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First of all sorry for this really long post......

First of all sorry for this really long post....I've been visiting this site for months and never thought I'd ever be the type of person to post something on it! I'm a 24 year old female from Brisbane, Australia and I've wanted rhinoplasty for years. I don't have a particularly horrible nose, I've just always felt it was too big for my face. I never really realised it was an issue until I saw photos of myself from different angles or my profile and I would get really down knowing that's how I look. Apart from my nose, I feel pretty and am often told I'm attractive but this is something I've wanted down for a long time. I had never mentioned my insecurities to anyone before, but for some reason I mentioned it to my mum a few months ago. She obviously said I was beautiful and didn't need it etc but would be supportive if I decided to get it done - I assured her I would probably never get it done though.

Then over the past month I've been visiting this site every single day, researching plastic surgeons and looking at countless before and after photos and I suddenly decided that's it! I'm getting it done! So 4 days ago I called a couple of surgeons on my lunch break at work and bam! Booked 3 consultations in the space of 10 minutes! There was one surgeon that I was really keen on but the phone kept ringing out so I gave up on that one for a couple of days. Then on Wednesday I tried again and they said they had a cancellation and that I could come in on Thursday morning (yesterday)!! So I went with my Mum before work and met with one of Brisbane's best plastic surgeons. He was lovely, made me feel comfortable, and agreed with everything I had to say about my nose. I told him I felt it was too big for my face and I just want a nose that will be more in proportion with my other features. I assured him I didn't want a "celebrity" nose or ski-jump nose or anything, just a smaller, better version of what I've got. He explained what he would do and told me mine would be quite straight forward and uncomplicated.

Feeling 100% confident I then told the receptionist I was ready to book, although I expected there would be a long waiting list. She asked when I would like it done and we booked it in for the 6th December!!

So after all of these years learning which are my best angles and convincing myself it's "not that bad", finally in 5 weeks I will be well on my way to having the nose I was supposed to have. My family are completely supportive and are excited for me! I told my bf last night over skype (we do long distance) and I literally could not say the words "I'm getting a nose job". So I typed it to him on facebook and he freaked out, as expected. He thinks my face is perfect the way it is and doesn't want anything about me to change and is freaked out that it's happening so soon. I explained to him that I've wanted this for years and is about me and being comfortable with my face. He understands but is still a little scared about it all.

Anyway in exactly 5 weeks from today I will have a new nose!! Super excited and can't wait to share my experiences with everyone in this community :)

4 weeks to go!

Ah so the countdown is really on now! I've been getting more and more excited thinking about it and have stopped reading bad reviews because I don't want any negativity or doubt clouding my decision. I've wanted this done for a long time and I know I'll be happier in myself once it's done :) I told one of my best friends on Friday night when we were out drinking and made her promise not to freak out. She was a little shocked but then she was really excited for me and told me she will make soup and come over and take care of me :) I asked her not to tell anyone though just because I don't reallyyy want everyone in our large circle of friends to know/judge me! Will update again soon, I want to start stocking up on supplies soon so will let you know what goodies I get :)

3 sleeps until my surgery!

Ahh so I only have a few days left with the nose I've had for 24 years! I had my second consultation yesterday just to go over everything and make sure we're on the same page. I am confident my surgeon will do a great job, he has amazing credentials and rhinoplasty is his favourite procedure to do. I am starting to freak out a bit though..I'm just so worried I won't like it! I hate my nose now though so whatever it is it will be an improvement. It is a scary thing letting someone else alter your face and I think it's only just hit me lol. I've wanted this done forever though so just need to mentally prepare now. The nurse warned me yesterday that I might get a bit depressed after my surgery and said that it's completely normal. I know I will probably get down being at home, looking awful, feeling frustrated..but it will all be worth it! Anyway, will update the night before my surgery!

Day 3!

Hi everyone! Well I'm on day 3 now and still feeling positive and pretty normal. I was going to update on day 1 and day 2 but was being really diligent with icing my face every 40mins so couldn't really be bothered but will recap now :) 3 days ago when I walked into the day surgery with my mum I was a sweaty, nervous wreck. The staff were all lovely and told me what a good patient I was. The next thing I remember is being woken up and a nurse telling me how well it all went and that I can get dressed now. I got dressed and walked out to a room and saw my mum who looked so happy to see me and said I looked great. The nurse gave my mum some instructions and told her that I was asking for my make up after my surgery lol sounds like me. So overall my surgery was a total breeze! I had no side effects from the aesthetic and felt pretty normal. I iced my eyes every 40mins for 20mins at a time and took panadol every 4 hours and was feeling good the first day. The second day I still felt pretty normal but started getting a bit frustrated in the afternoon with the icing and just wanted a break. I took 2 endone before I went to sleep which knocked me out and I had a pretty decent sleep. Today is day 3 and I have a bit more swelling but it's nowhere near as bad as some of the other photos I've seen post-op on day 3. I also hardly have any bruising at all which I guess I can only put down to the icing. I've also been eating extremely well, I truly believe nourishing my body from the inside is the fastest way for it to heal. For anyone that's interested, I've been eating scrambled eggs with spinach for breakfast, soy yoghurt (I'm lactose intolerant), home-made pumpkin soup, puréed vegetables and soft fruit (bananas). So overall I'm finding recovery pretty easy, not feeling any pain and having no regrets or anything so far. The nurse did prepare me to feel a bit down/depressed after surgery but I feel pretty normal and am just excited to get my cast off on Thursday! My friend is coming over tomorrow and staying the night which will be nice, then I have another friend coming over on Tuesday night to keep my company. I think I'll be ready to socialise by tomorrow :) Any questions just ask! :)
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