5.5 months later....ladies be ready to turn heads!! UPDATED PICS

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I am 28 6 feet tall my measurements are 37 33 43...

I am 28 6 feet tall my measurements are 37 33 43 my weight right now is 194lbs.Ive gained the weight so I can actually have something to take out...my normal weight is 165. It took me over a year of just eating and not working out to gain weight. Trust me its been fun eating but i cant no more with this gut! im hoping for 34 29 45 after! lol

So today I have been looking around for a doctor....

So today I have been looking around for a doctor. I think i want to go with doctor s in Aventura, florida. Just because i like his work and he does it all the time so i know that he has experience in making my booty look yummy! So what do I want? I want that hour glass shape i want it to look crazyyyyyyy nice. lol hey i have 28 yrs to make up for. i want shelf i want it all lol i don't care if my ass looks fake as long as its even and nice. and this belly is gone!! im not going to lie im nervous about the scars. ive never had any surgery. im also worried about what if, not that im planning to, have a baby what will happen to my results and my belly :-( thats whats been holding me back. but no more im going to do this even if these results only last me 2 years till i have my kid at least ill have 1 million pics with a banging body lol

At my normal weight of 165 my measurements are 35...

At my normal weight of 165 my measurements are 35 31 43 see the booty doesnt get bigger but the belly does! lol

So i was going to go with this medical financing...

So i was going to go with this medical financing company but have decided not too. I am booked for May 2013.

Wow, ladies let me tell you something I was...

Wow, ladies let me tell you something I was bit@hing about that my date is for May 2013 and it was "so far away" and look its already the end of November!! Since April I have gone back down to 175. Its depressing walking around with all that extra fat in your belly! I'm going to start the weight gaining now in January. What are some of the way you ladies are gaining weight? lol sounds funny that I am asking how to gain weight normally everyone wants to lose it! By the way is anyone else scheduled for May 2013 or wants to?

Wow...time really is flying. Im kind of thinking...

Wow...time really is flying. Im kind of thinking about changing my date to an earlier date just to get it over with!

Okay, i dont know about you ladies but I am...

Okay, i dont know about you ladies but I am already purchasing my sexy lingerie for after the surgery. I'm going to take a pic with the lingerie on before the surgery and then after to see the difference! lol

Merry Christmas my lovely ladies! Hopefully we are...

Merry Christmas my lovely ladies! Hopefully we are eating as much as possible so we can have something to take out and put on our butts! lol So today I took the time to clean out my closet and wanted to know when and what should i be taking with me to Miami for the surgery? I kind of want to start getting stuff now and putting it in a luggage so i will have everything and not be rushing to get it done at the last minute. Well today I told my mom that i was going to do the surgery. everyone keeps telling me that I am wasting my money that all i have to do is lose weight and workout...this is true but my butt will be gone i can do 5 million squats and leg workouts and my butt wont grow. I told them this is something for me. I want to do something for me!

Hey, So i have another price reduced spot from my...

Hey, So i have another price reduced spot from my friend she decided not to do it so instead of not letting it go to waste id like to find someone for it...ill call the office with you on 3 way and set it up..... Please inbox me if you are ready to get your booty done!! lol

Help!!! I dont know what the hell to buy for this...

help!!! I dont know what the hell to buy for this bbl!!! im going to end up buying the who cvs! lol

Hey, so i really do not want to spend 1000 for 10...

Hey, so i really do not want to spend 1000 for 10 days for a hotel..does anyone know of an affordable place?

Its official....I am losing weight....in the last...

Its official....I am losing weight....in the last 10 days ive lost 11lbs. :-( Do you have any idea how hard it was to gain the weight and it to just drop off like that. Im starting to just stay indoors in the cold and make sure I eat all the fatty foods I can. lol

So I am paid! Yes sir! Did my EKG and blood work..the EKG they go and place a bunch of stickers around your chest to monitor your heart for a few minutes and that's it. It was real fast. and the blood work i went to Quest and it was super fast I didnt need an appointment for either. And I was lucky that my insurance paid for it.

Now comes the waiting game....ugh......tick tock!!

What supplies should I bring with me?

Okay, So I went to the dollar tree with a list of...

Okay, So I went to the dollar tree with a list of supplies that I needed before I went into a large chain like Walmart or CVS.

At the Dollar Tree I was able to find
-Digital thermometer
-Gauze 2'' & 3''
-Gauze tape
-Dial soap (Fragrance Free & Antibacterial)
-Cotton Balls
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Wee Wee pads ( Not that Im going to pee on them lol but to use to protect the bed after surgery)
-Tooth Brushes
-Bath mat (prevent me from slipping in the tub)
-Disposable Plates, utensils, and cups
-Empty travel size bottles
-Extra Batteries

Ironically every thing was brand name and for 1$ each I don't care if i end up tossing it out once I leave Miami. :-)

Now its just the waiting game.....blah here are...

Now its just the waiting game.....blah here are some before pics ill be happy with no belly and some hips! oh and no back rolls! lol

So I just measured myself and oh man this is...

So I just measured myself and oh man this is depressing.....around this time last yr i was
37-33-41-43 33 being my natural waist and 41 the pudge under my belly button
now i am

WTF I lost weight and gain it in all the wrong places! Oh man I am so ready for this to happen already.

It feels surreal Im so nervous! I have so much stuff that Ive purchased that i think my poor little car is going to hate me lol. I bought everything ... even a damn mattress topper ....my sleep is that serious to me ....dont get me wrong what ever i dont use I will be quick to return it. But I prefer to be over prepared than under.

So here is the game plan....if God permits.

I will be driving down to Aventura with my friend who will serve like my driver/ nurse.
I plan on staying there for 4 days Max and I will drive back down for the day when needed, Sorry but after all this I am one broke chick! lol I plan to leave my house the day before the big day in the am so i will have time to check in and settle in before i go do my pre-op exam. What exactly do they do for the preop exam?After return to the room and disinfect it. The room I picked has tile floors so i will be bringing my swifter! lol
I also need to fill out my prescriptions no pharmacy here will take them. Especially the pain meds CVS and Walgreens told me that it has to come from a doctor within 20 miles. So I hope I do not run into trouble with that down there....I am going to be in a lot of pain and the last thing I want is not having my prescriptions filled.

I went and purchased the Anica? pellets, cream, and massage oil. I bruise really easy and i know this is going to make me look bad after.

I am staying away from all sick people I refuse to be near anyone sick I know its mean but the last thing i need is to get sick before surgery. I bought cleaning supplies and disinfectants hospital grade that i purchased at a surgical store. Plus I am bringing my own sheets and towels that i will be placing in large zip locks so I know they are clean.

I have been spending hours researching about wound care I am so scared to get an infection. :-(

A few more days and i will be Bootyful! lol

I think I have packed and repacked my bags 4x...

I think I have packed and repacked my bags 4x already lol. Its going by so fast honestly I feel like i still need time to put on a few more lbs.

Im scared I take my nose ring off it wont go back in :-( that little thing hurts! lol

Just had my pre-op and I'm ready to get sucked and...

Just had my pre-op and I'm ready to get sucked and plumped!!

I feel like a handicap

So I made it to the other side. I honestly went into these with out honestly knowing what to expect. The amount of pain and neediness that I have the first 24 hours was insane. my eyes were swollen shut my arms were swollen so i couldn't pick myself up. My body was oozing out from all directions and the last thing i wanted to look at was my ass. Trying to sleep on your tummy the whole time was a pain in the ass. My new restful position is sleeping with a pillow under me long ways and two pillows for support for my arms. The first day I almost suffocated myself with a pillow. I was too weak to move my head. So ladies please have someone with you to care for you. I drank so much gatoraid and water and ate then that anesthesia meds made me throw up. After i felt so much better. My swelling finally went down enough for me to type.

the best thing to do is walk....walk as much and as long as you can. While you walk move your arms up, like a zombie just so your back will straighten out you are going to feel a lot of pressure on your lower back because of the bbl.

My measurements

FYI my measurements are 34 waist 46 booty at 1 day post op

So let me start off with my overall experience.

So let me start off with my overall experience. In a nut shell I felt like I was just a file. Meaning that the office staff is pretty much has a script they told every damn girl who came in the very exact lines. I had to call the office and verify that they I was cleared for surgery. I asked is everything paid for they said yes. When I arrive to the office its something different. I get seen my the Doctor, whom is a man of very few words, don't get me wrong, he is very nice, just doesn't talk a whole lot. Then when I was about to walk out of the office they told me that someone needs to see me first to review the packet that I signed. I went and there this lady told me that i MUST pay 165$ right now for insurance. I told her I dont want the insurance. She said that I have to. So I paid it....FYI...he does NOT carry malpractice insurance So its pretty much go in at your own risk kind of thing.

The forms that I received do not match with what they tell me.

- The packet mailed states that i can not eat after 12pm the day before the bbl
correction its 12am!

- The amount of grammatical errors in the the final packet that you sign in the office is a lot I got to the point that i started to correct them before i signed anything. Sorry but if I am about to sign my life away i need it to be correct. I even told them doctor about it, I told him , "the amount of grammatical errors in this packet does not justify your work". He said that he will review it.

So the day of the surgery I arrive to the other location which is in a typical medical center and i had to undress take a pregnancy test after that i went into the room spoke with the doctor and was marked up. I then met the anesthesiologist, ladies!!! hes very cute! lol then i signed more papers and walked over to the operating room i was told to rest on this warm table that was very narrow , remember i am 6 feet tall. Just when he was about to put me under I was able to see everything, that meant i had my contacts on! i was like waittttttttt i can see lol so i had to remove my contacts and that was it! It felt like I slept for and hour. I woke up and felt no pain just groggy. There was a lady there and as soon as i moved my head she told me to get up and sit on this wheelchair...that was the point i knew something happened to my butt! lol

Updated photos

As you will be able to see it is a dramatic difference. He does a great job! Just wish every thing else before would flow as nice. But, I have hope with him he kicks ass in what he does and is just starting this company so no one is perfect but his skills are awesome! Hope only the best.

no more square pants for me!

hello ladies i know its been a while since i last wrote a review i was having mixed feelings with my booty i had my ups and downs some days i felt like i wasted my money some days i felt like it was the best thing i ever done! and to tell you the truth it has been. My confidence is sky high and when i wear my tight jeans i just stare at it and just say damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol i love it! my scars are lighter and the ones under my ass are real tiny so i am happy. I havent been wearing my CG im going to start back at it again soon want to keep a tiny waist :-)

5.5 months later.....actually thinking about a round 2

Ladies so I decided to look at my pre-op pics that i took the night before getting the bbl...omg i had no ass at all!! lol

So now that I am 5.5 months post i can tell you a little more about whats happen since the last post...
-my ass dropped
-there are still times that my ass feels sore out of no where
- stretchmarks my ass looks like the NYC MTA subway map!
- The amount of attention that i get from men and women is insane!

- 6 months post op i can see why they tell you to wear your fajas for so long I honestly did not follow it i got embarrased that a guy i was dating would see me in it so 1 stopped wearking it 2 weeks after surgary....ladies no not follow in my footsteps. I ended up dumping his ass and now have a lumpy belly now i am thinking about doing a round 2 if its affordable i hope its not another more than the first time. I just want wider hips My stats now are under bust 34, waist 32.5, under bellybutton 37, and hips 45.5 FYI 1day postop my waist was 34 and hips 46 so I lost 1.5 inches from my waist and .5 inches from my hips after swelling
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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