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I had my initial consultation today with Dr....

I had my initial consultation today with Dr. Narsete and he is amazing! I really feel good about him. I will be doing a full tummy tuck, lipo of the stomach and hips and lipo of the thighs. My number one goal is to get rid of my upper belly pooch and the stretch marks that accompany it. I have had to schedule it one month out because the person taking care of me post op can not take off work until then. My goal until then is too get healthy so that the surgery is safer. Lose a couple pounds, start taking multi vitamins, and keep doing tae bo!!

My greatest fear for the surgery is developing a blood clot. I am going to be taking every measure possible to avoid this. If any of you have suggestions, I am all ears! I will definitely be posting preop and post op pics. Much love! XOXOXOXO

I am getting so excited! I can't stop obsessing...

I am getting so excited! I can't stop obsessing and researching! I love looking at the before and afters, reading stories on here and learning what to expect and things to buy to help during the healing process. This site has definitly Been a favorite so I want to say thank you!! Now I'm just counting down the days until I have a nice tight, flat tummy!!! Oh yeah I wanted to put my stats on here for those that may be taller and want to see what someone my size looks like! 6'1, 245 size 18 pants, size large top, 38C. I am trying to lose 15 lbs before surgury. Wish me luck!!

New PS and combining with a hysterectomy.

So hello everyone, its been about 6 months since i was supposed to get my TT. I have been dealing with endometriosis and its been a pain in my ass but I have decided to just go ahead with a hysterectomy with my TT. I have met with my new PS in Austin, Dr. Tjelmeland and have decided I like him the best due to the tools he uses during surgery which allow a faster/less painful healing (harmonic scalpel and a numbing agent that lasts three days instead of a pain pump). He also was confident he could do a normal tummy tuck instead of an extended tuck which will give me a shorter scar. I love his before and after pix, his patients all have amazing results with cute little belly buttons! I will keep updating until its my turn to be on the flat side!!! You all are my inspiration everyday so thank you!!!

Thank you

Thank you to all of you women who have posted your photos and stories. It has truly inspired me and made this journey for me so much easier and also exciting! One month until hysterectomy and two months until my TT. (Jan 2nd at 8:00am) I am starting school on Jan 13th and a little nervous I will still be not 100% as it will be less than 2 weeks of recovery but the class is only twice a week and 4.5 hours at a time. I'm thinking if I don't have my drains out yet I might have to miss the first day. We'll see!!

My list - 61days preop

Hey ladies- i still have several weeks until my surgery but I am going to start getting my supplies a little bit at a time. Is there anything you had that you were so thankful to have or anything you didn't have that you wished you had? I'm getting so excited ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Ladies I have a question!!!!

Hi everyone, so prior to picking my PS I met with three other surgeons who all said I needed an extended TT (I think because of my gigantic hips) my current Dr that I am going with is confident I only need an standard tuck but I am so worried about getting the dog ears or muffin look that I see on here sometimes. Can anyone help me understand this and give me your opinions???

46 days til TT and one week until hysterectomy

Hi ladies, just wanted to check in. Time is going by so fast I can't believe I have one more week with a uterus. I just finished my last period of my life. It's sad but also kinda nice. I never had any children but lucky for me my fiancé Stephanie can always carry the baby if we ever choose to have one! (Yes, that makes me lesbian) I am still so excited about my TT it can't come soon enough! I have been doing the Atkins diet and lost 10lbs and trying to lose 20 more lbs by January 2nd. Don't know if it will happen but I'm going to try. Will update after the hysterectomy to let everyone know I'm okay!! Xoxoxo

Hysterectomy done

Got my total hysterectomy done yesterday at 2. I was in surgery 4 hours because of the extreme amount of endometriosis he had to remove. I did the da Vinci robotic surgery which is probably the only reason I am okay to type right now lol. I'm in pAin but mostly just super gassy from blowing up my belly. TT in 6 weeks and I can't wait!! I sound like a glutton for pain but if i am okay day two post hysterectomy my TT should be cake!!! Ly ladies update more later. Xoxoxo

26 days til TT time!!!!!!

Hey y'all I am now 12 days post op from my hysterectomy and feeling great! If I didn't say it already I had everything removed minus my left ovary which I think is sleeping because I'm having night sweats like a mofo!! Hope it wakes up soon. On the plus side I've lost 16lbs so far and my belly is actually looking a little more saggy from all the missing organs (my right ovary was two times the size of my uterus) so makes me even happier I've chosen the TT!! I hope he stitches me up so tight that it keeps all that stuff in it's place!!! Anyways I am eating snickers protein (they are so freaking good try the caramel nut rush) bars and lots and lots of water and just eating a little here and there throughout the day and for the first time in my life focusing on healing instead of food and it's helping the weightloss - imagine that!! Anyways I'll update again before the tuck and continue to stalk all of you!!!! Happy healing xoxo

Pre op appt complete!

Good morning! I have 21 more days until surgery and I'm so excited! I had my pre op appt yesterday with my nurse and Dr. Seeing him reassured me that I made the best decision choosing him!! He said my results will be amazing and he's not worried about dog ears and if I do get them it's a simple in office procedure. I will be taking extra precautions because of my past bloot clot (PE) and taking four days of lovenox. I am so happy about that because my anxiety is so bad because of that!! I'm down 18lbs now still fitting into a size 18 jeans (although my attire consists of leggings) I'm almost three weeks PO hysterectomy and my tummy feels really big and gigally. I also made my payment yesterday so now I'm all ready!!! They want me to up my vitamins (2x day just a multivitamin) and also take vitamin C. They didn't say anything about arnica and bromalien but I have some so I will take it anyways. Of course no aspirin, vitamin e or ibprofen one week before surgery. I will check in one more time before surgery. Merry Christmas ladies!!!!!!

Happy New Years!!

My surgery is less than 24 hours away and I'm so excited! I drank a little too much last night but am doing a cleanse today and fasting on pineapple juice and water (my own crazy idea) I've got everything ready just have to do a few last minute chores like washing my blankets and towels and picking up the house. My surgery is at 8am and have to be there at 7am. I will be trying to post one last post tomorrow morning before surgery and when I get home tomorrow evening. I won't be able to post pix until Monday because that's my first PO appt and they told me not to remove binder until then. Boooo! That anticipation just may kill me! Would it be wrong to bring a camera and ask them to snap a pic before they put my binder on me???? Wish me luck ladies, prayers welcome!!!!!

Good morning t-tuckers!!

I am on my way to the surgery center for my 8am surgery! I am so excited and so thirsty! I took my Zantac and anti nausea pill that was prescribed. Really looking forward to just waking up after surgery and seeing my girlfriend and sisters faces! Anyways ladies it's about 6:35am I should be out at about 11:00am and home by 2-3pm. I will update as soon as I'm physically able lol! Love all you who have been supportive, see ya on the flat side!! Xoxo

Day 1 recovery

Ouch!!!! Painnnn and nausea!!!!! The surgery went perfect couldn't be happier!! My waste is so tiny I'm shocked, can't wait for final results. Doc took off 7 lbs of skin and lipoed 2 lbs of fat, yuck!!!! I'm so tight life is miserable right now but it will be okay in a few days. I won't see results til Monday so I'll get pix uploaded soon I did have my sister get one shot but it doesn't show much! Take care ladies !!! Xoxoxo

In so much pain!!

Omg it hurts!!! Tight, sore, burning, tired, dizzy. Sleepy timeeee


Can't believe this is me

PO day 4

Hi ladies thanks so much for all the support this has been very tough on me. Having a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago was a piece of cake comparatively. I'm glad I bought a walker off amazon it has been a life saver seriously!!! My sister and gf lift me out of recliner and I can walk myself around. I still need help going to the bathroom because of my snap crotch garment. Drains are still leaking about 25ccs 3 times a day. Still taking 2 vicodins every 4 hours. I'm still pretty nauseated though when will I notice an overall improvement??? Tomorrow is my PO appt so hopefully they will remove a drain. I'll write to tomorrow after my appt. Thanks ladies again!! Xoxo

Day 5 PO

Hi ladies- so this morning had my first BM and it was painful and I was full of gas!!! Then I had my first PO appt today with the Dr who said everything looks great and should still shrink another 30-40% more after swelling goes away. Drains will be out Friday or Monday, nurse will start calling for updates. They are painful though I have mine in my pubic area and it makes going potty more unpleasant than it already is!! I also washed hair in sink and took a stand up bath in the tub today while my sister poured water down my back to finish washing me. I only have a small stand up shower and since my back hurts so bad I couldn't figure out a way to shower without my back giving out. I read it on here all the time about how bad the back pain is but never could comprehend the pain until post op. It's like excruciating pain and you feel so weak it's hard to walk or stand. Like I said I'm using a walker and it's still really difficult to to anything besides sit in my recliner. I also tried sleeping in my bed last night because I'm tired of recliner and it was a huge mistake. The pressure of my tight garment made it so hard to breathe. I'll be sleeping in the recliner from here on out until healed:) while my garment was washing today after bath I snapped a pic of my stomach it was so swollen so it looks a bit different than at my appt. This morning but I will upload it so you can see the belly button and a bit of the incision. The dr did my incision so low I'm very impressed and gave me a perfect cute little belly button. I still have stretch marks above my button but my stretch marks were so high I new he wouldn't be able to remove them all. I also hope with scar therapy to lighten them more. I will keep posting pix as the swelling subsides I know that was so helpful for me before surgery :) ps my boobs look massive now since my tummy is much smaller!!!! Xoxo

Starting to feel better tonight

So I'm finally starting to feel a bit better. Off the vicodin and on tylonal so far today. I got some muscle relaxers from my nurse today for my back pain. It's the worst guys!!! I swear I barely feel my lipo or tummy anymore it's all just the drain sites and back causing all the pain!! So for recovery I definitely reccomend a walker, pillows and help from a loved one. I went and bought all the crazy stuff everyone says to buy (bandages, gauze, sprays, band aids, etc....) haven't used any of it. My doc just wants me washing with dial antibacterial soap and washing my garment while showering. Then making sure I'm nice and dry before putting garment back on. I wish I would have known all this before hand I might have saved 50$ or so. Anyways what's really important is getting around comfortably and staying secure while resting so lots and lots of pillows. I had 4 under my knees and feet, one on each side, one for my belly and one for my head since you sleep propped up or in a jack knife position. Then you need someone the first few days to help you go to the restroom if you have snap crotch garment like i do. I hope to get my drains out Friday which will be about 8 days PO if not Friday then it will be Monday. I can't wait to try on all my old clothes. All my clothes I've worn so far fit me so different. They're loose and flattering. Based on my measurements that my gf took for me yesterday my shirt size should have gone down from an XL to Large (it would be a medium if I wasn't 6ft tall but hello all my shirts would be mid drifts) and my jean size should go down from an 18 to a 14. We will see though in a few weeks!!! If anyone who is about to have surgery has any questions feel free to ask I'm pretty open about everything :) to all my PO girlies, happy healing!!!!!!

First real shower today, yesssss!

Here's some pix from today. I'll be one week tomorrow!!

Post op day 8

Hey ladies! Today is the first day I've been able to walk without my walker, shower alone, use the bathroom alone and do a little but of house work. I can't believe what a difference a day makes. It's very reassuring that it will only keep getting better. I start back to school on Tuesday so I am a little nervous about that but hopefully my body will heal enough to make it without too much pain. Did anyone else start back to school or work before two weeks? Nothing really new to post other than that I think I'm healing normally, no issues or anything. I am happy with my results and while my shirts are all loose my pre-op pants won't even button, there like 2 inches from even buttoning!! I know I'm swollen but I am wondering when they will fit. Sighhhhh!

First time going out to lunch since surgery!

Wooo! So I'm PO 10 days today and fitting into preop jeans. I blow dried hair and did makeup and feel great other than being exhausted and a bit winded.... Is this normal?? I see dr Tomo and will ask him. Like I said I'm terrified of a blood clot and not sure if it's still normal to be breathing heavy after little exertion after 10 days. Hope all y'all are healing well!!! Xoxo

Left drain out today!

So very happy I got my left drain out today. If I start slowing down on the right drain it will be removed Friday. Thank goodness, it's getting old!!! Anyways I will post more pix after the drains out and hopefully some swelling goes down. Xoxo

12 days PO

Hi ladies - so I'm 12 days PO and starting back school tonight. I'm feeling pretty good, still swollen, sore and get tired pretty easily but luckily it's only 5 hours long then I can come get in bed!!! I'm pretty much able to do everything on my own now except for lift heavy items and it's still tough to bend all the way over (sitting on the side of the tub to shave my leggies) I took some pix of my scar and it shows my swelling (at leAst I hope it's swelling) of my upper abs. I hope you all are having a good recovery and those whose surgerys are coming up, it's so worth it, life changing, 100% happy I did it so get excited!!!!!

Swelling/weight gain 2.5 weeks PO

Hi ladies it's been a while since I've posted. I'm sad to report I still have a drain in. I'm still draining about 50-60ccs a day. I drank for the first time this weekend and since have been a huge bloated mess. In 4 days I've gained 7lbs and 2 inches around my waist. I'm so bummed out I know it's probably water weight but I feel like a big cow. Anyone else go through this and how long until it goes away? Sad night.

New pix

Here's from 2 weeks PO

3.5 weeks post op

Hi everyone! So I still have my left drain and it's going to be the death of me!!!! I'm feeling pretty good overall. Not in any pain or anything and sleeping normally on my side. I still have horrible swelling that will sometimes make my waist an inch bigger at night. I also have a hard lower abdomen that's uncomfortable I think it's swelling it's right in the center of my stomach above and below the incision line. I'm still wearing my compression garment around the clock only taking it off to shower. I think I will probably have to wear it until 6 weeks per dr. Anyway I'll post a few pix of belly, hope all y'all are staying warm out there!!! Happy healing:)

5 weeks PO

Hi ladies,

So it's been about 5 weeks since I had my TT and I'm doing pretty good. I got 2nd drain removed last week so it's been nice not worrying about that anymore. But I have developed the dreaded lower belly swelling. Right below and above my incision it's a huge hard bulge. My swelling at the top and hips still depends on the time of day. Sometimes I'm 2.5 inches bigger at night then the morning. Would love to know from you that have made it past this how long it lasts.....? Anyways, I did go swimming over the weekend and loved wearing a bikini. Even though I have stretch marks it feels so good to have such a nice flat stomach with no fat rolls!!! I'm still a little stuff after sitting a while and have pain if I press on lipo areas or tummy but I'm still super happy!!!

8 weeks PO

Hi ladies,

8 weeks post op and feeling pretty much back to normal minus the swelling in hips and lower stomach. I still fluctuate one to two inches during the day depending on the time. I'm so happy I did it every day I look in the mirror and get excited it's my stomach. I am going to now save up for my next surgery I'm thinking a BA with a lift. My boobies seem saggy now. Also might do either arm lipo or lift depending on price. I hate my arms. I definitly think PS is addicting!!! Anyways I hope everyone is healing well and know it gets better each week!!!!

4 months post op.....

Hi everyone! So it's been a while since I've updated but I wanted to check in. I'm doing great, everything is pretty much normal except I still have swelling. I see most people in here don't have much swelling past 3 months but let me tell you I still feel it at the end of the day. I'm not wearing a garment Anymore because I don't feel it's necessary and I like showing off my new stomach. I love love love my new flat stomach it's still hard to believe it's mine. I had a consult for a breast augmentation and will do it once I lose more weight. Anyways I'll post pix and hope everyone's doing awesome!!!

5 months PO

Hi all just checking in! Still dealing with swelling and tightness in my lower abdomen. Very happy with results but I wish the swelling would be done already!!!

9 months!

Hi peeps. 9 month review from my pool in a bikini! Life's so different today than it was a year ago, never thought I'd wear a bikini!! I am pretty much healed, still feel tight sometimes and swelling happens every once I'm a while eating salty food. I love in the morning waking up and having rock hard abs, for a chubby girl I never dreamt of that!!!! I'm looking forward to getting my arms and breasts done next with maybe some more contour lipo on my back and hips. I'll upload some pix, I'm obsessed with selfies now!!! Ha, take care everyone!!!!

PO 1 year and 3 months - still have bloating!

Hi everyone! It's been a long journey but doing great! I do still get bloated after eating too much salt or drinking but that might just be normal now. I am really happy with my results and looking forward to my next procedure which will be a breast aug with arm lift. Possibly some thigh lipo too depending on cost and if I can be under that long during surgery. I am happy to answer any questions if anyone has any please email me!!!!


Just thought I'd checkin.....I couldn't be happier, one of the best decisions I've made in my life! If you have any hesitation, I promise you it's worth every penny!!!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

He's an amazing doctor technically and he called me the night after surgery to check in which was really sweet!!! The nurses rocked I would highly recommend to my friends and even family!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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