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OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am sooo excited...I just hung...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am sooo excited...I just hung up with Dr. Salama. I am currently 40 yrs young (lol), 5'7 and weigh 183lbs. I am a mother of five. Four boys and one girl. I wanted a mommy makeover for quite some time now. Having 5 babies does take alot from you. So, if I just wanted to do a little something for myself, this is it. I put down 10% today. I advised Dr. Salama that I wanted him to get me close as possible to "Enjoyself" she looks fabulous! (she has been very helpful to alot of girls on here, including myself) I told her that I was going to use her as wish pic!! I am sooooo afraid of the procedure and the recovery that I dont know how I'm going to act when it gets close to the date. So anyone want to give any positive input, please do. I am soooo happy my husband has supported me whole heartly on this. Although he says, "Baby, I love you just the way that you are." But I'm not wanting to do this for him, I want to do this for me. I feel as though I should loose about 15lbs before the surgery. What do you think?

I am thinking I need to loose 20lbs instead of...

I am thinking I need to loose 20lbs instead of 15lbs because I WANT to have very little fat remaining after Dr does the lipo. I was also advised my price is $7,675.00 instead of $6,125.00 because instead of surgery center the doctor wants to be safe and do my surgery at the hospital. I know he is only looking out for my best interest but gosh, now have to come up with more money...but thats ok. Cant put a price on safety and best results possible. I've been on this website since July of 2011 and have done my research with Dr's in the Tampa location and others in Miami besides Dr. Salama and I really truly feel as though I have found the one. Based on the results of drastic before and afters, this is it. I cant wait, sooooo excited.

Maked reservations today to Hollywood Gateway Inn...

Maked reservations today to Hollywood Gateway Inn 2900 Polk Street Hollywood, FL (954-923-1516)$504 for nine nights from 07/26 to 8/04 the girl Martha advised get Handicapped room cause its on the first floor and with having tummy tuck, easier to move around in bigger bathroom. She also stated bed is bigger than a king, which will be good for me and my sweetheart. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row early...yaay!

I feel I maybe getting a little crazy wanting this...

I feel I maybe getting a little crazy wanting this sooooo bad. My sweetheart stated last night, "I will be glad when this is over". He's getting a little frustrated with me talking about the process and preparing for that day as well as recovery. Dont get me wrong, he is very supportive and I appreciate that for sure.

Goooosh!! Received email confirmation for that...

Goooosh!! Received email confirmation for that air mattress (LoveJoy has been talking about,the one with the whole in it for your butt to go in) that there are no more left.....geez, really wanted that. I'm afraid with the tt and bbl together, I'm gonna reallty need that for comfort. Have ordered all supplements. Really want to schedule this sooner, but time does not permit. BBL GIRLS have been very helpful with lists of items needed, just want to say thanks! So happy have a great support system with my sweetie.

Well, had face to face w/Dr Salama Sunday, 03/11 @...

Well, had face to face w/Dr Salama Sunday, 03/11 @ 4pm (but I was an hour early). I advised him of gall bladder removal scheduled for 03/12, which was yesterdays date. He said it will be ok as long as they dont do an open procedure, will be ok with the lipo circulation. I adv will be laproscopic procedure. I am currently in recovery stage from my gall bladder being removed yesterday @ 6:30 am. I dont want anything to interfere with the recovery of the bbl, so this is why I feel it is best to get this done now. Dr Salama adv will not be able to do aggressive lipo w/tt & bbl, due to Florida regulations with lipo of ccs. He answered all of my questions, which were 12 detailed questions. I showed him the wish pics and asked if the pics were realistic for my body type. My concern was I want a small tiny waist, no rolls in back and great projection!! He said he could take care of that and I do have realistic expectations. The staff was wonderful (Ruben and Nomie). So I advised him to only do bbl and will return for tummy tuck.

UUUUUggggghhhh...I am a little disappointed that he is not able to do both at the same time, but I want great results and hope it will be worth the wait!!

Recovery from gall bladder surgery is great! Will...

Recovery from gall bladder surgery is great! Will be one week tomorrow, better than expected...hope recovery from lipo & bbl is half as good. Still excited and trying to keep my eyes on the prize and mindframe ready for this procedure. Have one suitcase packed already with most supplies now..geeeeeezz, want to move surgery date sooner. Feeling there is a little bit of an obsession wanting this so bad.

Not feeling to excited this morning, just had a...

Not feeling to excited this morning, just had a big fight with my other half and he commented on my bbl surgery in a negative manner (big time)! ACTUALLY BOTH OF US YELLING AT EACH OTHER!!! Im feeling I should NOT take him with me. I need to have a supportive "girlfriend" instead. This is very frustrating. (My best friend in ATL and I would dare not tell her, she is against cosmetic surgery) UGGGGGGHHHHHH.....he was supportive, I cant wait till I have this behind me, literally. I have to find someone else....UGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. I'm glad we both spoke the truth though...I dont need no one NEGATIVE with me. PERIOD, END OF STORY. I NEED SUPPORTIVE, SUPPORTIVE, SUPPORTIVE. I AM DEF GONNA NEED IT.

Well, hubby apologized that following day advising...

Well, hubby apologized that following day advising that he has not had my attention and frustrated w/me since I've been on that BBL website. My sweetie and I are ready to have this over with so that I may move on. (I also feel that I am obsessed with getting this done) Soooooo, with that being said, ANYONE cancels w/Dr. Salama, please inbox me!!! PLLLEAASE LET ME KNOW CAUSE I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO SWITCH DATES OR FILL THE VOID! I am ready to have this surgery. Give me two weeks prior notice cause I want to have my clearance within suff timeframe prior to surgery. ttyl my bbl sistas!

PLEASE ALL OF MY BBL SISTAS!!!!! When my time...

PLEASE ALL OF MY BBL SISTAS!!!!! When my time comes for opinion of MY post op pics, please dont sugar coat your comments of what you think I may want to hear....just please give honest and truthful feelings of my after pics or if it is really BAD results, JUST say it. Thanks sooooo much! This would be greatly appreciated, cause if I am on a review with not so good results, I normally don't comment so that I don't make someone feel bad although I want to be honest. Thanks:)

Oh, and "Upside dwn Dolly Parton" I'm still waiting, on the switching dates w/you. Let me girl..


WOW! JUST RECIEVED MESSAGE FROM "UPSIDE DOWN DOLL PAR" OK TO SWITCH DATES W/HERS 06/14/2012, instead of my date 07/27/2012. YYYYYaaaay, now have to call Dr. Salama office and advise ok with them to switch dates.

My birthday is June 2! I will see this as a late BIRTHDAY GIFT to myself!!! Heck, not just an gift to myself, a mommy makeover, and an all about me for once "day", heck lets just call it birthday month! CUZ I know someone is going to have to cater to me for a month at least. I'm sooooo excited. ttyl!!! MY BBL SISTAS!!!

Well, I rebooked a hotel thru Expedia for 11...

Well, I rebooked a hotel thru Expedia for 11 nights 06/13 thru 06/24 for $796.76 w/Ramada Hotel Hotel: Ramada Downtown Hollywood
Room: Two Doubles - Book 30 Days In Advance
Room type: 2 DOUBLE BEDS
Special Requests: 1st fl. because this is for surgery ..
Continental Breakfast, Microwave, WIFI and Fridge.

I have a month to go, to the date. Wow, the...

I have a month to go, to the date. Wow, the feeling is really kicking in now. I have gained weight, not on purpose but I currently weigh 189lbs. I want to loose weight, not gain! I am going to only eat natural foods (fruits & vegs w/baked chicken and fish) and walk three miles a day for five days to prepare my body and loose a little of this fat prior to surgery. I have my suitcases packed with all of the stuff I need, only other stuff will be food and I will purchase that when I get there. Starting to take iron 100mgs daily (advised from Ruben because my monthly is going to start three days after my surgery) Which I DID take into consideration on my first date but once I switched w/UpsidedwnDollyPar, I was soooo excited about the closer date, that I forgot all about the cycle of my period. GEEEEEEEZ....what we go thru. I have also been having questions if I should really do this or just be satisfied with the way I am and workout because I'm so scared of having this surgery, but I've come too far to turn back now...I'm really just ready to get this over with......UGGGGGHHHHHH!

Anyone ever experienced their period right after this surgery, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IMPUT ON WHAT TO EXPECT or on what I should do.

Ok! Naomi advised have received all info for...

Ok! Naomi advised have received all info for blood work and good to go! Have 14days to surgery day....Woooooohooooo! I've been working out to prepare this body for surgery and make recovery easier. I have been doing treadmill for an 45 min to an hour 3-4 times a week (incline of 8 to 15% fluctuating) and I must say I am loving it! I lost six lbs last week, curious to see how many lbs will I loose this week. I've been eating lots of veggies, fish, chicken and doing protein drinks morning and night. With my calculations, I should be 175 on surgery day. I think I may have over work chest yesterday, very sore by only doing pushups. Stretching does help for soreness. I have had luggage packed for weeks now. Have purchased last of meds yesterday, Percocet, and Clydomycin (antibiotic, maybe spelled incorrectly). Well, very excited but still a little scared and have been second guessing if this is ok for me to do....have prayed on it and asked GOD if this is something that he doesnt want me to do, let me know thru my doctors. But everything is going good and hope he blesses this procedure for guiding Dr. Salama and his staff that everything goes with no complications and smooth recovery. Ready to have the body I had before five kids!! (except for the bootay, only had a little bit of that to start with) I believe that I will have anxiety prior to seeing doctor. Anyone been second guessing if you should do this prior to surgery? Any input will help. Thanks my bbl sistas!! Will keep you updated. TTYL!!!


WOW! I HAVE FOUR DAYS LEFT TO SURGERY DATE but three days til I leave. I have another face to face with Dr. Salama Wed 06/13 @ 3pm. Remember my BFF that I talked about, that I thought was against plastic surgery, well she is not!!! Now I have a choice of now ex- or best friend from ATL w/whom is here visiting and wants to go but not sure if she will be able to perform duties required because she is very sqweemish when it comes to bodily fluids, which I'm not even sure, that is going to consist of. And my EX who is still very supportive just argue of simple ignorant stuff and I dont need any stress. I feel as though she was meant to come with me because she just arrived yesterday for no apparent reason, well....she just said she wanted to come.

Not sure who I want to come, because ex is EX for a reason of stress and best friend is not sure if she can handle whats required.
Please any advise on who would be the best choice or if A LOT is not required of assistance from her (Tameika).

WHAT SHOULD I DO? My ex and I get along some of the time, mostly try to keep it cordial and I know he would do everything that is required physically (cause I've paid for all the financial side) but at the same time my BFF she wants to have some fun and I dont want her to have to be stuck with me for three to four days (may have to clean some blood or take care of me physically) even tho she said she would but I'm a little reluctant on that because I know she wants to have fun. What should I do? Please tell me......

Wow! Leaving in the morning @ 8am, ready for this...

Wow! Leaving in the morning @ 8am, ready for this 5 hr ride. Naomi called to confirm consult w/Dr. Salama @ 3pm. Soooooooooooo excited but a little scared about the surgery, not as nervous as before. Haven't been sleeping well cuz this has been on my mind like....I am really going thru with this!!! Excited and nervous at the same time. Permed hair, pedi and mani, dont want to be looking all ruff. Packed and ready to go, gonna purchase all foods when we arrive in Miami. Oh, and by the way I chose my ex-fiance instead of my best friend cuz I have not seen her since yesterday and advised her to let me know if she wants to commit. I guess she didnt want to commit and not be able to have any fun. And LORD knows I dont want to spoil anyone's fun. No love lost, still my BFF.

Wheeeeeeeew! finally able to take a break...and...

Wheeeeeeeew! finally able to take a break...and settle down for the night so that I can be well rested for surgery tomorrow. My ex bff has been wonderful with preparing me for everything, I am so glad that he is here. Just to give a little info of how today went. We arrived in Aventura 2:30pm for 3pm appt w/Dr, not able to see doctor unti 3:45 for consult, met w/Ruben at 4:15 for the signing of papers and details of financing (OH, AND BY THE WAY IF I WOULD'VE KNOWN THAT MEDICAL FINANCING WAS GOING TO TAKE ME THRU ALL OF THAT AND HIGH A$$ INTEREST RATE, I WOULD NEVER HAVE DEALT WITH THEM!!! BUT MAJORITY WAS W/CARE CREDIT, THANK GOD) THATS ANOTHER CONVERSATION) but didnt leave till 5:10pm, went to Walmart and purchased all items and spk with "UPSIDEDWNDOLLYPAR" for her wishing me good luck on my surgery. Excited to spk w/my bbl sista, being we switched dates!

I hope to all of my bbl sistas that I will be able to converse w/you guys by fingers on keyboard of course, after my surgery. I will try and update as soon as I can, because I really dont know what to expect, but very excited. I have to arrive by 5:45am. Have a good night and yawl pray for me, that a sista will be ok! Lots of thanks to all the bbl sisters before me for answering my questions and dealing with repetitive questions. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT GOTTA GET SOME ZZZZZZZZZ. Oh, and forgot to say mother nature came early, how am I going to handle ttyl.

I would first like to start off and THANK THE LORD...

I would first like to start off and THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY FOR GUIDING AND OVERSEEING ME WITH THIS PROCEDURE w/recovery being ok, cause I was having anxiety over the whole surgery itself. I want to also thank ALL THE BBL SISTAS especially "Upsidedwn dolly par" and "Butterbod" for their giving updates and well wishes on my behalf.

So much I have to say but dont know where to start....ok I'm just gonna dive in on the important stuff. In recovery, I mean like right after surgery recovery, I woke up thinking I hadn't even had the surgery cause I was sitting on my butt! I WAS LIKE WHAT THE FREEEEEEAAAK.........A nurse advised me that I was in recovery and I should be more alert within some time. I immediately advised everyone in the room that I am not supposed to be on my butt and you must turn me over immediately. This is when I knew I had the surgery because I was in pain, not BAD pain but I knew all the things required had been done. While everyone was attempting to turn me over I was letting them know that you know Im not supposed to be on my butt and why would you do this. I was quickly shut up and advised that this is procedure and pretty much brushed off to just deal with it and I was too tired to fight the issue because what was done is done. I JUST WONDERED HOW LONG WAS I ON MY BUTT!!!

Ok, the second day I had a fever of 101 and I felt pretty bad all day, I threw up like fifteen times (all green they said it was bile). I didn't care about nothing, I didnt even want to look at my butt...I didnt care, I just laid on my stomach all day drank ginger ale and nibbled on a cracker along w/trying to take meds is unreal. Crackers became my friend. I never knew or thought it was going to be this bad (nausea feeling is the worst). The pain I could deal with w/pain meds. Dr. Salama advised for me to come in and I did. I wasnt drinking enough of water cause everytime I tried I was throwing it up, I def was not able to keep anything down. The doctor said this is from the anesthesia. Day two was not as bad but pretty much the same stuff.

Day three: I woke up feeling soooooo much better and even wanted to take a long walk, forcing myself on previous occassions is not fun. I remember seeing my butt this day!!! I was walking by a glass window outside my hotel on the strip downtown looking at the reflection and was like DANG! I love this! Wow, I'm gonna have to get a better look when I get back to the room. AND I DID!!! I LOVE MY CURVES AND SHELF IN THE BACK!!! WOW! SALAMA IS THE BEST!!! when I felt the tightness of my back side and the BAM of my A$$, I was like def want this butt to go down some because everyone you know is going to know that you had some work done!! Dr. Salama gave me 1200ccs and took a total of 5000 off of inner thighs, full abs, and full back w/flanks of course. I TRULY HOPE THIS A$$ GOES DOWN, cause I know when I get home I'm gonna have to wear some really big clothes so that the definition doesnt show. Butt is really hard and itchy. My babe even scratches (lightly) w/his nails and it feels soooooooooo good. (I hope that wasnt TMI for anyone but it is so true)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DOCTORS WORK!!! AND WHAT HE HAS DONE TO THIS BODY BUT I HAVE TO BE HONEST.....HOW IN THE HECK GIRLS GET TUMMY TUCKS W/THIS PROCEDURE!! The recovery is very uncomfortable, the drain tube is getting on my last nerve, literally cause it feels like someone takes a lighter to my sides periodically and just burn me out of the blue. Mostly when trying to get in and out of bed and w/some walking around. Had first message on fourth day! ALL I CAN SAY IS GRIT TEETH AND BEAR IT, thats what I did!! Many times I wanted to yell out from the pain but it just sounds and looks ridiculous, so honestly just be reallllll strong and hold it because it is the worst pain ever (and ive birthed five kids naturally and have tatoos).

My ex has been an absolute DOLL in this process and I very much appreciate him for being so good with helping, wiping, feeding, cleaning, organizing and my frustrations when I cant pull the garment up. I am so glad that I chose him instead of my BFF. I know she wouldn't have wanted to be cooped up in a hotel taking care of me. And LORD knows that I don't want to spoil anyones fun.

Well, back home now and got my fourth massage...

Well, back home now and got my fourth massage today. I must admit the massages are a must! Package of three lymphatic massages are $210.00 (home visits). I have mine scheduled every other day for M-F, only. I have lost some volume, I think I should gone bigger to conpensate for the reabsorbtion, but then I also didnt want it to look like I had some work done. I shouldve done 1250 or 1300 ccs instead of 1200. But still extremely happy with my results. I tried on a dress where I used to be completely flat in and back had rolls of fat, and must admit that this is now my favorite dress because it compliments my figure! Dr. Salama is the BOMB! HE HAS TRULY CONTOURED MY BACK WITH AN "S" CURVE AND GIVEN ME A PLUMP ASS. I REALLY FEEL LIKE I HAVE A NEW BODY!!

The only regret that I have of this procedure is that I wish I wouldve done this sooner!!! and also gone a little tad bit bigger.

I have not experienced any depression as other girls have, well at least not yet. Now on another note, I think my massage therapist (a man) is a pervert and will not be coming back to my home because he was erect when I looked at him when he was doing his work. I wish I could have Elieyn from Dr. Salama's office could've been here instead and I would not have to expose my nakedness to anyone else because these types of issues. UGGGGGGGGHHHH!! I know that I will be requesting a woman from here on out. I have posted some pics today of the dress that I had the bad body in prior to surgery. ttyl, my bbl sistas!!!

Ok, I am 22 days PO. I am still experiencing...

Ok, I am 22 days PO. I am still experiencing swelling, I can actually jiggle the fluid around my waist w/my finger. When will the fluid issue be gone? Still experiencing ghost pains of where the front drain was burning and stinging from time to time. Thigh bruising is 90% gone. Bought Merderma yesterday will be applying 2X a day. Still taking arnica pills and recovery meds Bromelain. Ex is acting so jealous of what I can and cant wear when we go out some where. I am soooooo glad when I get sick of the arguing and him asking who is texting me, that I can send him home to his house thats the benefit of living separately!!! I LOVE HIM AND only him but this is what separated us few months ago. I think this surgery only made things worse in the relationship. LADIES, IF YOU HAVE A JEALOUS MAN PRIOR TO THIS SURGERY, IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE AFTER THE SURGERY....ESPECIALLY IF HE IS NOT CONFIDENT IN HIMSELF!!! PLEASE BELIEVE ME.

I will have to sit at 25 dys PO, Monday I will be back at work and very concerned on how that is going to work out. I have not sat on my ass but except for massages (laying on back w/a whole lot of pillows under thighs & w/boppy pillow). I will be in six weeks of new training that I can not miss and will not miss but do not want to sacrifice my results and I dont know if can sit. Sitting is a no, no and my brain wont let me sit, I tried yesterday but it wasnt even for 10 seconds. Wow, its amazing how I checked after I sat and thought that I messed something up. I ran to the mirror to check. Anyone have any input on how I should do this? and I will be bringing my Boppy Pillow to work. I dont know how I'm going to explain that. Any ideas? Ok, posting a pic of an old dress that I used to look the "BOMB" in over 12yrs ago (after the 3rd child) and was saving the dress in hopes of one day getting back into it (ya know, holding on to old memories of when I used to have a nice shape). Well, after trying the dress on I notice I looked better than I did before, and very pleased with my results. Not bad for a mother of five, I guess. Tell me what you think..I will post more pics of me in the bathing suit later today when my daughter comes home, can't take that pic alone.

Yay! Dont have to go to work til the following...

Yay! Dont have to go to work til the following Monday instead of this Monday...yaaaaaaay!!! Another week without sitting on the butt, not even w/boppy pillow. I will be 32 dys PO when returning to work.

OK, Ladies! I AM 6 WEEKS PO and started back...

OK, Ladies! I AM 6 WEEKS PO and started back work Monday (07/16, four weeks without sitting) Practiced Sunday at restaurant to practice how it will work w/Boppy out around others and it wasn't so bad but just weird sitting (sitting lasted about an hour). First time! I'm still holding strong at 45inches on the butt (only LOST 1/2 an inch on my second week) and the only reason I think I lost that 1/2 inch is because I wore a garment that was too tight on my butt but perfect for the waist. l wish thtat I could've changed that.

HOPE I HAVE THAT FLUFF THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT LATER. Cuz I feel like im wide and flat sometimes....but my ex says its big. I don't know what to think anymore... I could not wear my garment with all the foam and stuff under my work clothes (due to professional attire), so I only wore spanx w/a waist cincher. The swelling is worse because of this, and back very painful when trying to get up from my desk. I will also continue to wear my garment w/foam, only nightly, after my eight weeks. Oh, and I sit with a log pillow under my thighs at work, everyone thinks I have back problems and no one there knows me...brand new dept!!! So happy about that. I will post pics at eight weeks PO, cuz nothing has changed, just swelling increased a bit. Still getting massages only one this week. Two more massages next week and this will be my total of 13 massages. I will still get some after of course but really trying to stay on top of that. Any suggestions or questions, please let me know. ttyl, my bbl sistas!

Ruben was supposed to call me back Friday last...

Ruben was supposed to call me back Friday last week and give info of if or when overcharge of $875 will be put back on my credit card! I tried to handle this professionally but I am going to have to make my bbl sistas aware! Sooooo watch out and pay attention. He told me that the reason that they over charge is to recoop some of the fees that the credit card deducts from them as processing fees. I advised him that I have nothing to do with that, that is between you and that credit card company. I was advised my surgery was going to be $7,200.00....NOT AN ADDTNL $875.00 ON TOP OF THE $8,075.00!!!!! BEWARE MY SISTAS, DONT BE SO EXCITED AND CAUGHT UP ON THAT DAY OF SURGERY THAT YOU GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF....TTYL

Well ladies, its been a long time since I've been...

Well ladies, its been a long time since I've been on here and want to say this overall has been a wonderful experience! and yes..I would do it all over again. The issue of being overcharged $875.00 by Dr. Salama's office...they only reimbursed me 500.00, which I'm cool with that, but I bet I will never be overcharged again, no matter how anxious I am. I FEEL GREAT ABT MY END RESULTS..IM NOW 44 INCHES IN THE BUTT, 28 INCHES IN THE WAIST, 38 INCHES BUST, weighing 173 at 5'7. I have no regrets. (just wish he couldve added some to my hips) This has changed my life completely! I feel good in my clothes and my confidence level has skyrocketed. Now when I go out I feel like I have the best shape of my life...I feel like a FINE ASS CHICK. I STILL WEAR SPANX BECAUSE I STILL NEED SUPPORT ON THE WAIST. Still have sharp pains around the waist from the lipo. My waist still itches like crazy when I take off my cincher. I've been using cocoa butter for the discolorations, want a more even skin tone.

My kids father saw me for the first time like three weeks ago and was like "damn girl, whatcha been doin" and I was like " nuthin just been workin out" He then replied "you must've been working out hard cause you look good" I was like, "thank you" I think he is trying to get back with me, hanging around and pop up visits for the kids. But hell I'm not paying any attention to him because exes are exes for a reason! He may as well leave me the hell alone.

I was thinking about going back and getting my bra roll done and a little more projection with a little hip action added. I said I wouldnt be one of those girls that wanted to get anything else done after this but it is just a thought:)

Well wishes to all the ladies upcoming procedures. 1.Take it easy dont rush back to work and take it light around the house. I am soooo happy I didnt sit for almost 4weeks. 2. Cut the butt out of of the garments w/the tightest waists as possible. 3. Brace yourselves for the first massages! This is what I wish I wouldve done. 4. Bring a true support person not someone that you may feel skeptical about taking care of you. Someone who is going to be strong and supportive, doing all that is required. (i made a good choice on that one, we just argued to damn much) No longer together but still my friend. With his jealous self. lol...OH, AND BY THE WAY...THIS WILL DESTROY A RELATIONSHIP IF YOUR MAN IS NOT CONFIDENT WITHIN HIMSELF..THIS IS THE ONLY "CON" IVE EXPERIENCED DUE TO THIS SURGERY. PLEASE BELIEVE ME, WHEN I SAY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD DAY MY BBL LADIES! Ive posted pics today!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I rated Dr. Salama excellent!!! I should have gotten 1300 ccs instead of 1200, my fault. Make sure you ladies explain to him (prior to going in for surgery) exactly what you want and he will give you the dream body you asked for. Great results is what I feel he has given me and I absolutely love, love, love. And I would do it all over again.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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