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My motivation? .........A big beautiful Butt. Ive...

My motivation? .........A big beautiful Butt. Ive wished for this right from when I was in high school and my friends will make fun of my flat behind :(........So I want to look like the chick in my profile pix. yep! her......Dr. Salama can and will do it for me. I'm scheduled for Sept 2013! too faaaarrrrr! Till then, I'm following you all closely, to get tips, ideas, tnx y'all. So lets go there...

PLEASE HELP ME OUT. TELL ME ABOUT Dra. Yvelise Bello in DR. PLEASEEE sisters!!!

I have decided to go to DR for my surgery now. I wanted someone not too much in the public glare so I can be sure I won't e abandoned for hours on end at the hospital as I've read some ladies were. I came across Dra Yvelise Bello; read a bad review about a death, some saying the lady in question had a bad health and shouldn't have been operated on in the first place.........Please can any of you tell me anything about her? I have gotten a quote from her and one of the reason im really warming up to going with her is cos she has her on recovery house and I believe that is an added advantage. Please help out with any info you have as I have not been able to see any before/after pictures!

Going with Dra.Yvelise Bello!

She's been very responsive so far and I have heard mostly good things about her. Hopefully my journey will be one of those to put the lovely Dra back on the BBL wall of fame! :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I'm going to DR. Having my BBL and liposculpture with Dra. Yvelise

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