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Hi guys! I have had large breasts since I was 16,...

Hi guys!
I have had large breasts since I was 16, it seems like I started off with Ds lol. Through the years big boobs were just who I was... As my breasts continued to grow so did the pain!! Back pain, neck pain and ooooh man the shoulder pain....! The shoulder pain is excruciating. I have had to purchase massagers and tins upon tins of tiger balm, heat pads, cold packs the list goes on. I dreaded buying tops and dresses and just felt uncomfortable. I joined Real Self 2 years ago and saw the positive feedback listed for Dr. Kalus and set up a consultation. It was great but here Medicare does not fund these procedures as they are deemed "cosmetic". So I spent the next year and a half saving for the procedure. I finally got to see Dr. Kalus last week and I'm getting the procedure done!!!!!! Omg I just wanted to hug everyone in the clinic. I am super excited. I will be having a free nipple graft next week and it will cost $11,515(AUD) including a night stay :)

6 days till OP

Today I met with my anaesthesist Dr. Grant Brace. He wanted to go through a few things with me and make sure everything will be smooth. I was pretty nervous but after speaking with him in really calm now. He assured me that I will have a numbing agent (I have a fear of needles... I have 2 tattoos but I'm still terrified of medical needles lol) he also assured me that I will have an EEG monitor that will make sure I do not wake up during surgery pheww. He confirmed that my air way is fine and my lungs and heart are strong. OP is just around the corner :)

Surgery TOMORROW!!!

Hi guys, so I just received a phone call from the lovely patient advisor Kristina just to go over some pre-op stuff. I am really excited!! I freaked out a bit on the weekend but now I'm balanced lol. I went for a nice Thai hot stone massage last night and I will get the house nice and prepped as soon as I get my lazy self out of bed. I'll post some pictures to share. Whoop whoop 1 more sleep!!!! My new bikini has arrived as well (I know it's early but I couldn't help myself) lots of love xx

Oh Man...

So, surgery is tomorrow and I started my period today dammit!!! Maybe it's stress that made it come. Anywhoo... Such is life. I've just eaten dinner and packed my stuff, about to watch some corny tv with my sis and our cat. I've posted the things that I have bought for the post op

Hello from the other side (I swear it was funny in my head)

Hi guys, this will be a quick update before I try to sleep. First and foremost I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your support. My family don't live in Australia (except my cousin/sis) and this site has really helped me emotionally. I know that I overdid it with the preparations but I went to boarding school so that mentality just stays with me haha.
So I woke up super early and washed with the Aussie version of hibiclens called Microshield 2% (the green one) then I pat dried with afreshly washed towel. I washed my hair the day before. I made sure I had no lotion, Vaseline, Deo etc... (I was extremely ashy ooooh man).
So we got in the car and my cousin was emotional but I was alright, I must have been super sleepy.
I made sure to wear a pad not a tampon since my period wanted to make an unwanted appearance, (it seems to have stopped now... Maybe due to the anaesthesia.
Anyway, I got in and the lovely nurse prepped me, checked my vitals and gave me my gown, robe and compression socks for blood clots.
I saw the anesthesiologist who put a numbing cream on the back of my left hand and on the crease if my inner left elbow.
I was given some meds for pain and a 1/4 cup of water with a dissolved anti-nausea tablet (it tasted nasty)
After that my amazing surgeon came in m u swear he is the funniest man I ever met... He told me he went to a bachelor party the night before and is still hungover... I told him so did I.
He got me to lie down and marked me.
After that my cousin had to go and I was shown my private room. Then I was off to get things started. I had a heated sheet and further leg compressions. I got an oxygen mask and the anesthesia was injected... Next thing I know I was awake!
I was so out of it all I could do was tell the nurses how beautiful they are and how they need to model lol. Then ... the pain hit. Oh Lawd... All I could do was wimper. I was then given pain meds orally and through my IV and I was okay. My throat was extremely dry and is still dry and sore. Water is my best friend now. My back was also quite sore but all of that didn't matter because emotionally I was so happy. I went to the bathroom and I looked slim. I felt normal and I SAW MY TOES!!!!!!! I have tight compression on my chest at the moment and my compression socks are still on. I had zero appetite but had to try to have some tea and crackers. My surgeon came to see me twice, the anaesthesiologist saw me as well and I have 2 nurses for the day and 2 for the night shift. Turns out that they removed... Wait for it... 5 kilos!!! FIVE KILOGRAMS!!!!! 11.023 pounds for my American buddies. I couldn't believe it. Okay I will continue this tomorrow feeling kinda sleepy. Luv you guys :)

Constipation ... Good Lawd!!!

I'll make this short.... Ladies, ladies.... Take laxatives and stool softener as soon as you go home. Oh my ... 6 days nothing then early this morning I had an experience I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy; hurt so bad I threw up... at the same damn time. Will post my 1 week post op update tomorrow.

Post Op Update

Hi guys,

I hope everyone one is well. It's been 11 days since my BR and I've had ups and downs.
Day 1
After I woke up from surgery I was sooo loopy and was telling the nurses how beautiful they are and that they should quit and start modelling. Haha... Then the pain hit... OH MY!!! My throat was sore as well due to that thing they put down your throat.
So I was given more pain medication and the nurses were really kind holding my hand and I felt like a little kid again. I really needed that since I'm only in Australia with my cousin and I wanted my mommy. The nurses went above and beyond the entire time to provide emotional support.
I was very cold and had pale hands which was probably due to the fact that I've had low iron for years.
I was given medical electric blanket that pumps hot air. It was everything!
I spent the night there and I had absolutely no appetite at all but had to try to at least eat some crackers and tea.
The next day I saw my boobs for the first time. They still had rape over them but I just couldn't believe it. I looked so... so... Good! (And slim)
I had my drains taken out which did not hurt but felt really weird.
I realised that a recliner is necessary so we stopped at fantastic furniture looking a mess and all. Bought a recliner and it would be delivered the next day.
We got home and I slept on the sofa... It was the worse experience thus far I was extremely uncomfortable. My back, neck and shoulders throbbed so much which I did not expect.
I literally had to order a bunch of heat patches due to this pain.
To be honest recovery has not been easy. I've had difficulty sleeping and a lot of pain and swelling. I won't go into it toooo much because I understand that they took out 5 kg from me and it would be hard.
My new boobs look so nice and suit my shape so well so I am extremely happy about that but it's been hard. I will post more clear and informative updates when I'm feeling a bit better and less drowsy lol.

2 weeks Post op - Bras and funky smells

Hi everyone!
I'm feeling much better. I bought a bunch of post op bras from eBay seller bluedragon-07, they are an Australian seller in NSW and have a large range of affordable bras. Recovery wise has had its ups and downs. My left boob and nipple is strong and good! My right one .... not so much. It's been peeling, has no feeling and smells NASTY. I'm cleaning it every day with saline solution and I was given this steroid cream to put on twice a day from the hospital. Ai ai ai I'm just hoping that it gets better. I've also started getting zingers which are those little nerve shocks that you will experience every now and then; they aren't that bad, just awkward. PS: I'm sorry I don't have more direct boob pics... I'm kinda shy -__-
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

The staff were amazing and extremely polite and reassuring. Kristina the patient advisor was so lovely. Geraldine the receptionist was amazingly friendly and Dr. Kalus provided empathy and kindness. The nurses at the hospital were bubbly and funny, I couldn't find a fault if I tried! I will be having my surgery next Wednesday.

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