Updated 2/22 - BBL on 2/8/2012 with Moises Salama in Aventura, FL

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Updated on 9 Feb 2012: Hello All! Ok so I went for...

Updated on 9 Feb 2012: Hello All! Ok so I went for my BBL with Dr. Moises Salama yesterday 2/8/2012 at 2:30pm. I really didn't want to think about it until I was about to go under with anesthesia so thats why I didn't post here before today :-) After waking up, all I wanted to do was EAT! Larry was my driver (he's a handful but so nice lol) I went to my hotel room (my aunt is taking care of me) and ate a can of chicken and rice soup. That was a joke! ended up eating 2 McDonalds double cheesburgers before I could sleep. I was actually walking around the night of surgery and today also. I've been walking around (more like wobbling and limping) for a couple of hours. Make sure you guys know how to use the drains properly. I didn't and ended up with blood everywhere. I recommend Depends for underwear. Just in case you miss the hole when urinating and get your garment wet. It makes things more comfy. Keep the room air conditioned well. Whenever I fall asleep and the room is a tad warm, I wake up very swollen. I'm swollen anyhow, but my face, eyes, hands, etc are really extreme if it gets too warm. I still haven't used that stool loosener. Trying not to do #2 for a few days, at least not while the garment is a pain. Larry says I'm moving around much better than most and Nomie also said I seem to be doing really well so I can move forward with the lipo massages. I will take some pictures wit the garment when some of the swelling goes down. In the first few days, your entire body swells ( I didn't know this before) so I can't tell what I look like yet. Nomie switched my garment for me today and I had a lot of lose skin however tummy was already flat. Can't wait to see myself in a week!! Updated on 9 Feb 2012: Woops! Forgot to add that this was all a fat transfer from the abdominals, upper and lower back, thighs and flanks to my butt. Updated on 10 Feb 2012: Ok - I'm still eating, but haven't done #2 yet. I was able to take off my garment on my own today, so I am going to start the stool softener and hopefully do my first #2 soon. I feel fine, but I would prefer to force it and control it that it be a surprise. When sleeping at night, It has to be really cold or I sweat and wake up swollen. Never knew that standing in front of an air conditioner would be so much fun... :-) I'm about to take my first shower. Very excited about that!! My butt went down a little, but thats good because I don't want a huge ass. Just wanted a flat belly and a more shapely figure. My buns were flat at the top but the cheeky part at the bottom was ok. I once weighed 170lbs and dropped down to about 135-138. After the loss I looked narrow with a pudge and my boobs were shrinking. So I got the BBL. I was size 6 dress, size 2-4 pants pre-op. I want to stay that size. Just needed a better shape :-) I'll keep you guys posted with more updates and will respond to comments later. I'm tired. Oh and I've also been walking around A LOT.

Hello All!! I'm 13 days post-op. The first week...

Hello All!! I'm 13 days post-op. The first week FLEW (thanks to the pain meds). Week 2 I think is fair to say is pure hell. Be prepared! Tylenol 3 was such a joke that I didn't even take it.

first, let me say sorry for not responding to comments. Honestly, my brain was half available until now and even now its still not 100%. So let me recap the past 2 weeks.

I think I got my first massage with Celli/Celia 2 days post operation. She removed a lot of fluid from me as I howled "Owwww owie" like a dog. She is a aggressive, but as my "obvious to the touch" swelling is practically gone now...I'm glad I sucked it up. She returned 3 days after that and I took 2 of the prescribed pain pills so that she could get all the fluid out of me. The sight of the swelling depressed me and I read about how swelling is the slow part of recovery, so I wanted to make sure I let her do her thing. Got a 3rd massage 7 days post op right right before my drains were removed. I literally went from Celli/Celia to Dr. Salama. My drains were never empty throughout the first week. If I saw that they were draining slow, I'd get up and walk to get them back active. I'm a busy body so :-D. Or I would remove my garment to shower and breath for a couple of hours then put it back on and viola....drainage. If I didn't feel like walking and going through the removing garment process, my crawl walk process to lay down and get up seemed to make the drains work. I never just laid there all day because I was determined to drain drain!

About 5-6 days post-op I'd began itching a lot on my butt and thighs. A LOT. So the doc suggested Benadryl. I saw that it makes you drowsy and I thought "GREAT!" Being drowsy helped me survive the first 7 days.

On day 8 post-op Salama removed my drains which was a gift from God. He put 1100 ccs in each cheek and I almost had a heart attack because I only wanted 600-700...so they gave me a smaller garment that compressed the butt to shrink it (which has resulted so far in wonderful results). That same night I flew back home to Illinois. I took 2 of the pain pills, 2 benadryls and slept just about the entire flight. The flight wasn't a problem at all and I think this was due to the garment being so tight it didn't matter :-D

As soon as I got home to Illinois, I took my garment off to show my sister and sleep without it (cheating yes but it was soooo tight!!!). I quickly regretted it though when my stomach got hard as a ROCK! I couldn't stand up straight, thats how tight it got! I was mean to Nomie because she was the bearer of bad news, that they couldn't just phone in my pain pill prescription. The cold weather and fresh lipo do not agree so I was in huge pain and for the first time not having the pills.

So I took a Tylenol 3 that was the NutraSweet to pure fresh sugar cane.... and got on yelp.com to find someone to massage me asap.

Day 10 post-op, I got a massage. The technique had the same pattern, but way less pressure than Celli/Celia and wayyyy slower. If you were to draw a tic tac toe board on your abdomen, the lady attacked each section one at a time. About 15 minutes into it, half of my belly felt like jelly so I extended to 1hr. I walked out feeling great! I put my tight garment thats almost impossible to get over my butt on with the cardboard and foam and slept until the next day. When I showered the next day, my swelling went down A LOT and my stomach was actually soft (so long as the temperature was warm).

Now its day 13 and I got a massage today. I've laid in my bed with the temperature low like it was the night I landed and my belly doesn't rock up without the garment.

I noticed broken skin on my left thigh (my legs swelled up A LOT but by day 9 they were almost normal except for left thigh) so I've been wearing a compression garment top with the foam and cardboard. When I removed it today for my massage my waist was super small!!! Yay!!! My butt looks good. When I look in the mirror, I see it and think its not a major change... LOL when I logged in today and saw the photographs pre-op... CHANGE HAS COME!

I was after the reshape more than wanting it bigger. I want to remain the same pant size, just wan the better shape. So yesterday I squeezed into the jeans I flew to Florida in and though I wouldn't be able to sit down without showing buttcrack (sorry I don't know how else to explain it :-) they fit!

Since wearing the smaller garment, and the almost immediate shrinkage from that, my butt hasn't gone down much at all. The garment made it more dense (harder!!). However, it is softening up now very slowly. One cheek softer than the other. Sitting down does not hurt me at all as long as I have my boppy pillow. I have to switch my angle up about every hour though. I've mastered sleeping on my back and somehow angling myself slightly on my side so that I'm not face down all the time. This puts some pressure on the butt but not like sitting. I do sit probably more than the doctor would like, but never without a pillow.

I will return to the garment they gave me when the skin on my left thigh improves. The stinging makes me limp to avoid anything touching it, if it were ok I'd be walking almost 80% normal.

I will try to post some pics soon.

Glad to see that despite my "non-sugar coating"...

Glad to see that despite my "non-sugar coating" everyone is learning about the recovery proces. If you meet another lady in the office, don't say her name on RealSelf.com. If you are like me and went the EXTRA mile to hide this from those who can't keep a secret, Use a nickname in the surgeons Lobby and with the driver. Real Self makes effort not to disclose people's identity (says it in the sign up process), so please respect the network. I would hate to see something like this fall over this because if I was a real "nutcracker" like people are making me seem, I would have a legit lawsuit in your mail by now! Celebrities and Non-celebrities don't clear their country to get surgery for no reason. Its a lot to do with privacy. Do you know how much stress that caused me? My naked photos and NAME on the internet for 3 days?? Meanwhile I'm not even on day 4 of recovery? I had to stay awake to monitor this rather than focus on recovering? Thats a hell of a curve ball when the anesthesia drug is still in your system and you feel at risk for fainting every other hour! I do have a lawsuit, but Im not that mean or crazy. I'd rather take the experience and use myself as a vessel to communicate to others that name dropping on Real Self is not cool! Helping others makes me feel better, actually.

Next lesson, If the person has posted that their surgery was less than 2 weeks away. Just be compassionate and wish happy speedy recovery, offer some help/support/tips and please don't go critiquing the angle of their photos. Questions are ok, they are expected. But critique of angle of photos "because you can't really tell what the curves looks like" is SELFISH. Just say, "Can't wait to see more, you look good so far!" Even if it doesn't look good, say that, because she will need it! Don't feel like you're lying because honestly results are not final until 2 months and with the swelling, you can't tell whats going on until about 2 weeks post-op anyway! Between that comment and my personal friends back at home thinking I'm some sort of showcase (offering NO HELP AT ALL just wanting to see and touch on me and watch me walk around) YES I am very vocal about the lack of thought people are displaying. When you realize it takes you 10 minutes to walk what you used to walk in 1 minute, you will not look back at it and say "YAY IT WAS WORTH IT *snap a picture*" you will just drag through and pray the next day is better!

I hope everyone has learned something regardless of how I delivered the message. I don't sugar coat just like neither of the people who triggered this made an effort to "sugarcoat" my REAL NAME nor did they sugarcoat when saying how my photos that I'm blessed I could even stand for are insufficient to what you're seeking. Another person LOVED that I showed the drains not focusing so much on the angles. The drains are the most critical part of the first 7 days!!! They're attached to your body so suddenly you have 2 extra limbs! I'm helping you guys be realistic.

Forget the showcase. What more do you need to see? SALAMA is OBVIOUSLY ***GREAT***. If you're in that much doubt that you have to stress me for pictures then maybe this isn't for you. I made my decision without the pictures, afterall!

For those who said "more pics" one time, I'm not directing this at you. Everyone can ask me questions. Just don't ask things already answered (because I don't have time and won't answer you. This is a costly surgery I expect you to do your research.) and lastly, since today is 2 weeks!!! I will post a photo. Sorry for snapping at the person who asked 2x as well as critiqued my angles starting at 7 days post operation and all before today (obsessive ain't it?). I'm really not that mean you guys! I am just very direct!

NOW ON TO MORE PICS!!! I'm about to shower and throw on something tight now. My skin still tickles with normal clothes on, but as long as it fits TIGHT I think I can handle it. I can barely wash my belly in the shower. I was really ticklish before this, when Salama drew the markings on me I was LAUGHING! LOL. He looked at me with this look and said, "You're ticklish?" I said yeah and asked why because his face let me know that things would be "interesting" after lol. OMG I hate that I'm ticklish!!

I took these photos on my 2 week anniversary....

I took these photos on my 2 week anniversary. Which my phone so they aren't as clear as I hoped, but I wanted to show the "texture" of my stomach after the process. Honestly, the best way to do this is probably for me to snap a picture when I'm all oiled up so that the camera actually captures it. Its nothing that would show through a shirt, but you FEEL it when massaging. You see it too, but its not hideous at the 2 week mark. I mean I would cry if it looked like this forever, but its part of the healing process!

In one of them, if you look at my hip on the left of the photo you can see one of the scars. It looks like a little dot. Its still hard as a scar like this would be at 2 weeks. I'm not freaking out about any scars so far. I put vitamin e oil on them 2x a day under a bandaid to make sure the oil is on the wound and not soaking into my garment.

Ok - going through a depressed moment :-( I...

Ok - going through a depressed moment :-(
I slept without my garment last night and all the swelling came back :-(

I have a good demon on my shoulder saying "Bitch relax - you have 6 weeks until you can see the real results." The bad demand is saying "Haaa haaa bitch your fat ass is still gonna have a tire belly! Not even lipo can save you that shit is reabsorbing fatty." The bad demon sounds just like Eddie Murphy.

Crying self to sleep. I feel like the nutty professor. I bet someone going through this wrote that movie!!!

Bottomup's review helped me soooooooooo much! I didn't even make it through all the comments! The value of READING rather than photo trolling is amazing. But I still feel sad. What a rollercoaster! This is why I say take 3 weeks off! 2 is ok IF your job surrounds you with supportive people AND you have people to support you. I'm single and relocated from the people who fully support me soooo... It's 4:41am. I see my masseuse at 12p. She has had a lot of lipo patients over the years so she helps me make it through this regarding swelling and the healing, pain, etc.

When I lay down my garment bulges at the bottom of the belly. Uhhh thats the area that needs to go! SOOO I rolled my foam and put it there on top of the cardboard. I guess its time for a smaller garment, but my butt needs to remain. So I'm getting a custom garment like BottomUp (who looks amazing to me by the way! Please compliment her if you like what you see. I personally LOVE IT)! I used to sell garments and those aren't working for me because despite what I see in the mirror...MY WAIST WENT FROM 31 TO 29 INCHES ALREADY!!!

The butt looked small with my back swelling, this is why I say to read BottomUps review. She had the same issue at week 2. By week 4....OOOh La LA

Hi again you guys! I just got back from my massage...

Hi again you guys! I just got back from my massage. My masseuse said that my swelling has now "localized" meaning there are areas so minimal swelling and other areas have a lot. That means I need a new garment and she did recommend a custom garment.

The swelling has "traveled" to my upper back right behind my breast and lower abdomen. As you can see in my before photos, those areas were where most of my fat was.

She began working on my sides today. I saw on BottomUp's review and another lady who commented on hers (forgot her name, sorry) that the sides were a pain in the butt when trying to stretch so I need that worked out now rather than later. Once upon a time I couldn't even stand up straight due to tightness in my abdomen which is now actually softening up with each massage so I think its ok to move on to other areas. She also began working on my left thigh. Ironically there is little to no tightness in my right thigh, but now that the bruising is in the final stage on my left, I could feel the hardness in the left. And boy was is hard.

Right now the left thigh literally feels like it was once a whole TIGHT puzzle that is now all broken up. CREEPY! She explained that lipo results in scabs beneath the outer layer of skin. Makes a ton of sense now!

I had her massage my entire stomach too and guess what! Some of the lumps in my upper abdomen are actually muscles! I HAVE MUSCLES IN MY ABS? Go Lipo!

I took more photos this morning after my shower. I will post them. They are skin photos. Honestly though, after the massage and her moving things around the lumps already look different. I couldn't make this happen on my own though, thats why she's a paid masseuse.

My sides are currently SOFT! They were tight as a rubber-band before going to her. You can see the stiffness of them in my photos. I think once this softens for good and my butt "drops" I will have more of an hour glass figure. Not like Mendietta can achieve, but close enough considering I paid 50% of what he charges. SALAMA IS THE MAN!!! If you go look at EnjoySelf's review, at 2 weeks she was "boxy" but her later photos show much more softness on the curves. I can't wait to see myself 4 weeks from now!!!

I'll upload photos of my bruises and skin later on. I need to order a custom garment, eat, and put on my garment first!

- Don't say my name. Discretion is a must, thats why my heads chopped off of my photos. - Salama is THEE BOMB! Even with me having a nervous breakdown about my butt being too big, he still maintains his sense of humor. When I saw him after, he said, "So are you still freaking out?" LOL. Anyway, I am good now. He inserted 1100ccs which I was only expected 600-700 (I didn't tell him this) so to counter it he gave me a smaller garment that actually compressed the butt. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! I love my ASS! It has not shrunk at all since Day 8 post-op when I put on the smaller garment, its only gotten softer and my body is shaped just like it is with the garment on! Kinda cool! If I hadn't compressed it, I am sure it would have shrunk more. To the point! SALAMA and his staff are GREAT! I am accustomed to 5 star arrangements, so I would say they are 3.5-4star far as setting, etc. However his work is that of 5 star and my advice is to BOOK SOON with him. I expect him to be one of the most expensive BBL surgeons in the country VERY SOON. I saw at least 5 ladies in there who had recently undergone surgery recently and I think he will only get more popular. He can only do so much, so simple economics says his price will go up!

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