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I was really tired of pretty much having the same...

I was really tired of pretty much having the same body shape my entire life. Even working out yes i would be thinner but i would still have the same shape, not much curve and a little bottom. I just feel like a needed a change and thats what I'm going for an am very excited! I feel that if you want to go for something that makes you happy then go for it! I'm getting my flanks,abdomen back and thighs liposuction-ed, cant wait to get some awesome results!!

Still waiting in anticipation!! excited to have my...

Still waiting in anticipation!! excited to have my surgery done and nervous!!!

I feel like I've been waiting months for this and...

I feel like I've been waiting months for this and finally the time has come!! I feel like this website has honestly been so helpful and given me so much insight on everything. I am thankful to all of those that are reading this and can get help from this and to those who are posting about their experiences or how their feeling. It definitely has motivated me to write about how I'm feeling and my upcoming experience!:)Thank you everyone for your support and I hope to have a blessed and safe surgery!And to everyone else as well!

Oh yea I'm 5'2 and 145 pounds. I gained weight for...

Oh yea I'm 5'2 and 145 pounds. I gained weight for the surgery because from about everything I've been reading people have been gaining weight to have that extra-ness being put down there so i figured why not stack up on some extra sweets and fatty stuff for the surgery... i mean my excuse is the surgery! and with reason lol

I honestly want that nice round bubble butt lol, something between a nice natural big butt and a JLO booty!

If anyone else has had Dr. Salama please let me know about your experiences and how great he is!!! I've already read some reviews on him, and that's why I of course chose him!

So I got my medications for the surgery and am...

So I got my medications for the surgery and am just excited and want the moment to come already. I honestly pray to god that everything turns out alright and that I get great results like many of his other patients! I really am hoping to have 1000 cc's to 1200 cc's. Im currently booking hotels and just excited about the whole process. Im thinkig of it as a mini vacation, and keeping optimistic!

So im counting down the days!excited..super...

So im counting down the days!excited..super nervous?yes!! lol im trying to just make sure I have everything ready and planned. I'm flying to Ft.Lauderdale and am staying at the Best Western Hotel in Hallandale,Beach Florida. It seems nice and affordable, which is what i'm aiming for. Hoping for the best! I hope and pray everything turns out alright, please wish me the best! i need your prayers and luck!i purchased bolsters and sweatpants because i know ill be needing them. im going in a day earlier to just get used to the place and enjoy it. I cant wait until i let everyone know how it goes!!

Okay so I don’t know even know where to start...

Okay so I don’t know even know where to start because there’s so much to say. Well I am now 6 days post op from the surgery. And I have got to say wow what a difference. I feel a billion times better then how I first did because I was feeling horrible the first 4 days to be honest. I also am going to start off by saying that I’m going to post up pictures soon, so just keep on the lookout for that.

Alright so I was really nervous going into this and I mean to say you want something and even plan for it to the point where you’re in the surgery room, well that’s when the reality hits that you’re actually doing this, or at least it did for me. but going into it I was anxious and excited and its crazy how the day before I was walking and could just be so careless compared to after the surgery.so I went to the clinic with my bf after seeing Rueben and Dr.Moises salama and Naomi earlier. I had my surgery around 3 o’clock that 18th so I was able to see them earlier. They said that I’d be done around 6 or 7 o’clock pm. So I had been waiting for the moment to happen and my bf just kept saying how he can’t believe I’m actually going through this and I just kept saying yes I am this is it lol and then we spoke to the doctor and anesthesiologist and he was very kind as well and let us know all of the facts. I just was waiting for that moment when everyone says that they’re put under like one minute they’re talking and the next they wake up from the surgery. I had never been to the hospital for anything; I’m pretty much very healthy thank god and have never been put under anesthetics. so I just kept asking him so many questions and then I wanted him to let me know when I was going to go under and then he let me know then asked where my favorite place I want to go is lol and I said bora bora then woke up face down and saw my bf and a nurse. I was in PAIN lol. I don’t even really remember it all because it seems so fading to me. I just remember feeling weak. Oh yea another thing, make not to eat 8 hrs. before surgery. On the packet you get it says to not eat the day before at 12pm before that time so I didn’t and by not eating for more than 24 hrs. It made me super weak so just make sure to just not eat 8 hrs. before surgery.so anyway Larry the driver is a great wonderful help. He’s very kind and always willing to accommodate to your needs. I preferred to have the transportation services because in all reality makes life a thousand times easier and sometimes pal suffer with cab drivers and renting cars, rather than just getting the driver who knows how to handle you and where he’s going. So I get to the hotel and I kind of faint as I’m getting out of the car, reason I think is because I hadn’t eaten in so long. Then I finally got to my room and you’re basically gunna want to knock out and just rest. Middle of the night I can’t even get to the bathroom and need to pee in the trash cash standing with the help of my boyfriend thank god he was there because you will need someone the first 4 days SERIOUSLY! they will need to be on your beck and call at all times so do not plan on being alone and if you are get a nurse because you will not be able to do it on your own trust me. So after that day I stayed in bed all day sand the pain pills definitely came in handy but it is super important to eat because if you don’t you will throw up like I did and feel super nauseous so definitely eat something. Soup is great and so is Gatorade. Something light is all your gunna want the first 3 days. For me, the worst days are the first 4 days, it may differ for everyone. That night it hard to sleep, I had to pee all the time and be awake every 20 minutes. I always needed to wake up my boyfriend to help me pee and take my pills, but he was very comforting and supportive. After that day it was the third day and I would still feel in pain and nauseous and I had my massage by Celia. She is great and very great with her hands. But I must admit, the first ones the most painful massage, it is painful but she is only trying to help you and heal you faster.
The second massage was painful as well but not as painful and I had my third one today by her and it is painful but getting better. I usually try to walk 10 minutes a day and whenever I get the chance or else it will be hard to catch your breath and walk (which it will be in the beginning). And the drains will kind of get annoying but you must deal with it and be careful with them because they can spill. I’ve seen the doctor twice after the surgery and I asked how many cc’s I got and he told me I received 1000 cc’s in each cheek which is satisfying because I did let him know I would have liked something from 1000 to 1200 so I am very happy with my results! The first 5 days I didn’t care about my results or how I looked or was even happy, all I wanted was for the pain to go away. Around the 6th day that’s when I feel happier about my results and how everything has gone. It’s more of a mental thing and even Naomi sad how its normal to feel a bit depressed afterwards so that’s usually how I felt, I didn’t even start looking in the mirror until the 5th day. I’ve been wearing these garments that are different than the original ones they used to have without the zipper. These have zippers and run smaller. I feel they are pretty comfortable and I have these pads on the sides and this cardboard thing that Naomi gave me a day ago and told me to wear for 3 weeks. And the garment I wear for 6 to 8 weeks so I will continue to wear it as long as needed. I leave tomorrow and will be seeing Celia and going into the office once more to have my drains taken off before I leave for my flight!

Hi everyone! hope youre all doing well! i am now 2...

hi everyone! hope youre all doing well! i am now 2 weeks post op and i do love my results. from time to time i do feel depressed which is normal after a surgery like this, but i am feeling better day after day.i try to wear baggy things like swweatpants and sweaters for as long as possible and im like almost never sitting down unless i have to.this garment is comfortable minus the cardboard but i know its necessary for recovery. i am taking tylenol extra strength pills that i got called in for me from the pharmacy so those are helping but the pain pills helped me alot more and relaxed me. but everyone deals with pain and recovery different.i am getting a few red bumps on my body that itch me intensely but some other patients dont get it as bad, i guess it depends on your body type and how sensitive your skin is, this forms from the stretching of the skin Noami told me, so i have been using cortizone.
I know i havent posted up pics yet but in about a week once i feel a bit better i will post them up! i just want to say that i am so happy for tall the support from everyone on the site and from everyones help and insight on their previous surgeries like enjoyself! thankyou!and i will continue to keep u updated!

So today would be one day before my 3 weeks post...

So today would be one day before my 3 weeks post op! i definitely feel alot better then i did a week ago. im still continuing to seek massages and take my tylenol pills because they keep me feeling sane and in not much pain. i am satisfied with Dr.Salama and i feel that everyone has their own style and way of doing things. im still healing and a few burns in the front but im constantly using neosporin so its getting better!so hhappy for all of your support and love that this site has helped me and is continuing to help me on everyday needs and questions. day by day i am just hoping to feel a bit better and have better results!:) i appreciate everyone on this site!:)

Thanks everyone for the comments! its really great...

thanks everyone for the comments! its really great to know how supportive everyone is!i know it sounds weird that i still feel depressed but i do, its not because of my results but maybe something more mental.I am so satisfied though with dr.salama. Oh yea and correction im 5'3 not 5'2, my physical said i was 5'3 and when i posted up 5'2 i was going by how tall i was 2 years ago, hadnt had a check up in a while. Also keeping a good healthy weight is good for the surgery, you dont wanna overeat or not eat at all, i made sure to not overdo it. im feeling better! and am praying for better outcomes eveeryday. thanks everyone!!:)

Wow is definitely the word.The staff of the elite plastic surgery was great. Noami was such a great and helpful person through out it all. The assistance in this office was stupendous. Rueben Salama was also very accommodating and reassuring of any questions and concerns, same as Noami. If there was anything you have to ask, they are always willing to answer them. Dr.Salama was very professional, and wanting to as well express your needs and concerns. He lets you know everything about the procedure, and the risks as well as the benefits. He did an AMAZING job and I am so lucky ,blessed and thankful to have such a great doctor who is so good at what he does. They never make you feel like you are out of the loop because they are always letting you know everything in advance or wanting to know if you have anything else to ask.And Larry the driver is awesome and very helpful and soo nice and kind!hes great and always willing to help when you need it!i hope to recover and only get better along the way!

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