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Since I have received my quote today I've decided...

since I have received my quote today I've decided to start writing about my experience. the procedures I am getting done are BBL & BA with implant. I am currently 5.0, 1 kid and weigh 144lb currently hoping to get down to 135.

First thing first I email Dr Yily office yesterday and they quoted me back the very next day. The quote didn't have the price of my BA so I called the office. A person pick up the first time I called. She really didn't understand English so we decided to talk over whats app. I called back and asked how soon were they talking clients and she laughed and said as soon as this up coming Monday. She also stated around this time wasn't so busy. I told her my dilemma and she resent me a quote with the BBL + BA with implant which totaled 5500.
This price includes
- Meds
-1o days at the recovery center
-1 garment
-blood work
- Anesthesia
- surgery fee

The emailed explained what to expect the hours the procedures take and what to expect from the recover center.

My goal is to try to leave during spring break. Only reservation im having is the amount of people that are going around that time. I scared she may be over booked and I don't want my procedure half done.

Recieved a quote from Yazmines recovery how

Hi Everyone. Heres a update on my Yily experience. I reached out to Yazmines RH because she had a lot of great reviews here on RS. She responded to my email a day later. She gave me a quote with very detailed descriptions of what to expect if I choose her RH. She also stated a deposited is need to hold my spot as well as my BF spot; which was $50 bucks. She charges 55 for a dual room, 65 for a private room and 35 extra for a guest. This does include transportation to and from the clinic and any other apt you may have. you must stay a total of 8 days or you will be charged for transportations. She also said her RH is 5min away from the clinic.

Overall she was really prompt and through with her communication via email. I'm going to check out a few more RH and update you all along the way.

Dr Yily, Recovery research information and Allure consultants

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update with what's been going on since I last wrote about a week ago. I reached out to a few recovery houses and I received some quotes. I decided to go through yazmin recovery house. I paid $50 via paypal and sent over my information. she is awaiting my flight information but I decided to wait to book my flight so I can use my frequent flyer miles. Dr Yily have reached out to me a number of times via whatsapp. Any questions I have had either through the app or email she has responded within a day or two. I don't see how people say they cant reach her. I do not speak Spanish and ive had no issues writing with her.

I contacted Allure consultation to arrange my surgery with dr Yily. She was so sweet and sent my a lot of info I may need. her services is free and you can send your deposit through her via Paypal instead of having to pay a wire transefer fee with your band and/or western union. The deposit with her is also $100 dollars less so I paid $200 instead of the $300 Dr yily requested. Within a day I received a email with her and Dr yily about confirming my surgery date. Dr yily took about a day or 2 to respond but set my date for march 22 2016. I fly into DR the 21st to get my lab work done. since its cheaper to fly on a weekday then it is to fly during the week.

Dr yily also sent me a questionnaire and requested photos along with it. I plan to fill that information out tomorrow. Not sure if I want to post my before pics on her or wait until after surgery. (what do you guys think).

Here is a few recovery houses and Their information

RH Package for Serenity RH (
•$800 for a Triple Room or $880 for a Double Room
•Recovery House: 10 days, 9 nights
•Round Trip Airport Transportation
•Transportation to/from all doctor visits
•5 Massages
•Post op medication can be added for $210

RH Package for Silhouette Recovery:
•$850 for a Triple Room or $930 for a Double Room
•Recovery House: 10 days, 9 nights
•Round Trip Airport Transportation
•Transportation to/from all doctor visits
•5 Massages

List of Recovery House suggested by Allure:

1. Luxury RH

2. Serenity RH -

3. Silhouette Recovery -

Recovery House rates:
Triple Room $75 per night, Double Room $85 per night, Single Room $100 per night, Guest rate $65 per night
All prices quoted are per person.

Remember Dolls Im Going with Yasmin. I've read great reviews and her prices a a little cheaper.
Here is the information on Yasmin Recovery home:
=US 55.00* per person for a share room with AC. ( 2 people max) Note: If one leave earlier than the other one, the one that stays will be placed with another person, or another person placed with her-..)
US 65.00 for a single private room with AC.
US 35.00 for an additional person-not having surgery. ð
NOTE: Check Out time its by 11:00 am of day of departure, if leave later than that, half a day will be charge.

It includes;
=transportation*, ( from and to Airport and clinic and all the doc's appointments) For massages, you'll be given a few names of a few masseuse who will come here to massage you. If you prefer to go to have massages someplace else, you'll be require to pay for your own taxi. -------Massages are not included in the price.(I can recommend a few)
=Three meals; with either; juice, soda or milk.== Three meals will be provided. (Please be aware that the Dominican custom is to have a big meal for lunch, but BK and Dinner are light meals) Please bring some proteins bars for those times you don’t want to eat or if you have a huge appetite.

=An additional US 45.00 will be charge IF you require someone to stay with you the whole night at the clinic.

The day that you leave Does NOT count, if you leave before 11 am (Check out time)… if you have to leave later than that; you’ll be charge half a day. (Since we still have to feed you and care for you .) è
=Cable TV with English channels

=Free laundry service twice a week and gaurmets clean up as much as needs to.
= You must be a minimum of 8 days for airport transportation to be free. If staying less, a fee of us 70.00 will be charge for both trips.
= We are only 5 mts from CIPLA and other Clinics in the city, (Depending on traffic)

I also went through Allure Consultations to book my surgery. I find its easier through her from what I've read, because she work directly with YILY.
Her info is:
Angeliz Moran
Allure Image Consultant
P: 845.345.5856

A few more recover houses I reached out to via whats app.
Princess recovery house:
Triple Room $75
Double Room $75
Single Room $85
Guest any room $65

She gave me a list of things to bring and a few extra costs:
Extra cost:
•Second garment depends on what types of faja will be 130,140,150 dollars.
•Nurse overnight $ 50 dollars.
•Package of babies wipes $ 10
•Package of Kotex $ 10 dollars
•Massages are available 25 each hour.

What to bring:
· If you are going to have a Tummy Tuck patient you must have a Breathing machine. You can buy it here, it cost$20 US.
· You need to bring loose clothes. Example maxi dress, sweats, button down shirt, etc.
· T-Shirt/tank top to wear under your garment.
· Box of baby wipes
Kotex (menstrual pads). Thick ones. (To be placed under your garment to provide cushion)
Compression Socks. If you want you can buy it here, it cost $25 USD extra.

Everybody needs to have somebody to spend the night the day of surgery, Otherwise you have to pay 50 dollars for a nurse. we can provide it.

I reached out to a few more but they weren't all that worth it to me so im not going to write them down unless you request it.

I hope this helps. If anyone is traveling around march 21st let me know.


Need help from my RS peeps

So I wanted to know if it was smart to get to your goal weight or at least close to it before surgery. I know lipo isn't for weight loss, although it's does help motivate you after you get it to workout and maintain. I know it's purpose is for sculpting and building on what you already have. My delima is I want to be the shit after I get it. I read about a lot of people who gain weight after the bbl surgery because they can't work out. My goal weight is 135 right now I'm 145. I already have a but and enough fat for lipo. What should I do. Should I work out and start losing, or should I wait until after surgery? My goal pic is listed below

Yily Update

Hello everyone

I hope everyone's week is going well. I just wanted to update you all and let you know, im still active and apart of the community. I just don't have anything to talk about at this point. Im playing a waiting game. I'm 4 months out. Ive been in contact with Yily a few time via whatsapp, regarding my weight loss. She advised me not to lose any, and that shes going to make me very beautiful ;). That' was very sweet of her. Anyway I decided im still going to shad a few pounds, just so I can get the results I want. I'm on realself everyday, stalking old pics and reviews from her past surgery's. I cant wait until march. the anxiety is killing me. What has everyone else been up too that has surgery soon?

When is the best time to purchase your plane ticket plus my little side note

Hi Ladies,
So I am 3 months out and wanted to know if anyone knew what the best times were to purchase plane tickets. I'm thinking one month out but I'm not sure because life happens and I don't want to be stuck with a plane ticket I cant return. Anyway, I'm a bit nervous but I know this is something I want done. Although I get a lot of complement on my shape with my cloths on hahaha I want to feel confident and great with my cloths off.

side note: so last year I took a trip to DR, I wore a bikini for the first time in years. I'm not large or anything but I know I have areas I need to work on. It felt good but I know I can look better. Now I'm not lazy ok lol, I do go to the gym but its taking foreverrrrrr to get the results I want. plus my chest sag now from breast feeding. I want to look my best, wear the cloths dresses I always saw myself in w/o a little pudge. I want to walk into a room and command it. lol I just want to be the shit over all. I mean why not, it not being conceded its confidence. anyway I will keep you ladies posted I may even post a workout pic. any questions feel free to ask.

Yily erased her whatsapp

Hey Dolls,

I tried to send Dr Yily a text and noticed her WhatsApp was erased. Am I tripping or is anyone else having this issue. Also does anyone know of her doing rhinoplasty?

2 months out

Is really cant believe I'm already two months out. Boy have time flew by. I have to admit I have not prepared at all lol. My passport currently have the wrong name on it I still use it. I actually used it when I traveled to DR for vacation last year. I need to get a new one ????.

I also need to go shopping for supplies. I am a nurse so I already have plenty of things such as gauze and antiseptic creams ect. One thing I'm not doing is over packing. Less is more ladies. Pads, wipes, creams. A few sun dresses t-shirts and jogging pants will be your best friend. I know some other people may over do it but seriously it's just a waste of space.

I have to admit I'm nervous. Not sure why, but I am. ughhh, things are starting to get surreal. How many of you will be there from March 20-28? Please let me know maybe can get together.

Ok my fellow RS members I'm logging off.

March 22 w/Yily

I can't believe time is moving by so fast. Excited and nervous. I honestly haven't even started preparing.

Ways to boost your hemoglobin

Hey Dolls,

Here are some supplements you should take to get the very best hemoglobin levels. Make sure you take your pills with OJ or some form of Vit-C it helps asorb the iron and vit-b tablets better. Also green leafy veggies helps as well. Try drinking a spinach and kale smoothly in the morning. I don't eat beef or pork so I take my supplements religiously.

There are medicines and natural ways to increase hemoglobin and therefore prevent anemia.
Vitamin and mineral supplementation. There are several minerals and vitamins that can increase hemoglobin levels. Most important of these are iron, vitamins B6, B9 (folic acid), and B12, and vitamin C, which is important for enhancing the absorption of iron. The recommended daily allowances are:
Iron: 20 mg
Vitamin B6: 50 mg
Folic Acid: 500 micrograms
Vitamin B12: 1500 micrograms
Vitamin C: 1000 mg
Foods that are rich sources of iron, vitamins B6, B9, and B12
Iron: whole-egg, iron-fortified cereal; leafy-green vegetables (like artichoke and spinach), legumes (like beans and lentils), meat (like lean beef and liver), and seafood like (clams and oysters)
Vitamin B6: meat (like chicken, beef, turkey, and pork), fish (like salmon, cod, halibut, tuna, trout, and snapper), vegetables (like spinach, bell peppers, baked potatoes, yams, broccoli, green peas, turnip greens, and asparagus), nuts and seeds (like peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, and hazelnut), whole-wheat bread, cereals, bran; and chickpeas, lentils and soybeans
Folic acid: dried beans, peas, leafy green vegetables (like spinach and turnip greens), and fruits (ex. citrus fruits)
Vitamin B12: Beef liver and clams, fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and other dairy products
Vitamin C: Citrus fruits (like grapefruit and oranges) and their juices, red and green pepper and kiwifruit, broccoli, strawberries, cantaloupe, baked potatoes, and tomatoes

my Flight is book March 21st

My flight is book... Finally lol.. I arrive on Monday March 21st at 1p. Hopefully my driver at Yasmin RH will arrive on time so I can go straight to Cipla . I know you have to arrive before 2 to get labs done. I sent flight itinerary over to Yasmin and Yily. I'm wondering since I went to DR last May will I need to purchase that 10 dollar past. I forgot the name of it.

Anyway I've been taking my vitamin. I haven't worked out. I actually gained weight. I'm 150 now. Ugh I'm ready.

Anyone else staying at Yasmin?

Bank wired Yily

Hey everyone. So I decided to wire Yily some of the money I need to pay for surgery. I did not want to travel with thousands on me and risk getting it lost or stole. For all who are trying to figure out how to keep their money safe here a great way.
I'm waiting for my bank to say the wire is cleared before I send the rest. I only sent $3000 plus my $200 deposit. I am not carrying much money on me. Anyway I just thought this may help.

3 weeks to go

Shit! Time is moving fast...

1 week to go

I have 1 week left plus finals for school. Talk about anxiety. Ugh

Boarding my flight to DR

Hey dolls
The day has finally came. I'm am currently boarding my flight headed to DR. For some reason I am not nervous at all. (Weird right). Any way I will keep
You dolls posted on my journey. Xoxo

Are any dolls at the Miami airport

I'm at gate D40

i just got robbed yeah fucking robbed

right out side my recovery house. i got picked up from the airport got out the car to walk in to my recovery house and a guy came and put a gun up to my head. They took everysingle thing cash, card cloths ect i am only here left day 2 with my cloths on my back no money nothing. they even took my passport.

I am well everyone thanks for the prayers

I switched recovery houses and got my surgery from Yily last night she paid for my medications and was very concerned. I got my breast and bbl done. I'm in a lot of pain and my phone is stolen so I was not able to update. I don't know anyone who would make up a story about getting robbed with a gun to there head. No need to send me anything I appreciate it. I wired Yily the rest of the money. Thanks again everyone. I will write a through review when I'm feeling better

Do not send money to a go fund me account.

I do not have a go find me account. I just found out from a few girls from my recovery house that someone created a page. My surgery is paid for. Please do not send money. Whoever made a account is trying to come up

First pic

I'm very swollen I got my surgery wed. So far so good.

Day 5 post Boobs and snatched waist

Got my first massage today. I wasn't bad like everyone makes its out to be. Got my drain out and Faja is getting took in. The recovery house is still amazing. I will do a full review when I get home. I took this photo right after I ate and I'm still snatched I love my results

My Review Surgery w/Yily was on 3/23/2016

Ok ladies here it goes. please excuse the typos in advanced. I arrived in Dr 3/21/216. I was so piss my flight with united was delayed almost 2 hours which made me miss my connecting flight in ny. because of this I had to fly to Miami from there to Dr. I was supposed to arrive at 130 go get my labs ect... but I didn't arrive unitl 930 that night. ok so I got to the airport. please buy your travelers card first thing before picking up luggage ect before the line gets long. then wait on luggage the travelers card Is 10 bucks. don't exchange money at the airport they will charge you a fee then say they don't have the funds but wont give you your money back. ok moving on. I saw the man from my recovery house with a sign with my name on it as soon as I got off the exit ramp. He was really noce and spoke some English. we left the airport around 10 heading to the recovery house. ok they drive like shit out there. theres no speed limits and barley any stop signs, lights ect.. ths shit was crazy. I'm not from Ny but it kind of reminded me of the drivers there minus the lights ans stop signs. anyways I digress. Ok we got the the recovery house around 1045-11 pm. I was actually writing a post on real self telling you all about the way the house looked when we pulled up,. It looked like a shack and before anyone says any thing I know what a real recover house looks like because I switched remember so not all recovery houses or houses in dr looks that way. It looked like a raggedy store front with gated windows very small looking from outside. it was next to pizza and mechanic shop. I was scared because I was thinking he may have kidnapped me and took me to this abandoned place lol. Ok so the driver which was the recovery house owners father told me to get out the car and ring the door bell. Now I saw these two guys standing out from but I didn't think nothing of it because on the way riding down everyone was just standing outside hanging out. As soon as I rang the door bell turned around and grabbed my purse out the car I saw the first guy walk up from the left of the car cocked the gun back and roll up on my with it in his hand he put in in my face and yelled some stuff in Spanish. remember I had already rung the door bell why no one was there yet idk. any way the driver was standing beside me by this time and the second guy with a guy walked up to him and grabbed my bagged out his hand. they took my purse which had my cash 4k to be exact, paperwork, passport a book and miscellaneous things in it they stole my luggage bag with the rest of my items such as cloths supplies ect.. ok they guys then went around the other side of the car and hopped on a scooter that just so happened to be conveniently parked there on the other side from where they were standing. ok so now finally the recovery house ower her mom and another lady come out. they wasn't really startled, nor compassionate at all which was what mad me mad. if you had a girl who literally just arrived from another country that had a gun put to her head and is crying you would think someone any of them would have consoled me, tell me its ok, look piss for me something. it was nothing. I cam in sat on the couch in shocked by myself and they sat on the other couches with blank looks. I'm asking what do I do, I'm confused my mind was racing I was stuck. her mother didn't speak English her dad did but barley she spoke English (recovery owner) but didn't seem shock. anyway she called the police we went to the police station. they were worth shit. the police station looked like a corner store and the police kept begging for tips. yes I said tips for nothing they didn't do shit. plus I didn't have shit to give. they wrote a police report we went back to the house and I slept in the cloths I arrived with. I couldn't sleep for nothing. Ok the next day we went to the us embassy to get me a emergency passport. hahaha when I tell you this place was a joke it was a joke. Ok what I didn't understand was why all these Dominican women coming in there with full faced make up, 8" heels and newborn babies. like is it really that serious. I was there for over 8 hours finally got called and guess what the nasty ass girl from behind the desk who barly spoke English told me I needed to get 135 dollars to pay for the passport. Now I just told yall all what what happened right, and remember I have nothing but the cloths I came with I explained this all to her had my report and everything and she had the nerve to say get money wired. now how the hell am I suppose to get it without an id. long story short she was really rude and nasty. Just so happen a girl from LA was there her BF threw her passport in the water so she needed to get a new one. she heard what was happening and with the grace of god ladies she bought my passport for me omg. that was a blessing I promised her I would wire her the money as soon as I got back she said don't worry but I hate taking money. I really do. any way after the embassy we went to cipla to get my x-rays done. this is where everything began to change,......... to be continued

1 month post op

Before surgery, 2 days after now 1month after.


So ladies I am little over a month out. I stop posting for awhile because I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in my personal life. Trying to get things back in order from ordering new keys to everything getting my money straight after being robbed to going back to school and working full time.

I really don't care to much to write a review there's so many out there with useful information. I would like to add after I left the first recovery home I stayed at serenity. When I tell you these ladies were amazing they were amazing. They helped with everything imaginable. The condo was beautiful. They washed you everyday. Cooked your fave meals. Even wiped your butt. I meet some wonderful girls who I still stay in contact with. I' mean they treated us like queens.

If you ladies have any question ask mex I rather do it that way then write an entire review. I hope this helps


1month up date

Before, 2days after and 1month post. My Waist was 32-33 before in steadily going down 27-28. I'm not really compliant with my faja as I should. But hey I'm human. question, concerns comment below. I'll try to get to them all asap

update lipo and breast implants with YIly

its been a few months since i last post an update. I did plan on blogging my journey, but i must admit it is hard. You lose track of time and i just lost interest for-real. Ok starting with lipo i didn't get a BBL, i didn't need one my butt was big enough before surgery. I got lipo all over my abdomen and ON the back of my legs, since i had a pocket of fat back there that stopped my butt from cuffing when i wore pants. I haven't been maintaining my results as i should. i havent really gain any weight, but I didn't lose any weight either as planned. I did have lumps all over my belly which never went away, Im hoping hey would go away with time. It has definitely made me insecure with wearing belly shirts it looks weird. sometimes they look like fake abs other times they just look like rolls under my skin. I'm really hoping they aren't pockets of fat that was left behind which hardens or fibroids. I did buy HCG shot's from a local weight loss clinic when I got back home. I did them for a little bit. I have been taking vacations all summer, so i decided to hold off until i can focus. especially since your restricted to only a 500 calorie a day diet. Moving on.... My breast. I am happy with everything except these large scars she left going down the center of my breast and across the bottom. My skin is very elastic and usually heals fast, she just cut me deep and very messy. On one of my incision, she cut me sideways. luckily the deepest scars are covered because my boobs dropped a bit. (which i dont like) i wanted them to stay perky and sort of fake looking. They look natural so i guess thats good but wasn't the look i was going for. either way i wanted to do a quick update. ttyl
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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