28 Years Old, 3 Kids, 3 C Sections - Ready for Full Mommy Makeover

So currently I am 5'8 and about 230 lbs - I have...

So currently I am 5'8 and about 230 lbs - I have to lose 50 lbs before my surgery - I've had 3 kids I have been up and down with my weight for the past 9 years with having my children- my heaviest was 275 and lowest was 176- I have a 9 month old baby and I'm just ready to finally look and feel good !

Mommy makeover

I'm currently scheduled for tummy tuck and breast lift (hoping without implants) TT includes lipo of the flanks - Dr said I can return 4-5 months for BBL- just hate that I have to fly to FL twice, pay childcare, airfare, and recovery house twice plus lose out on work both times I'm currently 5'8 230 lbs- I need to lose about 50lbs before my surgery And I believe in myself that I will get there !!!

So anxious to be approaching my schery date- about...

So anxious to be approaching my schery date- about 90 days away, Im going hard on my diet and I am going to start some cardio very soon- I cant wait to start this journey and I am so looking forward to surgery. Currently 5'8 weighing 211 lbs (trying to get to 180 for surgery). Going to see Dr Salama in Miami and stay at Serenity Recovery House. I havent started buying anything yet, soon though.

So I'm currently 75 days away from surgery...

So I'm currently 75 days away from surgery weighing in this morning at 205.0- for the start of the new year I was 252 lbs 5'8. I lost and gained throughout this year but now that surgery is close I am giving it my all. I plan to be 180lbs for surgery (25 more lbs to go) if I can make it to 175-170 that would be ideal soon trying my best.

Anyway I was informed the recovery house closed so that put such a wrench in my plans - I actually still haven't figured out what I'm doing and who is going to drive me around and care for me as I live in NY and have to travel to FL.  I'm also upset because Nancy quoted me a price for my whole procedure and for a future BBL- when I called to make a payment she couldn't honor what she originally told me and bumped it up another $100. Every penny counts in this process do I was sort of pissed off- I want some other procedures and it seems like they aren't really willing to budge a little and offer some slight discounts . So far though Nancy is polite and nice and answers questions, she responds to emails promptly.  Ok ladies 75 days until is will get my tummy tuck and breast lift- I do not want implants but less see with my weight loss if I will still have something to work up.

Surgery is 30 days away

Wow !!! Time has flown by- when I booked my surgery in May I was around 225-230 lbs, now I'm weighing in around 198- I'm in a detox shake and hoping to lose more weight before my big date. I can't believe it's approaching- I'm so anxious and so ready -

21 days away!!

So my blood work is done and approved. My PCP gave me medical clearance and I have picked up all my prescriptions. This is such an exciting time for me as surgery is 21 days away- I've also added a labiaplasty with Dr Stern to my procedures of a tummy tuck and breast lift. There aren't many reviews for Sterns work and I'm praying I'm in good hands and hubby thinks I'm crazy to do it. My surgery is all paid and I'm ready to rock and roll. I will be gone for 2 weeks and be away from my kids and husband which will be the hardest part. My mom is flying down with me so hoping all goes well and a speedy recovery. At first I was totally against implants but I need to see what the doctor suggest - When I lose weight my breast sag and become flat- I want full breast!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not yet done my surgery I have around 168 days until surgery scheduled in November

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