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I needed a septoplasty because I could not breathe...

I needed a septoplasty because I could not breathe through my left nostril at all. My ENT told me he would not feel comfortable treating me because he did not think he could get a cosmetically acceptable result. My septoplasty would be covered by insurance, but Dr. Haydon wanted to do a rhinoplasty as well so he could harvest cartilage to use to build a strut in my nose for support. I was not enthusiastic about getting a rhinoplasty because I was not dissatisfied with the appearance of my nose, but he insisted he had to have the cartilage. His office submitted the procedure to my insurance company for preapproval at my insistence, but it was rejected because (as a I found out much later) there was no letter of medical necessity. I insisted they submit the charges after the surgery anyway because as a federal employee I would be reimbursed by OPM if my insurance company refused to cover the charges. They promised they would, but secretly they didn't, so I was initially unable to even appeal my insurance company's decision. I was infuriated when I realized they had not submitted the charges, and left several messages on his claims person's phone, which were not returned. My take on this whole thing is that they preferred to make more money by charging ME at a private pay rate, even though this would have been covered by insurance at the contracted rate had they told the insurance company the same thing they told me, and they achieved this aim by misrepresentation. They told me "oh, yes, you need to have the rhinoplasty for medical reasons; you really have no choice" but then told the insurance "It is a purely cosmetic procedure." Even the day before the surgery I was pleading with them to please just get the cartilage out of my ear or someplace that would be covered by insurance because I did not want a rhinoplasty. No dice. Fortunately I do have all this recorded. Take a tape recorder with you always! It avoids misunderstandings and/or misrepresentations.
So several thousand bucks later I am stuck with a rhinoplasty that did not even give a particularly good result. My nose is asymmetrical, it deviates to the left, and there was some substantial cartilage loss in the left nostril, and a folded over piece of cartilage along the septum on the left that looks like a wart just inside my nose. I will post a picture in upcoming days. Dr. Haydon has done one in-office followup revision and will hopefully do more, but I have been waiting for almost a year to get this warty looking thing removed. I am now pretty self conscious about my appearance.
I also had lip implants and a brow lift, which went fairly well, although I did feel that Dr. Haydon is too conservative for me. He refused to either remove or denervate muscles from between my brows as part of the brow lift, and so I still have deep furrows between my brows, and of course he wants me to purchase Botox and fillers. Also, the lower lip implant is assymetrical, and I do wish he had used larger implants. But none of this compares to my disgust with the fact that I feel he or his staff deliberately misrepresented facts to my insurance company.

I have a good friend who had post-mastectomy reconstruction with Dr. Haydon and believes he did a very good job in her case. I am not satisfied however, and since fortunately I also work in the aesthetics field, people do ask my opinion, and I will take satisfaction in giving it and showing off my nose job in upcoming decades.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

No doubt medically competent and a skilled surgeon, but when he has "a bad day at the office," (as even the best do once in awhile), he prefers to sweep it under the rug rather than deal with it head on. A simple "mea culpa" would suffice, coupled with a revision and a letter of medical necessity.

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