32 Years Old 1 Kid and in Need of Tummy Tuck - Aventura, FL

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I have my tummy tuck and lipo in 3 days. I'm...

I have my tummy tuck and lipo in 3 days. I'm feeling super excited. Dr. Salama office crew is great! Count down time! I did pre op April 28 every thing was explained perfectly and I was very comfortable! Dr. Salama was on vacation but the girls made you feel as if he was right there. Very professional

2 more days

I can't wait to get it done and over with so I can start my healing process I can't wait to lay out on the beach

Another view


Less than 16 hrs to go!!

I will try my best to update for you ladies tomorrow but I'm not scheduled until 4pm so we'll see how that goes! No more food or drinks after 12am and it's only 12:45am this is going to be a long day! I'm trying to stay up late so I can sleep in tomorrow! Talk to you guys after surgery xoxo

Ok more 3hr and it's show time

I go in for surgery at 4pm I thought I would be dying from no food and drinks since midnight but I'm to excited to think about food! I will try to update later tonight to let you guys know how I'm doing but I have pics I just took this morning! God bless me and protect me!


Ok ladies I finally have strength to update when I got there I was so scared but that part was a piece of cake! Meds went in the IV and I was sleep about 3-5 mins later! Dr.Salama was so nice and extra funny he made me feel for comfortable. I haven't seen my results yet because you wake up in this garment which can't be removed until I go to him later today! But it does appear I'm much smaller! I am not allowed to shower until they give me the ok later today! Now let's talk about the pain, this ish hurts like hell! Stay up on my meds every 4 hrs! (Warning) the meds do not take all the pain away at all! From 1-10 it was a 10 yesterday but I'm feeling like an 8 right now! I did walk before I went to sleep last night it feels like, I did get a litte better when I just woke up to pee. I tried to sleep in my bed but it was too high so I'm on the couch! This is the best option if you don't have a recliner! Ttyl I'm getting sleepy again. I will upload pics from the doctors office

I'm feeling better today

Hello guys sorry I couldn't update yesterday but it was really rough for me yesterday. I went back to see Dr. Salama and that took so much out of me! He suggested I double up on the meds because they weren't working good enough. I was in a lot of pain and my mom and boyfriend kept making me walk which was what I needed but it's just something your body doesn't want at the time! I took my first shower also yesterday which drained me I went to sleep right after! Each day go by my stomach is looking great! He did snatch it and my hips are so swollen so I will take pics in about 2 more days I've been iceing my body down so hopefully it go down in a few days! Dr. Salama and the office staff have been so good and helpful to me! Ttyl

Awww man I'm feeling great today

I just can't thank Dr.Salama enough I'm so happy so far I know it's going to be just great!! Here's some pics still swollen a lot but it will only get better from here! Still no bowel movement ladies help???

Pic on left from Tuesday pic on Right from Today

New garment

Sorry girls I haven't been updating but I've had a lot going on lately. My boyfriend Aunt passed last Sunday and my Birthday came up this pass Thursday! Ok so my second follow up was May 19 but drains were not removed still draining over the 25 level which has to be at 25 for 48 hours before he will remove them! The drains aren't painful just in the way and they get on my nerves to have because it's hard finding clothes to hide them! They are so bulky! Last Tuesday is when a new garment was given which I didn't put on until yesterday because I felt I was so swollen it would really hurt! On Thursday is when I felt a little less blotting! My back has been hurting as well! For the most part the doctor said I was healing wonderfully. I'm almost standing straight which looks to people I am but really I'm not! I'm moving around great back to cooking a little and driving just a little! I can't be on my feet for long periods of time yet because my back still hurts and get short breath when I do! Now let's talk about this damn garment which my mother had to help me get in. This thing is so tight I felt that my organs would be moving around in there lol! Omg it makes your stomach touch your back! It's so tight I feel like I'm on punishment or something. My belly button is healing great too! I will be uploading pics tonight when I take the garment off to show the stomach is getting smaller! I'm almost off the meds I take one durning the day and 2 at night! 2 at night is due to I still have sit up sleeping and my back and lower stomach hurts at night! Dr. Salama have you sleeping in a angle for about 3 weeks seems like! Next Tuesday makes the 2 weeks mark! I tried laying back yesterday and couldn't do it, the pain was no joke! At least I did try but I didn't force my body! I hope this post was helpful at least to one person! Ttyl updated pics coming soon!

Day 12

Garment is feeling much better today!

Day 12

Feeling so much better

I'm sorry I haven't been updating. My drains were finally removed May 27 which was day 14. Omg I was so over the drains it was starting to hurt my lower stomach and causes a lot of pressure! I wasn't ready to see when the drains were removed it was like a mini ruler inside that has to come out! I felt relieved before leaving the office of pressure! I went back to work the next day and was so tired before I even got off! I had to keep sitting down and taking breaks! I was trying to act normal and walk normal but that garment was so damn tight it had my back hurting! I really hate this garment I thought it would be loose by now but it's not lol!!! My belly button is looking real nice! I will be starting my scar healing on Wednesday which are silicone stripes the goes on your scar! My scar looks good for the most part! The right side looks much better than the left but it definitely can be fixed by the creams and silicone stripes!

I forgot to mention this

I laid on my side for the first time last night it was ok but I went back to laying on my back after a few hours! I guess it's something you will have to get use to doing again!

Weight loss

I've also lost 7 pounds since surgery day! I'm loving that!!!

3 month update

The more time go by the more I'm in love with my stomach....

Stomach is flat and my ass looks bigger

I've been doing sit ups and my muscles are so sore I hope I didn't mess anything up!

I'm so in love

Loving my choice

Ladies the last pic I'm still swelling after 4 months I would think it would be over by now! I have swelling from time to time still but for the most part I'm really happy with my results! Scar is healing well I'll post scar pics tomorrow.

New pics

So happy with results! I just need to exercise for the fat he couldn't lipo at the top of my stomach or maybe lipo later this year!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I so love Dr.Salama picking him was the best decision I could've made! I'm extremely happy with my results and he and the staff are always available to answer any questions! They give you so much attention, great choice!!!

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