Smart Lipo to Inner Thigh...worked! - Austin, TX

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I hope to reduce the circumference of my upper...

I hope to reduce the circumference of my upper thigh by 2 inches. I'm tired of ballooning up just at the top of my thighs when I stop exercising. When I break from heavy weight lifting and every third day of fat burning aerobics I just balloon up. This is my prob. area & I want to eliminate it.

I can diet down the water weight of my thighs but seem to never ever budge the fat deposits at the saddlebags and the inner thigh. I don't mind having thighs that rub together, but the main problem I have is that my size 4 pants just don't fit well. The thighs are too big in the legs and pull the pants down. I'm tired of having sausage thighs.

I want thighs that are long and lean the entire length. I want the bulges at the top to be removed and reduced.

I chose to try this out because the procedure was on sale, and I trust the surgeon completely. His before and after pictures of other smart lipo procedures done on fitness fanatics are amazing. So many women do this to knock off that little bit of stubborn body fat that just will not disappear with exercise. I exercise daily and am completely toned and smooth. I will always watch my diet and I love to exercise, I just need a little help!

Day before preparations!

I spent the day making sure that I was prepared. Did my body measurements, made some egg dishes for the week, all the house chores, etc.

I took before shots, and here's my recliner with the puppy pee pad.

I am so extremely nervous and have no idea what to expect.

Day after smart lipo

I am feeling pretty good today. My thighs feel like they are on fire and are very tender to the touch but I can move around, bend over and walk.

My husband took me in already to see the doctor, he checked on the swelling, changed the pads for drainage and was happy with the results.

Let me tell you what happened:
I went into the surgery center at 7am, having taken my two chill pills, and was calm and very relaxed. I showered with antibacterial dish soap and shaved, everything was clean and I had my black sweat pants, a tshirt and a sweatshirt jacket for comfort.

The nurse put a needle in my arm for any needed meds during the operation. I had two shots of pain killers during the smart lipo procedure via the arm stent.

The worst part was the numbing up and the injection of all the fluids prior to the procedure. They didn't tell me that I would be poked about 50 times on each leg with a very big/long needle to deliver all of the lidocane and epinephrine solution. It stung at times, and the nurse who did this was fast and rough. Once the numbing started my thighs felt like ice.

After that she said it's time for me to go use the bathroom. I did, and my thighs were completely numb and twice their normal size! That was freaky.

Back to the OR, the PS came in and started lasering. Followed by the liposuction. Repeat left leg.

100cc of fat were removed from outter and inner thighs. The procedure felt like a massage. I was laying on my side and occasionally the PS would tell me to lift the leg straight then put it back down on a prop pillow.

When it was done, the nurse placed a mesh sock over each thigh and some absorbent pads. I stood up. Then, a body stocking was put on, then the compression garment. The compression garment is not tight at all. I was expecting it to be tighter.

When I got home (a 15min drive), I puked up clear fluid, took an anti nausea med and fell asleep for 5 hours.

My husband went to work, and was back in the evening. I ate one of my prepared egg dishes for dinner, used the bathroom, changed my soaked pads and took more pain medicine and another antibiotic. I made sure that the pads I used overnight were super absorbant maxi pads. I'm glad I did because in the am before going to the Doctor's office for my check up I removed them. They were completely soaked with cranberry fluid.

At the office, the garments were completely removed. We checked everything. Looked good! I can already tell that my legs are thinner! wow. A lot of bruising on the inner thighs, not so much on the outter thighs.

They put the stocking, new pads, and the compression garment back on and sent me off with a fizzy water to drink and a reminder to eat. I have no appetite but they told me to eat to keep the nausea at bay.

They also warned me that days 4 - 6 are the worst for swelling so I should expect to swell up a lot. I can shower if I wish, but with help. The drainage should stop by today.

I am pleased so far. This really is a piece of cake.

My Day one pictures of me in the compression suit are here too. I just ordered a long legged compression suit from Amazon, which should be here tomorrow. I ordered an xs, since the Doctor's small compression suit is roomy.

Day 1 pictures

the compression suit is easy to get into and out of. Has zippers on each side. Open crotch, so everything hangs out, but I can wear panties over it now. I feel lightheaded if I take it off.

surgical compression suit review:

my PS sent me home the day of the lipo in a body stocking worn under the compression garment. Both are HK surgical garments. The both are completely cootchieless yet comfortable as long as I pull the crotch seams up into my bikini folds completely. At first, the compression garment would slide down, and the crotch seams would press against my very bruised inner thighs, but I pinned up the tummy section (I'm short waisted) with a big horizontal dart to take up all the slack in the front and the crotch does not slide down anymore.

The body stocking is a lightweight breathable, yet silky and comfortable nylon. It does not provide any compression, it just makes getting the compression garment on and off very easily. It has a high back, low front where my boobs hang out, and completely adjustable elastic suspenders. I wear a tshirt and bra under it.

My compression garment is only too tight at my calves, which the nurse cut open to the knees the follow up day. My compression garment is not at all tight, but just provides a nice, gentle squeeze to the areas that are bruised. It has side zippers on the left and the right sides from just above the knee to the ribcage, and is a see through mesh nylon. It is completely breathable, comfortable, and the elastic straps can be adjusted and worn in various ways. I wear it like overalls, over my body stocking and tshirt. Then, I wear normal clothing over it all, starting with panties.

I considered getting other compression garments,, but ended up sending them back for a full refund because they were not as comfortable or lightweight as the garment my PS provided me.

I've always seen women walking around the city with these side zipper, really nice, pants and would think to myself, "what awesome running pants" or "those look like some great snowboarding pants." lol, now I know. They are lipo garments! And so comfortable! I think I want to use my serger and add a crotch to them and use them in the future for exercise pants!

4 full days post op - doing good

The worst part of what I'm feeling recovery - wise is how nauseated I am from the antibiotics. Woozy and yucky, bloated until I have a bowel movement, not hungry. I take my antibiotic every 12 hours, but taking it with food is almost impossible. I didn't this morning, and just went back to bed after I took it. The room was spinning, and I felt like I had too many mojitos. Once the pill was absorbed a few hours later I got up and felt fine. Ate breakfast.

I'm taking probiotics, avoiding calcium per the pharmacist's instructions, and low carbing. Yesterday was the first day I can say that my thighs are starting to swell. Post op I was at a 20.5 inch thigh circumference - that's my typical in-shape-low-carb-body size. Today I am at 21.5 inches with the swelling. The shape of my thighs are awesome! Long and feminine without any saddlebag or inner thigh bulge. With weight training and a great meal plan I know I can sustain this beautiful shape! I am hopeful, happy so far, and just trying to not over do my movements. I have multiple puncture wounds and hope that one very red one will calm down in the next day. The other wounds look fine and I am putting a EVOO/Beeswax/Calendula salve on them, instead of Vaseline, to keep them moist and not allow them to scab just yet. I plan on doing cool comfrey compresses starting tomorrow on my thighs, and arnica cream once the wounds are scabbed and dry.

I can squat, stretch, bend, kick, sit just fine. Except the toilet seat. OMG...the pressure points of that seat hit the lipo areas perfectly to create HELL on Earth.

I walked two miles, slowly yesterday, followed by a cool shower. Perhaps that's why I may be a bit swole today? I will take a slow walk today too, the sun is out and it's going to be close to 70 degrees. It felt great having a bit of an elevated heart rate. My thighs did not jiggle at all, no loose skin, and I broke a bit of a sweat. My thighs felt a bit numb once I rested that evening, but are fine 12 hours later.

I am extremely tender to the touch in the lipo areas, and I want to cuddle with my husband, but keep pushing him away. I see stars when my thighs get touched. It's annoying more than anything. I don't have much bruising, there are some purple marks, but more red strawberry marks on my inner thighs than anything else. The surgery marker ink is still here too, and will probably be there to stay until I get up the guts to actually do more than lightly touch my thighs when I shower. Ouchhhie. Moving around is a breeze, just don't touch my legs!

A couple more days of antibiotics are left, and I sure will be happy when I'm done. Again, my biggest complaint is the belly bloat and how the antibiotics make me feel yuck, and give me foul breath.

one week followup with doctor post op

well, I am so freakin swollen... even though my thighs are a different shape, they are the same size they were preop. I cried yesterday. I told my husband that I'm just grouchy. I've not been sleeping well and my legs are so tender to the touch. I see stars if I brush against something, slide onto/off of seats, bump my hips into the dresser, and when I pull the compression suit up/down.

The inner right thigh and both outter areas of my legs are a horrible green and purple. They are extremely swollen. The mornings are the worst, pain wise. I feel better once I get moving, but can last about a few hours before I become dizzy, lightheaded, and numb feeling. Walking is about the only thing that is doable, but once I stop (after 2 - 3 miles a day right now), I lose all feeling in my legs.

The doctor says that I have a bit more swelling than he expected by day 7 is the absolute worst. It will improve from here on out. He assured me that as the swelling goes down so will the size of the thighs. He was sorry to hear that I'm so antsy about the discomfort at night and asked if I wanted any sleep aid perscribed, I said no thanks, but did ask if it was alright for me to start drinking again, a glass of wine at night would be welcomed. He gave me permission to have a drink and recommended that I switch to ibuprofen. Thank God. That really is the only pain med that works on me so hopefully tonight I will be able to sleep. The w h o l e n i g h t !
Right now, I just lay there. Awake. In pain.

I move without pain once I'm out of bed. I've been walking everyday, and since day 3 post op I've done a few body weight lunges and squats. I think a good night's rest, and a regular routine would be welcomed and all I need to feel better. For now, my legs hurt so much and are so swollen! And I am craving salt. It's all I can do to not overdo it...the cravings, omg. Protein. Salt. Sashimi....

I'm taking vitamin supplements, upped all my Bs, and reintroducing probiotics after every meal. I'm puffy a bit in the ankles and feet too, so I think once everything calms down I will feel more like my old self. Starting Arnica cream and arnica tabs today too.

I made my first lymphatic drainage massage. Wish me well, I could use some positivity as of right now...because I'm like wtf did I do this for? It's one week into my life, but I feel upset at how painful and swollen I am and just don't like what I see right now either! I thought I would have been slimmer.

Almost at 2 weeks post op....

It's been raining here, yesterday and today. I've been steaming paper off of a wall and doing laundry. I could hit a gym close by, but decided to rest and get back to walking tomorrow. The day before I started back up with some resistance training and it felt great.

Mentally I don't think I was prepared for the recovery. It's a recovery unlike what I expected. First, watching calories is not a problem for me, but the unexpected food cravings are. Mentally this is the toughest part.

Secondly, the discomfort is not at all what I expected. By day 3 post op I started swelling up, and bruising was immediate. I thought I would be in pain if I moved. No, moving is fine - I have full range of motion without any pain. It's when I brush something against the bruises...very tender and painful. Thank God I don't have to pull the CG up and down my legs often. Once every other day I take the CG off to wash and check my scabs and shower.

By day 5 post op I began to notice a burning sensation under my skin. The skin at the lipo sites feel like a horrible sunburn. A sunburn with blisters. Hot and swole. That's really the discomfort that keeps me up at night. That's the discomfort that goes away when I walk.

Once the PS gave me permission on day 7 to start ibuprofen that helped immensely! And even though I may have a glass of wine with dinner I haven't. Instead, I take a benadryl, and sleep in a coma until it wears off in about 7 hours. (The first night I took two benadryl!) I plan on taking a pill at night to help me sleep, relieve the burn, for at least another week.

My time of the month started two days early. I notice that it seems to be a bit more intense than usual, but I'm hoping that means that it will last only a few days instead of the typical 4 - 5 days. That typical abdominal swole has occurred, but everything else seems normal.

Yesterday I took a really good look at myself. My shape is so much nicer. I realize now that lipo has helped me achieve the look I wanted, and that it's now up to me to be mentally strong enough to keep it this way.

I just wish I could have saved the money to spend my first two weeks of recovery at a spa resort, the way the rich girls do! Sipping on low cal slushies and getting mani/pedis and massages all day. oh well.

That Wallpaper! ugh.

removing wallpaper sucks. At least I'm getting some upper body toning done.

Standing is much more doable than sitting or laying down. I have some swelling still, and the fluids/swelling pools in my butt cheeks and upper thighs if I'm not standing.

Yesterday I was finally able to touch my inner thighs without too much pain. The outer thighs are doing better and are not as sensitive. I have a large cyst like lump of fluid under my right sit bone, in my thigh pit crotch area. That is the only place that is extremely and unbearably painful right now, and it burns.

I have switched to wearing tight leggings instead of my compression garment to keep the crotch area from having any pressure. Leggings do not put pressure on the sensitive crotch/bikini line like the CG does. That crotchless CG has an elastic band that directly hits the cyst and the sensitive banana fold area where most of my fluid pools overnight when I lay flat on my back. I prop my legs up with a pillow to keep the thighs from hitting the mattress.

two weeks post op

I'm still pretty upset with my look and am praying that it's all swelling. I have massive bruising and still in some discomfort. Especially sitting. OUch. I don't look any better than I did preop. I am half an inch smaller than I was preop as of right now. It is still not smaller than I am when I diet/exercise down.

I'm walking every day, and doing light resistance training. It feels so good to move!

I still have over two dozen scabs. You can see them in my pictures, all those freckle marks are scabs! Many of the needle puncture wound scabs look as big as the Lipo wound scabs. I had 5 lipo sites on my left thigh and 4 on my right thigh. Only the lipo site under my R butt cheek is painful, that's the one with a cyst which is causing too much discomfort for me to even sit on.

This sucks.

holes and bruises 2.8 wks out

My inner bikini lipo hole, some scabs from needle lidocaine injection sites,and the inner thigh bruising close up vid.

3 weeks post op

I'm still really swollen on the inner thighs, and in extreme discomfort when I try to lay on my side. The saddle bags are pretty swollen still, but I'm starting to just suck it up and go back to a normal life.

When I exercise, anything more than just walking, my inner and outer thighs balloon up. This feeling is very intense in the front and inner thighs where the lipo was performed. I still have quite a lot of bruising, and when I brush my hand over the lipo site vs the non lipo site of my inner thighs- there's a very big difference in the texture under the skin. The inner thighs are very stiff and swollen, actually hard with fluid retention.

it's very frustrating to see how swollen I get after a little bit of exercise. Every 3 to 4 days I'm doing a little bit of resistance training, but I still can't do anything with my lower body. The most exercise I'm doing with my legs would be some step up and reverse lunges either at body weight or at no more than one third of my normal added resistance. My lipo sites swell up so much after exercise it it's just unbelievable.

today, I'm sitting on some cool comfrey compresses. I boiled up some comfrey and then let it cool. Then I dished it out into a wash cloth which I set upon the waterproof pads my plastic surgeon provided me to put over furniture. I'm sitting on these for a couple hours now as I read and relax trying to get the swelling in my thighs down from Saturday's exercise. I walked 3 miles yesterday, & I plan on going out and walking a couple of miles today. Then I'll go back to comfrey compesses again.

video update

holes and swelling

This website is making me crazy with how difficult it is to upload things. And I would love to be able to edit.

I don't see why I am required to post a longer vid. Description. That's what messed up the previous posts ....

I have absolutely no sagging skin, no lumps or bumps, no pockets of excessive fluid buildup, everything's pretty smooth. I just want to make sure you guys get a little bit of a better idea of what to expect with liposuction recovery.

All of the scabs have fallen off naturally, and are healing pretty well. My inner thighs do have some brand new stretch marks. I have a follow up with the doctor tomorrow so I will bring this to his attention. All in all things are starting to feel a lot better I can honestly say that I

So this is me griping about how swole my legs are right now. swelling is reducing free noticeable a in the past week. I really hope that this week my thighs will continue to deflate.

in, the only real difference between Smart Lipo and regular lipo is the recovery time concerning the training of the fluids. I dreamed for less than 24 hours after my surgery. From what I understand that's the only benefit that smart lipo really gives you. Like I said before I really don't think I could have taken draining out of my legs for more than a day.

right now I have been doing hours and hours of compresses to reduce the swelling in my legs and to speed up my healing. It's working pretty well. I'm really not taking any pain meds except for maybe 300 milligrams of ibuprofen if I need it. Like after exercising or before exercising.

I'm showing you lipo sites, the needle puncture marks, and all of their bruising and fluid that is still present.

Second Post Op follow up with Dr. Chike-Obi

I went in today at 3 weeks post op - normally it's 4, but the Dr. is very concerned with some health issues I have and wanted to monitor my swelling he said when I was there last time.

So far so good he said! He thought my skin looked extremely dry (I have been greatly reducing my EFAs and I think my skin is suffering for it), but remarked that for 3 weeks out the swelling I am experiencing is better than most of his patients! wow. He gently reminded me that he warned me numerous times that the swelling is intense. I replied that I honestly didn't get that - it had not sinked in at all. And this surgery is so completely different from my BA that was performed last year....

He assured me that the saddlebag bulge and inner thigh bulge is completely fluid swelling and will disappear. Another 4 weeks of this... ugh. Once the swelling disappears I will look like my wish pic. The doctor also told me that I'm only at about 40% total reduction in swelling.

What a relief! I shared with him my concerns about swelling, especially after exercising, and the bruising and the shape. He was polite and calm - as always - reassuring me that this is all along the normal lines of recovery and "your shape is really good." He remarked at the holes disappearing at the front bikini line, and that the other holes are very small and healing up very nicely. I have to agree with him there. I think he seemed to really be pleased with himself...perhaps I'm reading into his body language, but he never gloats or talks about himself? I am still very skeptical at this point in time... but Dr. Chike-Obi seems so confident that I will have perfect results I do come away with a calmer mindset. He also reminded me to keep my CG on as much as possible, especially when I exercise. I DO! If not it, then some very tight (tighter than my CG) pants or spankx. I am also allowed to exercise as I see fit, and wax my bikini line and legs.

As always, everyone at Westlake Dermatology and Surgery Center Downtown is professional and polite. I absolutely love them all, especially my PS.

yea! seeing big changes

Yesterday I did a total body resistance workout, upped my resistance on my barbell back squats to 35% of my typical weight, and even though I swelled up after and was sore this morning with fluid build up, it's completely gone down after a 1 hour comfrey compress session on my recliner. I'll be slowly increasing resistance every workout now.

I also see a nice thigh gap. My inner thighs do not touch at all this morning. There are still fluid bulges, but everything looks like it's going down.

I feel much stronger and have fewer discomfort areas. The only areas are discomfort have numbness or tingling after exercise, then abates. Still bruised, but it's disappearing. At night, sleeping on my side, especially my left outer hip side, is uncomfortable. I have to stack pillows under my calf and hug another near my head for support. I can at least hug my husband now when I sleep.

I am putting wet comfrey herb under some bandaids on a few of the lipo holes that are still visible while I go about my day. The other lipo sites at my front bikini line have completely disappeared where the comfrey hit them this past week. Not even a scar. I wish I had done compresses sooner and especially to ALL of the lipo holes right after the surgery. They would have been completely gone by now.

If you plan on doing the comfrey, be sure to know that you will smell like salty spinach. Perhaps even urine. It really leaves a weird body funk on you even after you wash it all off. The smell is worth it! I think one more week of compresses will hopefully be all I need. Perfume up.

Also, I've not gotten any lymphatic massages. I couldn't find anyone local. I started to just lightly stroke my legs and crotch myself, and that seems to be helpful. A few minutes before showering. I can feel the fluids under the skin moving a bit. Especially around my knees, crotch and the front lymph nodes area. Like little crinkle pops. So, I guess I would say you can do this yourself, so why pay an arm and a leg for someone else to do this?

Overall, in recovery, the calundula salve worked much better than topical and homeopathic tabs of arnica (arnica didn't do a thing for me). The comfrey compresses this week created spectacular and immediate healing results. I'm down to about 300 to 600 mg ibuprofen a day, only as needed.

4 weeks post op

My swelling is considerably down and I move great now. A little bit of bruising is left on the inner thighs and some hardness exists under the outer thigh and under the butt cheek holes.

As I sit in front of my pc eating my chicken salad lunch, perusing the journeys of others RSVP members, I have to honestly admit that I am finally happy that I did this procedure. I have an amazingly talented PS, got this at a very low price, and every thing but the $20 in meds was included.

I will do another video soon.

Btw. .. thigh swelling is still going down. Week 1 21.5 INCHES
Week 2 21.25 "
Week 3 21 "
Week 4 at 20.6 "
All measurements taken at the top of my thighs. I have a thigh gap!

22 days post op

Nothing jiggles and I can jump and move. No post exercise swelling either.

Some update pics show my front and my outer thigh hole and under butt cheek inner thigh hole.

2 month follow up was yesterday

I feel great. The thighs are still a bit swollen, I have a tiny saddle bag on each leg and the doctor says they should disappear in the next two weeks. I told him that I'm feeling good enough to sit on the toilet seat now, omg my inner thighs were so sore for a month and a half!

The shape of my thighs is great. I'm down to 21" circumference now. By the seventh week out I could do all high the impact and jumping I wanted to. I wear compression leggings or the CG when I exercise. But my compression leggings are tighter and better fitting and more comfortable than my CG, so I don't think I need to touch that thing ever again.

My flexibility is still at about only 80%, and I'm slowly ramping up my resistance training on leg and booty workout days. My cardio tanked with the time off, so I'm only jogging 2 miles right now. When I do leg day the DOMS is intense, but by week 7 wasn't as bad as week 6. I could barely walk after leg day on week 6, and I only did body weight lunges and some squats with back barbell at about 33% added weight of my 1 rep. max.

Last weekend my husband and I went clubbing. It felt great to get back into social dancing. It was one of those events where you body paint and glam up. I was wearing a leotard with a plunging neckline. I had so many complements on my body. I was wearing nude tights, so it was all tight. I've never had so many hands brush across my ass as I did that night. Scary. It appears that the thigh lip really makes my voluptuous booty pop. I'm really happy about that. Not so much with the touchy feel-y Austinites. I will have to wear a cape or something next time. But the bartenders were awesome....

The scars are tiny, and because I'm stretching and moving so much I try to make sure the scar tissue doesn't separate by wearing a band aid over them. Biogel twice a day and a few zaps from my laser gun will hopefully make them heal very nicely. The front crotch area and the front inner thigh lipo hole scars are invisible. The outer thigh holes, and under the butt cheek holes are tiny but visible still if you look for them.

I had asked Dr. Chike-Obi how much he took out of each leg. He pulled up the op notes and said about 250cc (give or take about 25ccs) at each of the four lipo sites. Wow. So about a liter of fat was sucked out. I am still surprised that I am not smaller in size. Weird.

Well, off to workout. Today is leg day.


I'm 2.5 months post op and while I'm a better shape, I have to say I'm not happy with the fact that I'm not as lean in the lipo areas as I wanted. Every time I mentioned this at a follow up I was told, "give it another few weeks because you are still swollen", then, at another, "give it another month." The PS keeps pushing the time for the "swelling" to disappear further and further out! One nurse even said to me, "stop being so critical and looking at yourself." wtf? of course I'm going to look.

I take weekly measurements. I compare them to the monthly measurements I've taken for the past 3 years of my life. Everyone heals different, but my PS told me that the lipo does a lot of damage to the fat cells, it doesn't completely remove them. "They pop like soap bubbles."

I wonder now post op if this was worth all the pain because if damaging a few cells and removing only a portion of them was all he did I guess I was under the wrong impression about everything. Looks like diet and exercise are all that I can go back to. The usual routine. I know I can lean out just fine. But getting only 1 inch of fat removed is not worth the pain, down time, and loss of work money. I expected quite a bit more impressive outcome!

I'm at 21 inches circumference each thigh. That's down an inch and a half from post op, and only half and inch preop. I know with diet and exercise I can easily go down another half inch. When I diet down I easily get to 20.5 inches.

The only thing I have to say is my shape is better, but I still have a slight saddle bag on each thigh (not at all what I wanted!), and reduced inner thigh bulge. The thighs barely touch right now, but they touch. And now I have scars.

I'm back to full exercise again. The 6 weeks off from lifting is showing...I've lost strength and stamina in my muscles. Regaining that. Everything gets sore. I've added jogging. I need to burn off the excess 2 lbs. I've gained. Could be water weight, but I'm leaning out everywhere but my outer thighs right now so I know I'm currently losing the body fat on the diet and exercise program I've put myself on. I hope in 4 weeks to be back to my surgery day weight of 118. By the end of the summer I'm shooting for 115 lbs.

I'm getting weekly massages which helps release all the stress tension. I have a huge lump of built up lymph in my nodes on the left side of my lower abs below my belly and near my coochie. It's finally starting to reduce. Recovery is a pain in the butt, let me tell you.

I still have dark scars on the lipo holes at the side hips, and under the butt cheeks. I think that I will not be sunning myself at all this summer. I will be a full spray tan babe this year, for fear of damaging this delicate skin with the sun. I know they will fade with time, but really want to protect them and do as much as possible for the best healing.

I have had the worst itchiness for the past week on my outter hips. One spot, two weeks ago, that was red became a bruise, then lifted to the surface and became an ulcer. It took a few days and some black tea bag compresses for it to scab over. Now, the itchiness is abating, and that one spot is healing. I'm afraid of a scar there. It's like some medicine or something was pushed out, scifi horror flick style, from my body and out through the skin. It didn't ooze or anything, just was raw and itchy for a few days.

I'm happy with my improved thigh shape, unhappy with recovery, unhappy with the very minor size change, and extremely unhappy with the PS and his staff's need to keep pushing my full recovery time further and further into the future.

video of my progress

Hello RSers! Here's me sharing with you my lipo recovery. RS will not let me upload it because it's "too big". So, here it is on YouTube

Absolutely Fabulous

hi all! I have to say that the swelling is all gone. No more uncomfortable feelings or swelling after exercise as well.

I'm consistently at 20.2 inches diameter each thigh. Wow. Insanely awesome! With a Skins compression garment I get down to 19.9", but who wants to wear CG all day? lol.

I look great. The weird saddlebag under each butt cheek that has appeared are starting to dwindle away with my exercise. The best part is that I'm not exercising to death, and I'm eating normally. I'm not dieting, but once a week I may be in a calorie deficit. I'm at 119#, one # more than operation day, but I know I can get the fat off myself now that I'm relaxed about it.

I'm so happy. The pain was horrible, but my PS was awesome, always right. I freaked out for nothing.

Everything is perfect. I get so many compliments on my shape and perfect legs. My husband is ecstatic! I am so happy I did this with Dr. Chike-Obi

doing great

Exercise has tightened up the backside of the saddlebags, even though the skin is not completely tight just yet. I'm down to 117 lbs. and doing moderate exercise.

The shape feels great, looks great, and last week at the beach some guys kept referring to me as Ms. Brazil, lol.

The only downside so far is that my outer thighs are not as reduced as I had wanted. And spider capillaries have appeared on the outer thigh lipo areas. And for some reason I have recurring small pinhole sores that rise up to the surface and heal in about a week after they rise and scab. I have no idea why the numbing needle prick holes reappear.

All of the scars are itttty bitttty! I had to laugh at how tiny mine are compared to all the Brits and the French girls at the beach who's lipo spots are as big as a quarter! They are flabby, obviously had lipo, but their scars are sooo huge! And reddish pink. Ewww. I am very thankful that Dr Chike-Obi results in barely any scarring, and that my scars are already invisible.

I'm using sunscreen and stage makeup over the scars to protect them from the sun. Feeling great! Looking great. I'd do this whole thing again, but won't need it on the inner thigh - it's so lean and perfect there now.

What you must know about getting the best lipo results

Bear with me and read this whole update to understand how to get the best results from your thigh lipo:

On May 7th I had my first post op photo shoot. I covered the holes with a bit of makeup and made the most of the bloated feeling, it ended up being one of my most fun photo shoots ever. It was my first time working with this photographer and she kept calling me a doll. My modeling icon is Betty Page, and for the first time in years I felt like I was channeling that energy.

At 4 months post op my backside and glutes (buttock muscles) have not been worked at all. I have been doing body weight training and walking mostly because I was still not strong enough to get back into weightlifting. This means the saggy skin in the thigh areas have yet to fully tighten up, but they are improving monthly. This photo shoot required thigh high boots, which pushed any remaining fat upward. Worst possible costume scenario... and I rocked it. My backside could be prettier, but hey, there's photo shop to fix that. By the end of summer my back side will be rocking and solid.

I have to say that lately when I visit real self I come across complete lipo horror stories. These gals complain that their thigh lipos were botched. I'm confused that they would say this after reading how they obviously thought liposuction would transformed them into perfect bodies, and they are now freaking over the loose and "dented" areas! And they don't say that they are exercising, dieting, or following any of the prescribed lipo must dos post surgery. Perhaps they were not told? I don't know, but I want to tell you.

I had a little bit of my outer thigh saddlebag knocked down, and a lot of fat removed from my inner thighs. It left me with rolls of looseness under my butt cheeks that were not there before. Ever. It was scarey and fustrating to see, but I was told that is to be expected! When the fat is removed it will deflate the thigh areas that the fat was taken from. The body shape you are left with will be based on your musculature. If you have NO MUSCLES under the fat that was lipoed away, then you can expect that lymph and a horrible "skinny fat" celulite and baggy skin look will occur. Your doctor will tell you that you have to diet and exercise AND wear a compression garment to heal up without ending up with this deflated look.

So, yes, when your thighs get liposuctioned you will be smaller in size.

You will experience saggy and deflated body areas.

You will suffer (100% of all clients will suffer this) lymph swelling, and if you do not exercise and massage it out you will result in cellulite.

If you do not exercise and build up muscle at the lipo sites then you will remain flabby and it will take a much longer time for the body to tighten up the skin in that area.

If you have no muscle under the lipo sites for the doctor to roll the cannula against while the procedure is done, then your doctor has no idea at all how to shape that area. If you are skinny fat (have no muscle) I highly advise you to not get liposuction. Without muscle mass your results will be a cellulite nightmare.

I found that post surgery I suffered from cellulite and sagginess in the front of my thighs, and in my butt cheeks. I only had lipo on the outer and inner thighs, high up. My lymph just wasn't circulating and even getting massages didn't prevent this. Perhaps it's my age? I don't think so. I read here on RS that my results are typical.

So ladies and gents, know what to expect. Don't expect instant miracles. And yes, you must diet and exercise after thigh lipo!

All doctors will tell lipo candidates that they must eat right, exercise after lipo. The compression garment will help too. But if the exercise is not seriously, hormone altering, human growth hormone producing, hard work, then why would you ever go get liposuction? Without the hard work of a calorie deficit plus resistance training, your lipo will give you wavy and uneven areas! Why do some gals go get lipo, complain here on RS that their lipo was botched, yet have not done the required exercise and diet followup? Please, ladies, you must diet and exercise for good results.

Over a year out and AMAZING results!

I love Dr. Chike Obi and my results!
I have perfect legs and no scars. NONE! The tiny scar holes on the outer upper thighs were visible for the first 8 months, but have faded into nothing, and are too tiny to see. All of the other scars are gone. Completely.

This fact alone is why you all must go get lipo by this doctor. The same happened with my BA. Under my boobs only a faint, 1.5" scar is there, and you have to really look for it. It's invisible.

Also, I have beautiful woman legs. The outer saddlebags are gone, yet I have a curve and softness to my legs. The inner thighs are soft, lean, and don't touch.

I look like a Victoria's Secret model, exactly what I asked from the doctor. I am not kidding. This was awesome and I'd do it all again in a heart beat.

Thank you Westlake staff and Dr. Chikie Obi!

By month 9 post op I was in winter party mode, didn't exercise and at 111 pounds. After a photo shoot in Sept. I was pretty soft, thin, and drank and ate what I wanted. By the beginning of Jan. 2016, almost a year later, I had cellulite forming on the back of my thighs so I got back into a workout routine and better eating. I focused on really working my booty and 4 months later have perfect legs and no cellulite. I think this is something my body wants to naturally do, and I'm middle aged so I know it's a factor now.

Massaging/cupping, rest, clean eating, moderate cardio, overall resistance training, hard core booty training is what has worked for me.

I am consistently at 113 - 114 pounds right now due to good eating and weightlifting, and can get my thigh down to 18" circumference within a week for a photo shoot if necessary. That's something I was never able to do pre liposuction. As long as I eat great, massage my legs, and keep up the resistance training my legs are responding perfectly.

My shape is beautiful and my husband is happy. I'm happy - It's like a dream come true having a quality of life where I don't have to kill myself in the gym all day to look great for a modeling job. I'm aging gracefully, with a little help ;)
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I received a free consult with the doctor, and then another lengthy follow up consult with him a week prior to surgery. Most everything was explained to me and all of my nerves were calmed. The staff assured me that this is the number one procedure performed there and I will have great results because of the bulge of fat over toned muscle in the area I wanted lipo performed. I was told that I am tiny, compared to most of the patients there but will have great results. Due to how in shape I am, no abnormal shapes or results are to be expected. I asked about three times how many holes there would be, and where to expect scarring. The doctor explained that he would have a hole in the front crotch bikini, under the butt cheeks and perhaps one in the back mid thigh to get to the inner thighs. For my outer thighs the holes will be in the underwear line of the outer hip. He failed to mention that prior to the lasering and the lipo holes themselves I would receive two dozen needle punctures to deliver the pain killer and the ephedrine fluids! Day 1 after the surgery was a surprise! I had so many small puncture wounds! The scarring from the lipo candelua sites should be minimal and smaller than my pinkie fingernail. By 4 weeks the small needle puncture wounds were gone.

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