Nonetheless, I'll wear them with pride!

I did have my first massage on my arms this week as recommended by the doctor. I couldn't bear much direct pressure on and around the scars, but will hopefully work up a better tolerance.

Looking foward to continued healing and progress!


Quite the journey! My thoughts and emotions have been up and down these two months. I took some pics to remind myself that it is all worth it and to keep trudging through! I have not had any pain in my arms, just some tension near the scar on my right arm. I still have slight swelling on my forearms which presents itself mostly overnight. During the day, I can tell my forearm is swollen because it holds the impression of anything I lean the slightest against. I understand that swelling is a normal part of healing, but it still alarms me each time it happens nonetheless. I am working with my PCP on managing the worry and anxiety over this healing process. There are still numb parts directly around the scar.

On a lighter note, I have continued to receive massages twice a week to relieve the tension and help the scar formation. While at first, these massages were unnerving, the scar being so fresh and all, by the fourth one, I am very much looking forward to it. I also began yoga class and personal training to help me get back to Spartan strength and flexibility!

Might I add that it is the hottest day of the year here and I am brimming with joy to announce that I left the house sleeveless! I stopped wearing my compression sleeves at the 8 week mark with the exception of when I sleep. I've found that the Meptac silicone strips cover the scar sufficiently so that I can bare my arms without exposing the scar to the sun. They do however peel off sometimes near the ends, so I am careful to make sure the scar is clean and oil and perspiration free before applying. This unfortunately means that the strips are a no-go right after a massage. I always have to remember to carry my coverup with me to a session... just when I was ready to toss my collection of coverups!

Looking forward to continued sleevelessness and healing in the best of spirits!

Massages seem to be working... reduce the tension and banding effect. It may also be that the internal sutures are dissolving. Had my fifth massage yesterday and feeling a bit sore. Sigh. Just wanting my arms to feel back to normal. There is still a reddish tinge. Can't stop being a paranoid Penny.

Anxiety, Hot Ears and Healing

Nothing much to report on the arms. They pretty much look the same. No photos in this post, so I'm sure I won't get much response. My worry has been worsening with each day that passes by and my arms are still sore. It has been 2 and a half months and I do not feel entirely back to normal. I have to stop and ask... will THIS be my new normal? Will I ever feel the same as before surgery? Is this all worth it? All the questions are in my head. I've been holding back from posting every little thought or feeling that comes to mind, but I want to update at least once a week.

I've been continuing my massage sessions. My right arm still feels tight and sore around the scar mostly. Some mornings, I wake up and ask... "what have I done to myself?" when I stretch and feel the huge scars on my arms and across my back. The other part of me is a patient and understanding person who knows that full healing will take much more time. I'm trying to listen to that part of myself and let things be for now, but it's hard.

The strangest thing that has been happening is I've been having this uncomfortable hotness in my ears and face when I sit for a long time. It's not a fever, it's more like a flushing. I'm sure this has something to do with the swelling or healing or the surgery in general. I plan to see my PCP about it next week. Worrying about all this is so stressful! ::sigh::

Monday Motivation!

Feeling good. Just looking at some befores to remind myself that it is all worth it! Unfortunately, my scars are starting to become hypertrophic in areas, especially along my bra line incision. This is quite a bummer!

Also, I addressed the strange flushing phenomenon I've been feeling with my PCP and he said that it may be high blood pressure related. He suggested that I lose 40 lbs!!
This would put me at an average weight for my height. I'm slightly distraught about this. Lose 40 more pounds after all I have done to lose all this weight? I can only imagine what impact this would have on my newly tightened arms and back!

One year and 5 months update

I am so thrilled with my arms. I cannot say enough. It makes me so happy to look in the mirror. I never even glance at long sleeved shirts anymore... not even in the winter.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Every fortunate opportunity I am granted to look in the mirror, I am imbued with positive affirmation that I have made the correct decision. Through the skill and surgical excellence of Dr. Salama and his caring staff, I have uncovered a restoration of confidence, beauty and grace after a series of weight gains and losses. From the very first curious call into the office, up until the time I left Aventura, I was consistently met with nothing but patience, understanding and honesty despite my hypochondriacal tendencies. Though the aftercare and email responsiveness held a few shortcomings, these have been by far overshadowed with my satisfaction and gratitude. Although at this stage, I have quite a bit more healing ahead of me, I can nonetheless wholeheartedly attest to the amazing transformation capabilities of Dr. Salama.

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