I Want My Booty Back!!! - Sx 4/26/16

4/17/12 Hi Ladies, I'm a newbie to this site....

4/17/12 Hi Ladies, I'm a newbie to this site. I've thought about having a bbl for quite sometime now. I've even been to one consultation but I wasn't confident with the doctor. He was very expensive and only was willing to put 400cc...I know that wouldnt been a waste of time, pain, and money. I use to have a nice bubble butt but when I reached my 30s it started deflating. i work out 3-4days a week and I am constantly doing squats, lunges, ect with little or no results. I cant fill out the back of my jeans and the site makes me crazy. I came across this site by accident but once I started seeing the pics I became hooked and convinced that I Want a bbl sooner than later and i want Dr. Salama to do it. I'm stoked and my date is for Oct and I almost cant wait for the smmer to be over so I can get my new BOOTY!!!

Her 4/26/16 surgery date

Hi real self girls. Well, I'm back on this site...I actually never left. I have a sx date for 4/26/16 with Dr. Salama for bbl and lipo to my inner thighs. This time I'm doing it no joke. I'm praying that my prep goes well and I get the green light to GOOOO!!! I've gained a significant amount of weight since my last entry in 2012. I'm tryouts no very hard to at least lose 15lbs before you surgery. I know I'll have better results with a smaller frame. What I really want from Dr. Salama is a snatched waist, thigh gap, and a nice looking natural bottom. I'd like some more volume, projection, heart shaped derrière, and a little hip. Is that too much to ask for? Lol I just want my shape to look big and nothing outrageous. I don't want anything looking like blac Chyna lawwwwd noooo! That's not for me but bless the heart of those who prefer that. I basically want to look good in my clothes. Enhancement of the shape I already have, you know?

Anyway if any of you Salama dolls can give me advice of what I need post surgery it'll be so helpful i.e., vitamins, raja, massages,ect. I'm so excited...please give me your feedback!

10 day smoothie cleanse

Hi ladies, trying my best to lose some weight before my sx on 4/26. This is crunch time. I started off this year at 197lb....i am now 184lb. I've been on a 10 day green smoothie cleanse. I've lost 6lbs in 6 days. The other 7lbs I lost previously. My goal is to be at least 175lbs before my sx. I want to maximize my results and I don't want a fat face, big arms, and broad shoulders to take away from my "bangin" lower body once I have my sx. I did my pre surgical testing already but have to go back to my doctor today to repeat urine because he found trace blood in it. That's exactly why I decided to do everything sooner than later, so that if anything comes up I will have time to correct it. Fingers crossed this time everything goes through without a hitch. I'm so excited and have been wanting this for so long!!!

A little scared!!!

I've read so many Salama bbl reviews and so many dolls want revisions. This makes me really nervous! I only want to do this sx One Time ONLY!!! I do see mostly success stories but the bad reviews freak me out. Please Lawd let me come out of sx healthy 1st and happy with my results. No major dents, no uneveness! I will do all I can on my end for a great outcome. Positive thoughts and prayers. 6wks to gooooo!!!

I'm excited and nervous! !!

See u guys on the other side

Today was a rough day!!

Ladies how long will I feel so sore?

I'm 5days post op. My back sides and stomach are so sore and feel so weird when I touch it. Every time I have bathe or have a bm and must take off the garment I cringe. It's so painful because these areas are so so sore. How long before the soreness subsides? I took 2wks off work but Im thinking I'll need to be off longer if I still in so much pain by May 10th.
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