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Hello Ladies after much thought and research I...

Hello Ladies after much thought and research I have decided to get this procedure done. I am 32yrs old and used to have a pretty good body. Stress and my son has taken over and my waist it is now out of control. I am sooo excited and counting down the days till my new body. I'm basically looking forward to getting major hips, a tiny waist and more height in my droppy booty. My wish pics will be my favs on this site; Enjoyself, Optimistic143, Caramella1, and Bootywork and all the other masterpieces he has created. Ps cant wait to see my girl Getabooty pics that should be coming up soon. Thanks for all you guys sharing your experience,it has helped me choose Team Salama! Any suggestions (cc's) tips, questions, i'd love to hear.

Thats it for now. I plan on updating you guys every step of the way.

Hey ladies I think my husband is starting to get...

Hey ladies I think my husband is starting to get annoyed with me. I'm just too excited and can't stop thinking about my new body. I usually love to go shopping but I haven't bought anything lately bc first of all I'm saving, my husband only paid for half, secondly I need to buy according to my new body. Ladies I have to admit I'm obsessed with this, I need to hurry and get this done so I can move on from this. I literally go to bed thinking about it and wake up counting down the days! Staring to get nervous about the pain though. Also, I'm taking 17 days off y'all think that's enough, I can't take too much time off my job.

****sale alert**** for those on a budget and...

****sale alert****
for those on a budget and traveling around July 9th go to Hotwire 3 star hotel $50 per night airport area totaling $463 including tax for 8 nights! Just booked mine. They put me at Element hotel by the airport. Looks pretty nice for the price yeah!

Hey ladIes I can't believe my time has come. I...

Hey ladIes I can't believe my time has come. I remember counting down from 119 days. It's surreal. Honestly I thought I would be more excited but I guess the anxiety of it all has got the best of me lately. Also I really don't want to leave my son for 9 days. Honestly I'm feeling kind of selfish but I'm sure I'll be happy when it's all said and done.

So I want to share my cost;
labs and EKG $260

Meds $50

Airtran flight $150

8 night hotwire hotel (Element Hotel) $450 (3 stars) its new hotel by airport looks pretty nice beware of incidental fees. Even though you do get ur money back it's a inconvenience to have money being held on your card. If possible do cash deposit it they require incidental fee.

Mother in law $100 helping my husband for two weeks keeping my toddler son

Best friend /caregiver $100 for transportation ( gas tanks don't run off of friendship as she would say)

Wardrobe 3 maxi dresses from dots $45 to add to large scrubs, robes and lg. Sweat pants

Arnicare (walmart by icy hot) $7.49

I plan on spending no more than $150 groceries when I get there.

Also I plan to order my folding chair for $20

Lymphatic Massages $500 for 10 or at spa $40 per 30 min session

I wanted to share some of the additional cost because In the end you will spend more than you think and no one should go broke over getting a bigger ass. I was fortunate to have help from my husband and it happened to fit in our budget. My suggestion to all is just to find deals when you can.

Next subject my husband. Omg. So he says what all men have to say you don't need it. Let me remind you I told him I was getting liposuction on my whole upper half body and a "lift" which he doesn't know what the "lift" part means. He is a laid back type and is basically going with the flow. So at 120 days prior to surgery he was supportive and along the way he has begun to make sly comments like "your taking the easy route" vs exercise. Which I convienced him if your shaped like spongebob and spongebob exercises you just become a smaller box. I want the sculpture. Now my husband has a fat gene that he keeps under control by running the treadmill everyday. But let me tell you he has been working out extra it's almost like he's a little insecure. Like my wife is about to be having a crazy bad ass body I have to step up my game attitude. He knows that I get a lot of attention now from men so he's wondering what is going to happen now. I'm loving every second of it. I tell him when Dr. Salama is done with me he will skeet at the mere sight of me. I guess his concern is will every other man too. Lol. Not my problem. I just find it
funny the he's run out and got a gym membership and working out like no Tommorrw. I hate to tell him that he will have to get liposuction for the man boobs because those suckers aren't going
anywhere just like my pouch. Lol. That's ok gives me something to nibble on. Lol.

Next subject SEX! While I'm talking about nibbling
I want to know have you all had a boost in that area once ur able to back it up? My husband and I are solid in that area but it's always nice to keep it fresh and exciting. Let's just say I can't wait to walk around butt booty naked.

Alright so that's it for now. I will keep you posted once I'm in Miami.

And why didn't anyone tell me that the anitbotic...

And why didn't anyone tell me that the anitbotic is a suppository. I don't particularly like sticking things up my ass maybe on fathers day and birthdays but I'm prbly gonna have a hard time prying my butt cheeks a parts to even get it in. Wth! Ladies did you forget to mention these. I mean really. Am I going to even be able to reach back there.

*correction* I do have my antibiotic in a pill...

*correction* I do have my antibiotic in a pill form (orally) the nausea medication is rectally inserted. Not using it. Sorry for my confusion. Anyways I'm hoping for 1300cc max. I'm really mainly concerned about the contour more than ass. After reading that he hates wish pics, I trashed them. I also read that he told a recent patient that he does everyone's but the same way. Hmmmmm not feeling that comment. In consultation I plan to tell Doc that I rather have a wide ass than projection. More fat on the sides to create the hour glass shape, but he'll prbly do want he wants and I hope that a wide ass is his vision for me. I guess I can't be a control freak when I'm under anesthesia so it is what it is. After two years of spongebobing it, whatever he can shape me up as I'm sure it will be better than what I'm working. Everyone thinks this is extreme but somehow those that think this surgery is over the top they could use a little work done themselves. Don't have the balls to tell them. Well anyway ready to get this over with. Wanna be post op can I fast forward 6weeks!

Quick fact Surgery was started around 1130 Pain...

Quick fact
Surgery was started around 1130
Pain level is at a 10 right after.
No nausea
Ate lean.cruise perks, peanut butter jelly perks, licerous drank power aid and water.
Walked for 5 mins.
Used McDonald large cup w hole in it to pee no pissy garment yeah
Met fabnewme and mom and grandma they r so sweet. Well upload pics asap
Pain level right now is 5 will talk to u later will I feel bettef

Day of surgery 1115 arrived at surgery center...

Day of surgery
1115 arrived at surgery center located in banking center. i was asked to give urine for pregnacy test and change into gown with hat and footies. Once I finally pee i was brought in to see Dr.Salama and he give me the whole run down which was kind of scarey when he went over possible complications. he then proceeded to feel on my body and told me i am a good canidate. Then he toke pictures in several directions and started to draw on me asking me did I want projection and hips. I told him I wanted more in lateral sides for hips. then he asked if i wanted a shelf, i sd nooooo! A little projection with wide hips was my request. He finished drawing on me, then the nurse anesthesis came in the room to go over paperwork. I was then put on the table he inserted a 18 gauge iv into my waist. He asked where I worked and what I did since I know how to identify that big ass iv in my waist. He said its going to burn a little bit then I felt the burn and I was out.

Waking up
I woke up and I was freezing. They gave me a warm blanket and I was starving so I asked the nurse if she had a cracker. she give me water and a cracker. I was in pain I say a 10 pain level and I was just ready to go to the hotel and lay down. The two nurses and cRna was just chit chatting in the corner so I politely raised my hand and so when can I leave. So the sd in just a minute they wanted to see if I was going to get nauseated. I had no nausea just pain. I was wheeled out to the car and on to the hotel we went.

Ride Home
It was pure HELL!!!!! let me remind you that i choose a hotel that was close to mia airport 25 min away. Ladies its worth spending the extra to stay close no matter what deal you get. On the car ride home I first layed on my stomach but then I had to get up and turn to get on my knees it just felt better to me. All that time in the car was excruiating pain. I rather had given birth naturally to triplets at that moment. Once we arrived it toke my best friend and her daughter to get me out the car and into the hotel. I felt faint the whole while.

Once in the room
I was so hungry. I ate a lean crusine pasta with chicken ate it while laying on my stomach in like 2 secs.Drank a powerade and it tasted like a steak dinner. I toke a perc and off to la la land. I cannot stress to you enough how much eating especially pasta helps makes you feel better. I ate everytime I tk a perc and drank so much and it made me feel so much better. pain went from 10 to 5 on pain level scale.

First night
Only slept in 2 hour increments. I ate snacks all through out the night and walked as much as I could. I pee'd prbly every 2 hrs and when I pee'd i drained my tubes. ****the big mcdonald cup with the hole at the bottom is the best**** by 3am I was able to go pee by myself.

First Office visit
I can in to get a garment change. When I arrived she didnt know I was one day post op because I had my makeup and hair done. Im trying ladies, dont want to look busted. So i go back and she takes off my garment and I just assumed I was going to feel faint, but i didnt. it didnt even hurt. Note I did take a perc 1 hour before my appointment so that helped im sure. Now I was feeling great untillllllllll. I decided to keep garment off and take home and wash and then get a smaller garment on sunday. Bad idea not to put garment back on. The ride home was hell without that garment. Once again it was like just after surgery. My bestie washed my garment while I lay flat on the bed the whole while I swelled up so much. once the garment was dry it ws very painful and hard to put back on because of the new swelling. DO NOT TAKE GARMENT OFF FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME LADIES YOU WILL HATE YOURSELF when you have to put it back on.

Thats it for now. I will try to update you as I go. I do appreciate all the well wishes and advice you all gave to my. I will try to answer questions as soon as I physically can. Thank you ladies

First Massage Pure HELL. I had Celia and she was...

First Massage
Pure HELL. I had Celia and she was very nice but she does your her job to the fullest. Ladies at this point I did not know whether Having this procedure was worth it. But I just bare down and do birthing breathing techniques and pray for the torture to be over. I also had I massage this morning and it was just as painful. sometimes it feels like a knife and she strokes downwards. She shows you stretches to do 4 days a day.

Tips for induring the massage
Take 1 and half perc
Take shower 15-20 min before she comes
Drink lots of juice before
Have Arnica Gel ready in hand to rub your body down after massage it is such a reliever!
Take the other half of perc (at least I did) and lay down after you do your stretches. Awwwwww

Also I am very swollen in my pics so they dont really do me justice but just wanted to update yall all the way as promised.

First Dump today also! yeah makes you feel better. It toke me all of 15min to wipe my new booty clean. TMI sorry

Third massage I had a lot of fluid build up...

Third massage
I had a lot of fluid build up because of my large garment being to large. Just as u need no help to get that sucker on and it starts not to feel so bad it's time to change to medium. Because I wore the large a couple of days past time I had fluid build up that hurt so bad whn Celia messaged me. She is very sweet but I dnt want to see her ever again! It was a nightmare. However I plan to continue to get massages for optimal results when I get home. Also, for those thinking lymphatic massages are the same as regular massages they are not. I actually feel them pushes the fluid out and use the bathroom frequently after also releasing fluids. Your drains become after these massasges they are needed. My friend that is helping me had liposuction several months back and all the fluid was not released in her and she has hard spots lumps and stomach doesn't look or feel normal so she has to get corrective surgery now because of the fluid being trapped under her skin.

The Last Visit to the Office
I went up there to get my board and form, pain pills, and MEDIUM garment. Everyone in the office is wonderful. I cannot stress that enough. They are so helpful, make you feel like family. Ruben, Nomie, Jennifer, Nancy they are just the greatest team. I gave them all a hug and off we went.

Dr. Salama
First off he's a busy man so we haven't spent much time together, but you cannot expect him to be at your beck and call when he's as good and popular as he is. I think the man is obsessed with perfecting womens bodies. Do not bring wish pictures just tell him what you want and he listens. He knows what will look good on you trust him and trust me when I tell u this he is the BEST! I'm so pleased right now and I know as time progresses my body will only get better.
I meet Orlando and she looks great y'all, I also meet Fabnewme and hope she's doing well and ofcourse she's looking good too.


Hey ladies its been awhile since I have updated. It will be a year since my surgey with Dr.Salama next month and I am still loving it!!! Dr. Salama is the bomb.com and I dont care what anyone has to say!

When I got home the swelling ofcourse was still bad and you will find that findind a massage therapist that applies the pressure as they do in the office is going to be hard. As a result of not getting the proper massages I developed pockets of fluid and basically I was too out done with the pain of it all so I just did nothing about it.

As the months progressed the pockets of fluid reabsorbed into my body as if they were never there. YEAH for me!!!! So now Im left with a nice smooth falt tummy!

Ok the bad is I have bad eating habits soooooo I still trying to change that so I can protect my investment. So I may have gained some weight since my surgery but the extra weight actually did NOT go into the lipoed areas which was great! More Bootay and more hips! lol

Bring someone that is nurturing and patient
Bring Comfy Clothes
Drink lots of fluids
Wear Garment at least two longer than whatever they tell you. Day and Night. DO NOT SLACK LADIES you will pay in the end.
Do pay for the extra massages because you do know what kind of massages you will get when you return home.
and LADIES go to get your 100% Virgin Hair at ......
www.maneaddictions.com its hair that will keep you looking good on those days your out of it! www.maneaddictions.com mention Realself and get $20.00 off
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

Bedside 4 because he's a busy man but he can't help it. After care not sure leaving today but seems that they do want to follow up. Payment process I gave 4 because there was a minor glitch but was quickly corrected. I work in the healthcare industry and overall I was pleased with the amount of customer service and care as their patient. They are Great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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