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Today I had the most pleasant surprise in years, I...

Today I had the most pleasant surprise in years, I had my first treatment of reaction viora and it was an instant face lift, I am very serious when I say instant
I've struggled with premature droopiness of my upper eye lids for at leas 3 years now and had tried Dysport injections which had been wonderful however it only last few months. Off course I've already consulted few doctors to perform the eyelid surgery and I've been advised to wait as I am still young, but I haven't been happy watching how my eyes were closing each day more, my eyeshadow did not looked the same anymore
Here I had posted pictures and different types of procedures I've done and maybe some of you could remember my first experience with Dysport , how tremendously happy I've been each time I get my injections which are done by the same place I did Viora, AVANTI Cindy is absolutely wonderful , very caring, she listens to your concerns and takes care of you accordingly to your needs, she has been supportive and understanding and now we decided to try Viora, the magic treatment that lifted my eyes from the very first time, I had it done about 12 hours ago by noon time on Thursday July 24th and by 2pm I was being questioned what have I done?? When I got home my neighbor was so amazed she's already booked Her appointment for Tuesday with Cindy at avanti.
I went in thinking in giving my face a tightening boost I guess I want to call it, I've been reading about viora but never expected it will solve a major problem I've been having for almost a year now, which are those lines around my cheeks Nasolabial folds or laugh lines, and loosing the natural shape around my jaw which worsen after I performed a LASERLIFT which unfortunately for me did not worked to my benefit , I actually ended up with more problems and worsen the overall appearance of my face, as it caused my cheeks to drop causing hallow circles around my eyes and giving me a constant sad expression not to mention the horrible Nasolabial lines those I did not have before the laserlift
I waited the total year and see if things will improve as my doctor said it would but things gotten much worse and he doesn't consider necessary to do a revision as we discussed six months ago, two weeks ago I had my last consultation with him and realized I've been waiting all this time with the hopes he will Fix it but sadly he had no intentions to do so, I left his office with the biggest disappointment anyone can get, after all all I did was loose time ,hopes , beauty and money. I went for laserlift thinking it will promote collagen and tighten my skin and airbrush my jaw line but it did totally the opposite
Luckily there's still good people, good new technology and viora looks promising
For a fraction of what I paid in previous treatments.
This includes 6 treatments of viora an amazing deal, absolute no down time, see immediate results, no side effects,ideal for that special occasion when you want to look your best, refreshed renewed and still having the excitement in looking forward in archiving long lasting results at the course of your six treatments, if I look this great from day one I can imagine when I'm done! I have been a long term client and that's the price I've got, however I do not work there or have any input in pricing, this is my personal experience which I want to share with the community as I have been wishing to find testimonials about viora and there's none here I want to inform everyone what an amazing tool we have handy now days, this will push the need for an actual face lift or eye lift for me by many years to come
This is absolute worth every dollars to me, but it most be performed by an experienced person to achieve maximum results

What is a Skin Tightening Treatment?
The skin tightening treatment works to strengthen existing collagen fibers that have weakened over time due to aging and various forms of stress. Bi-polar radiofrequency energy heads the dermis and stimulates collagen synthesis to strengthen existing collagen fibers for improvement in skin laxity, sagginess and texture. Immediate contraction of tissue fibers results in a smoother and tighter appearance of the skin.

I will post pics starting from the day before laserlift to present

Today skin feels tighter

As of today the face is getting a more definition skin feels tighter and has a different feeling to the touch, I see how it doesn't bounce as it used a couple of days ago, I'm able to rest my face sideways without having all the skin folding or pinch my fingers and it will stay in place.
I grabbed skin by my cheeks like I did in the picture before viora and you can see a a huge difference for some reason I'm able to grab less.
I'm not sure what makes,me happier if the brightness of my eyes as brows were lifted ,forehead feels smoother ( which weren't things I was looking to achieve as it didn't bothered me but is a PLUS I like to call it a bonus, my main concerned was the jaw lines looking deformed with the balls coming down making me look alien, so now I'm so amazed by this total changes that I don't know what makes me happiest if the jaws feeling so tight and smothered lines or eyebrows being so lifted making my eyes brighter.
I can't wait , have been counting the minutes for my next treatment, will it show much more improvement or this is it?


In this video shows the elasticity of the skin

10 years ago

10 years ago in Miami tanned and young
I feel I'm very close in looking the same as in this pic.

10 years ago

Tanned younger happy with no worries of any wrinkles, lines , sagging skin you name it. I'm a premature aged woman it started once I hit 30. Do before it continues I have been trying to stop the damages. I think is due to so much acne meds, and also a depression stage in 2009 time when I started having ovarian cyst and fibro cystic disease.

1 week after viora, very satisfied

A week after viora, at this point I see my face looks the same as it did the second day, I am not sure if tighten anymore, it feels with more elasticity tho, I also notice less lines and more definition around the jaws. My next visit will be in another week on Thursday. I will post pics right after the treatment, I am hoping to see a bit more lifting of my brows, I am already satisfied with the jaw lines as I've never been totally square or without nasolabial lines. Looking at pics of me approx 10 years ago I was able to see those so I guess I reached the goal of looks 10 years younger. I will finish the 6 just to assure long lasting results

Second treatment of Viora

Second treatment of Viora, after 2 weeks.
I feel the changes were more dramatic the very first time and from now on it will just continue to improve from inside out, by the virtue of building more collagen firmness will be a gradual thing.
Today again noticed a lift in my eyebrows which is always a good thing.
Very promising treatment I wish it will be all done by now to see final results but six is what's recommended
I sure will complete it all and keep you posted
This is photos taken within 30 mins of finishing the treatments
No bruise or redness , this time went a lot smoother as I knew what to expect now , the first day I was a bit anxious to this new thing..

Second treatment of Viora

Picture taken within 30 mins after the treatment
Shows no bruises or redness, this time around was a lot easier, the very first time I did had some redness around my forehead.
A visible eyebrows lifting in the second treatment was achieve , I believe a bit more than the first time.
However the rest of my face looks pretty much the same as when I did my first viora, the first treatment made a significant difference, I am not sure it wiki continue to change from now on, as it is I am very satisfied, my jaws feels tighter and smoother lines, I am still showing deeper line in my left side if the face but that was due to a car accident within this last two years, I don't know if it will get even ever again, the first viora took care of the Nasolabial line in the right side and maybe an improvement in the left side, I'm expecting more changes yet to come for the next two months as I will complete the six treats

4th viora treatment and I'm good to go

I am glad to be back to this site feeling totally satisfied with the results achieved after my 4th treatment of Viora Reaction, I am very happy and excited about this amazing machine that solved so many issues I was having with my face after trying so many other procedures including a face laser lift as you can see in my before viora pics I had soooo much loose skin among other issues
Well I'm happy to say that I am at my 4th treatment spaced every two weeks and I am go to go. I still have 2 more with avanti aesthetics surgery and off course I can just benefit from finishing my 6 treatments but I truly believe some of us will show great results at your 3rd treatment. .
Ad you can see I have no loose skin or nasolabial lines anymore as I did before
The skin itself had improved very much also, this is positive results inside out
I am hoping to download my videos just waiting for approval but in this pic you can see how smooth the total appearance of my face looks, specially around the mouth, nose and forehead areas.. my eyebrows are up lifted opening my eyes improved the overall appearance of my eyelids I won't have to worry about eye surgery for a good while.

At avanti you will find a very friendly, experienced , professional and knowledgeable staff, prices are absolute best and it's worth every dollar as you get full results in each treatment they have to offer, my experience with them have been wonderful I highly recommend it.

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