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Hello dear colleagues of nosechangers and...

Hello dear colleagues of nosechangers and about-to-be-s!

I've had my nose reshaped a second time now- the first operation was mostly due to breathing-problems, so I got a doctor, who's an expert on the whole functional side, but not the cosmetic it turned out that the operation worked wonders on my breathing ability, which by the way also had a big impact on my living quality- getting more air through my nose made me sleep better, concentrate longer and be more energetic! That was great, BUT I wasn't satisfied with the new look of my nose. The doctor did remove the hump, but the nose had a bit of a V-form suddenly and seemed out-of shape. So now, three years later I decided to do it again, knowing it's my last summer before I graduate this autumn and having enough time to heal while writing my diploma thesis. I only told my closest friends and relatives, as I didn't want the before/after-hype from people around me like the last time. (Last time was weird- everybody seemed disappointed by the result as's like having your hair cut from long to completely short and nobody says anything).

So I'm now 2 weeks post-op and all seemed to have gone well. This time I didn't swell as much and wasn't as blue around the eyes, so I think my new doc was very gentle.
Already I can make out a smaller nose under my cast- by the way I also got a chin implant to improve the profile (which was without any complication- absolutely no hassle)
So I keep making profile is VERY exciting to have a change in your face and that should never be underestimated. I think, even if the nose and face looks much better, it will always be a shock and it takes time to get used to. Today I'm getting my cast off and I'm pretty sure it'll be as much traumatic as the last time three years ago. I expect swelling and looking like a catlady or a boxer for at least a week. It took three years for the swelling to completely vanish the first time round, I guess it's be the same process:
3 month until I look normal, but the nose will seem a bit unnatural and shiny.
6 month for the nose to look even better
1 year to look pretty good
2 years: barely any swelling, just in the tip
3 years: all perfect and nice- the nose looks slim and untouched, the scar isn't visible anymore

I'm quite bubbly and talkative, so not being allowed to chat with people was hard and I have to admit I did talk a bit and laugh quite a lot. I think I should have been completely isolated those last two weeks. So yesterday- again - I had a laughing fit, and when I laugh it's not just my mouth- my face turns into a wrinkly raisin- NOT good after a nose-job! So my cheek turned blueish and my nose started hurting where the nasal bones were broken- that made my smile vanish completely.. I'm very worried now and can't wait to see my doc this afternoon and ask him if all is alright.
So I guess this is a typical fear: Did I ruin the result????
Reading the Q&A on this page helps though.
I guess isolating yourself and really taking the time and peace to heal is my suggestion at this point.

I was very concerned about the anesthesia. I kept asking different doctors if I would risk my health, if I could die from it etc. Turns out, all was fine and I'm not even feeling very tired or confused after it- but I had digestion problems, took a week to be able to poop, if you want to know :) But all back to normal now.
Ok, so what I think is important, is sleep/food. You might not be able to sleep the night after your op, but that is due to the anasthesia, you can ask the nurses for a soft sleep-aid, preferably herbal. The day before the OP I had a huge and healthy breakfast of porridge, nuts and fruits, freshly pressed orange juice, veggie soup for lunch and three bananas during afternoon and evening, I wanted to be well nourished but still feel light. Next time I had something to eat, was after the Op-- some spoons of soft risotto at the hospital. I actually changed from soft to solid food already on the next day, but I cut it really really tiny and it took me over an hour and many terrible slurping noises to eat it up. But food is strengthening!!! It helps to recover and feel strong soon after the op. Have as much different veggies and fruits as possible- if the solid food is still hard for you to chew try making smoothies. Chicken is supposed to be good after an op- see the link: and anything that has a lot of vitamin C. I take Vitamin C-powder in my water every day. I also had lots of herbal teas with fresh peppermint or thyme. And I belive that garlic and fresh ginger have a blood cleansing effect aswell. I also gave up smoking before the op, so I guess I live more healthy now than before, as my body needs lots of energy to heal quickly. And most important: LOTS OF WATER!!!! At least two litres a day, that also washes out all the medicin and tablets. I think, loving your body, even talking to it and explaining what happened, is good. Many people think that cosmetic surgery-patients have a bad relationship to their body and don’t love themselves...that’s not true in most cases. I guess if you have the opportunity to change for the better, you can take it, as long as it’s reasonable. I do worry sometimes these days, that my face might look a bit boring and plain withour my character-nose, but that’s silly as the character is ME. It’s funny though, that people, also stars, don’t like to admit that they had something done to their body- I’m also sick of having to explain myself each time. Ok- so people do something to be prettier- so what???

If you do it, be happy about it, thank yourself for it, feel BRAVE- because it’s very brave to undergo rhinoplasty!! Coming from Europe- people are very critical towards cosmetic surgery here, but you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone...I think being a grown-up means making your own decisions and sticking to them. E Basta ?

I wish you all good luck and joy!!!!!

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