47 Yr Old Needing Tummy Tuck After BBL - Aventura, FL

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I had a BBL with DR BUTTS (Dr Salama) in February...

I had a BBL with DR BUTTS (Dr Salama) in February 2013. I love my ass but the skin on my belly didn't retract as I hoped. I went to see a local surgeon and he said I should not get any type of lipo revision due to laxity in my skin (why did I discover a bbl so late in life). He said a tt would help even out the unevenness and I should be able to get away with a scar the size of a mini tt...I sure hope so. I will not be going to him ($9,300) I will return to Salama. I am schedules for March 7, 2015. I do not have a spare tire or any fat in my mid-section and loo great in clothes but will be doing this for myself so I can love everything I see in the mirror.

On my RS research and addiction.

I had to stay off of RS for a little while. It's to addicting and I'm on here til 3 in the morning sometimes. Now that my surgery is 3.5 months away I'm back, reading experiences and learning what I need for a tummy tuck.

Pics from BBL and extra skin

Got my walker

I purchased a walker today from GoodWill for $4.00. I will look into renting one along with a shower chair in Florida. I live in Connecticut and looked into renting those items with no luck so GoodWill was a good choice anyway and when I'm done I'll just donate it back.

2 Months and 15 days

It's getting real close now. I've waited three years to finally do this. Honestly I can't wait for June 2016, it will be summer which I love and past the hard recovery period. I'm hoping I do well, I handled my bbl recovery with no pain meds. The first day I took a pain pill and immediately threw it up and decided not to take any. I do have a high pain tolerance but I know a tummy tuck is a different kind of pain. Anyone have both surgeries on different occasions to compare the pain?

Happy New Year

Now that the new year has rung in it's getting closer to my time. Constantly on RS reading reviews and updates trying to prep myself.

26 Days and counting

Received my packet and filled my RX's today. Getting so close; I can't believe the time is almost here, I've waited two years to do this. Excited and nervous at the same time.


Really, really close. I'm so nervous with this surgery more than with my bbl. My main nervousness is for the recovery and the Percocet. I had Vicodin for my bbl and threw it up and didn't take any other pain reliever. I don't like the feeling of being sick and nauseous, I'm so tiny even some antibiotics makes me ill. I rather deal with pain.

Wrong pic...9 days!

Day 5

This recovery is worst than my bbl. The tightness and hunched over is getting old already and I haven't even gotten to a week yet. Lol. Of course the procedure was easy because I was sleep. Getting up from anesthesia Is always fun, I got nauseous and threw up this time. I got two doses of pain meds and something for nausea in my IV. I happen to have the same nurse as I did last time, Yesinia, she's attentive...love her. Got home and took a perc and was extremely dizzy and almost passed out. So I have up on the percs and switched over to extra strength Tylenol. My first dose of Tylenol I threw up, I think the anesthesia and perc was still
In my system. I had an issue with dizziness and Salama had me come in to get IV fluids and of course my nurse took care of me, while my mother and aunt was flirting with the doctors. Lol. I'm feeling much better and can't wait for my appetite to get better, and get rid of these drains. I think I pulled on one because it's leaking so it will come out at my next visit. Salama wanted me to come in today so he can stitch it but my two personal nurses have the day off. I like that he always answers his personal phone via text. I know I'm all over the place, I wasn't planning on writing a review just yet. Will post pics once I'm back home.

To small for binder

I'm only 4'10" and this binder is just to wide for my short torso.

PO day 6

Waiting on week 6

8 Days PO

Went for my last appointment and I still have both drains in. One is in because it was only 25 cc for one day, need another day. Now the one that was not draining but leaking is still in because Nomie wants to monitor it because the blood is still dark. I rather go by her expertise. She manually unclogged the line and I have to go in tomorrow morning before my flight.

10 days post op

Home and 10 days post op. Still have one drain that was getting clogged, leaking and still dark red output. I bleed it last night and no longer clogged or leaking. Hoping the color changes.

Day 12

No more pain meds. Feeling pretty good, still a little hunched and got my drain ????. Took a quick pic after a nice shower to update.

2 weeks

Today I removed the steri strips which I was told to do so by the office. Dr Salama spoke about the possibility of having a vertical scar if I did not have enough skin to pull belly button all the way down. He was able to get rid of my belly button but was unable to pull past my old piercing hole. I can live with that. I plan on getting a tt scar tattoo. Some pleating on left side but I'm sure that will flatten out.

Day 15

I work seasonal for a construction company and that's why I wait for the winter to have my surgeries done. I return to work usually in April. I can work from home and today my boss asked if I can come in one day next week. Ummm no! I haven't attempted to drive yet and as long as I have this drain in I am not going anywhere to get an infection. Better safe.

18 Days PO

Not much to update. Still have left drain and draining at slightly under 50cc and still dark red. How much old blood can I have. Sitting here with baby oil on tape to get off easier and boy do I don't feel secure without my garment. Surgical tape for my gauze over the drain started irritating my skin. Still standing slightly hunched and ever day I'm standing a littler straighter but it feels so tight I'm not gonna push it.

Incision without tape 18 days PO

22 Day PO

Free at last! My drain output was 25cc yesterday morning and this morning. I put a call into my primary doctor yesterday and today to see if she would take it out but her nurse never returned my call....WTF. So this evening I took a shower and mentally prepared myself for my daughter in law to take it out for me. I cut the suture because Nomie showed me exactly where to cut and I must have tugged on it sometime it another because I can see a piece of my skin where it pulled. Ewwww. So I called her into my room and I took some deep breathes and covered my eyes. I'm not a queasy person but I thought it would be hard to get out after all that time residing inside me. She did good, I felt it but it didn't hurt. I'm walking better already.

27 Days

One day shy of 4 weeks! Yay! Moving around better sleeping a little bit better with assistance of Tylenol PM. I was put in a medium garment (with 2 rows of clasps) so that isn't too much compression on my incision. On the second row now and no difficulty closing garment so I ordered a small with 4 rows of clasps. My stomach is chaffing, is that normal? Started to get lower swelling in private area so I put the foam lower and tonight it was down. Started sleeping on my sides and switching between back and sides. I wear my foam and garment 24/7 which is why I have lines in pictures.

Day 30

One day shy of a month. Started wearing a small garment with 4 rows of clasps, took a minute to put on and I'm only on the first row but I feel better in it. Please tell me my skin on my flanks will smooth out. Still putting on tape every three days the office gave me and when finished will start scar therapy with scar away and bio oil.


Size small with 4 rows. Last night had on 4th row and this morning I squeezed to the 3rd row. Wasn't to difficult, might try the 2nd row after a shower tonight to try and keep this swell at bay.

6 weeks

Still living the garment life and will do so as long as I need to and as long as possible. My waist is nice and tiny and the scar is healing nicely. My skin is getting itchy and feeling little electric shocks (but only when the garment is off


I'm feeling pretty good and finally up right. I had a spitting suture in my bb but I pulled it out. Started putting vitamin e and bio oil on and massaging.


Going on 8 weeks and I'm feeling pretty good, still living the garment life. I'm completely happy but just have one concern. A small dot on my left side is preventing my skin to relax on its proper area and making lines in my skin (see photo). Salama said he put a suture there and it has to desolve (I hope so). I've been getting deep tissue massages and Salama said I should get cavitation to soften the skin....? The massage therapist has asked about this area and I don't have all the complete answers. Like is that a normal procedure, as far as the suture on my waist. I emailed the office early this week and waiting to hear what was exactly done on my left side. That side was bruised all the way to my thigh. I did not have lipo so I'm sure it isn't a burn. I just hope I can get my questions answered.

Garment life

Requested update

10.5 months po. Still don't regret this at all. When I was about 5 or 6 months po I got a horrible cough from a bad cough and started swelling on my lower left side and also had discomfort. I have to get an ultrasound to see what's going on. Haven't got it yet due to all the run around and red tape....I do not have insurance ACA is not too affordable. I have no complaints at all.

But even at almost 11 months when I lay on my stomach (stomach sleeper) I have this weird feeling in there. Haven't contacted Salama about it yet because he would need to see the scans first.

I most definitely would recommend Salama and I have done so to a few girls.

Any questions, I would be glad to answer.

10.5 months post op

More pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon

This is my second go around with Salama. Three years ago I had a BBL, I LOVE my booty but ended up up with lumps and slightly loose skin on my abdomen. It wasn't doctor error it was due to aggressive lipo on a thin person in order to achieve the butt I wanted (per local surgeon), he suggested no more lipo and a tummy tuck so of course I chose my doctor to do it. I like that Salama does not just cut straight across but he makes sure that the scar is as low as possible and he pulls the skin down and in so that there is curves and not that boxy shape. The office is a little slow at returning calls sometimes but that's with any other well known establishment and when I text his personal phone he always responds within 20 minutes. My nurse Yaneisy, had her both go arounds and I love her also and the anesthesiologist Alex walked in this time and said didn't I meet you before, I was surprised he remembered me with all the women he met the past three years. If i ever need anything else, I hope not, I most definitely would return to Elite and I have passed their number on to others.

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