8.2 mnths P/O High Expectation.. looks like a REVISON Is on my New Years resolution

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Hello my BBL sistas I am sooo excited and cant...

Hello my BBL sistas I am sooo excited and cant wait for my new bbl schedule for 6/6/12..which is 6 days b4 my b day yaaay me! I am 5'9'' 180ish ..38 36 40..oh hell no with the huge waist and no a$$(i got it from my daddy) i now look like a rectangle.after having 3 beautiful children...Ive read so many of the great reviews and viewed so many b4 and after pic over the past 1 1/2 year, that ive decided to choose Dr S. I spoke to Jennifer who was wonderful and received email from Ruben .....WoooooHoooo I feel like i'm in love for the first time. My proceedure includes flanks, back, abdomen and inner thighs.. 1000 cc each cheek. Sorry Ive tried to upload my pic but having issues... Will try update soon

So today I decided I wanted my breast done as well...

So today I decided I wanted my breast done as well ... Trying not to blame my beautiful children for this mishap :( (my 38s are very much mismatched D cup and C cup).. N e way on with my tale .... I contacted Ruben (Dr S brother) by email with my other sob story asking many questions about adding this to my bbl ...and I must say with in 3 hrs I received a call from Jennifer ....Wooooooooow talk about being on point. So far I am very impressed with his people hoping Dr S is as wonderful as his staff.

I haven't started my count down just yet ...as you girls....I feel every bit of excitement as yall or maybe even more because this is a new begining for me at 43 with out the one I was going to share it with an eventhough he is no longer in my life that situation "CAN,T BUST" my bubble...bringing Sexy Back....WOOOOOOHOOOOO June 6th Aventura Hear comes more Sunshine7 ....Yessssssss

Hellooooo my Bbl sistas im bac ... Im here to say...

Hellooooo my Bbl sistas im bac ... Im here to say its been a lloooong wait....and I am sooooo readyyy.....Yesssss. : 0...and its finally time to start my count down to the NEW me....8 days to Aventura n 9 days to the NEW N IMPROVED ME.. I pray everything goes well I must say i am a little scared.. Good Luck to ALL new and future BBL Sistas.

Im soooo freaking EXCITED NERVOUS ...so filled...

Im soooo freaking EXCITED NERVOUS ...so filled with crazy emotions cant contain myself so im sharing it with my bbl sistas us and can'twait to see my New self...Wooo Hoo...so much has happened from my 1st post an i am so thankful now that my bbl is sneaking up on me..I am ready to get on that plane..
My biggest fear is the anesthesia being under for so long...but GOD is good n I trust in him immensely...I know everything is going to be Ok

So its almost my time WAT WAT!!! diced pineapples...

So its almost my time WAT WAT!!! diced pineapples Ladies.....my nerves are shot whooooo....but i am soooo ready to do this .. :-0 7 days an ill b SALAMAFIED......YEEEEESSSSSS

I ALMOST 4GOT... too ALL my BBl sistas that have...

I ALMOST 4GOT... too ALL my BBl sistas that have fallen off the BBL train with financial Mishaps ....Please DONT give up....I didnt ...let me explain...(here goes one of my sob storries...again) LOL...so my original BBl was scheduled for 06/06/12...however I got a new position at work and had to change my date to 7/12/12 had to re scheduled again bcause I couldnt gt time off bcause of training and seniority...to 1/14/13 ...(HOW CRUEL THE WAIT) So I was painfully enduring the wait : ( I choose $$ over BBL bcause I am a single mom....WHOOOOOP WHOOOOOP TO ALL SINGLE MOMS ....SO on with the story I got FIRED ...LOL can yall believe this...But I didnt give up I got on my grind ...GOD IS GREAT LADIES...... THIS IS WHAT I MEAN there is always a way NEVER GIVE UP!!!

So finally i was able to put up some pics of pre...

So finally i was able to put up some pics of pre op.... : (( OMG I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THIS......LMAO .....well i have the credits to prove why i look this way ....lol.....I cant wait for Dr S to correct this WRONG...put his GOD given skills to work....i am not asking for a miracle .... or maybe i am...lmao
Ladies my BBL train is on its way !! 6 days away... next stop BIGBOOTYVILLE....

AH HELL my nerves are shot...there are no words to...

AH HELL my nerves are shot...there are no words to explain how i feel right now ..really!! i get on that plane on Sunday..an there is no turning back .i cant think straight right now i am on some kind of HIGH..LMFAO ....i cant wait to move from no a$$ ville n change my zip code frm 00000 an move to bigbootyville zip code DAMMMMMN!!!! ... IM SCARED SHITLESS THO ...anesthesia... the after pain..stiffness...neasua.. cant sit down and all the other unknow that i will be experiencing when I change zip codes....the price we have pay my BBL Sistas to look good....Whoooooo Hooooo my train to BigBootyville is moving fast.. Pray for me my bbl Sistas that i may come out safe ....Too All my BBl Sistas thats on the train with me Good luck and Safe journey and my BLL Sistas that have already change zip codes....I ll be there soon....yessssssssss.. thanks for sharing your Journey both good and bad...
TO be continued >>>>>>

Hi Laaaadies.....so i spoke Cynthia at Dr S office...

Hi Laaaadies.....so i spoke Cynthia at Dr S office to clarify and finalize sx .....Whooppeeeew!!! my sx is at 2p dont know if im 2nd
3rd or last dont care ....get it done.an over with ...lol ...well not totally ready not packed yet have everything i need bt last minute procrastinator... I ve been on this train since Feb 2012 ready to get off ....so i can finally look in the mirror at the new improve ME

So Tdy i decided to get myself ready for DR S......

So Tdy i decided to get myself ready for DR S....an OMG ALL HELL BROKKKE OUT bcuse I decided i had to make the Kitty prtty an i had my 1st BRAZILIAN WAX......well let me say this NEVER AGAIN.....Lil miss Sunshine was a meSS... i will stick to razors n nair.....So now i am ready ...still freaking out but excited....i m flooded with all types of emotions ... wish i was already in bbville. but ill be there soon my train is moving sooo fast now......whoop whoooppppp ...soon ill b a vet ....im about to cry...this sh#t is for real ladies.. .>>>>>

Ladies the anticipation is kicking my butt....i am...

Ladies the anticipation is kicking my butt....i am literally shaking i can hear my heart an feel it racing OMG...I feel like im about to loose my virginity ( Betty Wright ...tonight is the night)...im doing my last minute ck list an then run get me some sweat pants.... I must say thank you again to all my BBL BLOGGERS For the putting all of your experiences and advice on RS... it has helped me a lot with my decision an my journey ....an it is about to be my turn to join you ladies on the other side .....I leave 2mrrw my pre op consult is at 5pm IM staying on beach so hopefully that scenerary ....will ease what ever my post op trials an tribulations i will be experiencing..much luv to all you girls...IM ABOUT TO CHANGE ZIPCODES...WOOOSAAAA ...WHOOOO HOOOO AN all that good sh#t.

Ok so Larry the driver from Dr S office called me...

Ok so Larry the driver from Dr S office called me to confirm where he is picking me up from....we got things straightened out however i must say he is the sweetest bipolar (IN A GOOD WAY) man ive ever spoken to ...he is such a father figure ....woooow.. I like that :)))...and now my wonderful BBL SISTAS it is really happening it is no longer my dream it is becoming my reality...can some body say CRACK...I FEEL LIKE A SUPPER HERO AND I am READY TO LEAP INTO DR S CAPABLE HANDS...YOU CAN CALL ME KRYPTONITE ... When i get to the otherside...LMAO...

Thanks for all your support and well wishes my BBL SISTAS C yall on da otha side...whooooooohooooo Im coming!!

OMG ladieeees i am here WHOOOOOOHOOOOO Larry the...

OMG ladieeees i am here WHOOOOOOHOOOOO Larry the drive is a card such a sweetheart...my hotel is a bit dated butclean...i am right on the beach ...it is georgous wooooooow...today might be the only day i get to enjoy it so i did n now important running over to mall which is very close...doing it all b4 2pm i...giggle hehehe ...im hehehe since excite i feel like
l like im about to give birth...to myNew a$$$$$$$ helloooo ...talk to u ladies after i give birth...pray for me my beautiful bbl sistas ...peace n luv n alllll l that good sh$t

Hi Ladies i am officially on the other side with...

Hi Ladies i am officially on the other side with my new zipcode ....its been a looooooong painful swollen 15 days ....with NO regrets yet....

I can now say I am OFFICIAL with my new ZIP CODE...

I can now say I am OFFICIAL with my new ZIP CODE AN LOVING IT....Its been a very loooooong painful an swollen 15 days...but i wouldnt change a thing...Dr S did his thing.

Hi ladies just a lil update ...I dont know if...

Hi ladies
just a lil update ...I dont know if any of you ladies are experiencing what i am ...but after 3 wks my body is still dehydrated an even thought i am eating an drinking ALOT .. taking all my vita ...i am losing weight fast including my new zipcode ...this only happens to me when im pregnant which im NOT .lol (can u say immaculate conception)...ive made an appt with my doc just to c whats up...will post New pic so you can c 4 yourselves...

7 1/2 months PO High Expectations Looks like Rnd 2

Woooow its been a while since my last post ...I must said it has been a long trying road for me ... High expections llow and dissapointing results... Please don't get me wrong ladies I look way better now than b4 even though I gained fat back in stomach area an lost the fat in my booty you be the judge... I am definitely headed for Rnd 2... Ladies we all want to Look our best for many different reasons an spend a lot $$$$$ to get there once you get to the otherside we MUST do our best to maintain and post op is definitely HIGH MAINTENANCE AND DEDICATION ... Good Luck to all of you ladies

7 1/2

I forgot to add>>>> no noticeable any changes to my body..,, :(


I just want to clarify my reget an dissapointment ladies.. I was very nervous on day of sx n consultation I was scared to get more than 1150 an I didnt want to come out looking like my a$$ was taking over my body and based on my height i shld have ask to go bigger ...I knew i was going to loose some fat but not most of it ... You learn from experience an I do think that in order to achieve what you really want there has to be around2 for most of us who's body rejects the fat transfer... Some girls are very lucky and don't need a 2nd round but for me its in my near future.. and my wish pic would be to look like me in my 5 wk po 7 1/2 mth- 1yr later.... I will be contacting Dr S office to price an schedule my rnd 2 appt

You be the judge : pic 7 1/2 mo post op

Where idid my new zipcode go???? Really /desperately in need of round 2 :(

8.2 mnths po pix weight gain still No booty fullness

So guess what ladies a REVISON/RND 2 Is now on my Xmas list to Santa for the New Year .. Ive had several email convo with Dr S about my concerns ( luv Him ) he advise me to wait/be patient and gain some weight which is not a problem for me hovever the fat has occupied my stomach upper back an arms ...n now filling up sides...AARRRGGGGHHHH ..so fustrating..I do work out an im always walking so my butt is getting firm but still looks flat from back only have side profile n no hips..

Still trying to post pic

Having issues posting my pix will try later


What did I say ladies abt rnd 2

Can you tell I had a BBL

Just took these pix ..sooo sad

Great dissatisfaction

I am not at all satisfied with the results as I am approaching my 10th month .. initially I knew going in that I would loose some fat in my newly aquired butt but not almost all .. As I wrote in my earlier review I kept contact with my dr updating him he said be patient gain some weight , wear smaller garment ..lmao ...not aproblem gaining weight ( b4 sx 183lbs po 186lb 8wks po 167/169lb ok fine with weight smaller waist nice lil plump to work with but as time goes on maintained 169 lb I noticed fat sneaking back to areas it was removed and butt was shrinking more ..joined gym. walked more... thats when he said gain weight .. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! NOW I am 177.5lbs .. looks like I had nothing done.. Fat settling in upper back arms STOMACH LUV HANDLES everywhere but my bottom :((
At this point I was hopig to give a great or even better review so sad..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama and his staff are wonderful and professional they are number 1 in my opinion !!! I gave 1 star because I didnt finance it.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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