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Stats: 21 years old, 5'4, 135lbs, 34B, no kids ...

Stats: 21 years old, 5'4, 135lbs, 34B, no kids

I've been wanting to have a BA for a couple years now and finally went for it! I researched tons of doctors and probably looked at a thousand before and after pics. I definitely wanted a female doctor that was close to home with great accreditations,and narrowed it to Dr. Gordon. I also thought her before and afters were very natural just what I was looking for and every review she had was 5 stars which made me feel very comfortable and that I was in the right hands. I emailed the office and within the hour her staff called me gave me information, asked me my goals, what type of implant I was interested in,and around what price the surgery would be depending on what I decided, I was very impressed! So I scheduled my initial consultation for Sept 17th


My consultation went great! I met with brandy, she's awesome! She went over everything you would possibly want to know about a BA and the pros and cons of each implant. I also think its great that she actually has implants and has been through this process herself and can tell you about her personal experience as well. After talking to brandy, Dr.Gordon came and talk to me some more ,took some measurements, and we talked about the results I was looking for. Before my consult I was leaning towards saline implants but wasn't sure, but after talking to the girls I decided on Sientra silicone implants. After that came the fun part we got to try on sizers! We started with 300ccs those seemed a little smaller then what I was hoping for, so we tried on the 350cc and 380cc and we all agreed that the 350 sizers were it, it went nice with my shape and was very proportionate. After that we went over to finance and discussed what all the price included, Payment options and I decided to go with care credit I previously used care credit and I think it's great I get so many years or months to pay off my procedure without any Interest. I also booked my appointment that day I didn't feel the need to look any where else I got such a great vibe from this place Dr. Gordon and her staff are amazing! So My BA is scheduled for Oct 14th!! Super excited!

Confused on which size I want :-/

Sooo my pre op appointment was on the 3rd, and I kept asking my self did I choose the right size, do I want go bigger, so I kept looking at before and afters and I finally was like ok I need to stop stressing my self out looking at before and afters lol. I just don't want to be that girl who wish ed they would have went bigger. So at my pre op appointment I asked if I could try on bigger sizes and ended up going with 410ccs I think that was the much better choice and was glad I got to try the sizers on again. After that we went over all the dos and don'ts for before and after surgery. That's when I think it finally hit me that it was finally going to happen!

Surgery day!!!

The last two weeks seemed like they took forever!!! That morning we got up super early, glad we decided to stay in austin that night so we only had to drive 10 mins to the surgery center. Once we got there we just filled out paper work,paid and went to the back to change in my gown, my mom was super nervous and kept trying to talk me out of it lol but my mind was made up! The nurse came to put in my IV which hurt really bad btw! I'm not scared of needles or anything but she went threw the middle of My fore arm which I found to be a bit odd. I said I was allergic to rubbing alcohol and she went to clean my skin and swiped the alcohol then Realized I couldn't have any then used something else, when I tell you that IV hurt, it HURT! I've never had an IV feel like that! But I wasn't going to be a Baby about it. She also asked me if I could take my piercings out, I didn't think my nose ring or cartilage piercings would effect anything so I left them in the night before since there really hard to take out but some how they can burn your skin due to one of the machines. So I tried for about 10 mins trying to take them out but they were stuck! 5 mins later I finally got them out! That was the most frustrating thing. After that Dr.Gordon came in to confirm everything and marked me up, told me what would happen and everything would be great,after that the anesthesiologist came and and I was out really fast don't remember anything.
I woke up and and I felt some pain it wasn't too bad just an achy feeling and felt heavy and he gave me some meds right away along with some water and gold fish, I remember I couldn't see that well they put some thing in and around my eyes that seemed to be very oily and took a while to come off, not sure what that was. But The ride home was great very easy no pain, my mom is pretty bad when It comes to driving one of those people where it's just stop and go! But she did good lol.

Post OP day 1-2

1st day post op was a blur. I Was sleep the entire time very hard to get on and off the couch and use the bathroom I couldn't pull down my pants or anything , glad I had help. . I also was getting concerned when I came back home I kept complaining that my forearm was hurting, where I got my IV so we took off my jacket and I had this big bruise right where she put it and I had a lump on the other Side of my arm and it was swollen so that scared me a little I also developed a rash all down my arm from the alcohol.

Still very tired on day 2, I also still had the lump on my Arm and was having really bad headaches so we called the office and talked to my nurse and she told me I def need to be drinking ALOT of water that probably where the headaches are coming from especially with all the medication I'm on, and told me if the lump doesn't go away to call her. And finally I could take a shower! I'm one of those people that takes like 3 showers a day so a " bird bath" was not cuttin it lol my bra also seemed to be very itchy , i was constantly asking my mom and bf to scratch my back. I was also excited to take it off and really see how they looked versus the peek here and there. It was such relief to take it off my girls can breathe! The showering process was a bit hard though, glad the shower had a built in seat. But my boobs looked really good no brushing or anything. Very happy! We also turned the bra inside out to see if that would help with the itching don't know if that was such a good idea but it seemed to work.


Post OP day 3-4

Day 3 day three I was tired of laying around already so I tried to get out the house with my boyfriend for a little, I think I hit it a little too hard I felt out of breath walking around and I could feel my boobs swelling up a little so I went back to the house and laid it back down. And my nurse calls and checks up on me. I love that about Restora they're great on customer service and making sure if you have any questions or problems or anything they get back with you immediately and make sure they do everything to help you!

Day four
Ok I've yet to have a bowel movement in four days (tmi i know) even with the dolace. so my nurse told me to try something a little stronger, I didn't feel any thing till the middle of the night..and I can tell you I never again want to take that stuff . I was in the worse pain last night, but by this morning everything is a lot better. But I also skipped some pain meds last night and I could feel it this morning my boobs felt really swollen and heavy specially when I tried to get in the shower.and I'm by myself today, so everything's a lot harder now!

Loving my new boobs!

I'm very surprised how low my boobs are even on the first day I expected them to be a lot higher, I also thought I would be in tons Of pain but I'm not ,it just feels achy from time to time . I'm starting to be able to raise my arms up pretty high. I can actually put my hair up now, open car doors, bottles and things like far I love my results..I do feel like I should have went a little bigger as the swelling comes down, and I'm curious on the size my Dr. ended up using guess we will see at my first post op appointment Tuesday!

2 weeks out!

1st week post OP appointment went great! Got my steri strips taken off and the ends of my stitches taken off so my skin wouldn't heal over the knots and leave my skin bumpy. I also had scar tape put on that's helps relieve pressure off my scars that I'm suppose to change each week for the next 3 months. So far there looking great and still loving my results it looks better as each day goes by. My boobs are starting to get softer which I'm excited about!! And my doctor ended up using 410 ccs sientra smooth round implants which I'm thinking is a little bigger then a D I tried on a Victoria secret bra yesterday and it seemed to be on the small side, but still more healing to go so I'm def going to wait to buy new ones.

Post Op itching?!

So the last week my boobs have been very itchy and very sensitive everything I wear feels like sand paper against my skin. My nipples never lost any feeling to them but they been hurting, especially when I wear my work shirts that are a bit tighter then the shirts I've been wearing. I've tried icing them, put lotion on the top of my boobs thinking maybe it was do to my skin stretching. I also thought maybe it was my bra so i went to Walmart to buy another one I bought these Danskin sport bras which are SUPER soft and they come in packs of two for like $8 which is great,love this brand!. I bought them in XL which is still a little small. Even though there really soft it still feels like I have sand paper on my boobs. Don't know what's going on or how to ease the pain. Has anyone else experienced this?!

Scars 2 wks out

Just changed my scar tape and got to see my scars for the first time, I thought they would be thicker and darker I tend to have really dark scars so I'm happy how there turning out so far.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gordon is amazing! Absolutely LOVE my results. Just what I wanted!

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