So Far, So Good! N/L folds & Marionette lines (3 months later also in Top lip)

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So i have had a hang-up about my 'marionette' ...

So i have had a hang-up about my 'marionette' lines for a few years now.
They have always been there when i am smiling, and i don't mind that at all, but the problem started to bother me when i was not even smiling but the lines were still there! In photos it would appear i was sad as the corners of my mouth would kind of droop down (i believe in the industry that actually call it 'Sad mouth') OR WORSE it would look like i had a mustache eek!
So i finally took the plunge 3 days ago ... AND I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!
I still have faint lines, which i am cool with because i do not want to look plastic but just wanted to soften the the lines. I did have some swelling in the first 24 hours, i also experienced headaches - but took codeine/paracetamol and the next morning took neurophen for the swelling. 24 hours later the swelling had gone down & headaches had subsided, I did not experience any bruising what so ever (yay!) .
I really hope the results last, was told i will probably need a top up in 9 months.
My nurse was very lovely and very knowledgeable, i will definitely be going back to have my top lip plumped up a bit next, as my top lip is quite a bit smaller than my bottom and i usually fix this with lip-liner (but would be so awesome to not have to do this!)
Will keep you posted.
**Attached is a before & after photo (wish i had actually taken some proper 'before' photos but totally forgot, so had to search through the archives and find some that kind of show the problem).
I am over the moon with the results and would definitely recommend (obviously with the right doctor/nurse)
Hope this review helps someone!


Well it's been 2 and half months...
I have another appointment in December to have my top lip plumped and the areas around the marionette lines to 'lift' my smile (as my top lip disappears when i smile & tends to droop down at the sides). I think i will also get a small top-up in the N/L folds while i'm there!
I just wish i had done this years ago as it really used to upset me in photos and i used to not smile properly as i was self-conscious of this. now i feel like it's given me confidence to smile again :)

So i finally had my top lip done! :)

Well it's been 6 days since i had Juvederm Injected into the Vermilion Border of my top lip only.
I love the results!!
My bottom lip has always been quite a bit bigger than my top lip and when i smiled my top lip would kind of disappear , so i have always wanted a little Juve injected in to the outer parts of my top lip (my cupids bow has plenty of volume, it's just seems to lose volume at the sides ~ if that makes sense?).

I was terrified of getting the dreaded 'duck lips' so i only wanted a small amount (i figured i can always add to it!) so my gorgeous RN applied only half the syringe equally distributed in the outer vermilion border of my top lip and the rest was used to top up my nasal labial folds & Marionette lines that i had previously done some months ago.
The second day was very swollen, i have to admit, not as bad as some of the swelling i have seen on here in some peoples reviews but i definitely looked freakish - i looked like a had a beak! One side was more swollen than the other so it kind of drooped down (you can't really tell from the photos but it was bad) I thought i had made a huge mistake!
So i realised one thing i should have done was sleep with my head elevated and centered to avoid the uneven swelling, i did this the second night and it worked a treat. Another thing that REALLY HELPED, as well as taking Nurofen Plus, was taking an antihistamine! I noticed a major reduction in the swelling after about 2 hours after taking one of these.
I had to work the next day and only just got away with it (i went in 2 hours late, because i had to wait for the antihistamine to kick in). Weirdly i had actually swelled up quite a bit where i had my N/L folds & Marionette lines touched up, i was still quite puffy (more so than last time).
I would say it took a good 4 days to start looking normal.

6 days later it is only a tiny bit tender to touch and by tomorrow i believe any tenderness will be gone completely.

All in all, i love the results.
I have noticed quite a reduction in size of my top lip as the swelling has subsided (it looked awesome day 4, but has gone down a bit since then) so i wouldn't mind going back in a few months time to get them a little bit fuller in the sides so they will stay the size they were on day 4
But i am still glad i didn't go too crazy in the beginning because i as i mentioned before, you can always add more! Anyway, it's probably better to do it gradually, that way it's not so obvious to other people.

Oh i didn't mention the pain factor...
Well you will be pleased to know, all i had was the numbing cream and i hardly felt a thing! Only a little pinch here and there but not bad at all, i was expecting major pain so i was pleasantly surprised.
I only had minimal bruising on one side of my lip, but this went away by day 4 and was pretty easy to cover with lipstick. No bruising at the N/L folds or Marionette sites (i didn't bruise there previously either)

Hope this helps someone! :)
Dr. Christine

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