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Since age 16 or so, I've wanted to have...

Since age 16 or so, I've wanted to have rhinoplasty done. At age 21, I had three consultations and one of the doctors told me I had a very deviated septum blocking a good deal of one nostril (previously unnoticed by me), then the tip of the septum swings the other way flattening the tip.

Summary of issues:
1) deviated septum/nasal blockage
2) large hump on bridge
3) deviated septum making the tip look larger
4) tip sloped downwards too much

The husband loved the imperfect nose - go figure. That's part of what took so long. I was afraid he'd hate what I looked like afterward.

Almost two decades later, I flew to L.A. to have the pioneer of injection rhinoplasty perform his signature procedure on me using Restylane. He also offers a permanent filler but I didn't have time to do the bovine collagen test, plus he recommended seeing what the temporary looked like. Permanent filler can be risky.

It lasted a mere few months, but gave my nose a straighter appearance though it was still larger than ideal.

When the filler got fully absorbed again, rather than blow another $1000 on a 5-month solution, I looked into rhinoplasty again, this time with the husband knowing pretty much what it would look like.

I went to two plastic surgeons - one I call the boob man because he did very few rhinoplasties - so no, thanks. The other was a well-spoken, intelligent guy with whom I felt extremely comfortable. He'd done hundreds of rhinoplasties and - bonus - was also an E.N.T. so he could do turbinate revision. I went with him. All the people in his office were great. The motherly caring one at the front, the bubbly, fun and funny office manager, and the doc himself.

We discussed what he felt would work and what I wanted. In the end I convinced him of one thing I wanted (an implant above the hump - something that my consultations over 10 years before had recommended), and he convinced me of something he thought best. I'd thought a small curvature/hump would be fine. He thought - you're going through all this, why not make it straight? He was right.

My surgery was not an easy one.

1) He did turbinate revision so that my nasal tissues would no longer swell. Since then (16 months later), allergies, colds, nothing has shut my nostrils down. At worst 50% of one nostril gets blocked for a bit - I take no medicines at all - it's amazing! One side-effect: the tissues back there are drier so I need to drink water more often or salinate the nostrils. Also, two weeks after surgery I had a very rare bleed which produced about a pint of blood and was way back there so difficult to stop. Kinda scary but he cauterized the spots the day afterward and voila.

2) He removed excess cartilage from the septum that was blocking one nostril quite a bit.

3) He put in an implant - a bit of bone - above the original hump to fill in a bit of a void.

4) He shaved some of the width and height of the hump.

5) He sewed a bit of cartilage he had removed from the nasal passage on to part of the end of the deviated septum to try to straighten it. This did not work, and it's pretty much as deviated as before but it's not easy to tell.

6) He added some natural filler that should hopefully stay put to the tip to make it slightly pointier. 16 months later, still going strong so looks like it took.

7) He took some cartilage to splint the nose, so the tip doesn't slope downward as before.

8) He took just a smidgen - 1 mm each side? - off the nostril widths to narrow the nose a bit. Gave the option of more but since my face is wide to begin with, no biggie.

I had some swelling afterward, but honestly no big deal. I could breathe easier than ever immediately! The shape of the nose at a month was almost exactly what I have now though the surgeon said it would take 12 months for the swelling to completely go. Apparently in many cases things can change quite a bit. Not in my case.

He offered to fix the curved septum tip again at no additional surgery charge, but I don't want to mess with the almost-perfect and possibly mess it up. No one can tell anyway. It just makes the tip of my nose look slightly broader than it would be and from one angle a bit non-Asian.

Summary: excellent long-overdue result. Couldn't be happier. No more being paranoid about being seen from the side or the front!

Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

Intelligent but not haughty, very casual, witty. Everyone in the office nice and/or funny, makes you feel very comfortable. Lots of rhinoplasty experience. He doesn't do everything under the sun so he's an expert.

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